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Matthew Sheffield is president of Dialog New Media, a marketing and technology consultancy group headquarted in the Washington, DC area. Working with the Media Research Center, he created NewsBusters in 2005 as the first-ever collaboration between a major Washington policy group and the blogosphere.

Since its launch, NewsBusters has become one of the ten-most-popular political sites and is frequently cited by the nation's top newspapers, television shows, and radio programs. He is also the executive producer of "NewsBusted," the fake news featured on the NewsBusters site which has become one of the most-watched political video series on the web.

At Dialog New Media, Sheffield works with corporate, policy, and campaign clients to help them effectively utilize blogs, social media, and video. Some of his firm's clients include the Weekly Standard, the San Francisco Examiner, Heritage Action for America, and the Washington Examiner.

Prior to starting DNM, Sheffield operated, a blog credited by the New York Times as being most influential in the "Memogate" scandal that led to the ouster of veteran CBS anchor Dan Rather. Founded in 2000, it was one of the first political or media blogs on the internet.

A featured speaker at many institutions and political groups, Sheffield has been interviewed or cited by every major American newspaper, cable network and many magazines. His writings on politics, technology, and media regularly appear at NewsBusters, the Washington Examiner, and other websites.

Email: msheffielld at newsbusters dot org (Remove the extra L)

My Other Sites

Virtual Scratchpad, my less-than-frequently updated personal blog which I have pretty much abandoned in favor of my Twitter page.


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