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The complete list of 007memo's 110 LIES, NB's most prolific liar.

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  Done. Done. Done. 110 lies are NewsBusters. Got to be some kind of record. 

Lies -

1. there are powerful organizers behind the town hallers 2. The Taliban are addicting American soldiers on cheap Heroin... - Must be some magical heroin that cannot be detected by urinalysis that U.S forces have been subjected to for 30 years 3. those speaking against healthcare reform at the townhalls are rather dimwittedly repeating idiotic talking points fed to them by shameless, propogandist, anti-Americans. 4. Social Security is not almost bankrupt, nor is Medicare, nor Medicaid.  5.  MSNBC...have the coveted 18 to 54 year old demographic watching them. - I linked to the truth. No response. 6. Bush and Cheyney made one of the widest, if not the widest, ranging Executive Branch power grabs in US History.  7. Proper Healthcare is a Right... 8. Bush's entire presidency was a spectacular failure.  9. Bush...proved America couldn't depend on a "Republican" government to aid in a crisis. 10. Joe Wilson is lying. 11. There has not been a single instance of voter fraud  in this country (illegal aliens registering to vote) - Restless1 proved this was a lie. Here too. 12. Palin is a plain liar... 13. Obama never said unemployment wouldn't go over 8%.  - His administration did.  14. ...the dissembling presented by this blogger, Noel Sheppard....the propaganda perpatrated on this blog - Mr. Sheppard is a liar now? 12. the right wing press was...trumping  up nonsensical accusations about Acorn 13. your claims that "he taught community organizing for ACORN''re just repeating propaganda lies... -  "Through both funding and personal-leadership training, Obama supported ACORN."  --- NRO 14. ...that any more than 10's of thousands of teapartiers showed up in DC.  No one presented that evidence since it simply did not exist - 9/12/2009 protest in Washington D.C. 200,00 extra people rode the metro. "those lower six-figure figures (anywhere from 100,000 to about 250,000) seem to be pretty plausible." - Reason 15. Al Qaeda was not in Iraq before US troops got there... - NB covered this in 2008. Ask Abu Musab al-Zarqawi where he was before the invasion. Oops. Can't. We killed him. 16. We always were, and still are, fighting a civil war there. (Iraq) 17. ...we went to war based on the speculations of unnamed officials in the Bush Administration... All of Bush's reasons for going to war turned out to be false (or lies...
18. There was no Yellow Cake Uranium from Niger in Iraq either. - No one said there was. Saddam was SEEKING Yellow Cake from Niger. 19. Don't believe in AGW? You are a flat earther. Really. Honest. Serious. All of you are flat earthers. Did I mention you are all flat earthers? Flatty flat flat flat earthers. 20. The jury is not out on Climate Change science. - Lying about AGW is his forte. He repeats this claim in various forms more than any other lie.  21. The Bush Administration released a report...determined unequivocally that oil speculators were responsible for the spike in oil prices -   The CFTC reported it. Congress created the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in 1974 as an independent agency 22. Idiot son Georgie cowered in Texas behind the walls of his National Guard Barracks...  

23. He's not a licensed plumber (Joe the plumber) - You don't have to be licensed if you work for a licensed plumber in Ohio.

24. he didn’t tell the truth (Joe the plumber)- Really? Anyone know what that was?  

25. Lieberman said the exact same thing about McCain that Biden said about Obama  - (referring to Biden saying Obama will be tested within 6 months in office) 26. Teabag protesters Neo Cons Faux News neocons wing nuts 27. He was sitting in a classroom with schoolchildren on 9/11 reading "My Pet Goat".  When told by Andrew Card that "the second World Trade Center tower had been hit and that America was under attack", he sat there frozen for 7 minutes, not having any idea what to do in the circumstance  - Were the President's thoughts broadcast? How did the liar 007memo know? 28. You've called me a liar, but you have never proven me a liar.  Not once. Not ever. - Except for the 30 here. Still counting... 29. Bush/Cheyney promote 90% heroin production in Afghanistan... 30. BTW, Bush failed in Iraq and Afghanistan... Bush failed in Iraq... 31. the Obama conspiracies are embraced by right wing media, Congresmen and the 9/11 Truthers have a major media network like FOX, and countless rght wing talk radio hosts like Limbaugh, supporting and promoting the whacked out wing nut conspiracies?  Not to mention the despicable right wing Congressmen and Senators that promote the lies. 32. The respectable version...goes like this: The 9/11 attacks were merely an early strike in a war against the United States. This war is being carried out by something called Radical Islam, of which the al-Qaida terrorist network is one small branch....should not obscure the fact that it is a paranoid fantasy of the first order... 33. the paranoid conspiracy theorists currently in charge of American foreign policy continue to appear regularly on network television...
34. See, Durbin never actually "called our troops 'Nazis... 35. Dismissed as lies 8 points from reelman45. general company quickly proves all 8 dismissals were lies. 36. All Americans wanted Bush to succeed... 37. Severely edited Limbaugh misquotes.  38. Republicans are so inclusive in their white bread party... 39. 40. ...the Democratic party shed their racist southern wing to the Republican party in 1964 with that Civil Rights Act... ... The Racist Dems subsequently left the Democratic party for the Republican Party 41. Most of whom hate me and call me names, quite simply, because I have a different opinion than them... (Reffering to other posters) - No. Because you lie.
  42.  ...Rush Limbaugh is race baiting the racists... ... This is a favorite meme of Girlyman. He has said variations on this Rush is racist meme dozens of times. 43. But the fact remains that she wasn't a racist. (Margaret Sanger) - Oh yes she was. Another favorite meme of Girlyman. When Girlyman says the word facts, guaranteed what follows is a lie. 44. I find little "intellectual" honesty ... on this site. - Yea. We are all dishonest. This coming from the Girlyman that has lied 43 times with more coming.
45. You actually "perceive" that Fox isn't a propaganda arm of the Republican Party? 46. It was under the watchful eye of Bush and the Republican Congress that we became a debtor nation to China. - Anyone and Everyone is free to buy U.S Treasury bonds. Are we now to outlaw just one nation on the planet from holding our bonds? Of course, I said that in the original blog. Ignored. 47. Bush was weak in the world's leader's eyes. 48. 195,000 Killed/YR by Malpractice... - Yea, 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S if you believe him. I created a woodshed forum for this one. 49. I was under the impression that insurance companies rarely settle malpractice claims. It’s been a few years since I visited this subject, but I used to know it intimately. - I know, he said impression but he used it to call another user a liar - more - We asked about an out of court settlement, but the attorneys said the Insurance Companies never settle medical malpractice cases out of court. Ding Ding Ding! LIE. Approximately 96% of the time, the victim''s lawyer and the doctor''s insurance claims adjuster will negotiate medical malpractice settlements out of court.  96% equals never now? 50. (Kathleen) Parker, was the darling of the right until she criticized Palin... 51. ...that fool Chavez.  The Marxist Dictator that Bush built... 52. Bush cut taxes - the World Melted Down. 53. It's the Wall Street swindlers themselves that receive all of the aid. 

54. I'm pretty sure of my stat that the middle class did not benefit significantly from those Reagan Tax Cuts. - Somebody check.

55. I'm also pretty sure the wealthiest 5% (or is it 1%) amassed 40% of the nations wealth by the year 2000, versus holding just 20% of that wealth in 1980. - Total Net Worth - Top 1% - 1983 > 33.8%  --- 2007 > 34.6%    Financial Wealth  - Top 1% - 1983 > 42.9%   2007 > 42.7%   IT WENT DOWN NOT DOUBLED. 56.  How many of you still believe that those aluminum tubes were definitively for use in creating nuclear weapons?  - Straw man. The U.N did not permit Iraq to import them as they COULD be dual use. 57. You do know that Wall Street is still an unregulated wild wild, west, don't you? 58. Lack of regulation and government oversight permitted Mortgage Companies to perpetrate this massive fraud. - Anyone know why we have a government? Looks like they don't pass any laws or regulations.
59. But you would be hard pressed to find many economists that wouldn't agree that the way out of the abyss was to spend, spend, spend. - So government won't regulate or pass laws but spending OK!!!! - more - Spending out of a recession and depression is considered sound theory...  60. was our dependence on the free markets to make every economic wrong right that allowed the crash to happen in the first place.
61. 50% of mortgage applications were fraudulent. - Timespan for this lie? Nope. Looks like all of them for all time. Repeat that. The fact it that 50% of the mortgage applications processed by private morgage companies were fraudulent ... 50% the mortgage applications you process are fraudulent  - This lie is repeated a lot.

62. As for cutting taxes, at times of crises, tax cuts are not considered stimulating.

63. All four branches of the Government at the time were Republican; The House, the Senate, Supreme Court and The President. - Is there a new constitution we did not hear about? 64. In Japan they have universal health care, it doesn't cost Toyota anything for health care...  - It's important to note that the system is not 'free' as Americans seem to occasionally think.  People are required to pay for the coverage.  However, the cost is calculated on a sliding scale (very much like social security in the US) and it tops out... 65. untold millions of corporate dollars being sucked out and funneled to the Republican Party 66. He called Jack Bauer a liar (link or slink) when JB claimed 50,000 have been killed by CAFE standards. -- I linked. Girlyman slinked (no response) 67. And heavier SUV's don't translate to better safety for all of their drivers...

68. was the "Free Markets" that nearly destroyed our Economy...

69. He is been spelling the former Vice President Cheney's name as Cheyney for a year and a half. Not so much a lie as a severe case of teh Stupids.

70. Inhofe is a buffoon.

71. Tired of being called a flat earther? How about denier. Yes, just like the holocaust deniers.

72. ...the right wingers have convinced you people that all Scientists are Librul, therefore you can't believe what scientists say.

73. ...middle class wages have remained stagnant over the last 20 or more years.  - I busted this lie here > How Laffer, Free-markets, and conservative economic policies have made the middle class stronger.

74. ...Newsbusters has to trump up nonsense as supposed proof of MSM liblrul bias.

75. ...he dismissed the evidence with "the Wall Street Journal isn't conservative". -- He quoted another user. I can't find that quote on this site.

76.  There sure is a load of hate spewing from you "Christians".

77. ...since 2001 and there is less chance of an exaggerated backlash toward Muslim Americans now.  - Can someone tell me when there was ever an exaggerated backlash?

78.  ...the VFW, the largest Veterans group -- The American Legion is the nation's largest.

79. Napolitano never said any such thing. (Referring to veterans returning from the Middle East possibly being radical)  - Her department put out the report that stated so. Napolitano said, "We do not mean to suggest that veterans as a whole are at risk of becoming violent extremists." 

80. There was lack of regulation and lack of policing by the Federal Government - leaving BP to do as it pleased.

81. There are also Government regulations that BP failed to follow which caused this disaster. - Don't this contradict the statement in lie # 80?

82. ...the Bush Administrations goal and mission was to dismantle the very departments responsible for oversight and mitigation of this disaster... 

83. You presented the opinon of Mark Levin as fact. -- Mr. Levin was reading DIRECTLY from the Clean Water Act as amended -- "The President shall institute means for the removal of an oil discharge and mitigation or prevention of the threat of a discharge..."

84. ...Bush decimated Environmenal agencies including MMS, that's a fact -- EPA Budget in 2001 $7.83 Billion. EPA Budget in 2009 $7.64 Billion. Personnel in 2001 17.5 thousand. Personnel in 2009 16.98 thousand. Sound like DECIMATED to you?

85.  ...Bush decimated Environmenal agencies including MMS, that's a fact - Twofer. " The MMS is not an environmental agency. The Minerals Management Service (MMS), a bureau in the U.S. Department of the Interior..." from the MMS home page.

86. at NB and many other righty sites I visit, acceptance of whacked out conspiracies as truth are routinely accepted, and celebrated.

87. A list of lies as well as Straw Man and other fallacious arguments masquerading as right wing conspiracy theories.

88. The guy simply makes no sense whatsoever.   His rants are full of non sequiturs.  He bizarrely draws parallels and conclusions that are thoroughly illogical. (Glenn Beck)

89. ...the NY Fed Bank (which is a private bank)  - The Federal Reserve System is not "owned" by anyone and is not a private, profit-making institution. Instead, it is an independent entity within the government, having both public purposes and private aspects.

90. Dismisses outside sources from other users as racist or right wing. While he links to known sources of lies like Media Matters or the Southern Poverty Law Center.

91. We had a Republican president along with that Majority Congress for 7 of Bush's 8 years in office.  We had a Republican Supreme Court for all of those years. - I musta been taught wrong. a six looks like this >>>> 6. So, after 14 years of a Republican controlled Congress... Wow, my schooling was way off. Twelve looks like this >>>> 12.

92. important illegals are to the US Economy today and how they were even more important during times of full employment.  Here's one example of that utter dependence... ... From their site:  "Agriculture in the United States is dependent on an immigrant workforce... - Catch that? His own source says immigrant not illegal immigrant.

93. The only alternative Obama had was to throw money at the Economic Meltdown Crisis. - False Choice argument just like his hero Obama.

94. ...we should be offering Medicare for all since it is tremendously efficient - Is that why the President himself wants to eliminate $500 Billion in waste and fraud?

95. 9 years and counting - US still can't defeat 3rd world backwater. ... After 9 years you think you might get it through your thick skulls that this war ain't never gonna be won. - This is just bile raising. Nothing more.

96. ...try listening to Rush, Beck et als or go to a tea party meeting to find plenty of right wing racism.

97. US labor laws do not distinguish between legals and illegals, illegals must be paid minimum wage. -- Red Herring. They should not be hired at all.  It is unlawful to hire an alien, to recruit an alien, or to refer an alien for a fee, knowing the alien is unauthorized to work in the United States. It is equally unlawful to continue to employ an alien knowing that the alien is unauthorized to work.

98. ...1972... That was the last time I voted for either a Republican or a Democrat, though I vote in every local, state, and national election.  --- LOON. Must be tough being a loon in a country with a 2 party system.

99. Learn the law - illegals have the exact same rights as citizens. -- They have many of the same protections not rights. Illegal aliens can't vote or bear arms among other rights listed in the Constitution.

100. Too many lies about Sherrod to list.

101. was during the Bush Administration that the Justice Department decided not to criminally prosecute any member of the NBP - Red Herring. They brought a civil suit.  Oops. Turn it into a LIE time - it was the Bush DOJ that dropped the Criminal Case  -- Make up your mind. Did the decline or drop the case?

102. No one has come forward to say they were intimidated by the NBP -

103. The Obama DOJ...succesfully obtained an injunction against Shabbazz. they did in fact get an injunction against him --  B-townGiant called this lie - The case against the NBPP was dropped AFTER THE GOVERNMENT WON THE CASE but prior to sentencing.

104. You mean Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity.  Those three stooges?

105.  ...Wall street is decidedly Republican. --- See my response and links there.

106. I've made my opinions clear about the corrupt McGreevy Adminsitration and NJ Dems on other pages of NB. -- Girlyman has never mentioned McGreevy at NewsBusters. EVAH.

107. ...the economy nearly melted down during the Christie Administration. -- Christie took office as Governor of New Jersey on January 19, 2010. So the economy melted down in the 7 months since Jan of this year?

108. So let' not pretend that this is anything but a flack propoganda piece, as dictated to Newsbuster blogger, Matt Cover - Calling another contributor a liar.

109. And if Obama hadn't stepped in to save GM, GM would have ceased to exist. --  False Choice fallacious arguemnt. I dispelled it here.

110. I try not to call commenters names unless they call me names first. - Full list of his insults in that very forum >>> are as clueless...disjointed, idiotic rebuttal is, well, idiotic...his idiocy...a deranged stalker idiot...stalker trool...offensive, juvenile and whacked...epic fail...nutty claim...preposterous...monkeys fly out of jwf's buttal...whacked out wing nuts... wing nutty...Captain of Wing Nutty...whacked out wing nutty pronouncements...crawl out of his hole...wing nutty views...your stinky carp "Kentucky Tuna"...faux macho, psuedo patriotism...wing nut crap...impotent, cowardly blowhard... wing nut...wing nut...wing nuts...He's whacked...supreme, dissembling charlatan...two bit racist accusations...wing nutty website...sheer idiocy...pure innelectul honesty...simply dumb...supreme idiot...psuedo jounalists at Fox...wing are an idiot...Stupid is as stupid does...stone cold idiots... two trools...shoddy... Faux Friends Show...trools...most preposterous conspiracy crap...