WashPost's Aaron Blake Tells David Shuster Fast & Furious Is Just 'Process Arguments' That Bore the American People

Washington Post political reporter Aaron Blake was wearing his usual liberal hat when he appeared on the Bill Press radio/Current TV show on Thursday. Guest host David Shuster asked him, "So regarding President Obama asserting executive privilege yesterday, condemning the use of executive privilege five years ago, how big of a political problem is this for him?"

Blake stepped over Obama's inconsitency and dismissed the whole thing as buried in the weeds of "process arguments" the public will tune out (as if government agent Brian Terry's death from American firearms was merely a process argument?):

BLAKE: Well, you know only time's gonna tell on something like this. I think that when you get in the weeds and you’re talking about process arguments like this, I think most of the American people tend to tune it out. I don’t think that the Fast and Furious situation right now really rises up on the radar for most people.

Yes, this is the same liberal operative disguised as a reporter that slammed Republicans as Pelosi "demonizers" and went to Twitter to ask for "outlandish" and incorrect things Newt Gingrich said that he could spread.

Shuster also drew a surprising case of qualms on the executive-privilege claim from Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), trying to demonstrate he's no Joe Biden when it comes up to super-enthusiastically boosting everything Obama does:

SHUSTER: Do you Senator support the Obama Administrations assertion of Executive Privilege?

CHRIS COONS: I'm always uncomfortable when an administration chooses Executive Privilege rather than full disclosure.

So if you want to hear something truly unhinged, you have to go back to the Mike Malloy show. Just as a postscript, let's take a slice of Malloy's latest request for a straitjacket on Wednesday's program:

MALLOY: Republicans want people to die, even their own children. They want as much death as they can possibly bring to this tired old planet. They want things to die, they want the environment to die, they want mountaintops to be blown away and made dead, they want the sea dead they want everything dead because right wingers believe that in making everything dead their crazed Messiah will show up and say, 'You did good! You killed everything, every goddamn thing on earth gets killed, yes yes yes!


Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis