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Liberal Radio Hosts Mock Mrs. Romney's Pricey Shirt, Even (Wrongly) Suggest Mrs. Obama's Different

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Liberal radio hosts obviously feel Ann Romney is a big fat target of mockery. When it was revealed a shirt she wore on CBS This Morning retails for $990, they pounced. Bill Press even insisted Mrs. Romney should be more like Michelle Obama – which doesn’t match the fashion facts from Hawaii last Christmas.

On the Stephanie Miller show, one regular guest, gay activist Karl Frisch, brought out the anti-Mormon wisecracks: “If a T-shirt is a thousand dollars where Ann Romney shops, how much is the magic underwear?” Miller laughed, and her sidekick Chris Lavoie added, “There you go!”  Randi Rhodes just exploded:

RHODES: I thought it was fish - and I thought maybe she was communicating some sort of a Jesus message. I didn't know - I thought it was fish, like a big uh koi or something. Didn't you think it was koi?

SEAN (board operator)”  Exactly!

RANDI: Yes! They claim it was not koi at all; it was birds, its bird heads, and bird face....So anyway she's wearing this thing with the koi on it, right, it's supposed to be, you know, a nod to the Chinese, Japanese, I have no idea. Anyway, turns out this T-shirt cost - hang on - $990 for a freakin' top!

Minutes later, Rhodes added the masses would not approve: “Women who are buying the Hanes 3-pack and sending it back have more principles than Mitt Romney and his wife, who, by the way, is wearing a $990 T-shirt while claiming - while claiming she's a stay-at-home mom and made the sacrifice to do it!”

On his show, Bill Press wasn't buying Mrs. Romney's assertion that her husband Mitt was a wild and crazy guy. "He looks to me like one of those heads on Easter Island and has just about as much life in it."  This, from a man who wrote a book called "The Obama Hate Machine."  He was just getting started. He turned to the wife's shirt:

PRESS: By a designer Reed Krakoff, has a store on Madison Avenue. I guess a high-faluting store and some enterprising reporter went out and priced Ann Romney’s t-shirt -- 990 dollars.

DAN HENNING, sidekick: That’s not a cheap shirt.

PRESS: She really wants to give the impression that we’re just hanging out. I’m just wearing a T-shirt telling you how wild and crazy my husband is. A 900 dollar freaking t-shirt!

Later, one of Press's guests, former Roll Call reporter Julie Mason, insisted wives were "totally fair game," "in bounds" for a good whacking:

JULIE MASON: I don’t think Ann Romney’s off limits. If she’s going to be campaigning and giving policy speeches and getting involved in our elections, I think she’s totally fair game. I think kids are off limits. But I think spouses are inbounds.

BILL BURTON, former Obama spokesman: Even adult children?

MASON: If they get involved in the campaign, yeah.

BURTON: Julie Mason’s rules of politics.

MASON: Absolutely.

PRESS: Why can’t she (Ann Romney) be like Me-shell? Why can’t she buy J Crew, wear J Crew, right? What the hell!

Press's argument that Michelle Obama wears cheaper duds is rebutted by Luchina Fisher of ABC News, from a vacation dispatch dated December 29, 2011:

The Obamas have been drawing heat for their 17-day Hawaiian holiday, estimated by some media outlets to cost taxpayers $4 million.

But the criticism doesn't stop there. Now first lady Michelle Obama is under scrutiny for her high-end fashion choices.

For the Christmas Day church service at the Kaneohe Bay Marine Base, Mrs. Obama was photographed in a seemingly simple white sundress with red and yellow stripes. The dress, however, was by French-born, U.S.-based designer Sophie Theallet, and would have cost the first lady almost $2,000 when she bought it in 2009. More recent designs by Theallet sell for even more.

For the meet-and-greet with service members and their families in a nearby mess hall later in the day, Mrs. Obama dressed down - in a printed green $950 Comme des Garcons skirt with bag waist.

Some see the first lady's penchant for expensive labels at odds with her reputation as a bargain shopper who frequents J. Crew and Target.

One comment on the Naked DC website read: "She claims to be a champion of the poor and a fellow bargain shopper, but yet, here she is, sporting a dress that no unemployed American can afford."

CORRECTION: Due to an auto-correction or a brain-fart, the original blog misquoted Press describing the Reed Krakoff boutique as "high-flatulent" when it should have been "high-faluting."


#1 And how much did Moochelle Antoinette spend on her trips?

I believe Moochelle spent half a million on a junket to Spain for a Euroloon lovefest. I believe Moochelle caused over $100,000 to be spent taking a separate flight from Barely Zero. I believe it was Moochelle who sent their dog on a private jet to join them on vacation. All of this is TAXPAYER money.

All of Ann Romney's bills were paid with their OWN money.

The only difference between a Democrat and a hypocrite is a few letters in the spelling of the words.

#2 This didn't come from J. Crew!!

What about Michelle's $2700 sweater??

Ann Romney makes no pretense about who she is or where she came from.

But Michelle insists she's still just a girl from the South Side of Chicago and that's the lens she sees through.

Yeah, if seeing through that lens means aspiring to get rich and by $2700 sweaters!

#3 Or how about this?

I'm not sure exactly how to describe it, though. Houndstooth horror w/leather pants?

#4 Hey, watch it!

She's a fashion icon, you know!!
That probably came from Target!

#5 Here's the difference

Mrs. Romney buys her clothes with her own money.

Mrs. Obysmal is ripping off the American people and pocketing the change.

BTW, have you ever seen such a colossal collection of liberal dementia all together in one place?
Nevermind--I forgot about the DNConvention.

"Beauty is only skin deep, but liberal's to the bone." - me

#6 Michelle's is no longer off limits!

You heard it here, on the Rhandi "suck the sidewalk" Rhodes show. Conveniently, only adult children are bulls eyed, which of course BO's are minors, Romney's, on the other hand...

Proud member of the 53%!

#7 why not?

Sarah Palin's underage children have not been off limits so there's no reason to spare anyone’s kids including the President's*. (his title always deserves an asterisk)

#8 This is to laugh! The liberal

This is to laugh!

The liberal media put on their kneepads and slobber every time the clothes-horse "Mooch-elle" stumbles out in some new frock which she bought using OUR money.

I guess it's hip for Democrats to buy expensive clothes, as long as they're robbing the money from someone else to pay for them.

If a Liberal/Democrat politician/media figure wants to put their arms around you, or pat you on the back, all they're doing is looking for a good place to stick a knife.

#9 I've grown so accustomed

to Slyrr's staggering absurdities that I actually find myself looking forward to them. He rarely disappoints.


#11 I'm sorry, Blonde...

I was busy mugging a couple of old ladies so I could buy an especially vulgar outfit for my wife. [Is de`classe` the appropriate term?]  Birthday Saturday.


#12 some have to earn it

Imagine if obama had Romney's business skills. The obama's only real career advantage is being Black. if they were White with the same talents and education their careers would have peaked at some mid-level management position.



#14 .. and Moochelle was just

.. and Moochelle was just seen wearing a $2700 sweater. So there ya go. So, WHY is Ann Romney's bargain-basement frock newsworthy?! At least her husband and her EARNED hers!

#15 Not one gained vote

Who can get worked up over Creepy Liar O'Donnell and these shrews. There's not one vote gained for Obama. Anybody listening is already voting for him. Nasty people.

#16 As I have heard said before

I care much less about what Mitt Romney does with his own money than I do about what Obama and the Democrats are doing with mine.

#17 ➚ Did you say Magic Underwear

Well . . . Depends.

#18 Que bueno, Cool!

Good one.

#19 ➚ Couldn't help it, Doc

Blonde linked to it earlier and I almost shrieked with what caught my eye about the pic.

Second coming of Jackie O is what I was thinking, of course.

#20 Of course!


#21 Cool Arrow,

I saw - with the greatest urge to suppress my nausea - the picture of moochelle. It immediately made me think:

For the MSM: In your pomp and all your glory, you're a poorer man than me.  As you lick the boots of death born out of fear.

Ian Anderson "Wind up"

#22 This is all they have...

You can smell the fear and desperation..They are now in the denial stage of the Communist Experiment gone sour with the American People. They have painted themselves into a corner over a hundred years of Progressive/Communist intrusion. Time for the pendulum to swing in the direction of personal freedom as guaranteed by the Constitution......

Karma's a bitch.

#23 This is all they have...

You can smell the fear and desperation..They are now in the denial stage of the Communist Experiment gone sour with the American People. They have painted themselves into a corner over a hundred years of Progressive/Communist intrusion. Time for the pendulum to swing in the direction of personal freedom as guaranteed by the Constitution......

Karma's a bitch.

#24 romney doesn't get a taxpayer funded clothing budget

like flotus does. so who cares what it costs?
4k a month for flotus, why do we allow first laides to have budgets, entourages, etc.
if they want staff, offices, and budgets put them on the ticket so they cn be voted in.

#25 Does Mrs. President donate her used stuff?

If so there may be some fairly well dressed homeless folk out there. I would have said 'ladies' instead of 'folk' but I wouldn't want to be accused of discrmination against GBSTG_LSMFT_BNSF_RCA_AT+T_ABC_STUPID

Trust America not politicians

#26 At some point ...

People will call out Karl Frisch as the hatefull religous bigot he truely is.

#27 God love ya Tim Graham...

For doing the work that Americans just won't do. Namely, listening to these titans of buffoonery, numb form the neck up minions of the prince of the power of the [dead] air.

#28 Michelle was "sporting a

Michelle was "sporting a dress that no unemployed American can afford."?

I, and a LOT of employed Americans can't afford dresses that cost that much.

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