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'Gordon Gekko' Is The New Face of Wall Street-Fighting Obama Justice Department

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CNN's Terry Frieden reported that liberal Hollywood, in the person of Michael Douglas, is coming to the aid of the Obama administration: "The FBI on Monday unveiled a videotaped message from the actor who played the infamous fictional insider trader Gordon Gekko to help bolster a wide-ranging attack on financial crimes."

Coincidentally, "Attorney General Eric Holder traveled to New York on Thursday to deliver the message that the Justice Department is committed to rooting out corporate crime." That might shore up the liberal base: looking tough on Wall Street with the liberal actor who caricatured the "greed is good" Reagan Eighties.

Frieden's little publicity piece only used government sources.

At an FBI headquarters briefing on the stepped-up fight against financial misdealings, the bureau proudly showed a 30-second public service announcement featuring actor Michael Douglas. His character in the 1987 film "Wall Street," Gordon Gekko, proclaimed that "greed, for lack of a better word, is good." But in a new message to help the FBI, Douglas says, "The movie is fiction, but the problem is real."

Douglas asks viewers who suspect financial crime to contact the FBI.

Douglas hasn't just done a voice-over favor for Obama and Eric Holder. He announces the opening every night on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. But Williams is more fond of comparing Obama to Douglas in The American President.

NBC recently reported with glee that a liberal Gordon Gekko impersonator met Mitt Romney in South Carolina.


#1 Fiction

And in other news, I heard the Justice Department is hiring Deputy Dawg to go after the Fast & Furious culprits.

#2 Michael Douglas

Has anyone seen Michael Douglas lately? He looks like he's 110 years old. Only that mummy McCain looks more decrepit than Douglas.

#3 I think he is

Recovering from throat cancer

#4 didn't know that

I pray he fully recovers.

_____________________________________________________________ I'm not too drunk to dance! It's just that people keep stepping on my hands!

#5 This "financial crimes"

This "financial crimes" scares the Hell out of me.

Nuke em til they glow; then shoot em in the dark

#6 Dont blame him-hes only fulfilling his ,,

required community service, for starring in that stinko sequel! Aww, poor Gordie Gekko, you got caught, and NOW youre going to lecture US, in the name of Holder and O'Bozo? Yeah, we know you got like $10 million stashed away that no one can find-cry me a river, all the way to the bank!

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. BEN FRANKLIN

#7 I'm sure it's just a coincidence...

...and not a political stunt by the Obama administration setting the table for Romney.

#8 They are creating a caricature.

They are not attacking an actual person or entity, they are actually creating a straw man in real life. Tell me, if what Wall Street has done was illegal, why are we not hearing about numerous charges being filed? Why are there only payoffs like the banking settlement?

Every tyrannical government creates these caricatures to make people not pay attention to where the real crime and corruption originate, government. Guess where 78% of that bank settlement is going? California. It is an under the table bailout for California.

George Washington was a student of history- "The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury."

Obama and the other statists have brought in the new way of looting though, they are stealing from the future treasuries also as well as enslaving our posterity.

"Be an information soldier in an army of one; where no one can follow, only lead." David Kramer

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