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Jennifer Aniston Slammed by WashPost Critic For...Not Going Nude?

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Washington Post movie critic Ann Hornaday has a strange way of judging actresses. In her review of the new grossout comedy "Wanderlust," Hornaday complained that actress Jennifer Aniston's breasts were digitally altered in a sequence where she takes off her top.

Somehow this proves she's still "more suited to TV rather than the big screen." Surely Hornaday realizes she's been a movie star for ten years and hasn't been a TV regular since 2004. Let's not state this new movie is classic cinema, but can't you be a great actress without exposing yourself? Hornaday seems to hate that she would star in a nudity-"enhanced" movie without joining in.  

She complained about the movie: 

... when it's not stooping to slow-motion scenes of superannuated nudists running across a field in all their pendular glory. Male frontal nudity may be the driving raison d'etre of "Wanderlust," which also features a sequence of Aniston taking off her top - an image that's digitally scrambled, presumably according to the actress's contract.

Between this film and last summer's "Horrible Bosses," Aniston's coyness - starring in explicit movies without having to be explicit herself - seems to be becoming her stock in trade. It's not a particularly commendable one, and "Wanderlust" does little to disprove that she's still a star more suited to TV rather than the big screen. 


#1 Hmmmm............

Elizabeth Warren: "Atleast I never took my clothes off to put myself through college."

Scott Brown: "Thank God for that."

And Scott Brown is the sexist over Anne Hornaday??????

"Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets". - Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver (1976).

#2 If only you could be as coy.

Honey, when you include the term "presumably" in your description, it's obvious that YOU are the presumptuous one. WHAT makes you "presume" anything about what the Jennifer did or didn't want in the editing of the film?

Lady, the next time you write a critique of people like Jennifer, I suggest that you put your lesbianism on hold.

The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. The US Constitution

Unless you're a fetus. The US Supreme Court

Or Anwar al-Awlaki.

#3 Cajun is confused again*

Liberals accuse conservatives of being misogynists, demeaning toward women.  But liberals, so progressive they are, want a famous actress to become known as a sex object?  

The sky keeps moving sideways.

#4 Ms. I

Ms. I noted in the weekend thread, we had an accordian player show up down that the KORE beach handicapped program, and he knew his way around the instrument pretty well. We were either sounding like some beach version of Lawerence Welk (minus the big orchestra), or we were sounding a little bit like what you are used to down there in Looie-Anna!!! It was pretty interesting...............

#5 Hey killa*

Do I detect the killa becoming a fan of swampland music?

Must be all that water around that Asian Island..;-)

But seriously, 

Introducing music from different cultures to those kids is heartwarming and kudos to the killa for his participation.Bon ton roulet killa

#6 I'm a fan of ANY kind of

I'm a fan of ANY kind of music, as long as I like it!!! I think the operative word here is 'music'...................I don't know if you read my other post, but there was also a guy - he was severly handicapped, and only had partial use of one of his hands - but he had a box ful of harps (harmonicas), and he knew enough to find the right one and play them - so I had him sitting next to me, to give him the keys and the chord changes, and we let him blow a number of solos.................that was pretty cool.

#7 Even more hypocritical that

Even more hypocritical that actresses often lecture Americans on being prudes, and then refuse to do nude scenes.

#8 Well, she might write

Well, she might write "presumably" because she has a bit more insider info on this issue than the layman.

And, in this case, the debate over the Jennifer Anniston topless scene has been a bit of a to-do in hollywood news. So the critic here is not making this up out of no where. Anniston's contract had her agreeing to do the scene, and she later decided she wanted to take it back-she wanted to alter her contract post signing. There was a big kerfuffle over it all, and even though they didn't need to (because the contract clearly called for it)-out of respect for Ms. Anniston, they altered the scene way after locking the film.

Anyway, this may be the first time you're hearing of it, but it was a minor-ly big deal in the film industry for a short time there.

#9 Zzzzzzzzzzz.....

When did trolls get so boring? Leave it to Bostarus to bore us to death on the subject of Jennifer Aniston and toplessness. No wonder this troll has escaped the attention of trolljegeren, his boring.........zzzzzzzzz.......

#10 I'm thoroughly confused here

I'm thoroughly confused here on a rainy Sunday morning in Asia......................this ditz, who looks like the progeny of a mortician and a homely library clerk - is complaining because she couldn't see Jennifer Aniston's breasts???

I guess my coffee hasn't kicked in yet...........

#11 ...a woman's right to choose,

...a woman's right to choose, as long as it is one woman's choice regarding another woman's body? Gets more confusing all the time.

#12 Remember when movies were judged based on

Plot, character development, and/or uplifting message? Now it's about not seeing someone's breasts? And remember when nudity was justified as being integral to the plot?

What a crazy world.

Proud member of the 53%!

#13 Well, now I'm disappointed...

...that I won't see Aniston's rack, but aren't there a few more pressing national issues? Apparently, the WP will leave no stone unturned in promoting its leftist, nothing-is-sacred agenda. Either that or Hornaday is still jealous of Brad Pitt.

#14 Jen's rack

Not sure why all of sudden she's concerned about nude scenes as she's done it in the past and she still looks great. It's not a frontal scene, but there's some good "side boob" in the movie "The Good Girl" and I seem to recall at least one other movie where she had some partial nudity.

Weird that they would digitally alter the scene rather than just cut it---don't think I've ever seen that in a movie.

#15 Hey, Ann Hornyeachday,,,

For once I agree with the likes of you-yes, she SHOULD have taken her clothes off for this movie-would that have made it better, honey? As long as YOU dont take off anything, that we'll all be the better for it!

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. BEN FRANKLIN

#16 This is the first time I have

This is the first time I have have heard a woman complain about this. Men are usually the ones that have a problem over non-nudity in my experience.

Personally, as much as I like the female form unclad :-), I root for any woman that has the strength to resist the temptation to take it off for a movie role. I certainly don't get angry if an actress' assets are brought to you by CGI or a body double.

“There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.” - Ronald Reagan (1964 Republican Convention)

#17 It was probably mentioned in

It was probably mentioned in the review because it was a pretty well publicized ordeal-Anniston had agreed to (and was subsequently contractually bound) to the topless scene. She decided to take it back after picture had locked so it was an ordeal to go in and re-edit the film to make her happy. They didn't have to, but they didn't want any bad blood with her.

#18 Jennifer Anniston

Maybe Ms. Hornaday is a Lesbian and just disappointed she didn't get to see a nude Jen.

Sick of Politics

#19 What a dumb thing to pick on.

What a dumb thing to pick on. Actresses like Aniston don't do nudity because they don't want to and have the clout to not have to, just like Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, etc.

BTW, saw the movie and loved it.

#20 I don't watch very many

I don't watch very many movies - in fact, hardly any - but I did see Meg Ryan topless in some movie long ago - maybe one of her earlier ones.

But, to tell you the truth, I see better looking women than these all the time over here, and that includes topless!!

#21 ⇒ The Doors

With Val Kilmer.

#22 That could be it, Cool. I saw

That could be it, Cool. I saw the Doors over in Honolulu when they were ridin' high!!! (A little Rev. Wright for you!!!) Me and my friend (both of us musicians who had played in over-21 bars and clubs when we were 16-17 year old high schoolers) got our tickets (probably $3) and drove into Honolulu in my 54 Desoto - which cost me $50 - from the North Shore, and that was a trek, although we used to hear a LOT of good bands in Honolulu, including Jimi on his first tour, Led Zep on their first tour, and everybody else that was popular back then. I'm sure that we adjusted our 'mindsets' and our 'outlook' with some combination of illegal substances on the way in - but, HEY, we didn't drink!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Anyway, and unfortunatly, Morrison was drunk, and babbling and the band couldn't really stay in synch with him, and the show was really disappointing, because I thought their first 2-3 albums were quite good.

#23 LOL, killa

My best friend from college was in the third row in Miami when Morrison famously dropped trou and got arrested. Wish I'd been there.

#24 And, Blonde, you bad

And, Blonde, you bad girl..............WHY do you wish you could have been there???

#25 She was nude in "In the Cut",

She was nude in "In the Cut", but that was after she was a huge star, so it was on her terms.

#26 I can't remember whichever it

I can't remember whichever it was..........Cool says 'the Doors', you say 'the Cut' - I had HBO or Showtime for a long time, although I hardly ever watched it.........but I do remember Meg Ryan topless somewhere along the line. At any rate, it wasn't a big deal.............hell, I even saw 'Gia', and Angelina Jolie spent more time in that movie naked than she did with clothes on, and mercifully, her tattoos were digitally erased!!!

#27 Not digitally

I think it was just a lot of body makeup.  It would have cost a lot more at the time(movie was released in 1998) to digitally erase it frame by frame, especially with that much skin showing all the time.


#28 Jon-E-Boy, I would have done

Jon-E-Boy, I would have done the make-up for FREE!!! Especially back then!!!

#29 As I mentioned above, Aniston

As I mentioned above, Aniston has done partial nude scenes and for that matter Meg Ryan did a full frontal scene in a movie late in her career (famously referenced in "Knocked Up").

Just saw the other replies and forgot about The Doors. So to answer another comment it was both those movies.

#30 Ann Hornyday has been paid..

considerable sums of money to keep her clothes on - as seen in her photo, in which she wears a thick turtleneck, that comes all the way up to the hair on her chinny chin chin. Based on Ann's photo, I'd personally chip in for a full cover burqa.

Hornaday is just jealous because Aniston's a woman that men would actually enjoy seeing without clothes..and yet she chooses "blurring".

This film is plenty lewd enough as it is, but apparently the liberal's thirst for hedonism is unquenchable - ultimately, it is only the complete destruction of all morality and decency that will satisfy too many of them.

Greggy (Diogenes)

#31 I for one only want to see

I for one only want to see Mrs. MM nude. And I really mean that! Yes it's totally true! The fact that Mrs MM reads NB has nothing whatsoever to do with this post!

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend, unless my friend is more evil than my enemy."

#32 Anniston, to be Naged or not to be Naged.

I wish more Hollywood actors and actresses kept their darned cloths on. The Golden Years of Hollywood were filled with -- actors--. Yes, they spent hours crafting their skills to play parts. But not today. What have we learned about today's modern Hollywood. Well, for female stars like Anniston, the prerequisite is go nude or no parts. We've seen Miss Hathaway, a terribly gifted actress succume to Hollywood starlet syndrome. She had to go nude or no good parts. Anniston on the other hand, has some backbone to her. And I give her credit for maintaining her dignity. Let the skill be the guide of success, not the body parts and the alternate lifestyle exhibition that today's Hollywood want driven into your pinhead brains.
Male actors had to ascribe to Broke Back Mountain. Heck, an 82 year old Canadian movie icon had to play a gay guy to get an Oscar. And how many actors in the last couple of years had to play Gay guys to be recognized. For such a small segment of total society, you have to be gay or get out. And for female good actresses be naked or go away likewise.
Bravo, Jennifer, for standing up for your dignity. Your talent is what I watch, and why I personally watch TCM Channel and old Golden Year Hollywood movies. I watch talent, the other parts are for my imagination.

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