Jennifer Aniston Slammed by WashPost Critic For...Not Going Nude?

Washington Post movie critic Ann Hornaday has a strange way of judging actresses. In her review of the new grossout comedy "Wanderlust," Hornaday complained that actress Jennifer Aniston's breasts were digitally altered in a sequence where she takes off her top.

Somehow this proves she's still "more suited to TV rather than the big screen." Surely Hornaday realizes she's been a movie star for ten years and hasn't been a TV regular since 2004. Let's not state this new movie is classic cinema, but can't you be a great actress without exposing yourself? Hornaday seems to hate that she would star in a nudity-"enhanced" movie without joining in.  

She complained about the movie: 

... when it's not stooping to slow-motion scenes of superannuated nudists running across a field in all their pendular glory. Male frontal nudity may be the driving raison d'etre of "Wanderlust," which also features a sequence of Aniston taking off her top - an image that's digitally scrambled, presumably according to the actress's contract.

Between this film and last summer's "Horrible Bosses," Aniston's coyness - starring in explicit movies without having to be explicit herself - seems to be becoming her stock in trade. It's not a particularly commendable one, and "Wanderlust" does little to disprove that she's still a star more suited to TV rather than the big screen. 

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis