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Bill Press Screws Up: Columnist Tim Carney Is Both Liberal And Conservative In the Same Book?

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On Tuesday, Brent Bozell took apart Bill Press and his new book "The Obama Hate Machine" for making the ridiculous claim that Obama's been treated so much more savagely than other presidents in the media. But he's not alone. Paul Bedard reports in the Washington Examiner that in the book, Press described Examiner columnist Tim Carney "a liberal -- then a conservative."

“It’s not every day I’m called a liberal in a political book, especially the same book that attacks me as a ‘right-wing journalist’ 50 pages later,” says Carney.

Press, who argues that “liberals are still a minority in the press,” lists Carney’s 2009 “Obamanomics” in his chapter on anti-Obama books, but files it under the category of “blasting Obama from the left.” Writes Press on page 172: “This is a searing indictment from the left of Obama’s economic policies, reflecting the disappointment felt by many liberals.”

Then on page 222 he puts Carney among the “right-wing journalists” who spoke at a conference organized by conservative corporate activists Charles and David Koch. “Press has no footnotes in his book,” says Carney, “but it’s obvious that he--embarrassingly--used Think Progress as his source, because he repeated some of their factual errors in falsely suggesting the Kochs paid me.” Carney didn’t get a dime.

PS: Last week, Radio Equalizer noticed that Press was enough of a "hater" to wonder why on Earth Obama stayed at a nice hotel in La La Land:

PRESS: You know, President Obama, I saw last night he stayed at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

DAN HENNING, producer: Whoops!

PRESS: It’s a great hotel I’ve stayed there myself many times.

PETER OGBURN, producer: It was a great hotel. Ha ha ha ha.

PRESS: I’ve been to hundreds of events there. A great location but sort of a has echoes certainly of Whitney Houston there for a while. I’m surprised that they [Obama] didn’t change hotels.


#1 Facts?

Facts are what Liberals distort to bash conservatives or anyone that disagrees with them.

#2 Bill Press

Bill Press is a clown, he hasn't had anything pertainent to say in years.

He just spews what ever the liberalswants him to that fits the current agenda. He is and will continue to be an Obamabot.

#3 Come on!!!

It's the narative that is important, not those subjectual and constantly changing bits of data that some call "facts".

The "facts" may be wrong but the story is compelling and that is all that matters.


Madison and Jefferson and Franklin built a Republic - Roberts killed it! 

#4 Press is a senile old man

Imagine how incensed this hate-filled man is to see the fire hose being pointed AT him rather than BY him. All these Bush-haters now, incredulously, don't like the shoe being on the other foot.

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