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Chris Matthews: Southern Haters Have to Choose Between 'Cultists' Romney and Santorum

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Chris Matthews doesn't think much of southerners. The Hardball anchor appeared on MSNBC's primary night coverage, Tuesday, and mocked the supposed thought process of the Republican voters: "They've got three RCs, or two RCs- two Roman Catholics- running and a Mormon, so three cultists running, and they gotta pick one of the three cultists, as they see them."

The host sneered, "...But it is ridiculous to pick a guy they think is really the other, the heretic, the Muslim. What a strange stew of religious prejudice is at work here." Trying to explain the mind set of conservative primary voters, he added, "They are willing to outsource [defeating the President] to a Mormon...It's almost like calling up India or somewhere in the third world to get your computer fixed. You don't care who's fixing it, just fix the damn computer." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Matthews, who himself is Catholic, has previously attacked Catholicism. At a February 20, 2012 Ford's Theater event, Matthews derided, "If you're really anti-gay, you become a Catholic now."
A transcript of the March 13 exchange can be found below:


CHRIS MATTHEWS (talking about southern voters on MSNBC's The Ed Show, March 13): They're not going to vote for President Obama. So, who are they going to get to beat him? That's what seems to be on their minds down there. Not, who do they like. They are willing to outsource it to a Mormon. It seems to me, if they can win- I said, it's almost like calling up India or somewhere in the third world to get your computer fixed. You don't care who's fixing it, just fix the damn computer.

They want to get rid of Obama. So they're willing to vote for a guy they don't like and probably wouldn't trust his religion. But they have no choice. They've got three RCs, or two RCs -- two Roman Catholics -- running and a Mormon, so three cultists running, and they gotta pick one of the three cultists, as they see them. This isn't as funny as I'm making it, but it is ridiculous to pick a guy they think is really the other, the heretic, the Muslim. What a strange stew of religious prejudice is at work here, when they pick the guy they don't like, to pick [beat] a guy they hate worse.


#1 Matthews' Liberalism for all

Matthews' Liberalism for all the world to see: Catholics - BAD! Mormons - BAD! Indians - BAD! Third World - BAD! Anything that doesn't fit Matthews' Liberal worldview - BAD!

#2 vh - you forgot the adjective "non-liberal"

Does Matthews still claim to be a Catholic? Oh, but he's not in a religious cult. Only non-liberal Catholics are in a cult, got it. sheesh.

#3 "What a strange stew of

"What a strange stew of religious prejudice is at work here"


#4 For old Beltway trolls like Matthews . . .

. . . anyplace they don't frequent is stuck in time. He'll always see the South as intensely bigoted and even dangerous to liberals. It rationalizes for them the Democratic election losses.

He's not alone. Groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center feed the myth because it generates big contributions from libs in the Northeast and West Coast.

#5 This dude dove off the cliff head first.

So any religion is now a cult, other than King Hussein's religion. This guy has now officially gone bye bye.

"Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets". - Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver (1976).

#6 Does Matthews at least have

Does Matthews at least have the guts to admit to being an atheist?I'd have more respect for Matthews and other prominent Democrats if they would come out of the closet with the atheism.

#7 I am not an atheist but

I do believe that all organized religions are cults.

#8 I am not an atheist either,

but I do believe that all atheists are members of a cult of their own.

"But my advice to you can be summed up in two words: Thicker skin." - Jer

#9 Of course you have no problem

Of course you have no problem with the cult of islam right because it is only about love and peace.

Non, je ne regrette rien. "You aren't angry because I might be a racist, you're angry because you know I'm right".

#10 I predict

he'll have a breakdown sometime this year

He's already unhinged...and we're not even to the good part yet

A Recession is when your neighbor is out of a job. A Depression is when YOU are out of a job.. A recovery is when OBAMA is out of a job Hat tip to Ronald Reagan

#11 Oh you mean

when Obama is voted out of office in November.

Yeah, I'm looking FORWARD to the implosion as Chrissy tries to wrap his miniscule mind around that fact!

We'll need a baby wipe to sop up his minute grey matter when it happens. LOL

#12 How about a montage of insults towards American voters?

It should play out nicely during election time. The Liberal media is running out of material when it comes to elevating their president to a God like state like they did in 2008. Now they are insulting potential voters; from any race and religious beliefs. If I am an undecided voter, do they (liberals) think that by insulting my intelligence is going to make me vote for Obama this year? Are they that stupid? Undecided voters are not necessarily Black, Hillbillies, Illegals and/or they ever consider the fact that maybe undecided voters are comprised of a mix of all the categories listed above?

#13 You know

this ISN'T a bad idea...and you can title it "THIS is what the Democrats THINK of YOU!"

#14 Do we need anymore evidence of left-wing bigotry?

Do we need anymore evidence of left-wing bigotry? The way Maher and Mathews call Catholics and Mormons cultists is meant to demean. This is nothing more than hate and bigotry coming from Mathews.

Is Mathews going to come out and call Hussein Obama's radical religion of Black Liberation theology a cult? I doubt it.

#15 Chris!

Your hero Bill Clinton is from the South!

#16 Now WHY

did you have to bring THAT up?

Don't you think we are ASHAMED enough over the fact? There's no need to keep reminding us...we remember...and hang our heads in SHAME.

#17 Matthews is making intolerant

Matthews is making intolerant remarks about Catholics, Mormons and Christians in general. Now if some person were to make an equally intolerant remark about Islam what would be the response of the MSM? So basically MSNBC is sponsoring anti-religious bigotry, i.e. hate speech.

So when will the FCC be pulling NBC's broadcasting license???? Fines?? hearings? Oh, I forgot, NBC is a DNC subsidiary, everything is just peachy in the propaganda distribution chain.

#18 Strange man

Why do we listen to a man that stands in front of a mirror everyday with his pants around his ankles saying "I'm just like Kennedy" over and over again. I think he and Debbie were separated at birth.

#19 Why?

It's like watching a trainwreak as it happens. You KNOW diaster looms...yet you watch anyway, morbidly fascinated.

#20 I wonder how many sponsors

I wonder how many sponsors will leave Matthews' show over his bigoted and insulting comments....

Hey Chrissy, you're a slut.

#21 The answer: None

The sponsors of MSNBC shows know what they're getting, and this is it.

#22 Worse

they SUPPORT what he is saying.

Otherwise, WHY keep sponsoring him on the air? He really doesn't have a big audience.

They MUST be losing money on him...yet they continue to sponsor him.

#23 Why

Why is this religionophobe still on the air spewing his hate speech?

#24 IMO

for COMIC relief!

#25 The great irony is

he's right! Incredible. For those who vainly appeal to the Founders, they would have considered Mitt & Rick & Newt all cultists, Mormons & Papists (Roman Catholics are by definition not truly "catholic," hence the adjective, doh!), though Rick's the best of the lot in that he's genuine, unlike adulterer Newt & deranged Joseph Smith follower (compared to whom Obama's nutcase Wright was peaceful & pious) Mitt. See & about mormonism.

#26 This would be totally foolish

This would be totally foolish they can all join "Christie" in the Zombie Cult of the Obamabots, they give free cookies and Kool-aid 4 times a day but you are not allowed to refuse the consuption of, but they have many flavors.

"Tingles" are optional and only offered to senior members of the cult.

#27 Is he really?

Is he really a Catholic? Sounds to me that Chrissy Tingles no longer wants to have anything to do with Catholocism.

This man is thoroughly confused.

#28 No he

can't be a real Catholic. He MUST be a fallen Catholic...otherwise HOW could he support abortion and birth control?

Must be like Ted Kennedy...a Catholic in NAME ONLY.

#29 So Mr. Tingle

doesn't think much of Southerners?

Big deal...we don't think AT ALL of you, Chrissy.

BTW, you might be surprised to learn that new military recruits are also disproportionately likely to come from the South, which is in line with the history of Southern military tradition.

So while you might not thing much of the South...they do a LOT to keep your sorry butt SAFE.

Chew on that one a while, BUB.

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