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NBC Ignores Burning of American Flag by Oakland Occupiers

NBC whitewashed the anti-American activities of the violent Occupy protests in Oakland. The network dedicated only 34 seconds to covering the riot, but refused to mention the fact that Oakland protestors burned an American flag - despite the fact that both its sister networks, ABC and CBS, had done so.

On Saturday, Jan. 28, nearly 400 Occupy Oakland protesters were arrested for their actions in a violent riot. Occupiers vandalized Oakland's historic City Hall and burned an American flag (which they stole from the City Hall). They were harshly criticized by the Democratic Oakland Mayor, Jean Quan, for their destructive actions. MRC TV obtained footage of the American flag being burned by Occupiers in Oakland while the Occupier shooting the video recited a mocking, anti-Semitic version of the Pledge of Allegiance.


The major morning shows on the broadcast networks provided a sanitized version of these events. On Jan. 29, each of the major morning news shows on Sunday broadcast a short segment covering the violence and arrests in Oakland. ABC's ''Good Morning America'' segment lasted 21 seconds, NBC's ''Today'' segment lasted 16 seconds, and the CBS ''Sunday Morning News'' segment lasted only 14 seconds. None of the morning shows mentioned the fact that an American flag was burned.

CBS provided much more complete coverage of the events in Oakland in the evening. CBS ''Evening News'' ran a one minute, fifty-four second segment about the Occupy protests, and included in its broadcast a picture of the Oakland Occupiers burning an American flag.

The other two networks gave much less coverage to the flag burning. ABC mentioned the fact that the American flag was burned by Occupiers - without providing a picture of the flag burning - in a 22-second segment. NBC provided an 18-second segment covering the violence in Oakland, without mentioning the flag burning at all. did show a picture of an American flag being burned in its coverage of the Oakland riots. However, anyone relying on NBC TV for news would not have known that the Occupiers in Oakland burned an American flag during their destructive riot.

Anti-American radicalism has been a part of the Occupy movement since its inception - but the media have sought to ignore that radicalism. In October, the Business & Media Institute examined the traditional media's embrace of the Occupy Movement, despite its radical designs. NBC is merely continuing the media's refusal to fully examine the Occupy movement.


#1 Jean Quan...

...Deserves everything she gets in this matter. She's the one that opened the door and invited them in and now she can reap the harvest. I'm so glad that Baracko, and the rest of the Democrapic Clown Posse welcomed these fools with open arms.

#2 Oh, its ok, its ok,,

They can do that, cause theyve been so beaten down, its just their frustration-you know those crazy kids!

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. BEN FRANKLIN

#3 Come on folks

you can't expect the media to be paying attention to racial dogwhistles, inscribing every pearl of wisdom that falls from the lips of Debbie Whatshername-Schmutz AND a tiny little snit fest like the burning of the flag at the SAME time can you?

#4 We'll wait forever for this . . Mr. President

How long will (OK - I know it's not going to happen) we have to wait for a national mainstream journalists to ask President Obama if he's ready to withdraw his support for the Occupy Wall Street protestors?

(;~/ gary

#5 On the contrary

Obama will reiterate his knee-jerk position

The police acted stupidly.

Then there will be a kegger, hacky sack and a drum circle on the White House lawn along with an open house for the "guests" to occupy the Lincoln bedroom and get their free love on.


#6 nbc

white-washes anything pertaining to how great America is! Look at their employees and bosses. A bunch of arrogant nobodies and very few viewers. This net-work is diminishing daily............thank goodness. williams and brokaw are the top two loosers

#7 Yesterday on the ABC

Yesterday on the ABC affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth, the uber leftist WFAA Channel 8, one of WFAA's stupid leftist political activists Debbie Denmon described the "Occupy Wall Street" violent riots in Oakland not as "violent riots" but as a freakin' "uprising". A freakin' "uprising"!! Of course, the stupid leftist at WFAA Debbie Denmon offered no criticism for the "uprising" and failed to describe the actions of the human debris conducting the "uprising".

#8 Because

Why would these people report what they see as no big deal. They have proven that they hate (not liberal) American and everything that they believe.
They tell you every show how smart they are and how stupid they think we are. They consider themselves part of the liberal elite and are incapable of errors. Try and get a retraction of an obvious lie from any of these liberal organizations, you have a better chance of pulling your own teeth.
Every organization has a complaint department filled with losers of the draw, without influence or authority in the organization.

#9 Obama & Pelosi must be so proud of their "posse"

This is what you get when you elect a community organizer to lead your country. These loons are not going away, if their master and comander is not re-elected for a second term, we should expect to see more of their extremist and violent behavior.

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