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Drudge Embarrasses Mainstream Media Again, Correctly Calls Wisconsin Recall Hours Earlier

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It was another embarrassing election night for the mainstream media that once again badly misinterpreted exit polls.

Standing above the chaos was the Drudge Report which at 5:44 PM correctly announced to the world, "EXIT POLLS SHOW WALKER HOLDING SEAT":


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel scolded Drudge writing, "Republican and Democratic sources in Wisconsin told the Journal Sentinel that the numbers used by the Drudge Report are wrong. Sources said the exit polls showed that race as being much tighter than the conservative website indicated."

As it turns out, Walker won by seven points.

Of course, traditional media outlets aren't allowed to make predictions before polls close. So at 9 PM, over three hours after Drudge correctly called it a win with a significant margin for Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker, CNN's Wolf Blitzer led the insanity:

WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: Good evening, I'm Wolf Blitzer in for Piers Morgan. He's in London with the latest on today's Diamond Jubilee celebration. But we begin with breaking news out of Wisconsin right now where polls have just closed. The recall vote that could preview November's election.

Look at this. Our exit polls show it's a 50-50 race as of this minute. These are exit polls, the polls that we conducted throughout the day, throughout the state of Wisconsin. These are preliminary exit poll results. Fifty percent for Scott Walker. He's on the left of your screen. Fifty percent for Tom Barrett, the Democrat, the mayor of Milwaukee. He is on the right.

Scott Walker is the incumbent Republican governor. This is a race to recall him, to remove him from office. Based on the exit polls that we've been conducting throughout the day. Right now the exit polls show it's 50 percent for Walker, 50 percent for Barrett. Doesn't get much closer than this.

Thus began a parade of mainstream media outlets calling the race a dead-heat at 50-50.

For the record, I immediately cautioned my Twitter followers:


Yet, only 49 minutes after virtually every media outlet in the country with the exception of the Drudge Report called the race a 50-50 dead heat, the penguin march to call if for Walker began.

49 minutes - and over four hours after Drudge had correctly called it.

In the aftermath of this disgrace, Politico's Dylan Byers said this was "The worst night on cable news."

Frankly, I'd consider expanding that to include most of the mainstream media in that scorching analysis.

Nice job, Matt! Bravo!


#1 I knew MRC would have a field day with the coverage

Unbelievable how stupid and in the tank the media is for Democrats.

#2 But they're accurate with Comrade Zero's approval rating


"Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."

#3 about those exit polls

I suspect that some people either refused to answer the pollsters or actually lied about who they voted for. A couple of reasons for this (1) how nasty the democrats would be to anyone who admitted to voting for Walker and (2) some republicans want to make the networks look like the idiots they are.

The moral is to always take the exit polls with a grain of salt.

#4 Much more basic,

It goes to the basic personality of the different ideologies. Conservatives by nature are not going to seek out and/or will avoid pollsters for the very basic concept that they are Conservative. They want to do their duty and move on with their lives. The actions of liberals are more rooted in their ideology and they more likely to approach or make themselves available for pollsters. Of course this is meant in general terms and there are definitely an abundant of exceptions on both sides of the aisle.

. . Socialist = Modern Liberal = Parasitoid

#5 There's also

the possibility that union thugs were hanging around the pollsters just waiting to 'explain' how wrong it was to vote for Walker.

#6 I was watching FoxNews

They put the persentages on the screen at the bottom and kept them there even during commercial breaks. VERY NICE!!!

They started at 1% returns with Walker at 54% and Barratt at 45% and Trivitt(?) at 1%...

As the % of returns rose over the next hour or so, Walker's numbers rose and Barratt's dropped. By the time they called it just before 10pm EDT (9pm central) they showed 25% reporting with Walker at 61% and Barrett at 38% with Trivitt still holding at 1%

The exit polls were increadibly wrong. It wasn't until late returns from heavily democratic precincts came in over-night that Barratt started to close the gap. My guess is that's where all the exit polling was done.

As I recall, the exit polls in a couple of key places during the 2010 elections turned out to be very wrong too. I remember media discussions about maybe they needed to re-think their methodology... They seem to have not learned anything.

When you can't admit that you have a bias, you also can't try and correct for it when you REALLY do want a real scientific indication of voter opinion. They screwed themselves because of their own biases. How poetic.


Madison and Jefferson and Franklin built a Republic - Roberts killed it! 

#7 “They seem to have not learned anything”

Right, except exit polling is the least important area where DNC media “seem to have not learned anything”

- Looking forward to the self-annihilation of the Manipulated Stories Machine.

#8 We were on the NB Chat

....and saw Noel's well as watching Ed & Rach melt down.

Drudge does it again.

And now he has a piece up about how the conventional media is whining about how he scooped them. Payback, as they say. Matt Drudge didn't even have to wait for his revenge to cool off, did he? LOL.

#9 But all this begs the

But all this begs the question: why was there a difference between the exit polling data Drudge reported on and the exit poll data the networks were using? One apparently showed a 55%-45% race, and one showed a 50%-50% race. One could say it was because of differences between exit polling during the earlier part of the day and the later, but since the Drudge data was almost spot-on with the final results, it doesn't make any sense that later polling data would be so inaccurate as to overcome the earlier data and make it 50-50.

"Strange women, lying in ponds, distributing swords, is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony." Peasant

#10 why the difference

in another post I noted the basic differences between conservatives and liberals as one reason for the difference in exit polling data - Conservatives, by their generally private nature, are less likely to make themselves available for polling. 

However, population concentration and geography has a lot to do with it as well. The larger cities where there is likely to be longer lines and a larger captured audience to draw from without traveling is more likely to be politically liberal. 

. . Socialist = Modern Liberal = Parasitoid

#11 That's all true, but exit

That's all true, but exit polling in the later hours would had to have been better than 60-70% for Barrett, and he didn't get those kind of numbers except in a very few counties, in order to skew the earlier numbers that Drudge reported. I think the only they could have gotten enough polling data to overcome the earlier lead would be if they willfully disregarded all polling data except that coming from very pro-Barrett counties.

"Strange women, lying in ponds, distributing swords, is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony." Peasant

#12 Bru,

entirely possible. One other factor could be that the people reporting these numbers now all the trends for these counties and accounted for errors of timing and geography based on those trends. Unfortunately, when making assumptions it is easy to allow bias to interfere.

I refer to RadCon Math for any who are familiar with the term.

. . Socialist = Modern Liberal = Parasitoid

#13 The worst night on Cable news

The worst night on Cable News, in my opinion, was during the 2001 Presidential election when Dan Rather had a full out meltdown while covering the election. Sometime after midnight, central time, Dan Rather was hyperventilating about the results that were reported and was using a US map trying to show how Gore could win, claiming "This could go so many ways. If this State does this, and that State does that, Gore could still pull it off." He was literally twisting and tuning in his seat, trying to convince himself that Gore was going to pull off an upset. That's when the guy (whose name escapes me) turned to him and said: "The best thing Al Gore can do right now is tie." Oh, man, the angry look that Rather had at that point was priceless!

This was, of course, before all the recounts occurred in 4 States, the most talked about being Florida, as everyone remembers.

In addition, that was the last time I saw that guy appear on CBS. Coincidence? I think not!

The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. The US Constitution

Unless you're a fetus. The US Supreme Court

Or Anwar al-Awlaki.

#14 Unethical or clueless?

I wanted to test something out about bias last night, so from early on (think around 6p.m.), I Googled phrases like "Wisconsin recall," "exit poll results in Wisconsin recall," etc. to see what was being posted by major news organizations (TV and newspapers). At that hour, there were already a bunch of postings/articles from the MSM (the usual lib TV and newspapers that are in the tank for O) that indicated exit polls showed Obama was the big winner and Walker looked to be behind in exit polling, etc. etc. In other words, they were really, really pushing that it looked to be Barrett's night -- and had already written the entire narrative on how exit polls proved Obama was going to be the big winner in November.

I did this Googling on-and-off during the entire time before returns came in...and the stories were still up there. Then a little before the time FOX started their crawl with the actual percentages in the race, those stories began to "disappear" off Google. I kid you not! A few remained, but they toned them way down or started to go the other way just a touch. Then after Walker's clear win, it seemed to take a pretty long time to see these bozos run headlines stating that Walker had "survived" -- one article proclaimed his "narrow" victory. That then later came down when it became impossible to ignore it was not by a "narrow" margin -- it's not like he squeaked by!

Given their cheerleading for O and anything that touches him that always goes on, this was still incredibly shocking to me. Nobody should pay any attention whatsoever to exit polling in November! I actually consider this rather dangerous after what I saw last night.

So the lib MSM...did they realllly think this was what was going on last night -- that Barrett was ahead and would win? Or did they know the polling was lopsided, based on districts it came out of and other factors? In other words, were they playing a little psychological game before all had voted or just haplessly hopeful?

I hate to be so suspicious, but I just could not believe the misleading articles posted so early whether scheming or incompetent or in denial, it's scary!

"If not us, who? If not now, when?"
~Ronald Reagan

#15 GG: anybody who is NOT suspicious of Google is crazy IMO.

And oh yeah, Google would like to commemorate today, June 6, D-Day Anniversary.

Oops, I mean the 79th Anniversary of the First Drive-In Theatre.

#16 SoL~

I just went to Google to confirm for myself that was a joke.

But no...there it is! They are unbelievable.

"If not us, who? If not now, when?"
~Ronald Reagan

#17 GG:

And for once, Google can't make their usual high-brow excuses that their focus is the world, not just the USA.

That friggin' drive-in theatre is in NEW JERSEY, and I'm pretty damn sure that drive-ins never caught on in Europe, Asia or anywhere else.

#18 SoL~

They probably had to work pretty hard to come up with some "competing" event on this day to justify ignoring this HUGE day in history.

Drive-in theatres. Gee, good job, Google -- and just when you thought you'd have to settle for something trivial.

Probably the people in NJ don't even care about the drive-in theatre thing!

Beyond absurd.

"If not us, who? If not now, when?"
~Ronald Reagan

#19 Google's not the only one to Diss D-Day

Obama is storming the beaches in California, fundraising....without any mention of a D-Day speech on his schedule. Third year in a row. And Mooch, in her bit military cheerleader uniform, is also off on the fund raising trail today.

Nice, huh?

See #23 on the old Gaffe List for links.

#20 One might think that all

One might think that all those troops defending His Highness Obama might deserve an ‘atta boy.”

- Looking forward to the self-annihilation of the Manipulated Stories Machine.

#21 The dirty little MSM secret... that DrudgiePoo has FAR better 'straight-dope' sources than all of the useless cable outlets, and the team (built with Breitbart) working with him know how to cut through the BS.

"There's no point in being Irish if you don’t know the world is going to break your heart eventually.’’ Daniel Patrick Moynihan

#22 Good For Drudge and Me Too

I hate to brag, but after a analysis of all Wisconsin polls, I see that my comment from yesterday was pretty good also (see below).

"In My Opinion
Submitted by Conservator on Tue, 06/05/2012 - 12:21pm.

Walker wins by 54 to 46 percent of the vote. But Democrats are likely to pick up a State Senate seat. Senator Wanggaard is likely to lose to his Democratic opponent Jon Lehman. That would give the Democrats control of the Senate. But since Wisconsin's State Senate won't gather again until next year, it really doesn't matter much - Republicans will likely take it back in general election on November 6."



Okay, I bragged; but why was the MSM so wrong? I believe it's because the elite MSM had dogs in this race and Walker and the other Republicans in the recall race were NOT the canines they touted.

#23 MSNBC Ignored the data

I was watching on Fox also and I would jump back and forth between them and MSNBC - The poor folks at MSNBC were in denial - for the logest time they did not even display the incoming data (probably because Walker had such a big lead at the time). Watching Maddow, O'Donnell and Schultz trying to rationilize the results was priceless!

#24 More popcorn!

Watching the meltdown at MSNBC will a significant side show supplementing events November 6th evening.

- Looking forward to the self-annihilation of the Manipulated Stories Machine.

#25 exit poll results

Fox and CNN had updating results scrolling with numbers and percentages on the bottom of the screens. For "some" reason, MSNBC did not scroll any data,

#26 The MSM intentionally called the race 50/50 to get out more Dem

The MSM intentionally called the race 50/50 for as long as possible to get out more Democratic voters in the both the late voting, and primarily democrat districts. Had they reported the true exit polling the MSM feared more Democrat voters would stay home and not vote believing their guy had already lost. There were no exit pollling mistakes or voters mistating their votes to pollsters. It was intentional lying by the media reporters. It will be way way worse come this November. Had the vote margin been at all close this time "new" uncounted ballots would have been found somehow (remember the Al Franken votes, and the Washington State Governor's race more years ago? Mysterious votes appeared out of the trunks of cars : Walker probably won by 10% margin in "legal" "live" voter votes in actuallity).

The Unions spent $100 million to win, and they still lost. That won't be reported.


#27 Obama doesn't understand how the economy works, period.

After four years of Obama, can any thinking person possibly believe that Obama understands how the economy works as well as Romney does?

It's laughable.

Rabble rousing, yes, Obama is the expert. But that's where his expertise ends.

#28 Eye on the ball, bro

When I go to a Cowboys game I know I'll see blithe and bonny cheerleaders grimacing and cavorting for either team. And no doubt they believe their expenditure of energy has an effect on the outcome. But does it? Unlikely.

One decision by Tony Romo, good or bad, can turn all their efforts into a damp spot on the field.

Same with the MSM. And after last night's game, they're dragging their little tushes to the lockers. But is that going to change their attitudes for the next encounter? Just as unlikely.

Moral: If you insist on watching the dancing girls, you're going to miss some great football.

#29 Enemy cover

The leftists in the media have a strategy to always do excessive Democrat exit polling when possible, to provide cover for their voter fraud counterparts to do their nasty deeds under the false assumption that the race is so close, that way a few illegal ballots can change the outcome, which is just more cover for the fact that a massive fraud is being committed. I mean this in general wherever a Republican wins a close one. Believe me they had a plan ready to go and probably used part of it, but when the margin got too big to cover they stop to avoid detection and save their "ammo" for next time or somewhere else. There is evidence of systematic election fraud used constantly by Democrats. At this point is a substantial part of their strategy to win elections. What shall we do about it? I say 1 year mandatory prison for EACH INSTANCE of voter fraud. That would also be good for identity theft. EACH INSTANCE.

"Quality control is always easier and infinitely less painful than damage control."   Ted Nugent

#30 Unions busted

And to think what the Keystone pipeline fiasco has done to undermine union support for the enviro-dems plus the assault on coal mining labor; sounds like they'll be unleashing their anger in November.

I love it.

Somehow, even a die-hard Bears fan can come to appreciate cheeseheads - On Wisconsin!

LIBERALISM - government of the people by the theories and for the ideologists

GLOBAL WARMING - authoritarian, rather than authoritative, science

#31 Media bad call on Walker

Who here is really surprised by the "main-stream" media's egg-on-their faces?
The truth be damned and full speed ahead into that ice berg!

#32 Off Duty~

Not surprised at their approach at all, but I was a little surprised at just how far they took it. Based on supposed exit polling, newspapers and TV news organizations posted articles online early on practically claiming Barrett had it in the bag and how Obama won this bigtime because of this (and others posted headlines so misleading that it made me sick). How can they take themselves seriously??

When will it end? Where is that point where they finally give up plotting and scheming and deluding themselves and give up their propaganda/spin? When will they finally get tired enough of themselves and the continual embarrassment and sickened by their own lack of integrity as "journalists" (I'm not even talking about the lib pundits here) -- and break down and decide to just report the facts? REPORT FACTS. WHEN WILL THEY DO THAT?


"If not us, who? If not now, when?"
~Ronald Reagan

#33 Verifying Information

And remember folks;
Wolf Blitzer is the one that told all of us that CNN verified barry soetoe's birth certificate.

#34 Folly on Top of Folly...

So this morning, all the AM Media Libs are taking solace in the exit polling showing that Barry O beats Romney in the Presidential election in Wisconsin... The same polling data that was fully discredited...Wow!

It was actually heartening. They are in such denial. I want them to stay there until November. Keep sleeping as the election slips away from you...

#35 Lesson # 1 don't believe what

Lesson # 1 don't believe what you see on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, HLN, BBC, yahoo, or google "news" it all = liberal progressive 'lets help Obama win' propaganda.

Lesson # 2 if these liberals in the media ever say anything positive about a persons conservative views it is either in mockery or with an agenda. If not I would be incredulous of that persons conservatism.

The fact that Obama is not in the 50s in approval rating after all the help he gets from these people should tell them no body is buying what they are selling any longer!!

#36 We shouldn't be bashing the MSM on this issue,...

,... we should applaud them for their successful efforts in getting an exit poll from not only the living, but also from the dead.

So their 'exit polling' was very creatively accurate at 50-50!

#37 ➚ Didn't like the early call

It reminded me of 2000, with the early call of Florida by VNS in favor of Gore.

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