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Huffington Post Headline: 'How Cheating Can Save Your Marriage'

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As I noted Wednesday in the aftermath of President Obama's "evolution" concerning same sex marriage, there's a great deal of hypocrisy in the media's response given their own antipathy to the very institution they want available for homosexuals.

The Huffington Post Thursday presented a fine example of this with an article featured on its front page headlined "How Cheating Can Save Your Marriage":

Of the wives with whom I've spoken, close to half believe that the 'other man' can actually help them to stay in an unhappy or suboptimal marriage because they find their happiness with the lover. This group of wives who remain with their husbands feels more in touch with their desires in this extra curricular relationship than in their marriages and they no longer feel that life is passing them by.

There are wives who tell me that the affair is the one part of their lives that they can control and in this way they are empowered. And then there are wives who report that they feel more balanced in their marriage because of the affair. This faction of women, approximately a third of my interviewee pool, describe themselves as a good wife, a good mother, a successful career woman and a good lover. These relationships with the 'other man' satisfy some wives for years and become a way of life.

More than half the wives I've interviewed describe the lover as a vehicle through which to understand what is missing in the marriage -- and wives in this situation may give up the affair with a renewed commitment to the marriage. Others use the lover as a bridge to leave the marriage, although not necessarily for this person.

"Others use the lover as a bridge to leave the marriage, although not necessarily for this person."

And that last line belies the headline, for the number one reason for divorce in this country is infidelity.

As such, promoting infidelity as something that can save a marriage is akin to recommending gasoline to put out a fire.

On Thursday, not only did the Huffington Post do this, it did it on the front page.

Yet this same publication advocates same-sex marriage.

Why fight for the LGBT community to have the right to something you clearly don't believe in or respect?


#1 How cheating can spread sexually transmitted diseases.

One part of the headline they forgot.

Freedom from STDs is one of the most important benefits of a monogamous, faithful and loving marriage.

Of course, the leftists at HuffPo would never mention anything so mundane.

#2 STDs are just bigots.

STDs are just bigots.

#3 Aren't they, though?

Why they target only people who have sex, for the most part. How dare they!

Maybe the Democrats can start the "Occupy Crotch" movement to stop STD discrimination!!

/sarcasm off

#4 Good evening Doc

They already started, Stewart, the pride of the democrat party, has a picture of it. Bill Clinton is technical advisor.


Jesus Loves You so much He died for you

#5 and

racists too.

#6 and

racists too.

#7 STD?

Does that stand for Sexually Troubled Democrats?

Comrade Bubba

#8 The solution you always hear

The solution you always hear is to have your partner have regular checkups for STDs, and to inoculate of course in high school under the argument that it prevents cancer.

Of course, and the employer has to also pay for birth control too so they can cheat without worrying about pregnancy.

Then, if they get depressed or have other problems from not learning to deal with their life problems in a healthy way, they can just take medication for that.

And I thought they hated Big Pharma.

#9 "How Cheating Can Save Your

"How Cheating Can Save Your Marriage"

Considering how well cheating has saved marriages in the past it is a streeeeeeetch to make this headline work.


"DumbAssity of Dope"

#10 Agree

Divorce Courts and Divorce Attorneys have practically gone the way of the dinosaur in recent decades. They used to be quite active, then with the advent of the sexual revolution, "open" marriages, et al, it pretty much put them out of business.

Just look at Hollywood....then again, let's not.

Yuppers, cheating on (e.g., violating an oath/covenant/promise and disrespecting [isn't that some sort of major modern "sin"?) one's spouse is a sure-fire/guaranteed way to deepen the bonds of love and respect in a marriage.

Uh huh...

Like most Dem/Lib/Prog/Socialist ideas......the results of history (both past and current) be damned, "WE" (in the exalted level of our humble hubris) know how to do it right this time!

*yawn* SSDD


"Ye canne change the laws of physics....." but some politicians believe that with the right legislation you can pretend they don't really apply to your own pet projects... 

#11 To quote George Harrison, "

To quote George Harrison, " All I can hear...I.Me. Mine..I, Me, Mine...I, Me, Mine....All through the day...I, Me, Mine...I, Me, Mine....I. Me, Mine..."

#12 Wonder how those wives would feel

If they found out that their own husbands had been unfaithful?

#13 Good evening pan

Same here. I would have gotten the 'til death do us part with a .45


Jesus Loves You so much He died for you

#14 Cheating Can Save Your Marriage??

My wife would disagree......and she owns firearms.

#15 Wait! This just in!

How shooting yourself in the head can save your life, from the Kos.

#16 No surprises, since one of

No surprises, since one of their 'sponsors' is Ashley Madison - the adultery website.

If a Liberal/Democrat politician/media figure wants to put their arms around you, or pat you on the back, all they're doing is looking for a good place to stick a knife.

#17 Because gay marriage is not necessarily monogamous

The assumption here is that a "gay marriage" plays by that "old-fashioned" notion of fidelity, but it doesn't. Many gay people have an "open-relationship", where the partners agree that they can engage in sexual activity with other people, but remain "committed" to each other. It would be called "cheating" if the partners hadn't agreed in advance, so perhaps this is a way to gradually bring "gay mores" to marriage.

#18 Not "necessarily monogamous?"

Since I happen to share a hometown with a covey of "same sex" couples, I know hardly ANY that even claim to be monogamous!

If a "relationship" doesn't have at least three in the gaggle, they are considered total loooooooooooserrrrrrrrrs by their friends.

This "committed couples" within the gay community would appear to be a complete load of crap if what I see is any indication.

About the only reason I can see for them to even have a "partner" is because you are apparently frowned on if you show up at the party without "bringing your own" to contribute to the fun.

Hey! Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Jerry Seinfeld, 19??)

Comrade Bubba

#19 Up next: " How robbing liquor

Up next: " How robbing liquor stores can increase your financial independence".

Non, je ne regrette rien. "You aren't angry because I might be a racist, you're angry because you know I'm right".

#20 Didn't do much for the

Didn't do much for the marriage between Ariana and Michael Huffington.

#21 Michael should have bought duct tape.


Comrade Bubba

#22 Jealousy and an expectation

Jealousy and an expectation of fidelity and loyalty must be part of that "War on Women". No wonder the left is so hyped up for free contraceptives.

#23 How to have a happy marriage....

Don't expect fidelity or practice it?

Yeah, that's the ticket!

#24 Lets call this what it is…

… a ‘Green Light’ for those who have every intention of cheating on their spouses – it now let’s them ‘feel good’ about the betrayal.

You know how it is: “Serving the greater good of the marriage” and other twisted logic that does not remotely consider the affects of such ill-conceived actions on ones own family.

Bottom line: If you can’t stay loyal to your own family, how do you expect us to believe you will be loyal to anything?

- Grump

"I wish I had an answer to that because I'm tired of answering that question." - Yogi Berra, (Baseball Great and Philosopher)

#25 So what's HuffnBlow's

next headline...

"How voter fraud can save your re-election for President" ?

"Apparently, I'm supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Barack Obama does with mine"

#26 Delusional

This faction of women, approximately a third of my interviewee pool, describe themselves as a good wife....

I wonder what color the sky is their world? You cheat on your husband and that makes you a good wife? It makes you a good something but the word isn't "wife."

#27 This makes me so mad

As someone who is divorced because of infidelity (his, not mine) I am deeply offended by this trash... The pain and anger that I live with every day over his betrayal is beyond words. How sad that HuffPo thinks this is relevant...

I'll try to be nicer if you'll try to be smarter.

#28 Reads like an article from Cosmo

How ironic that the Huffington Post features such an article. Arianna Huffington's marriage was not saved by her husband's affaris with other men.

"Others use the lover as a bridge to leave the marriage, although not necessarily for this person."

I'd say at that point, those "others" have already crossed the bridge.

#29 How (name the activity) can save your (name the noun)

I get it! There is a kind of logic here:

Liberals always accuse others of the acts they themselves do.

Liberals like to think Liberalism is based upon rationality yet they can't defend it rationality so they start insulting their opponents.

Liberals think that we can borrow our way to prosperity.

So, I can see a Liberal thinking:

Cheating on my spouse can save my marriage.

Never mind that such liaisons may result in:

- STDs

- unplanned pregnancies

- a spouse running off with that outside person

- that outside person getting rid of the other spouse

- not to mention a general erosion of the level of commitment and responsibility in society (this will bleed over into other areas, such as work ethic)

Many Liberals don't think things through very well, do they?

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