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Despite Clinton's Many Chances to Kill Bin Laden Media Love Obama Using Him to Imply Romney Wouldn't Have

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The media were predictably orgasmic over a new Obama campaign ad out Friday featuring former President Bill Clinton in a strong message implying Mitt Romney wouldn't have made the decision last year to kill Osama bin Laden.

The problem with their glee is that Clinton himself passed up numerous opportunities to kill or capture bin Laden prior to leaving the White House in January 2001 thereby making this entire ad totally hypocritical as is the press's joy for it (video follows with commentary).

As NewsBusters reported on September 6, 2006, I was in contact at the time with Michael Scheuer, a 22-year veteran of the CIA that used to head up “Alec Station,” the Counterterrorist Center’s Osama bin Laden unit. Scheuer is the individual regularly referred to in the 9/11 Commission report as "Mike."

ABC was about to air its docudrama "The Path to 9/11," and former Clinton administration officials as well as many of their supporters in the media were out in force trying to prevent it from being shown.

Clinton himself went on Fox News Sunday entering into a heated exchange with host Chris Wallace about the mini-series.

Scheuer referred me to a July 5, 2006, op-ed he had written in the Washington Times wherein he spoke of "Clinton's failure to capture or kill bin Laden on any of the eight to 10 chances afforded by CIA reporting."

Scheuer later described to me in a lengthy interview numerous missed opportunities by the Clinton administration relating to bin Laden all of which quite verified by the 9/11 Commission report.

As I wrote at the time, "[T]here were three good, documented chances to take out bin Laden in about a nine-month period between May 1998 and February 1999. In all three, information and intelligence were not the problems. Some person or persons not being able to decide to act was."

Shortly after Clinton's blowup with Wallace, Scheuer went on CBS's Early Show and had this exchange with Harry Smith:

HARRY SMITH, CBS: Let's talk about what President Clinton had to say on Fox yesterday. He basically laid blame at the feet of the CIA and the FBI for not being able to certify or verify that Osama bin Laden was responsible for a number of different attacks. Does that ring true to you?

MICHAEL SCHEUER: No, sir, I don't think so. The president seems to be able, the former president seems to be able to deny facts with impugnity. Bin Laden is alive today because Mr. Clinton, Mr. Sandy Berger, and Mr. Richard Clarke refused to kill him. That's the bottom line. And every time he says what he said to Chris Wallace on Fox, he defames the CIA especially, and the men and women who risk their lives to give his administration repeated chances to kill bin Laden.

Less than two weeks later, Scheuer went on Fox News Sunday himself offering the following:

SCHEUER: Mr. Wallace, my opinion is not all that important. I went to a little Jesuit school in Buffalo called Canicius, and the priests taught us never to lie, but if you had to lie, never lie about facts. Mr. Richard Clarke, Mr. Sandy Berger, President Clinton are lying about the opportunities they had to kill Osama bin Laden. That's the plain truth, the exact truth.

Men and women at the CIA risked their lives to provide occasions to kill a man we knew had declared war and had attacked America four or five times before 1998. We had plans that had been approved by the Joint Operations Command at Fort Bragg. We had opportunities, many opportunities to kill him.

But that's the president's decision. That's absolutely the case. It's not a simple, dumb bureaucrat like me; that's not my decision. It's his. But for him to get on the television and say to the American people he did all he could is a flat lie, sir.

The Washington Free Beacon on Friday also noticed the hypocrisy in the Obama campaign ad:

Dick Polman of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote in 2002 that Clinton “spurned Sudan’s offer [in 1996] to hand over bin Laden because the United States lacked enough evidence to indict him.”

This, Polman noted, would prompt Mansoor Ijez, a Clinton friend who had sought to negotiate the deal with Sudan, to lament, “Clinton’s failure to grasp the opportunity … represents one of the most serious policy failures in American history.” [...]

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson, author of Dereliction of Duty, recounted an instance in the fall of 1998 when Clinton’s national security adviser Sandy Berger scrambled to notify the president that bin Laden and had been located and the military had “a two-hour window to strike.”

[Berger] picked up the phone at one of the busy controller consoles and called the president. Amazingly, President Clinton was not available. Berger tried again and again. Bin Laden was within striking distance. The window of opportunity was closing fast. The plan of attack was set and the Tomahawk [missile] crews were ready. For about an hour Berger couldn’t get the commander in chief on the line…

Finally, the president accepted Berger’s call. There was discussion, there were pauses – and no decision. The president wanted to talk with his secretaries of Defense and State. He wanted to study the issue further. Berger was forced to wait. The clock was ticking. The president eventually called back. He was still indecisive. He wanted more discussion…

Despite all the evidence pointing to Clinton ignoring numerous chances to capture or kill bin Laden, the Obama campaign is actually using him quite prominently to make the case that had Romney been president last year, Osama would still be alive.

If we had an honest media, they'd all be laughing in the President's face for using a man this way who allegedly passed on up to ten chances to take out bin Laden before thousands of innocent Americans were killed leading to two wars which cost our nation many more lives and treasure.

Be very scared, ladies and gentlemen, for it's only April.

Just imagine what these shameless people are going to do as Election Day nears.


#1 a question

Romney would not have killed the US economy.

If we had to choose one or the other which would you rather have alive today... bin Laden or the US economy?

#2 Nothing like an abject coward calling another man a coward

Everytime Clinton makes an endorsement or an appearance, I'm sure the romney campaign pulls in more bucks.

#3 True

And we all know how effective Clinton's campaigning was for Hillary in 2008.

#4 C and O

Isn't it great, an impeached adulterer and a Socialist. One had three chances to get OBL and the other took credit for it after it was successful. Oh, and by the way, both lost their law licenses. This is what the democrats want us to reelect?

#5 Obama is a chicken Shiite coward.

He set it up so that the military was wrong if they failed, but he was a hero if they succeeded.

That ain't leadership. That's bullshit.

Comrade Bubba

#6 You mean Bill (No, we don't

You mean Bill (No, we don't want bin Laden, thanks for asking tho) Clinton?

That Bill Clinton??

Surely you jest!

He's probably hoping if he's nice, Obama will endorse his wife for Preezy of the Skeezy when he's done.

#7 ➚Chicken Bill

Lest we forget, it took a scandal of epic proportions to prompt Chicken Bill into waging war against Saddam Hussein. Granted, it was just a few Cruise Missiles, Dec, 1998, but it did prove the Bill Clinton was willing to kill foreigners for personal reasons.

OK, he did say "Their job is to oversee the elimination of Iraq's capability to retain, create and use weapons of mass destruction, and to verify that Iraq does not attempt to rebuild that capability".

Of course we know now there were no WMD (according to all the Democrats who swore there were), so we must assume Bill Clinton killed Iraqis to divert attention from Monica Lewinski.

#8 I don't blame the Clintonista commies for trying to keep this... the air.

And Billy Jeff is lucky he has a "D" after his name, as the lefty MSM would have crucified him for 9/11 had he had an "R" after it.

As for the Dear Ruler, I'll believe that Osama was taken out on Obama's watch when I see verifiable photos of the goat-porking, camel-flea infested, murderous SOB dead in the house where they supposedly found him.

Unfortunately, a federal judge is blocking their release.

Yep, no pictures, a hastily arranged alleged burial at sea, the death soon thereafter of a whole bunch of the members of SEAL Team 6, and no Osama home vids since 2002, nor are there any Pentagon records of Osama's death, but I am supposed to believe he was sitting in a fully furnished house, plopped down in front of a TV the entire time.

Right, like I'm buying this steaming crock of BS.


Vote for the American in November

#9 Yeah, Dave, that whole

Yeah, Dave, that whole ultra-quick burial at sea, and no photos, and conflicting stories, and - of course - that helicopter filled with SEALS (my #1 son is an ex-SEAL) that just happened to get blown out of the sky shortly thereafter...............the whole thing has smelled like rotten fish to me from day one.

And even if it's true - did you notice that just about the time the news finally hit the MSM about Boy Baraka queebing out about the Osama mission, and putting himself in the position to either take credit for it's success, or blame somebody else for it's failure - that was when the Obama re-election campaign hit the airwaves hard and heavy about how he DID 'kill Osama Obama', and we should all be orgasmic about it!!!

As for der Schlickmeister..........I remember reading about bin Laden back in the mid to late 1990's,and the proclaimed threat that he was to the USA - this was no secret - and taking notice that basically NOTHING was done with regards to the embassy bombings or the USS Cole bombing or some other acts. Clinton is, was, and always will be a yellow-bellied piece of trailer park trash - which puts him in the same category as Boy Baraka.

By the way, I have read that US Navy ships rarely, if ever, fueled up in Yemen - which is, I believe, where the USS Cole was anchored when those nice fellas drove their little rubber raft out and saluted the US Navy sailors before they blew themselves to hell, so that they could fornicate with their virgin goats, and took out a lot of Navy personel also. Who's to say that this whole thing wasn't some kind of set-up either???

#10 "the lefty MSM would have

"the lefty MSM would have crucified him for 9/11 had he had an "R" after it."

That would have been impossible - - - not after packing the 9/11 Commission with Clinton loyalists - - - and not after Sandy Burglar ran out with stuffed sucks out of the national archives with documents that would have convicted Clinton of responsibility for 9/11.

#11 Didn't Sandy Burglar

Didn't Sandy Burglar 'accidently' end up with those documents stuffed down his pants??? And if memory serves me well, the StateRun Media pretty much bought into that excuse.........................I think Burglar got off with a fairly light fine, right??

Didn't people like him used to get shot at dawn - for treason - not too many years ago??

#12 How does Obama campaign on this?

After all, Leon Panetta told NBC News after bin Laden was killed that bin Laden was found as a result of intelligence garnered from waterboarding. It seems that it would be hypocritical of Obama to tout the killing of bin Laden after he so piously criticized the Bush admin for authorizing the use of enhanced interrogation techniques.

The waterboarding issue presents another problem for Obama. How can he say that waterboarding al Qaeda leaders is wrong, yet summarily executing them is all right?

#13 "How does Obama campaign on this?"


We live in a country where the bulk of the population are now government-educated morons, who get their "news" from Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine.


Vote for the American in November

#14 ➚That's easy, Kevin

Now that Bill Clinton has admitted Barack Obama is 3 times the man Bill Clinton tried to be, he can make another bare-breasted run in the surf, and reclaim his deity.

#15 The Whole Ad Is A Joke Anyway

Besides the Bubba hypocrisy, the whole ad is based on an out of context quote that the Dems are trying to use to say what Romney hypothetically might have done in the same situation. Romney said he wouldn't move heaven and earth to find Bin Laden. Well, Obama didn't move heaven and earth, all he did was say yes to the operation. If anything Romney was saying he would focus on the ENTIRE war effort and not be overly focused on Bin Laden; he never implied that he wouldn't take out Bin Laden if the chance fell in his lap, like it did with Obama.

#16 That is all he's got . . .

Obama's entirety of foreign policy success begins and ends with the killing of Bin Laden. What the punk leaves out:

1. The killing was more symbolic and had no affect on operations of Al Qaeda who had long since splinters and move beyond Bin Laden.

2. Admiral McRaven was given full operation authority and in a memo was told that if any further risk he was to report back to Obama or take full responsibility for those risks. Obama is a friggin liar and his so-called command was a flat out CYA.

3. What happened to Obama's "courage" when the streets of Tehran were flooded with protestors seeking to overthrow the regime and begging for support from the United States? Why was "courageous" Obama hising under his desk in the Oval Office?

4. Where was Obama's "courage" in trying to deal with Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, or China? Where is Iran getting their nuclear weapon technology?

5. Why does Iran feel uninhibited for the past few years in developing a nuclear weapon and has no fear of the United States if Obama has such "courage."

6. Where was Obama's "courage" when it came time to stand by a long time ally and friend as well as source of stability in the MIddle East - Hosni Mubarak?

7. Since taking office, of Obama is such a symbol of "fear" why has radical Islam spread like a bad virus throughout the Middle East and almost emboldened by Obama's Cairo speech?

Obama has nothing else to run on and hopes his hypocritical and factually wrong commerical will distract voters from the unmidigated failure that he is.

#17 Yet another campaign strategy

On the things they think Obama did that were great, they'll just say Romney wouldn't have done that. On things Bush did horribly, they'll just say Romney would have done the same thing.

Wouldn't have, would have, wouldn't have, would have. Nothing real, just making up a bunch of nonsense no one could prove or disprove. Hmmmmmm, sounds like a retreading of the "created or saved" strategy, only this time apply it to all things Romney.

Nevermind the abysmal Obama Marxist record of failure, which is real and no one has to guess.

#18 International Man of Mystery

Who would have thought that the man who dresses in mom jeans and throws like a girl is merely hiding behind his Clark Kent persona so that he can conceal his inner Superman.

#19 Tricky wording

I thought Clinton was the former impeached President.

Or is it the impeached former President.

Or maybe the former President who was impeached.

I do know he is a convicted war criminal.

Americans keeping their own earnings is a Civil Right! Demand your Civil Rights!

#20 What would Clinton do?

Maybe the ad should ask: what would Clinton do?

We already know.

He would blow up an aspirin factory after screwing around with interns.

#21 The best thing that can happen

If Clinton is on the campaign trail with the Marxist in Chief it pretty much secures the presidency for Romney. Good God, Clinton doesn't have the cajones to rein in his drunken wife, much less kill Bin Laden - frankly neither does Obama, the full story on that has yet to be revealed. Where are the pictures as proof that he killed Bin Laden. If Clinton had done anything after the first World trade Center bombing, 911 would not have happened, but I digress. Clinton is a bloviating, pathological lying, psychopath who thinks with something other than his brain. Let him rant on - if you think Clinton is a godsend for the Marxist in Chief just ask Gray Davis in California how that worked out for him.

#22 Bin Laden

As a staunch conservative, I gave credit where credit was due and congratulated Obama for getting Bin Laden from DAY ONE. For the media to imply that Romney wouldn't do that is totally irresponsible, outrageous, and they should know better.

It is time for the members of the Pee Stream Media who implied this to resign, effective immediately. If they refuse, then boycott their sponsors.

"Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets". - Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver (1976).

#23 Just look back at the

Just look back at the inheritance that Clinton left to GWB.....A smoking world trade center in 1993 and a warship with a hole in it and many service men dead in 2000! What's not to like about Clinton, he's so smooth! It's no wonder why the democrats and Monica adore him so. A real American, advising another.....sorry,.lost my train of thought

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