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Bill Maher: Palin Thinks Native Americans Are From India

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Less than ten minutes after HBO's Bill Maher ignorantly claimed giving to the Mormon Church isn't like donating to a real charity, he once again had the nerve to attack the intellectual capacity of Sarah Palin.

During one of his New Rules at the end of Real Time, the pompous host joked about the former Alaska governor thinking Native Americans are from India (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER: New Rule, if the Indians have a rocket that works but the North Koreans don’t, we have to stop being scared of North Korea and start being scared of India. Now, you may ask, “Why would India launch a missile at us?” Well, Sarah Palin points out, “We did steal their land.”

The audience of course thought this was hysterical, but as Maher correctly pointed out months ago, they're just a bunch of brainwashed liberals.

As for the host, it says a lot about the contents of his cranium to in the year 2012 use this old gag about Indians and Native Americans. I mean, who is this ignoramus to impugn anyone's intelligence?

Roughly ten minutes earlier, he said of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, "All his charitable donations are to Mormons. He gives to his cult. That’s not a charity. They're not poor people."

NewsBusters of course proved that 100 percent false.

Here are some other stones thrown by this man clearly living in a glass house:

Those are just some examples of Maher inanities from only the past twelve months.

And he's got the nerve to mock anyone else's intelligence.


#1 Actually,

Native Americans are from Harvard... or something.

#2 Maher is an arrogant bully

who can count his lucky stars that there are enough dolts that think he is funny. He trashes good people with impunity but never has a good response when challenged. I've seen O'Reilly mop the floor with him and his only defense is to hide behind the 'Im just a comedian' line. Sarah would eat him alive in any real debate. He is just flat out repulsive. His comments on Mormon charities are ridiculous.

#3 Bill Maher is doing exactly

Bill Maher is doing exactly what the parent company of HBO--Time Warner--hired him to do: talk trash, attack women, mock and deride basic American values and deride Christians on the public airwaves. If Time Warner and HBO didn't wholeheartedly support what Maher does on his show, they would rein him in.

He's made a lot of money spewing his hatred--he's worth about $23 million so he's one of the many hypocritical liberal 1 percenters mooning through the culture.

Interesting that a former girl friend sued him in 2004 for $9 million as a result of “pain and suffering.” Can we also sue him for the same?

"This is not your mother's Democratic Party"--Andrew Breitbart, CPAC, February 2012

#4 His ex-girlfriend should get

His ex-girlfriend should get back pay for caring for the mentally disabled.

#5 and extra pay

for giving him the semblance of heterosexuality.

President Obama is a Muslim (from his own lips), Kenyan (read it from his publicist) a homosexual (read it on a news magazine cover) and a Socialist (I'm alive and can see it for myself)

#6 He calls America a stupid

He calls America a stupid country, and it's hard to disagree - the fact that he's on TV is proof enough of that.

#7 Yeah

It is hard to believe that somebody can make alot of money with high school quality humor. It doesn't speak well about a large segment of our population.

#8 This is just another Dan Qualye bit

They rode his character for years, using any type of stupid joke to attribute it to him-well, shes diffferent-she fights back!
She really IS a hockey mom! Dont F with Sarah!

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. BEN FRANKLIN

#9 Palin may have been correct.

I know a guy in the Corpse of Engineers who said that happened in at least 26 of the 57 states!

I'm not sure about the Asian state of Hawaii, but I'll bet it's true there, too.

Hell, as Champ Biden pointed out last week, we even screwed up the Evergators after stealing it from the Indians.

Comrade Bubba

#10 Dont worry Mr Maher*

Todd will explain it all to Sarah.../sarc

#11 Holy cow!

And the ones descended from Austrians speak Austria!

Americans keeping their own earnings is a Civil Right! Demand your Civil Rights!

#12 Typo!!!!

It's not "champ"'s Chimp Biden.

#13 You know something, Blonde, ...

... you may be right!

He always says how his mama called him Champ. Maybe he just misunderstood the dear lady, and just thought she was saying Champ.

Been through the Evergators lately?

Comrade Bubba

#14 Doesn't Know American Indians??

Once again Maher swings and misses, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Sarah Palin's husband a Tlingit Indian? Maher's humor is getting very weak, he needs to hire a better crew of writers.

#15 Yeah I'm worried.

There was a time I thought that our country could survive the idiots. But there are so many out there just like Maher.

Man is not free unless government is limited. There's a clear cause and effect here that is a neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.   -Ronald Reagan

#16 Last night was my first attempt to watch a bit of Bill Maher

and I found him to be very handicapped. First of all he is dumb, second he is not funny and third is that his face reminds me of the south end of a north bound horse with its tail up.

Other then that he sort of seems to be a typical Liberal.

#17 Ignore the jerk off

You realize that by making any comments or posting about Bill Maher, Whoopi, Joy Behar, Jon Stewart, Leno, Kimmel, Letterman or any of the other low life pieces of cow crap that you are doubling their viewship/readership/reach?

All these skanks and slime balls have relatively small audiences and they are mostly wacky left wingers anyway... people who could drop off the face of the Earth and we would not even notice.

So, can you ignore this crap? all of it... how about spending more time on digging out the crap the left is doing to us and not these sewer dwellers.

#18 You're right.

These guys are nothing but circus clowns - not worthy of our time. Bigger fish to fry!

#19 Moron

Hey Bill!

Palin is Married To A "Native American".

#20 Here is your "War on Women"

It is orchestrated by Leftists.

Their attempt to pin the "War on Women" on the Right is just another example of Liberals projecting.

- Looking forward to the self-annihilation of the Manipulated Stories Machine.

#21 Maher is merely compressed flatulence.

Some of his releases are worse than others, but they are all like rarified air for the anoxic creatures who swirl around in his cesspool of an audience at HBO. It's really a waste of good electricity to spend any time commenting on him, but I suspect it pleases his perverse nature to read insults and it probably encourages him, as he is becoming more and more vile. Since his excesses are costing Obama votes, I guess I'll keep it up.

#22 Maher is a Moron

Bill Maher thinks Manual Labor is the President of Mexico. What a moron!!!

#23 Bill Moron

Hey Moron:
Some "Native Americans" ARE from India. Im one of them.

#24 The loser must be hard up for

The loser must be hard up for material.

Non, je ne regrette rien. "You aren't angry because I might be a racist, you're angry because you know I'm right".

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