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Obama's 'Truth Team' Features MSNBC's Ed Schultz Trashing Mitt Romney

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Just how in bed with Barack Obama is MSNBC?

On Wednesday, the President's campaign website - under the hysterical rubrick of "Truth Team" aka "Keeping GOP Honest" - published a video featuring Ed Schultz trashing presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Mitt Romney says he wants to extend low interest rates for Americans with student loans. But his policies not only cut Pell Grants—they also lock in the higher interest rates for student loans. Take a look at what college costs would look like under Romney, and then spread the word to your friends.

The video is called "Mitt Romney Versus Reality: Student Loans Edition."

After a clip of the former Massachusetts Governor saying that he supports extending the current low interest rates on student loans, the video moved to one of Schultz refuting Romney's view with information from - wait for it! - the Huffington Post.

The video concluded with the subtitle, "Reality: College would be more expensive under Mitt Romney."

So now the nation's biggest media shills for Obama are going to be tapped by his campaign to supposedly tell the truth to voters.

Does the White House REALLY want to associate itself with a man that has said or done the following in the past twelve months?

Is this REALLY the kind of person you want doing fact-checks for your campaign?

If your name is Barack Obama, the answer apparently is "Yes."



#1 "Truth Team"??

Bwahahahahahahahaaaa.........starring Ed Schultz?? Bwahahahahahahahaaaa!!!

"A nation can suffer it's fool's, but cannot survive the traitor"


#2 I have a pressing question ...

... Way back when Barry gave the Queen of England an Ipod with a selection of his very own speechafyin - read mental masturbation.

Does anyone know if he downloaded a sample of a few song favorites?

If so, I doubt that the Isley Brothers found a home.

#3 Having a tard like shultz

Having a tard like shultz there shows how dimwitted these folks really are.

#4 lowest

obama and nbc should so proud of this lowest piece of crap representing what libs stand for. schultz isn't worth discussing except to point out what a hateful, uneducated looser he is and always will be

#5 Truth Team?

They should just call it the Re-Education Team. That's what they really want anyway.

#6 Sgt. "I know nothing" Schultz is

Sgt. "I know nothing" Schultz is alive and on MSNBC? Go figure! I guess the remaining members of the Nazi party will show up there soon.


#7 More Truth: Susan Sarandon Blacklisted!

Susan Sarandon Blacklisted!

You would think that with his past, sleazey connections President Barack Hussein Obama would be ultra-tolerant of fellow leftists-liberals-radicals but that’s not always the case, especially when they become an embarrassment in an election year.

It was perfectly acceptable in 2008 for Obama to be bosom buddies with revolutionists William Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, Jeremiah Wright, and other professed anti-Americans. Most voters knew about those illicit associations–or should have known– yet they elected Obama anyway.

When Obama appointed to high offices such reprobates and revolutionaries such as Harold Koh, Kevin Jennings, John Holdren, Van Jones, Dawn Johnson, Mark Lloyd, Chai Feldblum, and a slew of other sick fruitcakes, it seemed obvious that our president didn’t give a damn what Americans thought of his extremist background or of his far out nominees and his supporters didn’t seem to give a damn, either.

That view now turns out to be incorrect. Obama is in fact occasionally selective as to who is awarded the Obama imprimatur and who is consigned to executive oblivion. Apparently, the aging actress and radical poster “girl,” Susan Sarandon is now on the Anointed One’s S-list.

Denied a White House security clearance, Sarandon also claims her telephone has been tapped and that the government maintains a dossier on her. It all sounds like paranoia except that her whining might have a basis in fact. . .

(

#8 Pure genius, Axelrod. Better get Bashir on there, too.

That'll really motivate the moderates to join Team O.

#9 Obama can do whatever hypocritical things he wants to do

...because the Democrat Media-Complex WILL NEVER hold him accountable.

#10 Yes...

what you said!

That's why, for the first time in US history, we really do have a "Ministry of Propaganda"

#11 Agreed

And yes, Romney has changed positions on many issues. "Flip flop" is the favored description. Fine, I know it, you know it, we all know it.

Obama has flip flopped all over the place too. I know it, you know it, we all know it.

Whose flipping and flopping does and will the media continue to harp on?

#12 One more time...

Do any of us need reminding? On the day Obama was elected, Chris Matthews threw himself in front of the nearest camera he could find to declare to the world that it was 'his job' to make Obama's administration look good.

Chris Matthews and MSNBC are joined at the hip. So when Matthews says that he's taking money from Obama in exchange for favorable coverage, you can bet your patookus that everyone else there is doing the exact same thing.

Is it a distortion to say it thusly? Technically, no. If making Obama look good is Matthews' 'job', then by definition, he is Obama's employee. His 'job' is what he does for a living. Meaning, the work that he gets paid for. Therefore, Matthews' 'job' consists of giving Obama favorable coverage (making him look good - by his own words), for which he takes money as a reward for said work.

And when you listen to all the other people on this foul network, there's little doubt that they are in the same boat. They are saying the most ridiculous things in order to cover up for Obama's glaring and obvious failures. While at the same time they are saying the most hateful and outrageous things to smear anyone who dares to make Obama 'look bad'.

Mark my words, 'Klan rally' is going to be TAME language from this network the closer it gets to November, and the more it looks like Obama will be cast out. Matthews' and Schultz' jobs are on the line too. Once Obama is cast out, their little money laundering scheme will collapse and MSNBC will go out of business.

If a Liberal/Democrat politician/media figure wants to put their arms around you, or pat you on the back, all they're doing is looking for a good place to stick a knife.

#13 Next they'll present Marty

Next they'll present Marty the Basher trashing "Mitt the Mendacious."

#14 The Troof Team quotes a troofer

So, O'Bama's vaunted cracker-jack internet ninjas searched high and low and unearthed a clip of Ed Washerman Schultz conflating in public?

#15 Reality?

"College would be more expensive under Mitt Romney".......?

What rocket scientist came up with that? College is more expensive every year.

Thanks for telling da troof.

#16 Ed?

Who is this Ed guy?


#17 Great day for ed, rising from

Great day for ed, rising from useful idiot to the covetted position of minion boy.

Non, je ne regrette rien. "You aren't angry because I might be a racist, you're angry because you know I'm right".

#18 Mah Buddy Barry, aka Barack (Part Two)

Mah Buddy Barry, aka Barack (Part Two)

(This be the second part after the first part on mah buddy Barry. You can read dat first part here if yo wants to and if yo dont wants to who cares!

In One ah wuz talking bout all dose emails ah gets from my bud Barry an his homies moochin fo money. Dey piss me off. Dis is a lil differant.

On Monday, Jimmy, (dat would be Jim Messina, head honky honcho fo da “Obama for America” campaign), emailed me for “input,” my sugestions in a survey on how we can make shure Barry gets fo more years in the White House.

We damn well don’t want dat moron Mormon guy moving on up to our place with all his ugly wives and his jerk-off ideas about people working for a livin and not survivin on food stamps. Do we?

On top of everything, ah heard dat Mit Romney believes in poligmy tho ah dont see nothin wrong with having a haarem of bitches. We all do dat, right? Why he would marry them tho is stupid.

Barrys fam back where he wuz born in kenya all had a bunch of wives–da men folk that is–and his daddy liked wut we call VARIETY, if yo catch my meaning and no one made a big fuss about dat!

As my new bud Jimmy put it, “Together, we’ve done some amazing work building this campaign so far. But I know that we’re in for a tough fight ahead, and we’ll need your voices and leadership if we want to win on Election Day.”

Ahm not exactly sure what “amazin work” has been acomplished and I ain’t been a leader since my dayz in the hood but, hey, if Barry’s boy Jimmy says so it must be so and if my boy Barry needs me, I’m there! But not there with money!!!! Dat boy has enuff of dat!!

As for fights, ah agrees with Barry when he said if da honky bring a knife to a fight, we brings a gun even tho we always have a knife on us, as dey say, just in case. Dat was good advise tho.

You can hep Barry and Jimmy by completin Jimmy’s survey. It has questions on what we think about the Buffet Rule, “taking the fight to al-Qaeda,” and “Ending ’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ “. (

Look, ah never pay any taxes but if dose dumbass Repubs would jest stop being assholes and pass dat Buffet Rule, Waren would pay as much as his secratary and we could run the gubmint for a while, a few days mebbe but a few days is a few days right? . . . (Read more at

#19 Errrr Uhhhh!!

I'm forced to state the obvious, looking for honesty from Ed is something akin to looking for water in the Sahara.....except harder. If this is an example of the intellectual capacity of "Team Obama" they are truly in trouble and Romney may as well get fitted for his inaugural tuxedo.

#20 Another example

Of more people seeing what this moron says on this site than actually watch his program.

#21 True dat!


#22 I have to wonder

Who are these guys bringing to their side??? So tired of hearing we have to moderate conservative perspectives because we don't want to drive people away.


#23 Let's all sit back

and watch Special Ed and Obysmal splutter when Romney points out that he wants an America where students don't NEED massive government loans and permanent indebtedness to go to America where the federal government doesn't drive up the cost of education through its attempts to keep the populace forever in America of freedom, not America loosed of the shackles and bigotry of socialist slavery.

An American Liberated From Obysmal. In November, throw off the chains and VOTE.

"Beauty is only skin deep, but liberal's to the bone." - me

#24 Somebody help me here. Which

Somebody help me here. Which is correct?




"Occasionally, and randomly, problems and solutions collide. The probability of collisions decreases geometrically as the size of the committee created to force these collisions increases."

#25 Why does it matter

Ed Washerman Schultz wouldn't know, anyway.

#26 It's Obama's world...

and we're just passing thru it.

#27 Ed Schulz

Is a logically challenged thug for the left. I am amazed that he can earn a living in media.

Hater of benevolence by proxy Stupid is generally its own punishment

#28 That is exactly WHY he can

That is exactly WHY he can earn a living in media.

#29 Don't forget motherbelt's axiom:

Liberals know the truth. The facts are a conspiracy.

#30 Flip Flop is a foot apparel

I understand all folks can change their minds!! Romney listens, and if over 50 percent of his electorate has a view contrary to his, then he must join that view!! The rule then would be to support the majority view until his term is over!! He can then go back to his own view and no one cares!! He should then, in a pre election speech raise his right hand, and swear to uphold the majority of his voters, Not because of the PACS and huge donations!! this would put lobbyists out of a job!! NO REASON FOR THEM TO LOBBY FOR WHAT THEY KNOW THEY WILL GET FOR FREE. Not the views that got him elected governor of a very left STATE. He did the right thing to get elected governor, and he should do the same when it is AMERICA, not just Mass! He will be the leader of my country, and I concede even my views, if that is what my neighbors desire. Most often I will agree, and the views that i don't agree with, just my tough luck. OF AND FOR THE PEOPLE!! Obama never considers all of us, just those who agree with him, even if it is a view held by only the union leadership and their members that follow those views!! Union views are the minority, and alone did not get him elected, Watch Wis. and the right to work states! ROMNEY: You will no longer have to listen to the few, but rather the masses!! IF YOU DO YOU WILL HAVE 2 TERMS, NOT 1 LIKE OBAMA!! Unions have spent so much, only to lose. They continue to loose members, and are so stupid that don't get it.

#31 Sucer punch this old man, and beat my head on the ground.

If I have a gun, YOU WILL BE SHOT!!

#32 Well of COURSE

Well of COURSE it is!

How ELSE will Obama be able to get his campaign going, if not by lying?

He CERTAINLY can't run on his record.

#33 I repeat Sean Hannity's question: "Tom Brokaw and Brian...

Williams, are you proud of what MSNBC has done to the NBC name?"

Jim Webster

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