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CNN's Fareed Zakaria Being Considered for Diplomatic Post in Obama Second Term - Maybe Secretary of State

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It appears all those private meetings Fareed Zakaria has with President Obama discussing foreign policy might just pay off for the CNN host.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Zakaria is being considered for a diplomatic post - even Secretary of State - if the current White House resident gets reelected in November:

A CNN pundit who has advocated nuclear containment of Iran and expressed antipathy towards American democracy is said to be on the short list for a top diplomatic post in a second Obama administration—perhaps even secretary of State. [...]

Zakaria has gone to great lengths to ingratiate himself to Obama, frequently flattering the president and vociferously attacking his critics on both sides of the political aisle. This could be the reason Obama is so keen on the pundit, sources said.

“Every column he’s written in the Washington Post for the last two years has been a job application,” said one longtime Washington foreign policy insider who requested anonymity. “He’s just climbing the greasy pole.”

That should be no surprise to NewsBusters readers as we have diligently exposed Zakaria's disgraceful Obama sycophancy for years.

As a result of his pathetic performance as a so-called journalist, not everyone in Washington, D.C., is thrilled by the idea of Zakaria making the offical jump to politics:

“[Zakaria] has a surprisingly naïve view of the world for somebody seemingly so cosmopolitan,” said Cliff May, president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a national security think-tank.

“It would be a poor choice” to appoint him to a post inside the Obama administration, said May, a longtime critic of Zakaria. “I don’t think a journalist has ever been appointed as a Secretary of State, and there’s a reason for that practice, maybe some wisdom behind it.”

When the Beacon apprised May of some of Zakaria's views, he said, "If those are his positions, he is certainly out of the mainstream...It does suggest a worldview that is at the very least naïve and doesn’t show a strong appreciation of what has made America a world leader and power all these years.”


Here are just some of those "out of the mainstream" views Zakaria possesses:

Seems perfect for Obama, dontcha think?


#1 If the Senate confirms him

If the Senate confirms him then they are dummber than a box of rocks. Let's hope there is no Obama second term.

A well regulated militia being necessary to a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

#2 Secretary of State? Yay! Everybody Do The Akbar!

That didn't take long, did it?

BTW, be sure to read Zakaria's 2008 book, "The Post-American World."

#3 If this is true . . .

. . . then it offers a glimpse into where Obama Ride-II is going to try to take us.

Yet another reason to see this guy lose re-election.

#4 Why not Mr. Zakaria is

Why not Mr. Zakaria is already on friendly terms with the Islamist in Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Taliban and the smaller terrorist organizations.
He is a proven and trusted Obamabot with nothing between his ears but air and a breezeway.
He will follow the masters orders exactly and never question the need to support the terrorist with much more donations.
It would be impossible even for him to screw up the State department any worse than Hillery.

Another Obamabot Croney takes his place at the feet of his highness.

#5 Well, perhaps Bill Maher would be up for . .

. . the position of Secretary of Women's Department.

Well, I suspect he'd want to rename it to something more his style.

(;~/ gary

#7 I thought there was zero connection

between a paid CNN commentator and the Obama administration.

#8 Fareed - promoting the lie of the decade . .

CNN- 01-16-2009 Fareed Zakaria- Legacy of Bush-The Worst President Ever (my bold)? - Video here:

In 2000, the Clinton administration had almost balanced the federal budget, and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office was projecting that over the next 10 years the United States would have surpluses that would add up to $5.6 trillion -- yes, trillion.

By the spring of 2002, two thirds of that projected surplus had evaporated, and the rest disappeared soon thereafter.

There were many reasons for this, out-of-control spending being one. But by far the lion's share of the surpluses went into the tax cuts.

" . .by far . .?"  -- "..spring of 2002. . ?"

That would be around 15 +/- months into the Bush presidency, and only a few months after Clinton's last budget year ended. 

By the Spring of 2001, the only significant tax cuts (stimulus) on the books, were the tax rebates of 2001(in the fall) - and those were pushed into the stimulus package by the Democrats (Daschle, Kucinich and Liebermann - were the leaders of that effort). And, that was only some $40 billion.

Ask any economist, Fareed, and they will tell you, that "by far**," (to quote progressive economist Dean Baker) the main reason for the quick disappearance of the budget surpluses and the immediate return to large deficits, was the economic fallout from the collapse of the (Enron) bubble, in March, 2000.

This is not rocket science.

Perhaps he'd be just a  valuable at the Treasury Department.

(;~/ gary

** To quote Dean Baker exactly, he stated (to me):

. . the fallout from the recession, has been a far bigger cause of the return of deficits than the Bush tax cuts. 

The recession, which began in the spring of 2001, was the result of the collapse of the bubble.

#9 AYFSM?!?!

After rolling all over the floor laughing, I started crying, then I started cleaning my weapons.

All the RBFSOB needs is to be reelected so he will have "more flexibility" to form his caliphate.

If the dumbass morons in this country actually reelect this mother frocker, or even come CLOSE to his winning, then we deserve to hit our knees and worship  Mohammy.

I'm way too old for this Shiite. I think I'll go out in a blaze of glory if it comes down to that.

Secretary of State of the United Socialist States of Allah, Zackie Freak! Now you just gotta love that! And I thought Hillary was bad.

Comrade Bubba

#10 Well, bubba, we've allready

Well, bubba, we've allready got a couple of 'devout mooooooooooooooooslems' in Janet Incompetano's SS department, and the REGIME is supporting mooooooooooooooslems and Islam and rebuilding mosques and outfitting them with new computers all over the 'holy land', and Boy Baraka has stated - in very understandable terms - his own ties to why the hell NOT have another mooooooooooooooooooslem as Secretary of State - especially since Boy Baraka can't get no respect from Nurse Ratchett anyhow.

Plus, I'm pretty sure that Baraka and Fockeed probably have some 'non-mooooooooooooooooslem' sexual activities goin' on behind the scenes - just like Barry's Pakistani college sweetheart - who took him home to 'meet the parents' back there in the 80's, when REAL Americans weren't ALLOWED to enter or travel in Phak-eee-stan.

#11 Hmmmmm?

I totally overlooked the "romantic" possibilities of this, Killa.

I think it must be in the A-rab genes. I guess all those long lonely nights crossing the desert without the benefit of any female companions kind of makes a man start to look at his fellow travelers in a different light. Pretty soon, it is ingrained behavior, I guess.

He did get his "Dreams from His Father," right?

Maybe he can appoint a camel or a goat to the Agricultural Department.

These fools are going to drive me to drink.

Comrade Bubba

#12 Fareed shouldn't get his hopes up.

The next occupant of that seat will not be a Democrat. Or Socialist. Or Islamist. Or whatever the hell Fareed is.

#13 Replacing one anti-American

Replacing one anti-American for Secretary of State of the United States, with another anti-American for Secretary of State of the United States.



#15 Farmer Obama And John Deere Tractor Journalism

I guess the White House greenlighted fellow traveler journOlistas to begin planting the seed that Hillary Clinton is gone next year, possibly soon after election November 2012.

Farina Z. is a perfect addition for the least American of all Presidents and his Leftist staff.

#16 The statists are preparing for the coming post-American world

So do we teach our children Russian, Chinese, Arabic, or Persian?

After all, the comrade Dear Ruler just might be reelected, and we want to make sure they understand what their future masters will be saying to them when they are stepping off the cattle cars.


Vote for the American in November

#17 If I gotta go with anybody,

If I gotta go with anybody, Dave, I'll go with the Chinese. They will cut deals and do business and use the mooooooooooooslems for whatever they want or need, but they will NOT put up with ANY crap from the moooooooooooooslems either, as they have proven. Plus, we owe them about a zillion dollars.................and they would rather have us around, then to get rid of us. And on top ot that - since I have been there before - they have some beautiful women who love western if I hafta be some kind of 'slave' for one of them, that would be a better alternative than having my head cut off, or being sent to some gulag.
Of course..............if Boy Baraka cuts some kind of deal with any of them, and manages to keep his position - then all bets are off!!!

I can understand my Ted 'the Motor City Madman' Nugent said what he said!!!

#18 Barack H. Obama

Barack H. Obama is so easily impressed by Communist and other assorted traitors. This is but another in the long line of such folks.
I wrote Fareed Zakaria several years ago (before Obama even appeared on the political stage) and after reading one of his articles. It was the same anti-American stuff he writes and talks about to Obama today. At that time I told him that I though he was one of the most dangerous people in the country. I see the animal hasn't changed his spots and is as anti-American as ever and still harbors desires for a dictator, which I am sure he must encourage Barack Obama to" give it a try". I'll never defend his right to say the things he does.

#19 So long, Hillary

I wonder how Hillary is taking the news that she's about to be replaced, by a CNN commentator! Man, that's GOT to hurt!

What's next? Will Dan Rather be the next Secretary of Defense?

The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. The US Constitution

Unless you're a fetus. The US Supreme Court

Or Anwar al-Awlaki.

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