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American Idol Pays Tribute to...Barack Obama?

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Is it possible to turn on the TV today without being told how wonderful Barack Obama is?

Apparently not, for on Wednesday’s American Idol – yes, the nation’s premier musical competition – the Commander-in-Chief was gushed and fawned over like a rock star (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Contestant Elise Testone was working on Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” the song Obama – to much jubilation by his fans in the media – sang a chorus of at the Apollo Theater in January.

Guest artist/mentor predictably said to Idol stalwart Jimmy Iovine, “Did you see Obama do it on the internet?”

“I mean, they should have a sing off, ” continued " They should do it together.”

Without further ado, a video clip of Obama singing “Let’s Stay Together” was aired with Testone in split screen next to him doing an impromptu duet.

In an election year?

Now, the reality is this should be wholesome, brainless fun, right?

But for eight years, the media bludgeoned Americans with how awful President George W. Bush was.

This man couldn’t mow the lawn at his ranch in Texas without being criticized for doing so.

Now, you can’t turn on a musical competition - in an election year! - without images of how marvelous the man in the White House is.

Can’t Americans spend a couple of hours watching television with their families without having propaganda about the president jammed down their throats?

Is that really too much to ask?

Apparently so.


#1 Millions

unemployed, fore-closers at a all time high, gas price beyond words, fast and furious, green cars bankrupt from tax-payer money, he doesn't know how many states there are, food prices sky-rocketing and we have to listen to him sing?? If Pres. Bush would have sang on Idol. msdnc would make it their lead bashing story for the next year. Is this ever going to stop? Bet when he leaves in Nov we will still hear a daily schedule of this guys daily routine. How can so many people be so deluded

#2 This clown is This clown is somebody??? The only thing I know about him is the crappy performance that they put on during the Super Bowl last year....................does he think that anyone gives credence to what he thinks?? Well, I'm sure that there are a few morons who do.......................personally, I've NEVER watched 'Idol', and I don't intend to start, either. In fact, my TV's been broken since a couple days after the last Super Bowl, and I haven't missed it much...............but I did have the unfortunate experience of hearing Steven Tyler BUTCHER the Star's Spangled Banner during a play-off game...............I'm wondering what his take on Boy Barry is???

#3 well, well, well, looks like we came

full circle. I called 2008 IDOL in honor of the the brainless voters who voted in style over substance, which is what IDOL quickly devolved to. I think I may have watched the first season, but I quit when they made mocking people a staple, and it became a big personality popularity contest instead of a talent competition.

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
Ronald Reagan

#4 Idol

I've never watched one episode of this show and now I'm glad I didn't.

#5 Just can NOT see what these people see in ---


People marvel at his eloquence; but I ain't deaf. 
I have listened to his rambling, shambling, off teleprompter ums, uhs, ahs, and ers.

And while I may not be gifted with above average intelligence; neither am I stupid.
If this purple-lipped poseur, this golfing grifter; this "phenomenal" persona who attended Harvard  - and supposedly shone as bright as a brilliant shooting star while there - had any kind of 'exceptional' grades that would bear out his 'brilliance' in academia; then don't doubt for a minute that Obama's sterling record of accomplishment wouldn't be thrust in our faces as often as his face is presented by the news media.

It isn't put out there because it does not exist.

I have even heard sycophants fawn over his good looks; but I ain't blind.
Dude is fugly.

 'Some' say; hell, 'many' say, that Obama is a great guy.   With a charming smile.

Cut me a   *^%#!@+  'ing break.

I disagree; adamantly and completely.

But then I'm not a member of the leftist media.
Or black.
Or liberal.
Or a Democrat.
Or college aged.
Or on welfare.
Or a union member.
Or a progressive, a Marxist, or a Muslim.

I'm just a conservative who is disgusted with him, his administration, his vacation addicted wife; and with the fools in this country who not only voted him into office, but who remain oblivious while extolling the con man's greatness.


"The credibility of the story is undermined by the selection of sources." - (h/t Jer)

#6 That is quite possibly the

That is quite possibly the most racist, bigoted, intolerant, and mean-spirited accounting of Boy Barry that I have EVER read on ANY website or periodical!!!!

And, having said that...............I'm in agreement with you, 110%!!!!!!!! In fact, I'd lilke to add to your post, but I don't want to get my a@@ thrown out of here!!!

#7 matthewdean

Dude, you said it!!!!

#8 the ramblin man

... i was born in the backseat of a greyhound bus, rollin down highway 51...


#9 the Blue Lips...he looks like he just ate crayons



#10 I don't have a problem with it

Obama did the song recently, this is an amateur singing competition, and it's the same song. It also sets up nicely for a republican to say if you want a president who can sing and fill out NCAA brackets, you have your man, if you want competent steward of the economy an end to big government, then cast your vote for the GOP.

#11 And I believe in the people

And I believe in the people and they will go for Obama because they want that kind of person.

Nuke em til they glow; then shoot em in the dark

#12 What the hell is wrong with these people????

Here's an even worse example of the shamelessness of Obama worshippers.

The United States of Obama????

Well, I guess we should be thankful at least that it's below the real flag!

(all emphasis mine)

Bradford, an organizer with the Veterans Memorial at Fountain Park in Leesburg, Fla., snapped photos of the flag and distributed them to fellow veterans and friends. By late afternoon, he and several other veterans delivered a copy of the federal flag code to Nancy Hulbert, chairwoman of the Lake County Democratic Party.

"We read that to her, but she would not accept that," Bradford said. "The discussion finally got a little bit heated."

What the hell is wrong with these people????

What other bunch would even CONSIDER putting a candidate's face on the American flag???

HuffPo also covered the story, but with a bit of a different ending:

Outside of the local flag issue, Pew Research Center has released a new poll measuring president Obama's approval rating. Of 1,503 adults surveyed (538 being Republicans), 50 percent like the job he is doing, while 41 percent disapprove.

Not to worry, folks, Obama's still the man, except for those ignorant vets with their corny patriotism!!

#13 I saw this

on local TV news this morning. I almost puked when I saw it.

We have gone from a country that was founded on freedom to a nation wanting a king. What they will get is a dictator if he's allowed to stay in office.

President Obama is a Muslim (from his own lips), Kenyan (read it from his publicist) a homosexual (read it on a news magazine cover) and a Socialist (I'm alive and can see it for myself)

#14 It's kind of like a self-absorbed, conceited dictator...

... of a banana republic putting his image on everything in that country. Coins, stamps, huge posters outside government buildings, aparitchiks fawning and gushing as he sings on network TV, and yes, the country's flag.

Remind you of anything (or anybody)... even in recent history?

The U.S.O. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

You may have to get used to it. This is your future if nothing is done to stop it.

This man is the most horendous leader I've seen in memory. While Panetta visits the (disarmed) troops in Afghanistan, Karzai demands the troops get out of his villages, the Taliban suspends peace talks, Afghans are enraged as the rogue soldier is transferred to Kuwait, This man sings, and picks the NCAA final four. I'd think he could make better use of his time in the White House.

#15 while you're at it...

... don't forget being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize ..(gag..hack.. vomit...)

#16 MB get used to it, it is a

MB get used to it, it is a prototype for the new American flag for when the Obama gets into office in 2013.

Nuke em til they glow; then shoot em in the dark

#17 Obama's there for the long haul.

Consequently, he feels he can afford to take lots of vacations, play lots of golf, pick his NCAA bracket, and sing some tunes.

He's not going anywhere.  Does he act like he has a sense of urgency about anything near and dear to his dictatorial heart?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: One way or another, by hook or by crook, he's going to stay in the Presidency after the 2012 elections.  And when that happens, he's not going anywhere.  FDR, eat your heart out. 


#18 They have already made us

They have already made us feel bad for being patriotic for our own country so it makes sense they want to change the flag. The part that bothered me the most about the article was the fact she said she was going to fight it so she can fly that flag again. I mean come on this is just being a flat out bully because you are not getting your way. I guess freedom of speech only goes one way.

#19 No matter how abysmal his performance...

Obama is treated as if it was perfect. No wonder BO can't handle criticism, every lousy thing he does is praised by the media. In the other thread he was praised for being at a basketball game and somehow causing a team to lose due to a half second "taunt".

If he's reelected we're done as a country. If he loses we're going have angst like when Donny Osmond got married.

Proud member of the 53%!

#20 Obama's popularity survives

because of the soft bigotry of low expectations.

#21 When you look up the term "cult of personality"... find a picture of Obama.

Or, on occasion, when you look up at what's supposed to be an American flag.


#22 And so begins the election.

And so begins the election. And history is repeating it's self. Many people never learn their lessons until the make the same mistake several times. Next we will learn it was set up by the White House.


"DumbAssity of Dope"

#23 Before I went off on my

Before I went off on my Obama-on-the-flag rant, I was going to comment that as the campaign season heats up, we can expect to see less and less coverage of actual issues, replaced by more and more coverage of how "cool" Obama is.

I have a good friend who hated George Bush with a passion, although she could never articulate why, and voted for Obama in 2008 because he was "so handsome and has such a nice family."

Needless to say, we never discuss politics. 

#24 My mother voted for Obama

Because he always wore a suit and McCain was arrogant.

She left me speechless with that. She lived long enough to regret her vote.

Proud member of the 53%!

#25 MB~

Yes, that is exactly what I want in a President -- the "coolness" factor. Barf. Could people possibly be more shallow than to be swayed by a high school "coolness" measuring stick? And sorry, but the geeks usually outpace the jocks in offering more to society anyway.

As for looks, handsome is as handsome does. You can also have a "nice family" and have the will to run the country right into the ground for lack of a substantial, moral foundation. No wonder you never discuss politics with your friend. I have a few friends (and relatives) who thought the exact same way as your friend about O, so I understand. We don't discuss politics either because I may blow my top!

It's no wonder America is where it is today. Wake up, people! What the heck is really, truly important? Never mind. I don't even want to know what some are thinking is important (not meaning NBers).

"If not us, who? If not now, when?"
~Ronald Reagan



My gosh, the man could take a dump in the woods and the media would say he did it so much better the the bears do!

#27 I can't deny the fact that you (will) like me,...

I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me! - Sally Field the Flying Nun

I can't deny the fact that you (will) like me, right now, you (don't) like me! - Rmoney

Romney: Conservatives Who Don't Like Me Now Will Learn To When I'm The Nominee

...another American Idol!


The burden of life is from ourselves, its lightness from the grace of Christ and the love of God. - William Bernard Ullanthorne

#28 I keep hoping that dam will break and people will

reject this guy, but it keeps getting worse.

I'd like to thank Hollywood for renewing my interest in reading.

#29 This man (and his wife) has

This man (and his wife) has been on TV more than any other president has been in my lifetime. And this is for somebody who has few press conferences. It's uncanny which shows they keep popping up on (A few I've watched have included Top Chef and the Tonight Show).

We get it. The man's a pop culture icon. Now quit throwing it at us everytime. I'm tired of making the North Korea comparisons. Besides, as with everything the media throws at us about him, we have to ask ourselves what would we say if this were a Republican doing all of these appearances? Exactly.

"You just don't get it." - Pa Grape

"You just don't get it." - Pa Grape

#30 Dont forget ICarly and Lefterman,,,

For Moochelle, and Boy Barry seems to be on ESPN more than Chris Berman! Hopefully, they will both soon be on The Travel Channel, far far away!

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. BEN FRANKLIN

#32 I dont watch this program

But I am sure they did their brand irreparable harm. Heck, why not let Obama be a judge. Lord knows he has the time

Seek Truth, Defend Liberty

#33 This is

just another reason I don't watch American Idol or any of its spin offs. If this keeps up, I'll have no reason to watch TV at all.....that is until the "state" TV is broadcast into everyone's home by fiat. Then the government will issue us our soma and we'll wander around aimlessly, giving nary a fluke about what's going on around us.......much like some of our younger voters are doing right now. The whole world is catching on fire and all they know is that Susie Q got voted off of American Idol last night, The Bachelor turned down Betty Lou for Annie Mae, Hambone got voted off of Survivor, and Duh One can croon a little tune. WE ARE DOOMED!!

#34 American Idol

Hey, Noel. The name of the program is American Idol. It's the epitome of the cult of personality. It explains the Obama flags from 2009 and today. I wouldn't expect anything different from American Idol and if you do, you're simply setting yourself up to be offended. American Idol is NOT a news program.

During the 2008 campaign, people at Obama rallies chanted, "O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA!" while people at Palin rallies chanted, "U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!" The elite, liberal media promoted and became a willing accomplice in the cult of personality, shirking their responsibility as the only group protected by the 1st Amendment (the press). Today, the elite, liberal media is doubling down, fighting against the clear evidence they bought and sold a lemon. Witness Soledad O’Brien, Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews. When their Idol is in trouble, they attack.


#35 Liberal Idol

We watched the first season then no more -- and I'm glad. I'm really tired of being told how great Odrama is (despite his pathetic performance as President) or how smart he is (despite the fact that ALL of his school records are SEALED -- how's that for "transparency"?)

Btw, since all the papers he read or wrote in school are sealed records what's this a**clown going to put in his "Presidential Library" when he's retired next January?


#36 Another reason to reject Internet voting for our elections.

It would be interesting if the 'Obama curse' affects this contestant's popularity and she loses. We all know what happened to the businesses he visited, they went bankrupt and shut down.

#37 Funny, raunchy Wiil.I.Am video by Boondocks cartoonist

I won't link to it because it is an offensive video. But for those of you who aren't easily offended and want a really good laugh at Obama, Clooney and Will.I.Am's expense, just google "will i am boondocks".

#38 American Idol

Yep, time for 'American Idol' to go. They cannot convince me with their gushing, but there might be a few still out there who will swoon over the musical stylings of Big O enough to vote for his re-election. Unbelievable, but true.

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