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CNN's John King Calls Mitt Romney 'Governor Mormon'

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John King had an unfortunate slip of the tongue during CNN's coverage of the Nevada caucuses Saturday.

While discussing how the various religious groups voted for the different Republican presidential candidates, King called Mitt Romney "Governor Mormon" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JOHN KING: Now, two states in a row have said Governor Romney and here in Nevada tonight, by a huge margin.

Let's just look at one more as we come down the line here. If you look here among faith, obviously Governor Mormon is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He's a Mormon, and he won big among Mormons. He won 9 out of every 10 votes among Mormons. Congressman Paul coming in second place. But he also won those who say they have no religion, voted for Congressman Paul.

But others Christians, Mormons, Catholics, Mainline Protestants, all going for Governor Romney. This is a sweep across the electorate tonight. Some would say, well, it was a state he won in 2008, so what, who cares?

But the point, beginning February with a win and a big win, starts the process in which team Romney thinks they could run the entire month, perhaps losing in Maine to Ron Paul. The psychology is going to kick in at some point.

As the folks at Mediaite observed, oops!

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#1 ⇒ SNAP Diddy O

If you look here among faith, obviously President Foodstamp is a member of the Church of Perpetual Welfare. He's a Deadbeat Mac Daddy, and he won big among Poverty Pimps.  He won 9 out of every 10 votes among Deadbeats (currently the fastest growing religion in the US).

OOPS!  Pardon my little gaffe.

#2 cool that was pretty good..

that was pretty good.. Did you ever see the preacher video who called Obama the mack daddy?

#3 ⇒ Yes, I did

Hilarious, it was.

#4 he made the video in February

he made the video in February it is again for your enjoyment.

he predicted the dang OWS.. so far..

#5 Freudian slip.

Shows you what's foremost in King's mind.

#6 ⇒ Tru Dat, MB

Imagine him similarly slipping up with "President Black Liberation Theology"

#7 I'm not so sure it was a slip

I'm not so sure it was a slip as much as it was a way of subtly reminding evangelicals that Romney isn't exactly one of them. Anything to drive a wedge in his support.

#8 I agree, mb

I think there is plenty of evidnece that the MSM will do its best to remind voters that Romney is a Mormon while claiming that they themselves are indifferent and tolerant.

They know that the mere mention of the word "Mormon" incites the rage of the Far Left and they're hoping that it will also encourage evangelicals to stay home.

As for King, this hasn't been a very good year for him so far.

#9 What's the end game?

...the MSM will do its best to remind voters that Romney is a Mormon....

You may be right about that but I still can't see the end game strategy in it, especially if, as you say, the mere mention "incites the rage of the Far Left."

It seems the logical counter to the media's harping on Romney's Mormonism is repeatedly to remind them that Harry Reid is also a Mormon. Not only that, but after spending his youth as an agnostic Reid apparently saw enough to like in the Mormon church to convert, i.e. he wasn't born into the faith.

So the question for the media would be, in light of that how is Mormonism a liability?

And if evangelicals sit out in November because of it then they -- and the country -- deserve what follows.


#10 Slip of the tongue should still result in disciplining

Remember George Allen and "maccaca" or however the non-word is spelled? That was a racist remark according to the left intelligentsia. Remember "nappy-headed ho's"? Remember how Barack Obama got away with "they acted stupidly", "elections have consequences", and too many others to count.John King should be made to pay for, not just apologize for, his bigoted remark.  Yes, it shows you the bigotry against the Mormons that you see regularly in the media, just disguised.  The same bigotry demonstrated by Dear Leader with his Jesus remarks at the Day of Prayer.

It is time that the left admits that they pray at the altar of death (death panels for the old, abortions for the unborn, and government rationing for the rest of us).  It is offensive to them for us to say that God has the control of life and death, They want the nomenclatura to have all control, not some inferior being like God.  How else can you explain the pseudo-Catholics on the left supporting the government over the Church in abortion and birth control being not just a benefit, but a FREEBIE under health care?

“Liberals tend to put the onus of your success on society and conservatives on you and your family.”

Dennis Prager

#11 the msm dreams of splitting

the msm dreams of splitting religous voters over mormonism (actually clds i believe) is a gargantuan dud - i love it...

Congratulations Jimmy Carter!

#12 Imagine if a conservative had

Imagine if a conservative had slipped and said "President
or President Black Obama.....

#13 ⇒ Or if a conservative

Slipped up and, a la Teddy Kennedy, called him Osama Obama.

#14 Gov. Mormon?

As opposed to President Muslim?

I'll take the Mormon, thank you VERY much.

#15 That's OK. I once called his wife Flicka by mistake.

She did, however, eat the apple I offered her.

#16 Isn't it funny how

the media attributes these types of remarks by liberals as "slip up" or "misspoken" or some other tommyrot but when it is a conservative, there's a call for him or her to resign for such hateful speech.

#17 King

Amazing how one's true believes come out isn't it. King just can't stop making a fool of himself, can he.

#18 Queen

Who said that, john queen???


#19 That would be ...


#20 Just in case his listeners weren't paying attention

Make sure you get the word Mormon in 5 times in the span of a few sentences.

#21 Well, duh

It was a famous rock 'n roll song from the early 60s.

#22 That's not it, CO2

The one I remember went like this:

He's Mormon Mormon Mormon
Tho' the skies are stormin'
Got that Global Warmin

My hearts calculatin'
My harem will be waitin'
Be waitin' at the end of my run


#23 That was no slip

The Democrat bigotry is just getting started. They get a pass for it. Remember? Because their Democrats.

#24 There's no prejudice like a religious prejudice.....

Like all libbies, there's a lot of projection going on here...

#25 ⇒ It's worth noting

It's worth noting that Barack G.D.America did well among liberals who attend the regular sacrifice to Molech, who condemn breast cancer research unless the foundation pays tribute to the daily slaughter sacrament.

#26 ⇒ It's worth noting

It's worth noting that Barack G.D.America did well among liberals who attend the regular sacrifice to Molech, who condemn breast cancer research unless the foundation pays tribute to the daily slaughter sacrament.

#27 King

Just told us what's on HIS mind - and what we're in for if/when Mitt gets the nod. Oh joy. I do hope this doesn't turn into a "religious" war at the expense of reality on the ground!

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
Ronald Reagan

#28 President

President Marx.

That wasn't a slip.

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