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Suze Orman: Obama Averaged '200,000 Jobs a Month' in 2012, 'He’s Done So Much in the Past Four Years'

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CNBC's Suze Orman bills herself as an "internationally acclaimed personal financial expert."

This "financial expert," appearing on HBO's Real Time Friday, said that in 2012, "We are average [sic] 200,000 jobs a month that are being created...[Obama's] done so much in the past four years I can’t even tell you" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

SUZE ORMAN: I think he not only should run on his record, so he can run on his record, but let’s take a look at this. We have jobs. You can’t do anything without a job. In 2010, we averaged about a million jobs. Okay?

BILL MAHER, HOST: A million jobs?

ORMAN: A million jobs that were created. In 2011, it was 1.8 million jobs. Now, in 2012, we are average 200,000 jobs a month that are being created. So he can run on his record. The jobs are coming up. And he’s done so much in the past four years I can’t even tell you.

Did I mention this came from a self-described "internationally acclaimed personal financial expert?"

I guess this "internationally acclaimed personal financial expert" doesn't know that as we only have one month of data, there is no average yet. You do need at least two pieces of data to have an average.

Also eluding this "internationally acclaimed personal financial expert" is that Obama's only been in office for three years - or does his campaign year count towards him doing "so much?"

With math skills such as these, how'd you like Orman managing your personal finances?

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#1 Orman

Now let me get this straight. According to Orman nobama lost 200,000 per month in 2012, right? What is going to happen in the remaining 11 months-another 200,000 jobs lost each month. I want this woman doing my taxes-God she is so smart.

#2 Suze Orman - so far, it's a cyclic recovery, at best.

Some might argue that TARP changed the outcome -- many would argue that the Fed kept us out of the big doo doo pile -- some might argue that the Stimulus Bill changed the outcome (though, that one is highly suspicious - other than piling on debt); however,  any could argue that this very meek recovery of the past couple years, is purely cyclic in nature.

(;~/ gary

PS - I'll give Suze credit for one thing; she was on Piers Morgan the other night. She does seem a bit more economically savvy than he.

#3 Gary

A cocker spaniel is more economically savvy as Piers.


Facts are like kryptonite to the liberal.

#4 "He's done so much in the past four years I can’t even tell you"

Come on Sooze, try real extra hard I know you can do it!! What's that? Oh,you really CAN'T tell us? Is that because he hasn't done ANYTHING!?!?!

"I got pie" ...BHO 2011

#5 oh, but he has

remember 2008 - the year he campaigned so well? "Yes, we can" "Si se puede" "Hope and Change"

#6 Ah, yes . . .

sapphic. sycophantic and Ormanic. :Þ

#7 Okay . . . .

So she is not the smartest dyke on TV. Point conceeded! The defense stipulates.

#8 I'm afraid to ask who

I'm afraid to ask who is...not Butch Madcow the Rhodes Scholar??!!


Facts are like kryptonite to the liberal.

#9 Wow

From what I've seen of Suze she's usually WAY better than that. Normally she's like the Dr. Laura of finance.

Actually, given who the host was and what HE'S said about job numbers I think Suze may have been misled. Macroeconomics is not her beat and it's conceivable she hasn't been paying attention and so trusted that Maher was giving her honest facts.

#10 During their beg and plead

During their beg and plead for money months, UNC-TV will use her to raise $$. I once e-mailed them and said i would contribute if they got rid of her. Never heard back and come next beg and plead time there she was again. They didn't get my money.

A well regulated militia being necessary to a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

#11 She's full of crap.

And the Bureau of Labor's numbers PROVE it. We have MORE PEOPLE than ever living in the US . . . and FEWER PEOPLE WORKING than we've had in TEN frakkin' YEARS . . . but things are "better?" How stupid are people who believe their crap?

63.7% employed over the age of 16 . . . NOW. It was 64.2% ONE YEAR AGO. It was 64.8% TWO years ago. And it was 66.0% the month before the Manchurian Kenyan Marxist Muslim Rat Bastard was elected. And yet, the propaganda from the American versions of Pravda is that things are . . . better?

A wise & frugal government, which shall leave men free 2 regulate their own pursuits of industry & improvement, & shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government. T. Jefferson

#12 If the labor force

If the labor force participation rate falls just 5% more, we will have zero, that's right 0, unemployment in our country! See this article on Zero Hedge for details:

Meanwhile, Suze is on Fox with her financial advice program. It is perdictable and boring. She parades one financial disaster person or couple after another on her program and pretends to set them straight. They, in turn, pretend to listen to her.

Regarding the Obummer's "doing so much in 4 years." If it weren't for the the downward pressure of the labor force participation rate, unemployment would be 11% plus. It is because people have dropped off the unemployment roles altogether because they couldn't find a job and their 99 weeks of unemployment paymens ran out that we are no "enjoying" a 8.3% unemployment rate.

And, Wall Street is eating it up. Go figure???

#13 FOX?

I always though Orman was on MSNBC or CNBC.


"You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas...on the taxpayer’s dime." Barack Obama

#14 Oops! My bad - Orman is on

Oops! My bad - Orman is on CNBC . . . not Fox.

#15 She is also on PBS. Many of the women on Fox are...

blondes, but not all blondes are on Fox.

Jim Webster

#16 In case you needed it,

This sure helps to calibrate the quality of analysis Susie gives out [for free], which goes to a very important bit of financial advice: You get what you pay for. In this case, it looks as if Susie’s “advice” was paid for by the DNC.

Oh, and Susie tell us please do: How many zillion jobs did Obama SAVE?

- Looking forward to the self-annihilation of the Manipulated Stories Machine.

#17 No clue as to what "average" means.

So, this self styled financial expert has no clue what the word "average" means. She really can't be this stupid. I'm going to guess that since this was an appearance on Maher's show, that she must have partaken of the free drugs that he has lying around in his green room.


"You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas...on the taxpayer’s dime." Barack Obama

#18 Hammer. Nail. Head.

Its kinda hard to average ONE NUMBER. But being a smart fellow, she multiplied it by 12, then divided that number by 12.....see, an AVERAGE. (sigh)

#19 I think the lipstick lesbian

I think the lipstick lesbian forgot a word in her statement - it should have been 'he's done so much (damage) in the past 4 years'.
And, even though I"m just a high-school graduate (although I DID go to the same high school as Boy Barry, and I got in there by getting a high score on a hard entrance test, and not for some other reason), my math tells me that Boy BlahBlah has only been in office THREE years.....................although maybe she was counting the year that he was campaigning and being selected and being groomed and being instructed about the how the whole economic melt-down was going to happen, so that he could come out looking like he had some answers as to how to 'fix it'. Remember when he was 'running' a meeting at the White House when the whole system was 'collapsing'??? Like this twerp knows anything about economics.

#20 Really?

HBO is still in business??

#21 And he’s done so much in the

And he’s done so much in the past four years I can’t even tell you.
Yeah, Suze, we know you can't tell us, and we know why.

#22 Disordered Reality

A good rule of thumb is that when your reality is so far removed from reality as perceived by the vast majority of others then it is time to question your own perceptions.

As it stands the only people that are pushing the whole Sgt. Pepper's "It's getting better all the time" world view with regards to jobs and the economy, are those political hacks that are by far rarely if ever effected by a truly bad economy.

Strangely though, they have no problem lauding the wondrous turn around in the economy while simultaneously bemoaning the continuing and worsening economic fate of the poor and downtrodden. I suppose liberals have truly bought into the idea that is possible, even laudable and a grand show of superior intellect, to hold two diametrically opposed ideas to both be fully and equally true.

While the rational mind questions how it is possible for things to both be "getting better" while at the same time "getting worse". The rational mind also wonders if people that hold these beliefs are intellectually dishonest or simply dumb as a box of rocks.

I tend to believe that they are simply ....both.

#23 Suze

The left's alternate universe is getting quite over crowded lately.

#24 What makes her statement even

What makes her statement even more strange is that she has said that she is supporting Mitt Romney. Go figure?

#25 ⇒ She's supporting Mitt?

Maybe she had a spat with her wife before taping.

#26 thanks for the bad advice stupid

not very credible is she?

#27 What suze failed to mention

What suze failed to mention was where the jobs are being created. Most estimates say China & Canada.

#28 Math Wizard

So, Orman's giving Obama credit for the last year of Bush's term? She's the expert with numbers? I'm in the wrong business...

#29 Suze

I don't think her expertise is in finances, investments, or economics. I think she's good at marketing herself.

#30 Precisley! Orman made her

Precisley! Orman made her pile at Merril Lynch as a "Financial Advisor" and was able to parley that into a gig as a VP at Prudential. This was during the eighties, so draw your own conclusion. Essentially she operated within well-established financial infrastures, but there is no mention in any of her on-line biographies that she actually went out and beat the hedges to write new business. Again, draw your own conclusions.
How she managed to establish the Orman group is unclear. A little research seems to reveal that the Orman group, of which she resigned as director in 1997, exists almost exclusively to market her books, lacking enough corporate clients for even boutique status as a financial service companay.
Orman makes a living by repeating the same advice to grown 40-year old women given to them by their fathers on the drive down to college. "Save your money, live within your means." Wow. Such insight.

I left my filter in Afghanistan.

#31 The more I learn about this woman...

the less I like her.

Jim Webster

#32 2.5 million folks dropped out of the job market

In the last two months we lost 2.5 million workers off the rolls... against a putative 400,000 new jobs. Suze Moron needs a course in basic math.

#33 Suze Or man is a human

Suze Or man is a human sock-puppet. She's as complicit in all of this as Jim Cramer was before the financial crisis hit.

Get a rope and give her a long drop followed by a sudden stop.

-- As kind as possible and as unkind as necessary.

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