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Sarah Palin Slams Newsweek for Giving Cover Story to 'TrigTruther' Andrew Sullivan

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The pushback concerning Newsweek's decision to publish a cover story asking "Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?" continues.

On Tuesday, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin weighed in on Twitter saying, ": know what's truly 'dumb'? Giving a cover story to the TrigTruther conspiracy kook writer who thinks I didn't give birth to my son":

As NewsBusters has reported in the past, Newsweek's Andrew Sullivan is amongst the absurd media members advancing the conspiracy theory that Trig Palin isn't Sarah's son.

Now he's on the cover of this shameless liberal rag.

If you were Palin, would you be angry, too?


#1 "kook"... the perfect palindrome

with which to pummel a petulant putz.

FearMonger Out.

#2 ROFL!

hehe you said 'PALINdrome'. Nice one!

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend, unless my friend is more evil than my enemy."

#3 Glad you liked it MM...


FearMonger Out.

#4 Ah ha. Thanks, I didn't get it at first

Maybe we should refer to them as PalindroNes (because Sarah was the source of the violent rhetoric that "targeted" Gabby Gifford). She criss-crosses (cross, get it?) the country, aiming her comments at liber-olds, liber-teens, and liberaces all over the place.

#5 "PalinSTONES" works too

cuz every one she hurls is spot-on and devastating. Plus she's got more stones than any of the remaining (R) primary contenders. Huevos Grande AND a million-dollar smile!

FearMonger Out.

#6 Newsweak

Circulation figures:

2003: 4 million worldwide (2.7 million in US)
2010: 1.5 million

Still seen at dentists' offices and hair salons nationwide.

Move over, Current TV. You're getting competition from the print media.

#7 newsweek circulation and dentist offices

never saw a current issue, always months behind.

Found it humorous on a few occasions reading a dated issue with their editorial pronouncements, uh, news, in some articles, their conclusions were wrong or just off base.

#8 My dentist

stopped putting it in his waiting room. I was actually looking for it to see if he kept up his subscription. Thank goodness he didn't!

"Unfortunately, some people use belief-based facts rather than fact-based beliefs." -Par for the Course on Wed, 04/18/2012 - 5:38pm

#9 It looks like Newsweek wants to go out with a bang.

Here we have another completely disingenous, despicable, and typical Newsweek edition and just as typically full of sound and fury and signifying nothing. Out, out brief candle (and don't let the door hit you on the way).

#10 I prefer a vision of Newsweak's demise

I prefer a vision of Newsweak's demise to that of the Italian Captain of the cruise liner who, while showing off to his friends, ignores the passengers' safety ... overrides the auto-navigation system (because he is so much smarter than everyone else), steers the ship onto the rocks and rips open her belly, lies about the peril of flooding and imminent death, promptly abandons his ship due to his own cowardice while the stricken vessel rolls onto its side trapping his passengers, is promptly arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in an Italian prison, where he forever becomes the object of affection by the throngs of burly admirers.


#11 That reminds me ...

The MSM are letting us down. They're shirking their duties (kind of like the Captain Schettino). it's been two days now and still—still!—no comparison to the Exxon Valdez and Captain Hazelwood.

Where's Olbermann when we need competent coverage? Where's Racial Madcow? Ed "I hope my face doesn't freeze this way" Schmutz? Steppingonagoose? Diane "Romper Room" Sawyer? Larry-Rosie O'Donnell? What about Rev. Tawana Sharpyton? (Oh, right. He doesn't do boat wrecks, he just does racial inflammation.)

#12 $1

What is offered as "reporting" these days has a frightening resemblence to the description of reporting in Atlas Shrugged.

#13 Noticing the same thing.

Some of the terminology and the ideology being put forth by the left and others is frighteningly similar also.


Madison and Jefferson and Franklin built a Republic - Roberts killed it! 

#14 Canary

I am tempted to buy a Canary so I can line the cage floor with Newsweek.


#15 Now why would you want to do that

and piss off or maybe even psychologically harm the canary? Do you not like canaries, or is it all birds?


Madison and Jefferson and Franklin built a Republic - Roberts killed it! 

#16 It works well

in a cat's litter box too.

If you're not getting flak, you're not over the target.

#17 Even cats....

find Newsweek beneath them. (pun intended)

#18 No no no

When the canary keels over (like the Monty Python parrot or the Italian liner), then you know it's Newsweak's last issue.

#19 Shouldn't it be...


George Orwell would be proud. Of course, he'd a never guessed in a million years the totalitarianism he feared so much would be coming from the Left.

#20 Oh, I think he knew. Orwell

Oh, I think he knew. Orwell was anti-communist. England started it's dance of death with socialism just after the war.

               A gun in your hand beats a cop on the phone.

#21 On a side note

What is wrong with Obama's neck? Seriously, right side meeting the collar, that's it's natural. Looks very photoshopped, guess they couldn't find a pic of him looking snooty enough.

#22 HAHA

Baconneck ala hanes commercial! this assclown couldn't think his way out of a wet paper bag, much less be the president. i would challenge any left wing elitist to a debate, me, oh lowley blue collar worker, dumb, public school educated, and tech school, no ivy league for me, and i would win any debate from these talking point parrots. so if all of odumbos critics are dumb, then over 50 percent of america is dumb, looking at his earness poll numbers


"Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought?" Orwell, 1984  

Ceteris paribus

#23 Uhhhhh.....

I am unclear why anyone would take anything in this magazine seriously.

Check out the circulation figures....

#24 Palin

Blessings to Palin for once again standing up to the "real" truth.....Sullivan is dumb and as the parent also of a trisomy child, I detest the bile that spews from his mouth.....shame on Newsweek......Newsweak.

#25 Newsweek

I once subscribed to this ragazine (not a typo) because it was one of the least expensive ones offered in a friend's son's fund-raising effort at school.

Now I occasionally receive "come back" offers from NW. I just received one today, in fact. As it came with a postage paid envelope I sent the renewal form back -- make them pay the postage! -- but didn't renew. I just wrote some comments on the form even thought I know it is only going to some contracted fulfillment agency and not to NW itself.

Some of the comments:

  • The official magazine of the Democrat National Committee
  • Liberal propaganda
  • Isn't NewsWEAK the rag that someone bought for one dollar? The WHOLE company for a buck!

Sure it was childish, but it felt good! ; ^ D

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