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Chris Wallace Denies Joe Scarborough's Claim He 'Loathes Mitt Romney'

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Joe Scarborough on MSNBC's Morning Joe last week claimed that Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace "loathes Mitt Romney."

On Fox & Friends Sunday, Wallace denied this (transcript and commentary follow with video courtesy Johnny Dollar, relevant section at 2:45):

CHRIS WALLACE: You know, some people say, and I will take this advice, don’t punch down. Don’t respond to folks that are silly and aren’t worthy of a response. It isn’t true. I suspect he knows it isn’t true. I think he’s trying to get into Fox with a network that gets higher ratings than he does. I’ll leave it at that.

Here's how Politico reported Scarborough's comments:

"Chris Wallace has never made a secret of the fact that he loathes Mitt Romney, has never liked him," he said during "Morning Joe." "Anybody that knows Chris Wallace at Fox has said the same thing. Chris Wallace, of course, will deny it, and then throw an insult around because that’s what he’s done in the past."

For a man who keeps insisting he's a conservative commentator, Scarborough sure does like to go after people highly-admired by folks on the right.


#1 I have to agree with Joe on

I have to agree with Joe on this one. As much as I like Chris Wallace, I often sense his dislike for Romney. That being said, nobody at Fox News can compare with Carl Cameron and his blatant bias against Romney during the 2008 campaign. Cameron lips probably still smell of Huckabee's rear end. Once I caught onto it I would sit and laugh as he reported from the road just about everyday. He truly threw his objectivity out the window of the bus. BTW...I am not a Romney fan and wish earnestly for Christmas that a 3rd candidate moves ahead of both of the current front runners.

#2 Meeeee toooooo...

Meeeee toooooo...

#3 Scarborough is a fraud

This is further evidence of Scarborough's dishonesty.

Scarborough has found ways to denegrate every GOP candidate except the favorite son of MSNBC - John Huntsman. He mocks them and critcizes them.

This effort to speak on Wallace's behalf without the slightest shred of evidence only further supports the hypocrisy of Scarborough who is paid very well to be the token conservative (very small "c") for MSNBC/NBC.

Wallace has admitted to being a registered Democrat but I have found him to challenge ALL candidates and equally. The same can be said of Bret Baer. That is what journalists are paid to do - not be flaks for any one candidate or political party as MSNBC shamefully does.

#4 Gat.....Democrat Chris (Are you a flake?) Wallace is

as fair and balanced as Fox News anchor Shepard Smith.

You don't have to take my word. Lawyer, author and Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin said this (audio) and more regarding Democrat Chris Wallace's flake comment:

Wallace would not have done this to a liberal or minority.

Perhaps you might be persuaded by former Secretary of Education, author and Conservative political commentator Bill Bennett who also commented (audio) about Democrat Wallace's flake comment:

“It’s time for Chris Wallace to go. There’s just too much,” Bennett, a CNN commentator, said of the Fox News Sunday host. “He couldn’t defend himself against Jon Stewart. He couldn’t do anything when Bill Clinton was poking his finger on him. . . . He can’t defend Fox. I can defend Fox better than Chris Wallace does.”

However, I agree with you completely that RINO Scarborough is a fraud and I will add, a prostitute (to sell oneself for an unworthy purpose).

#5 Rush - - - - I know Shep

Rush - - - - I know Shep Smith is a Democrat (as well as gay) and the lineup Ailes has is very balanced which is the way a news station should be. That's why FoxNews has more viewers by over 2:1 to the other faux-news stations combined.

I recall the "flake" comment by Wallace and I think Bachmann handled it sensationally. The essence of the question was based on what the impression was of Bachmann in the general media and if he didn't ask it one of the thousand liberal media shills would have. If she was not prepared with an answer to Wallace, it would have been worse coming from one of the other news networks.

I will agree that Wallace is getting more liberally biased this past year than he has in the past and maybe it is time for him to go and replaced with Ed Henry.

#6 Gat...., Perhaps it's just me (and Levin and Bennett) who

believe that Wallace went too far in his question, and showed a lack of respect and deference to a Congresswoman and presidential candidate. Moreover, If an Obama media "journalist" wants to pose such a disparaging question, than let them. A decent journalist who treats others with respect would remain above the fray, and not be concerned with what the thousand liberal media shills think of or would ask Bachmann, or Romney or Gingrich, or any Republican candidate

Also, the Leftist media and Leftist websites were thrilled that Wallace was the one that asked the question If a "fair and balanced" Fox News journalist believes Michelle Bachmann may be a flake, she definitely and positively must be a flake.

Now all that said, you and I are mostly in agreement. I always enjoy your lucid posts. I have one last thought to convey to you:

I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy and Safe Holiday period.

#7 George Will completely shredded the Herman Cain candidacy

on This Week last Sunday. Does that do serious or even irreparable damage to Will's conservative credentials? Roger Ailes and Karl Rove have been critical of certain politicians and pundits admired by conservatives. Are Ailes and Rove therefore unwelcome in the ranks of the real conservatives?  Dr. Krauthammer delivered Newt's political obituary six months ago.  Tom Coburn has been highly critical of Newt as have other purported conservatives.  Should they be expelled from the club?


#8 Why not,

Considering all of em are trying to get Mitt elected. Bush light

Seek Truth, Defend Liberty

#9 What we are seeing is the

What we are seeing is the Republican establishment, who are in bed with the Democrat establishment, vs. Conservatives and The Tea Party.

I have watched Joe on DNCNBC for a long time, for years, when he was just a political analyst for DNCNBC. He has moved to the Left. I used to like his political points of views, but he jumped the shark a long time ago. He sold his soul to stay employed with DNCNBC.

#10 As you know, Jer, reasonable

As you know, Jer, reasonable people can disagree. George Will may not have been as impressed with Herman Cain as I was, but his attacks were fair in the sense that they attacked the substance of Cain's candidacy...essentially that he was not well-versed enough on policy issues to be considered a "serious candidate". Krauthammer has lodged similar complaints about certain conservative candidates...and truth be told, he's not a dyed-in-the-wool conservative. Tom Coburn's true colors are starting to emerge since he's no longer burdened with having to run for office. He had to mask his beltway streak in order to appear credible in Oklahoma, but now that he's essentially a freelancer, he can play the self-important beltway lecturer who's comfortable biting the hands that fed him (insisting on tax increases, publicly supporting Nancy Pelosi as a "nice lady", jabs at Fox News, etc.). Basically, he's not a conservative, but played one on TV for a while.

Karl Rove. Now that's another story. Karl Rove was not, is not and will never be a conservative. The fact that he is viewed as a conservative is down entirely to his association with George W. Bush (himself no conservative...Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, signing the incandescent light bulb ban, illegal immigration, TARP, spend, spend, spend). Rove is an opportunist, a spin merchant, a hack. His attack of Christine O'Donnell in the immediate aftermath of Mike Castle's embarrassing, yet deserved, defeat, is a perfect example of the kind of "conservative" Karl Rove is. Karl Rove is a Republican, not a conservative. If Lincoln Chafee was running against a conservative Democrat, conservatives would support the Democrat. Rove would support Chafee, Snowe, Collins, Hagel, Castle, Schwarzenegger, Crist, Todd-Whitman, Bob Inglis or any other big government leftist who happens to squat in the Republican Party. He is a party above principle man...and without principles, party matters for squat.

"I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered."  -George Best

#11 fitzlong.....I enjoyed reading your comprehensive analysis

and well written post. In my humble opinion, it is spot-on.

#12 Only a

creep like the Gingrich loathing Scarborough could tsk tsk about a fellow media type hating a politician.

#13 Come on Chris doesn’t hate Newt.

He just thinks he is a conservatives so he must be a flake, which is what Chris “I hate all conservatives” Wallace actually believes

#14 Hey Chris

At the next train stop, do everyone a favor and jump off of your father's coat tail. Or do it when the train is moving.

#15 Chris calls it down the middle

He's completely neutral, just ask him.

#16 About the $10,0000 bet

I didn't expect Fox to get on the '$10,000' bandwagon, but I guess I was wrong.

Everyone knows Mitt is wealthy, and as far as I'm concerned, it was more symbolism rather than a get-rich opportunity. Usually, charities are the benefit of such bets.


CNN, the Clinton News Network---Bill decides; Hill reports

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