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Goldberg on CNNer's Softball to Obama: 'Most Ridiculous Question I Have Ever Heard'

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As NewsBusters previously reported, CNN White House correspondent Dan Lothian at a press conference at the APEC summit in Hawaii Sunday asked President Obama if Republican presidential candidates were "uninformed, out of touch, or irresponsible."

On Fox News's O'Reilly Factor Monday, political analyst Bernie Goldberg said, "That was the most ridiculous question I have ever heard by a regular reporter from a so-called mainstream news outfit. Ever." (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL O’REILLY, HOST: This is a CNN correspondent, Dan Lothian, and he’s interviewing President Obama in Hawaii. Go.


DAN LOTHIAN, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Last night at the Republican debate, some of the hopefuls, they hope to get your job, they defended the practice of waterboarding, which is a practice that you banned in 2009. Herman Cain said quote, “I don’t see that as torture.” Michele Bachmann said that it’s quote “very effective.” So I’m wondering if you think that they’re uninformed, out of touch, or irresponsible?

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: That's a multiple choice question, isn't it?

[Laughter] Let me just say this: they’re wrong.


O’REILLY: Alright. So, a lot of people say, look, the CNN reporter is sympathetic to President Obama's point of view by baiting him that way. And you say?

BERNIE GOLDBERG: Well, look, when I first saw this, I thought it was a Saturday Night Live comedy routine. Are you kidding? I mean, a reporter from a major news organization asking if Republicans are uninformed, out of touch, or irresponsible? President Obama even looked embarrassed by the question. It looked like he…

O’REILLY: He looked a little perplexed.

GOLDBERG: During that pause I thought he was going to say, “Hey man, listen, listen, I know you guys love me, and for good reason you love me, but this is embarrassing.” Look, I have, I have followed this for decades, and I don't think I've ever seen a case as so unvarnished in terms of bias as this. I've said on this program more than once, Bill, I have said on this program that bias is rarely blatant. This is jaw-droppingly blatant.

O’REILLY: The only escape hatch that Mr. Lothian has is if he was going for this big reaction. You know, he wanted to provoke Mr. Obama to say, “Hey, people are pinheads.”

GOLDBERG: He has no escape hatch. That was the most ridiculous question I have ever heard by a regular reporter from a so-called mainstream news outfit. Ever.

O’REILLY: Well, thank G-d, because I think some of mine have broached that territory, but I'm glad he topped me. Bernie Goldberg, everybody.

Goldberg wasn't the only one to recognize the absurdity of this question. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh commented during his program Monday:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Folks, this is a more profound example of media bias than you're ever going to hear. This is the reporter sucking up to Obama; and Obama, I think, recognized what a suck-up question it was. This question even embarrassed Obama...I think Obama may have wanted the question. I think the way Obama answered that said, "Oh, jeez. I don't need the bias to be this obvious, for crying out loud."

Better still, our friends over at Powerline gave Lothian four Lewinskys.

Those not getting the joke should use their imagination.


#1 This guy looks like Boy

This guy looks like Boy Barry's long lost brother...........but NOT the one who lives in a hut............and he's got about the same IQ.

#2 This guy should immediately order

12 martinis......that ought to kill the taste....I rate it 20 Lewinskis.....LOL.....

#3 Journalism RIP

Journalism is dead in America. RIP Journalism.

#4 The mask is off.

Ain't it pretty.

Give Peas a Chance. ☑ ABØ in 2012

#5 Is Obama the most ridiculous President ever?

Well, his latest gaffe (#38)....he now thinks Hawaii is in Asia.

Most ridiculous evah?

I'd have to say YES!

#6 Methinks we haven't seen

Methinks we haven't seen nothing yet, Blonde. With a little less than twelve months to go, I expect to see the knee pad media topping themselves more and more with questions such as this, in the days ahead. JMHO!


Facts are like kryptonite to the liberal.

#7 Methinks we haven't seen

Methinks we haven't seen nothing yet, Blonde. With a little less than twelve months to go, I expect to see the knee pad media topping themselves more and more with questions such as this, in the days ahead. JMHO!


Facts are like kryptonite to the liberal.

#8 The Augusta Chronicle has also criticized Lothian and the

mainstream media. In an editorial titled The better to kill them? The editorial begins with:

We have just seen a preview of how a news media that worked very hard to elect a president will be building fortifications around his presidency in 2012.
That the “mainstream” media skewed the 2008 election in Barack Obama’s favor is not in dispute, nor is it a matter of opinion or speculation. Even honest members of the major national media have admitted it, and studies have documented it, while Saturday Night Live paid satirical homage to it.

By the way, here is another example of the bias of Wikipedia posters. When I read the wording In the Stance section of the Wiki for The Augusta Chronicle, I almost fell over. Here it is as I write this before hopefully it is changed.


The Augusta Chronicle takes the typically imbecilic conservative stance on issues which appeals to the vast majority of the uneducated Republicans in the area. Since the majority of born and bred southerners are drunk by 10am, the bar for journalistic standards, honest reporting, common decency, fairness and equality is quite low.
But fear not for the souls of the tarnished, for all will be forgiven when the biblical passage of the day is printed. Worthy of honorable mention and a sure sign of a blessing from the Savior, The Augusta Chronicle Editors are currently crusading in an ongoing effort to impale the rectums of their readers with King James bibles.

#9 Update:

It has been revised. It now reads:

"The Augusta chronicle takes a very conservative stance on issues which appeals to the majority of the subscribing residents in the area."

Nice takedown, and quick, too!

#10 DumbCanuck....Thanks for the update. Leave it to a

Leftist Wikipedia poster to change it to a "very conservative stance." To a leftist, it's not enough to describe a conservative as just a conservative. Conservatives, to a Leftist, must be described as "very conservative," i.e. extreme.

#11 Talk about blatant

Talk about blatant a$$-kissing....that so called 'reporter' should be fired for his actions. I forgot: there's no accountability or responsibility required in the Liberal Dicktard Lame Stream Media!

"The bended knee is not a tradition of our Corps..." General Alexander A. Vandergrift, USMC to the Senate Naval Affairs Committee, 5 May 1946

#12 I had only read the transcript before.

I never actually saw the clip until now.
Holy cow that was bad.
I thought he was going to lick Obama's hand and shout "Go Obama!"

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#13 Get your boots on!

The only surprising thing about this incident is that Obama didn't answer "All of the above."

Get your boots on, people! It's going to get a lot deeper before November 2012.

In '08 they simply had to play up the "hope and change" theme.

This time he's got a record to run on, and it ain't good.  They are going to have to do a Rapunzel and spin straw into gold to get it done this time.

#14 This is pretty bad

but I've heard worse from Helen Thomas.

#15 CNN

CNN is just getting trying out questions for the next debate which they host.

#16 When I heard Lothian's

When I heard Lothian's farcical question, I expected him to begin to giggle like a school girl and ask Barry for a date. Good grief, what an embarrassing and pre-approved by the WH question.

"This is not your mother's Democratic Party"--Andrew Breitbart, CPAC, February 2012

#17 Ironic

What's Ironic here is that people who do believe waterboarding is torture are uninformed. Waterboarding was part of my FRATERNITY INITIATION. It's not torture, its something that's kinda uncomfortable. The whole issue of waterboarding is a red herring invented by the left in order to made the right look bad. "Either admit that this thing that isn't torture is torture, or else we'll tell everyone that you're uninformed and like torture" because the average person has no frame of reference they'll buy it.

#18 Tougher post-game questioning

The average sports reporter grills a losing coach with tougher questions than MSM reporters ask of the poseur in the White House.

#19 funny, that's the same question SEIU sent out

SEIU 521 sends out a communique a couple weeks ago with the heading "Help us pick out our next president!"

the "our" of course is not a Union Local. Nor is there anything about negotiating fairness in our wages. Nope. It's Free Campaign Resources for Dems Time!

And in it, are questions just like the one mentioned in the article. Not asking about which candidate we support, but loaded questions of "how Obama can improve" and "what's wrong with all the Republicans"

this way, they can take millions in dues we are forced to pay, and spend it on Democrat campaigns in violation of campaign finance law. Thousands of man hours of Union employees will be manning banks to "get the word out". And it will be "defended" by saying, "that's what our members want!"

Now it's back to pro-Occupy rhetoric. But it will be back to All DNC All The Time Campaign work.

Thus letting the Media make a "news story" that is more of the same free campaign airtime.

Gems like this make me laugh..or puke..

3 days left to help pick the next U.S. President!

Survey deadline: Sunday, Nov. 6
Have your voice heard! Take the survey now:

SEIU Local 521 Executive Board meets for a Special Session on Nov. 14 to review members’ survey responses as to which Presidential candidates matches our values.

See how President Obama compares to the Republican candidates.

The survey is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Thank you!

WWW.GS2AC.COM. 2nd Amendment Action in the Bay Area, CA. We're not all "Breakfast Cereal" folks here! :)

"Proportional Response leads to Perpetual War"

"Remember, Remember the 2nd of November!"

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