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Chris Matthews Smells Racism in Declining Number of Whites Supporting Obama

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It appears that unless every white person in this country votes for Barack Obama next November, Chris Matthews will believe it's because they're racist.

On this weekend's syndicated program bearing his name, the host smelled racism in the declining number of whites supporting the President (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: First up, the very fact of President Barack Obama is a resounding affirmation these two generations later of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. It was 48 years ago today that Dr. King talked of an America that could truly be called a shining city on a hill. That dream seemed to be coming true three years ago today when the newly-nominated Barack Obama wove the promise of Dr. King into his appeal for the votes of all Americans.


MATTHEWS: Obama went on to win 43 percent of white votes in that fall’s election, and that may sound low but Democrats really never win a white majority. Bill Clinton got 43 percent of votes, of white votes back in ’96. Al Gore got just 42 percent, and John Kerry got only 41 percent of white votes in 2004. So Obama’s 43 percent of white votes in 2008 was on the high end.

Exactly. Obama got more white votes as a percentage than Gore and Kerry, and the same as the incumbent Clinton, but Matthews can't reach the logical conclusion that this means racism wasn't a factor in the 2008 elections; if it was, Obama should have received less white votes than recent white candidates.

Unfortunately, as the goal of liberal media members is always to paint conservatives as racists, Matthews opted to present typical left-wing talking points rather than the obvious:

MATTHEWS: But last November’s shellacking of Democrats in the midterm elections came with a dramatic retreat. White voters deserted Democrats running for Congress. Democrats actually got only 37 percent of white votes last November – 37 percent.

It’s all very worrying for the Obama reelection campaign because in the most recent NBC poll, he, the president, is down to just 36 percent of whites.

So, in 2008, Obama got more white votes as a percentage than white candidates Kerry and Gore in the two preceding presidential elections, but his current lack of white support is because of racism.

Nowhere in the next nine minutes - as he and his guests discussed how Republicans are going to use race in the upcoming campaign - was there any discussion about why Obama has lost support of white voters.

Could it have something to do with his performance the past 31-plus months? Seems like a logical question, doesn't it?

But that wasn't important to this discussion. Neither was a recent Gallup poll finding that black support for Obama has dropped from 95 percent to 81 percent.

Have fourteen percent of African-Americans suddenly started hating African-Americans, or is there something about Obama's policies that is turning them off too?

This also wasn't discussed. Instead, Matthews and his guests spent over half the program talking about white racism and how it's going to impact the 2012 elections.

For liberal media members like these, any white person that doesn't vote for Obama next November is a racist. Which means that white people need to prepare themselves for constant accusations of racism in the next fourteen-plus months.

With unemployment guaranteed to remain high, and the economy teetering on a double-dip recession, the President isn't going to be able to run on his record.

This means his minions in the media are going to be playing the race card at every turn - they've got nothing else in their hand.


#1 So when 98% of

So when 98% of African-Americans voted for Obama, is that NOT racism?

"It may be true that you can't fool all the people all the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country"......Will Durant

#2 Not sure what is more questionable......

......the 98% black vote for him, or the continuing approximate 90% support regardless of what he does or doesn't do. When is Chris going to have a panel discussion on that point?

There are people who never voted for anything in their entire lives, who voted for Obama, and who will never again vote again for the rest of their lives, after Obama is no longer on a ballot. When is Chris going to have a panel discussion on that point?

Basically Chris is one of those who uses race to get around having to substantively defend the Socialist president. He seems to think that white people would continue to love a white, Socialist, failing Obama........just as a huge portion of black people are doing as we speak with a black, Socialist, failing Obama.

36% of whites is pretty close to Gallup's current 38% overall approval.

88% of blacks is also pretty close to Gallup's current 38% overa.........uhhhhh, wait a minute.

Actually Gallup shows 32% approval among whites. Have at it Chris.

2008 Democrat Primaries, head to head with Hilary Clinton. Note the race demographic...

I remember all the discussions about racism regarding those massive majorities of the black vote..........uhh, ooops, no....wait a minute.

#3 So everyone is a racist according to Matthews

Then based on Matthews premise all blacks, hispanics, and asians, that didn't vote for McCain or racist as well.

#4 Well........

.....see now you're bringing logic and rationality into this. Please don't rain on Chrissy's parade.

#5 Didn't you get the memo?

You have to be white to be a racist.


#6 I would like to recomment that Tingles

take a cold, deodorizing shower. Then, maybe he won't smell so much racism. AND he might even be able to think with the head above his belt.

#7 wow

Have fourteen percent of African-Americans suddenly started hating African-Americans? Hee hee.

Or can it be said that 95 percent black support for a black president might be er, racial instead of based on substance?

#8 It is based on ----

It is based on ---- sub-stance, on almost every issue.

#9 Since Obama's support among

Since Obama's support among whites is declining, it's clear that some whites who weren't racist before are now.

#10 No, Tingles--it's the economy, stupid--as Clinton kept saying.

Unemployment is still above 9%. Our credit rating is in the toilet. GDP grew at 1% in the second quarter according to the latest revision. Real unemployment is double the stated rate factoring in the underemployed or those who gave up.

Tell me again why its racism if the POTUS responsible for this mess is losing all of his support? Spending a trillion dollars and having nothing to show for it? An oblivious first lady who is spending taxpayer money on gauche, extravagant holidays? An entire administration of whackademic czars and second-class wannabes who are governing like they are the Roman Senate under Julius Caesar?

On the clueless continuum, Chris dived off the end into complete dementia.

#11 Caligula....

It took Caligula four years to bankrupt the Roman treasury. It only took Caesar Barackus two to do the U.S. Like Nero, he fiddles his Communist instrument while the United States burns. Fiddles while he's not golfing that is......

#12 That's Not Racism Matthews Smells....

....because, you know....he needs a bath, DAMN!!

#13 What ever happen to just plan and simple..

...He sucks?

Not a white thang Mr. Mathews. It's all about his policies and politico philosophies.

#14 The real Racists

Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Chris Mathews. Should I go on? Conservatives love our (as black racists call them) uncle Toms. The way they treat conservative minorities is racist you SOBS. Obama has done more in two years to divide this Country along racial lines then I would have thought possible. He gets all the help he needs from the a fore mentioned and all of the other progressive socialists. We know damn well what you're up to Dictator-in-Chief.

This on the heals of algore's comment about global warming skeptics being racists. Whaaaaat! That jerk makes me puke every time he talks. I must be a puckin' racist.

#15 Anyone notice

Anyone notice that when the crazies on the left (redundant?) cannot back their argument up with FACTS, they simply start accusing their opponents of things THEY are guilty of?

So it would appear that Tingles is having a MAJOR FREUDIAN slip.....

#16 In A Convoluted Way Chris

In A Convoluted Way Chris Matthews Smelling Racism in Declining Number of Whites Supporting Obama Is True.

The Obama regime sponsored overt racism toward White Folks, Especially The Tea Party By blacks, gays, muslims, liber-aces including Barack Obama himself and any screwed up combination of these left wing groups is to blame for these dwindling numbers.

Oh and by the way, that smell is you Chris as you are a rotten, nasty, miserable so & so to your very core.

#17 The real danger in Matthews' message

I noticed two years ago, well after the inauguration, that Chris the Wide Mouth Frog and others on his all-white network and other cabal news networks began to speak of, not just the incipient racism they detected in any voice in opposition to the Tide Receder, but of the possibility of some white guy shooting Obama. CTWMF has a perpetual semi-hardon for this idea. He's like a Weiner photo all the time, tingles up legs, all the weird metaphors.

I am really alarmed by the way the nutcases on the left are moaning in anticipation of an assassination attempt: GAROFALO, Randi Rhodes, Mike Murphy (?), Joey Rebar--the whole lot of them. It is beyond merely colorful language and hyperbole. They're planting seeds of dangerous ideas. I don't think anyone will try, but there's a lot of people on the left who already think that this is a possibility. That is reckless and irresponsible.

#18 Actually I'm surprised the

Actually I'm surprised the left hasn't made an assassination attempt themselves and tried to pin it on 'TeaParty types'. Maybe they can't find a leftist amongst themselves that knows which end to point or they sold more to Mexican drug cartels than they meant to and forgot to keep any for personal use.

#19 Twit Olympics

The best of the left wing whackos made it on the Twit Olympic Team. As all entrants completed the trials, sadly, they all made the team posthumously. I hope you're familiar with "Monty Python".

#20 I am. I'm not a girl. The

I am. I'm not a girl.
The Dems remind me of the skit were the man with vision problems planned to span the 'two' peaks of Mt. Killimanjaro. HA!

#21 they'd sure not waste that crisis would me Irene

Funny thing about "free speech" is that it only goes so far. You cannot expect to start a riot using what you know, or what you would have reasonably known is inflamatory speech and then not be prosecuted.

But they will turn around and accuse certain conservatives of doing the same thing. It they are all hinting around about this great fear of theirs, it seems like a choir or conspiracy. It would be interesting to see who's giving them these talking points!

btw..there's nobody actually named Irene at my place

#22 "Content of the character and not the color of his skin"

Well, he was elected purely because of the color of his skin and even those fools who voted for him are exactly thrilled now with the character.

#23 This worthless moron finds

This worthless moron finds racism in someone simpy BEING white, shows a lot of self loathing if you ask me.


You've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything. (Aaron Tippin)

#24 Chrissy masks his latent

Chrissy masks his latent homosexuality by projecting racism on others who oppose his love interest.

A nation cannot be free without a free, unbiased media. We are not free.

#25 Roots ...

was a good movie. Apparently Chrissy never understood it dealt with black family origins and not black family organs! Now that "tingle thing" is beginning to become much clearer!


#26 black supporters

Wait until the level of black supporters reaches 50%. Then what will Chrissy do? Blame Bush for siphoning off all of the Obama faithful?

#27 Wait until the level of black

Wait until the level of black supporters reaches 50%

No human lifespan is that long.

#28 Never

Even when he is voted out of office in Walter Mondale like fall he will not be below 70% with blacks.

#29 MSNBC is just trying to get out the vote...

Believe me they DO notice that African-American support for Obama has declined from 95 to 81. In fact that is one of the main numbers they care about. That's why they're portraying opposition to Obama as racist. "Hey African-Americans you don't want those racist Republicans to win by being racists! You need to close ranks and get out to vote for Obama! Or else the white racists win and you're responsible for that!" Next (repetitive) commentary by Tingles will be about how the GOP hates women, immigrants, college students. Why? Because they're the Democrats constituencies and MSNBC and the Democratice Party needs to motivate them to come out to vote.

It's not just my theory it's Obama's:

Obama speaks with unusual demographic frankness about his coalition in his appeal to "young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 [to] stand together once again."

See that "we" need to "stand together once again" against "them".

MSNBC: The Democratic Party's Get Out The Vote operation.

#30 You know its bad if Democrats are bailing.

My liberal worshipping, Democrat for life friend will vote for mickey mouse if the Republicans put him up. I teased her and said what about Rick Perry and she shocked me and she said "sounds good to me". I must have been sitting there with my mouth opened and she said "What! Don't you see whats going on around us?" Trust me if he lost her he is toast.

tired of liberal lies

#31 Now that's funny.....

I can't find a single person who voted for him....LOL....I say, come on guys just had the bumper sticker removed....LOL....

#32 Matthews smell racism in the

Matthews smells racism in the vicinity of the electorate. The electorate smells bull dung in the vicinity of Matthews.

#33 More Racism . . .

In Texas, there is a town called New Braunfels, where there is a large German-speaking population.

One day, a local rancher driving down a country road noticed a man using his hand to drink water from the rancher's stock pond. The rancher rolled down the window, and shouted:

"Sehr angenehm! Trink das wasser nicht. Die kuhen haben dahin gesheissen."
Which means: ("Glad to meet you! Don't drink the water.
The cows have shit in it.")

The man shouted back, "I'm from New York, and just down here campaigning for Obama's re-election.

I can't understand you. Please speak in English."

The rancher replied:

"Use both hands in the shape of a cup."

#34 Great joke

Great joke

Nuke em til they glow; then shoot em in the dark

#35 Love New Braunfels!

We live not too far from New Braunfels and attend the annual Wurstfest. It is a great celebration! It attracts all of the Latinos (especially Tejanos/Tejanas!) with German roots. Not to mention the beer and barbecue.......

#36 When everything and anything happens.....

count on PAP Matthews (full of smear) to smell racism. I guarantee that when Obama gets his ass handed to him on Election day 2012, Good 'Ole PAP will be pleading to the chosen one to sign an executive order reversing the election returns because a bunch of racist white people voted against him.

"Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets". - Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver (1976).

#37 Using the numbers presented

Using the numbers presented in the article and video clip...

White support has dropped from 43% to 36% or a 16.3% drop.

Black support has dropped from 95% to 81% or a 14.7% drop.

Seems pretty margin-of-error there.

#38 Old Dog

Racism? Sorry, but that old dog won't hunt no more.

#39 chris B.O. MAN OF THE YEAR

If anybody stinks it's that rat from Phila...."bleaches Matthews" pretty golden boy...

he is the male version of Mika.....

#40 Some of the most frequent players of the Race Card are . . .

. . . white Leftists pundits. Weak on political analysis due to their unflagging belief in their ideology, they convince themselves that the only reason that whites would reject a failing leftist black President is his race.

#41 Next time you read about "Beat Whitey Night" and...

Next time you read about "Beat Whitey Night" about a mob of Black kids beating a White person unconscious simply because they are White, Thank Chris Matthews and the Liberal media for stoking anti-White racism on Obama's behalf.

#42 WHAT?

That could never happen. I've never seen Ann Curry (I wonder if it tastes like chicken curry?) report on such a thing. And we all know, if we "needed to know" it, she'd tell us. (Urp!)

#43 Tinkles sees race

When some one brakes wind, that racists
When someone does a number two, that racists.
When someone does not bow to a picture of the one, that racists.
When someone does (fill in the blank), that racists.

#44 Smart move

on Matthew's part. I wonder how many guilty white liberals who will bring back into the fold with that one? LOL

Bob K

#45 They can't argue the real issues

So they (the lib media and lefties) resort to claims of RACISM.

Chris H. Beyer Right of Way Pundit

#46 WHAT?

All these white people who voted for Obama in 08 one day woke up and said "HOLY $#!T! I VOTED FOR A BLACK MAN! WE CAN'T HAVE THAT!"?

The Thrill along with the rest of the MSNBC Politburo only see a person's skin color.

#47 → Proving what?

And this proves what? That whites refuse to be owned by one monolithic ideology?

#48 → We've all seen it

The message that reads:

  • If you voted for Barack Obama to prove you are not racist
    Please vote against him now to prove you are not a fool.

#49 Chrissy needs to realize ...

.... the plot of the blind liberals in the Planet of the Apes. Without a nuclear holocaust, chrissy and his ilk are taking the USA to this disaster.


#50 Chrissy Is missing something

Many of those whites who no longer support Obummer are DEMOCRATS.

#51 Chris, Chris, Chris,

Headline should say - "Chris Matthews smells!" Period, end of story.


#52 Bass Ackward

He was elected because he was black.

He will not be re-elected because he is an unqualified fool, an unmitigated disaster and a threat to national security.

#53 Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews is a Whiteaphobic.

#54 Ok this scared

me. Please be advised R-rated and welllllllllll I`ll just let it speak for it self. Sad very very sad.

Motor City Madman said it best -

#55 Obama money

Reminds me of the women standing in line that interviewed. Why are you here? To get some money. What money? Obama money. Where did Obama get it? I don`t know , his stash?

Motor City Madman said it best -

#56 People voted for Barry in 2008. . .

. . .to show they weren't racists. They will vote for someone else in 2012 to show they aren't fools. . .

Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment.

#57 Wait a minute, If GOP

Wait a minute, If GOP registered voters normally vote GOP and Democrat registered voters normally vote Democrat, then the only ones Chrissy is talking about changing their vote and being racists as a result of changing their vote are Democrats, Independents and Moderates. You know Chrissy isn't talking about GOP voters since he knows he's wasting his breathe calling us racists because to us its like water off a duck's back.

You hear that Democrats, Chrissy is calling you a racist, a racist, a racist, a racist...

Hey Independents and Moderates, you are racist for not continuing to buy Obama's BS. How's that hope and change working for you? Not so good? What's that? You don't like redistribution of wealth? You don't like the equality of outcome getting an unemployment check and food stamps? You don't like losing your job, your house and your car? Racist, absolutely racist... You bunch of bourgeois materialistic egocentric dilettantes! /sarcasm/

#58 It's not racism that Matthews smells.............

"Chris Matthews Smells Racism in Declining Number of Whites Supporting Obama"


With his nose buried firmly in Obama's rear end, it's unlikely that what Matthews is smelling is racism.

#59 If there was a smell for stupidity....

the air would reek of it from Chrissie



#60 Gone around the bend

Chris Mathews so wants to pander to blacks that he will make statements that suggest he has gone completely around the bend mentally. He is looking for big trouble from fellow Americans when he makes such ridiculous statements. This guy is probably the world's biggest sissy and talks tough from the comfort and safety of a television studio where he doesn't have to confront those who don't see the world from his absurd viewpoint.


#61 Bush's Numbers Weren't Any Better, Maybe Worse

So how does Chwuss explain that whites didn't show any better support for the white guy? It's all a bunch of cwap.

To more fully comprehend the Left, one must read “Leftism As Psychopathy” by John Ray, M.A., Ph.D. Caution, it might scare you a little bit.

#62 Is it any wonder....

...this country is in such piss poor condition when you have the media screaming racism for everything and anything. when all else fails bring race into it. accuse any and all who disagree with you of being a racist to manipulate the masses. al gore just did it, now chrissy matthews and probably countless other libturds who just weren't important enough for anyone to notice.

#63 I think the Tingled One smells racism in his sleep!

He probably thinks the term White House is racist too... when some in the black community do actually believe that it is indeed racist, what morons.

#64 It Might Be Racism But It Is NOT Prejudice, He Blew His Chance

If people are concluding that a black man cannot handle the job as President they are doing so while considering 100% of the examples available. 98% of the black population agreeing that they don't have a better president in mind than Barack Obama is not helping.
Herman Cain is helping because he like so many whites looks at the Obama administration and says "I can do better than that! He is right that he could.

#65 I'm white and I've never supported the guy. I knew he was...

no good from the get go. It wasn't his color I cared about, it was his politics! Matthews is a joke. Everytime he says stuff like this, it only diminishes him and not the people he is insulting with his typical liberal garbage.

Jim Webster

#66 Color me not surprised

We all know that many whites voted for Obama not because he was liberal, but because he WAS black. And if people vote for Obama BECAUSE he's black, that's also RACIST, right?

That was all that counted for them. He was the first "clean, articulate black candidate" as some white dude once famously said.

And they were voting for him. It was his race that made them feel good about themselves.

In fact, there was MUCH TALK about the Bradley Effect. That is: it was assumed many whites were saying to pollsters they would vote for Obama because they DIDN'T WANT TO SOUND racist -- but that come election day, in the privacy of the booth, they would vote for McCain.

They didn't. And when you choose your president based primarily on his color, then that is RACIST, my friend,

I have a feeling that Hurricane Bradley's gonna be a blowin' hard in Nov 2012 -- as Obama goes down to a bigger rout than we think.

The Reuters headline will be:


All of the above Mr Obama? --- How about ALL OF THE BELOW, instead.

#67 Off Color

Why is it that every time Chris speaks he sounds dumber than the time before?

#68 He's a progressive

And whatever brain disease he has is getting progressively worse.


#69 Declining number of hispanics

Declining number of hispanics supporting obama=not racist.
Declining number of white supporting obama=racist.

#70 What Mr. Tingles and his

What Mr. Tingles and his guests are saying is that all the whites who voted for obama in `08 are racist, and they tried to hide that racism by voting for him out of guilt. But now they are letting their true racist faces show.

#71 My definition of a Racist:

racist - (noun) a vitriolic white progressive who believes that a black President must be coddled and defended against all legitimate criticism of his policies and administration by labeling and dismissing his opponents as "racist."

#72 Racist? Naaaa. Smartening up? Possibly

Could it be that Blacks are also bailing on Barry?

That's what the polls are suggesting. So blacks are racist against Barry?


#73 Chris the MAJORITY is

Chris the MAJORITY is speaking, ya might want to listen.

#74 The header should have just

The header should have just read "Chris Matthews Smells" since pretty much everything he presents on his show stinks.

#75 Racism?

It's the Economy, Stupid!


"Isn't it pretty to think that way?"-EH

#76 Does the Drooler sense racism in blacks?

African American support waning for Obama. “A Gallup poll last week found Obama’s poll numbers in the African American community down from its once stratospheric 95 percent approval early in his term, to a still-high, but notably lower 81 percent — tying his worst ever showing from earlier this year. . . . Observers say weaker support for Obama owes to a faltering economy that at 16 percent unemployment for blacks — nearly double the national average of nine percent — has hit the African American community especially hard.”

#77 What Tingles smells.....

is his upper lip.

If you ever want to know what the the Left are doing, listen to what they accuse the Right of doing.

#78 Ummm, what?

Where in Matthews' statement does he say if whites don't vote for Obama it is because of racism? This whole post makes no sense. It is based on something he didn't say, but on what the author thinks what was on his mind. Weird!

#79 you believe it was a transcript?

It was a report. He's given you a summary. He's shown that in-spite of the statistics, Matthews elaborated and said much else during the show that is of interest.

"This also wasn't discussed. Instead, Matthews and his guests spent over half the program talking about white racism and how it's going to impact the 2012 elections."

Go watch the show, for a line by line comparison, but all you get on here is the summary.

#80 Some thoughts

Why is it that people like Mr. Tingles never actually listen to Dr. King's words, but rather to what others say his words were?  I have listened to the words.  I have read them.  It took me about 10 seconds search to find a text copy on the famous speech.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Does that really say that Dr. King wanted us to even see that our current White House resident is black when we decide to vote?  But these progressive idiots, like Chrissy, will espouse Dr. King's dream, and in the same sentence tell us we need to be liking him just because he is black.

I have a theory.  I think the liberal Damcrats really believe the nonsense they spew.  When they look at He-Who-Can-Do-No-Wrong, all they see is his color, therefore they can not understand that anyone else might possibly be able to not care.  All he has is that he is black, so if you don't like him that has to be the reason, there is nothing else.  

A year ago I retired as a teacher in the Detroit Schools.  This gives you an idea about some of the people I worked with.  In May, 2009, four months into the Disaster-In-Chief's reign of terror, I caught one administrator ... 60 something African-American Social Studies Department Head ... sitting, shaking his head, mumbling "I can't believe i wasted my vote for that man!"  What does that say to Chrissy when one of their own (staunch Damcrat) saw how bad it was gonna be, so soon after the election?

#81 Hey Chrissy, follow the yellow brick road!

Well I've said it many times before, this guy needs a LOBOTOMY! For some reason, the good people at COMMIECAST, and G.E. seems to think this guy has a brain. In my humble opinion he needs to see the wizard, like Scarecrow did. But, as we'll see these charges of racism will only get more intense as the election gets closer, and Obiwan fails! What Tingle says in support of Obiwan will get more and more vile, but just wait til Racist Al, and Special Ed see this poll, then the shit will really hit the fan!

#82 Hey, Chrissy.

MLK did talk about a "shining city on a hill."

He also said something about a man being "judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character."

Are we just supposed to skip that part of the speech in Bambi's case?

I am not a racist.  I hate everyone (black, white, latte, tan, freckled, yellow, red, green or blue) who voted for Bambi.  In your case, pink too!

Call Barney Fwank and go on a date, Pwissy.  You obwiously need some weeleif fwom all th' swess.

Comrade Bubba

#83 liberalsarefunny


#84 Simple Chris

If only I could live in the insulated, simplistic world of Chris Matthews....where everything can be explained by whatever Liberal poop that pops into my head. You just knew it had to be racist whites. Certainly nothing else could explain the abject failure of an ex-community organizer, freshman senator with absolutely no clue as to what America is or what it takes to get people to work. Black, white, red, yellow, blue or purple, this president is a disaster across the spectrum and to label white people as racists because your guy can't hack it is the laziest most partisan kind of thinking possible.

#85 The first three words are

The first three words are correct,"Chris Matthews smells"

#86 What??

So the white people that had supported President Obama was because he was NOT black and now that they may not support President Obama is because they had recently found out that he is black? Oh the liberal logic is quite amusing.

I believe in "Hope and Change". I "Hope" that there is a "Change" in the White house.

#87 racism is now time for me to step up and admit something that I have kept secret for a long time....

.... I am a racist......I hate white liberals..........!



He is also 3 sandwiches short of a picnic, the same as the left and Obama.

#89 Prissy wakes up every morning and smells racism in his coffee


Vote for the American in November

#90 Blacks, for too many years, have

accepted their handouts and gifts from mostly white taxpayers with such lust and ungratefullness that I would think that some of the more educated or successful blacks would begin to cringe, at the anger which is bred in the minds of their bretheren. This does not seem to be the case. Which points to a much larger problem of virulent ant-white racism in the hearts of black people. Now, much of the world is insisting that whites be brought down because we have managed to thrive and succeed in ways that apparently they can not even dream of. While never asking the right questions as to why they cannot do the same. Either they enjoy their handouts more than their freedom to succeed, or they are incompetent fools. Either way, I can't see how it is the problem or the fault of conservative whites. Accept your minimal handouts, or make a decision to change your lives for the better. Knee jerk reactionary answers simply do not impress me. I am trying very hard to be fair, which may well be the weakness of blacks....and liberals.

"Quality control is always easier and infinitely less painful than damage control."   Ted Nugent

#91 Definition of Racist

Definition of racist: Someone who voted for Obama in 2008 and plans to vote against him in 2012.

Btw, did Obama just become black since the election, or something?

#92 Definition of Racist-2

Anybody who isn't going to vote for President Downgrade.

The Obamination... A crisis leading to a catastrophe..(please donate to MRC)

#93 Krissy Matthews

I will care what Chris Matthews thinks as soon as I start careing what my mother inlaw thinks

Finding the cure for liberalism using Gene therapy.

#94 Most racist campaign ever?

Well, the socialist left wing media (i.e. - "the media" or "the Ministry of Truth") warned us in April (via Tavis Smiley) that "the upcoming presidential race is "going to be the ugliest, the nastiest, the most divisive, and the most racist in the history of this republic." And so the bogus repoting from the radical left begins. Don't listen to their lies! You might receive a complete "Brain rinsing" if you listen to their contrived BS too much.

#95 Poll This!

I would like to see a poll of sane Americans who consider Chris Matthews not to be an idiot...lower than the margin of error would be my guess.

#96 and about that 97% of blacks who voted for Obama....

obviously race had absolutely nothing to do with that...right, Tingles?


#97 Chris{HUMPTY/DUMPTY}head Matthews

The only thing that Matthews smell is Obama's rear end.Matthews better change his panties.

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