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ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC and NPR Ignore Death Threats to Wisconsin Republicans

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Numerous death threats were made against Wisconsin Republican lawmakers last week, but you wouldn't know about it if your only news sources were ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, and NPR.

Bucking the boycott was Fox News's Bill O'Reilly Friday (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL O'REILLY: But first, death threats in Wisconsin and that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points" memo. The attorney general's office in that state investigating a number of death threats against some Republicans who voted to diminish union power.

A radio station obtained this email, quote: "Please put your things in order because you will be killed and your families will be killed due to your actions I the last 8 weeks. Please explain to them that this is because if we get rid of you and your families then it will save the rights of 300,000 people and also be able to close the deficit that you have created. I hope you have a good time in hell," unquote. Wisconsin authorities are taking this stuff seriously. They have a suspect, has not been charged as far as we know.

Not taking this seriously were ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, and NPR. LexisNexis and closed-caption dump searches of "Wisconsin and 'death threat'" produced zero results for these so-called news outlets throughout the month of March.


When you compare this to the hysterical coverage of last year's Tea Party rallies and town hall protests, where conservatives were regularly depicted as either hostile or fomenting violence, one has to wonder how actual death threats against sitting politicians would not be considered newsworthy.

This seems particularly curious after all the talk about hostile rhetoric immediately following the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) in January.

Now, less than two months later, actual death threats against politicians are being investigated in Wisconsin, and five major news outlets are boycotting the story. 

(Readers are advised that MSNBC only provides transcripts for its extended prime time programs making it possible the network did cover this story at some point.)

Would they have reported these threats if they were made against Democrats? Seems a metaphysical certitude, correct?

For the record, according to LexisNexis, leading the way on this coverage was Fox News which has done seven reports on this issue. CNN has done four.

As far as print is concerned, this matter hasn't received a lot of attention there either.

The New York Times has published one story this month referring to death threats in Wisconsin, but it was quite non-specific and didn't mention which Party received the threats:

A number of legislators told law enforcement authorities that they had received death threats, an Assembly spokesman said. And Democrats in the Assembly tried, briefly, to have Mr. Fitzgerald removed as speaker for what they said was his “incredibly impaired” judgment.

That's it. Nothing more about this from the Gray Lady.

But that's more than the Washington Post, USA Today, and the Los Angeles Times who have all completely ignored this story.

In case you were wondering how serious these threats are, here's what Green Bay's Fox affiliate WLUK reported Friday:

So, the threats are so serious that two Wisconsin legislators chose not to participate in a parade.

I guess that's not newsworthy because they're Republicans.


#1 Corruption...

What the leftist media has engaged in over the past decade should be a criminal offense. It is wanton disregard of the truth and complete manipulation of the facts. Oh, and when they can't lie or manipulate their way around the facts, they just choose to stay quiet. Many of them are nothing short of traitors in my view.

#2 Biased Fox News !!!

How dare they report on stuff that embaress' the demonrats. Cant wait for 2012 to topple Washington strongman imam obama and his cronies in the press.

#3 Threats in WI are also coming in writing FROM Police

Fire, and Education unions WITH NAMES of those doing the threatening attached! Go to Viki McKenna, Mark Belling, Charlie Sykes, sites. They are local radio super-talent all over this stuff. It's disgusting! Any business or person who either gave money to, supports, or refuses to denounce, our Governor is being threatened with boycott or violence in writing. Please see my post under the "WI media bias" article on this site for more of this hell in the state I live. It's sad. Governor Walker's website also shows great examples of the corruption and abuse of these protesters so-called collective bargaining RIGHTS. Ugh! Your jaw will hit the ground, I swear. Shame on the media! Love NB website. And what the heck is up with O'reilly?? He has been horrible on this. So has Fox for that matter. Have e-mailed him to tell him what a pinhead he has been on this. Support Governor Walker and the Republicans in WI. They have been through hell and stood up to THREATS and INTIMIDATION!! Good grief we need help. MSM sucks. Hypocrites! It's only "passion" when they're libs. Not peaceful protesting going on here.
RYAN/RUBIO 2012!!!!!!

#4 Hang in there dottie

We are with you, my friend.

These union goons are bullies (isn't it ironic, Obama had his "bullying" summit this week.  Seriously, what's up with that, he also think it's the job of the POTUS "to get in the middle of the NFL negotiations".  Que'lle idiot!). 

With the union bullies, they're very big and bold as long as they have the option of being anonymous behind a computer or in the midst of a crowd.  One on one, they sputter like the toddlers they are.  But be careful, three of them will gang up on one of us, they are such cowards.

Hang in there....and good for you for e-mailing BOR with the pinhead tag.  He just runs his mouth without knowing the facts. 

#5 Thank you blonde!!

Thank you for personalizing your e -mail, I was touched. I love this site and read it every day, but have never posted. Today were my first two! I comment on my local paper and get ripped apart. Am so sick of hearing how horrible Governor Walker is! And the Republican Senators. The Democrat Fleebaggers are heroes here!! Even if people do not live here, the Gov. and repubs REALLY need our support. Radio always says they so appreciate encouraging e-mails, calls. So if anyone cares to help with that. As I posted in my other post the print, TV media here is MSNBC without the crazies. And really, where is Fox News? Greta used to live here for pete's sake. We FINALLY turned to a red state!!! And now they want to recall them all, Gov. included. I live in bizarro world. I am so proud of Scott Walker and how he has handled himself. Never says anything but positive things about the public employees who are outside of the capital and HIS HOME screaming and threatening him and calling him every name in the book. That behavior includes the Dems in the senate. He was also far kinder to the Fleebaggers than I would have EVER been. For once I am proud of my Governor. Jim Doyle was a corrupt Dem idiot!! Please support Governor Walker. Thank you!!
RYAN/RUBIO 2012!!!!!!

#6 Cops threatening??

Good lord, those cops need to be put in the same jail as those of hardened criminals.

Man that ticks me off every time I hear about bad cops.  I don't care what the circumstances are, the police are supposed to uphold the law, to protect and serve the public trust.

I know there are tons of bad cops out there though, I'm not kidding myself.  Makes it real hard to trust them.  It breaks my heart because I had some friends who were cops before retiring.


#7 completely demonstrates the bias.

Violence and threats are manufactured and "reported" ad nauseum when attributed to the right and completely ignored when credible and being investigated from the left. It's almost as if the liberal networks don't want to embaras their "side"...


Madison and Jefferson and Franklin built a Republic - Roberts killed it! 

#8 Remember when the “civility

Remember when the “civility debate” was taking place in the media a few weeks ago, one of the media memes was that this was a mostly or exclusively right-wing thing. If you get your news from the old media you probably believed that and this is why.
“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” ~ William F. Buckley, Jr.

#9 Turn it around on them

After Congresswoman Giffords was wounded and 6 others were killed, the Democrats and their MSM echo scolded anyone with an opposing view for creating a climate of violence.

Conservatives should now accuse every Leftist opposing view (especially from union thugs) with feeding a climate of violence -- that the more they demonize Walker, the more likely that some Left-wing radical will resort to extreme violence.

I suspect that the MSM has failed to report the threats against the governor and state Republicans in Wisconsin because most Americans would conclude -- based on the "lessons" from the media following the Giffords event -- that the MSM has now done what it warned against months ago.

#10 Someone may want to look into

Someone may want to look into WFAA Ch 8 TV in Dallas TX coverage of "Save Texas Schools" rally and write a thread. They have been having one sided coverage of the "Education" boycott last week in Austin TX against Gov. Perry. No coverage of the conservative side. Only emotion and no facts as to what to do when you run out of money. A bunch of Perry bashing that appeared fully endorsed by WFAA and no mention of "civility."

It was REALLY bad coverage for Perry (TV coverage going on all week!) and they had better get off their arse and counter this with some well laid plans and information. The unions and media are lighting the fields on fire and there has been no counter activity visible.

Watch this video please. When I complained, my wife thought it was fair because they were reporting on the rally. I find it hard to believe there were not counter protesters/Tea Party that they COULD have interviewed also. Was anyone in Austin? Pulling out hair here!

-- Maximusbraveheart -- Is TRUTH knowable? Moral Relativism is the abandonment of Truth. Truth is knowable. Truth conforms to Reality. Reality is observable by evidence & witness in this day & from history. Relativism is Sesame Street play land.

#11 Hey, you're not alone in

Hey, you're not alone in seeing this. The other stations in town are doing the same thing Channel 8 is doing. At these rallies, their using students as props to advance their agenga here. It's pathetic all around. When will these idiots realize that the state has no money and we have to make serious cuts to the budget? That means every item is on the table including education.

#12 Good to hear from you. Very

Good to hear from you. Very troubling to me. Perry left me a voice mail today... Well a robocall (anyway) of him asking people to get involved and let their rep know how they feel about the budget.

-- Maximusbraveheart -- Is TRUTH knowable? Moral Relativism is the abandonment of Truth. Truth is knowable. Truth conforms to Reality. Reality is observable by evidence & witness in this day & from history. Relativism is Sesame Street play land.

#13 Can you spell

HYPOCRITS? Yeah, the thing I don't understand is how there is no embaressment. If I was a media member, I'd be saying, "Wait, I can't read this news report (Ior write this)! I'll look stupid -- It was just a couple of months ago that we were accusing the right of incivility and saying how they needed to clean it up. However it doesn't seem to bother them.....

#14 Compare this to the MSM coverage of the . . .

. . . Democratic Congressmen ascending the steps of the Capitol to jeers and alleged racial epithets to vote on Obamacare. Though MSM cameras were on the scene, and Breitbart offered $100,000 to anyone who could bring recorded evidence of the alleged racial shouts, nothing ever materialized. And yet, the MSM not only refers to them still, they claim it is evidence of inherent racism in the Tea Parties without even identifying who uttered them. When conseravtives question the validity of the charges, the MSMers reply with a rhetorical, "Do you doubt the word of Congressman John Lewis, who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King?" Yes, that's exactly what we're questioning. Fox News ought to get the number of reported death threats from Wisconsin's attorney general and broadcast them.

#15 coincidenc?

Wasn't it a coincidence that John Lewis just happened to be going through the crowd with Pelosi that day? I mean, there aren't that many black members of congress; what are the odds that one would be there with her that day, and especially since it just happened to be John Lewis, who talks often of his marching with Martin Luther King? Turned out lucky for the Dems, didn't it -- if it had been all white members, no one could have accused anyone of racism. And then the way no video or witnesses were ever found? What are the odds?

#16 It looks like journolist

It looks like journolist continues operation but under a different more concealed venue. It is not possible that the major lamestream media would all fail to report such threats, unless they were in a conspiracy of silence to protect their darling union/democrap axis. Indeed, it is even funnier that the lamestream newspapers which have done their best to destroy or defang their own printers' and delivery unions, are taking up cudgels in favor of government unions. Maybe republicans should support a bill making union membership and collective bargaining mandatory in the print media. It will drive them all out of business.

#17 No Surprise

Not a surprise. Just a few weeks ago after the Giffords shooting, the major nets and NPR were full of Sarah Palin and the Rights' propensity for violence. Nonsense, of course. But here's real leftwing violence being threatened AND NOT A WORD! Here is evidence of bias and simply disregarding news that the left does not want to attract attention to. The lack of coverage is amazing.
Increase Mather

#18 Speaking of Palin...

Slightly OT, but speaking of Palin....Limbaugh was saying today that George Will and Krauthamer (2 m's?) were both talking about Palin being too unintellectual again. But it turns out they complained about Reagan and his "unpresidentai"l folksiness, too. At the time, he said, Will supported Howard Baker (now there's a charismatic candidate), and Krauthamer was spending that period writing speeches for Walter Mondale. So we should listen to them on this...why?

#19 Yep...

Now those are the comments of the liberal radicals we've all grown to know and love! Still, I'm a little disappointed that they haven't gone the way of their European cousins and firebombed police cars or ransacked store fronts so that Americans can get a full picture of what liberal radicals are really like. As far as Pravda is concerned, would we expect anything less from them really?

"If God is dead, somebody is going to have to take his place. It will be megalomania or erotomania, the drive for power or the drive for pleasure, the clenched fist or the phallus, Hitler or Hugh Hefner." — Malcolm Muggeridge

#20 proof positive

The death threats is proof positive that they come from people who not only oppose their intended targets, but the very constitutional process that put them there in the first place....... And isn't it funny, when those wishing their targets "...go to hell...", a place that those same people typically deny the very existence of, but conveniently include as a destination only when they sling their epithets?

#21 Can we use the Dems own tools against them?

The networks do not have a broadcast license to defend, but local stations do. Can we file complaints that they are suppressing news and have them affect their license? This would make them force the networks to cover more stories is my hope.
“Liberals tend to put the onus of your success on society and conservatives on you and your family.”

Dennis Prager

#22 I think that gets into a slippery slope

of having the government interfere with news stations programming and deciding what they should cover and how they do it.

Much rather see this stuff pointed out to and by the conservative media (ie Newsbusters and Fox News).

#23 Fox News is conservative network?

Any proof of that? Source please.

#24 Agree

Ooooh, have to agree with that. I remember one example, a story on the radio talking about BO's citizenship and polls. The story was that blah-blah percentage of Americans "incorrectly" thought Obama was born elsewhere, when the truth was, that he was born in Hawaii. At the time, I remember thinking, "And you saw proof of this...when?" That type of going along with conventional wisdom goes on all the time on Fox. Then there's BOR and his kissing up to BO all the time. They really are moderate, not conservative; the only reason the left has such a vendetta against them is because of their pundits and personalities. It doesn't have anything to do with their news reports being "conservative" (although the college-age commies always say it does.) And they didn't cover the death threats on their radio news, either.

#25 Suspect caught & confesses

According to a Madison newspaper The person who emailed a death theart to 8 Republican Senators and their families was arrested and has confessed to the the crime. It turns out to be a female and no name was released. With this confession I hope that they throw the book at her and use her as an example for those who are thinking of doing this. I have no time or compassion for anyone that uses this cowardly act. The public unions have sent threats in the form of a letter to local businesses in WI. The letter states that if these businesses do not back the unions and show union made signs stating so in their windows will put be put out of business. The letter was signed by several public union presidents. Among them were the police and fireman's unions. These businesses should hand these letters over to the State Attorney General's office and file extortion charges against them.

#26 Has this

extortion-o-gram been made public? and if so, can credible copy of it be posted here?

RHL3 has always stated that  'shining the light of Truth' was one of the most potent of weapons against tyranny. Get  this letter out and about and all over the Net 'til Hell wouldn't have it, and the authors of it would be heading for the Illinois border along with their cowardly state senator leaders.


#27 Copies of letter & email

This is the address for a copy of the death threating email: This is the address for a copy of the Threating union letter:

#28 Scary

Seriously, that is just plain scary.
Be on the lookout for random acts of journalism from the MSM~h/t Rush

We Are The 53%

#29 Got it and them.

Hardcopy to be sent to the local GOP office. Ideally, the largest business sent this blackmail should be contacting the WI Attorney General, and airfreighting the original to Rush or hannity to do another Reid Letter type thing.

This crud needs to be all over the net as far and as wide as possible. The text and source has been sent to RHL3. 



#30 It's one severeal sites. I'm

It's on several sites. I'm sure someone here will have a link; if not, it's easily found. (Was it Gateway Pundit I saw it on?)

#31 Threathening someone's life

Threathening someone's life is a criminal offense. Where is the state Attorney General? Meanwhile, the dimocrats chart new terrority in "civil" debate? The good news is the Republicans held their ground. I am very very proud of them! I wonder if this could in any way embolden our House and Senate Republicans. I mean, c'mon guys - 60 billion dollars in cuts - thats pocket lint in light of a $3.7 trillion dollar budget with a $1.7 trillion dollar deficit and growing.

#32 Liberal bias? Who, where? Not

Liberal bias? Who, where? Not us.
Non, je ne regrette rien. "You aren't angry because I might be a racist, you're angry because you know I'm right".

#33 Not to be crass or insensitive but....

I heard yesterday that Mrs. Giffords was told by her husband that she had been shot. This because she didn't know what had happened to her. Understandable it is, for she is lucky to even be alive. I do wish her as much recovery as possible.

Many are afraid to say this, but not I. It is a reality and no matter how harsh it can be made out to be, it is what it is. Right now, there is a section of American Citizens who are being taxed yet  have no vote being cast on their behalf in Washington within the Peoples' House.

It has been long enough now to determine that Gabby Giffords is not going to return to her duties anytime soon. This is through no fault of her own, but the fact of the matter is what it is. Taxation without Representation is unjust and unacceptable. It is time to deal with filling her seat in the appropriate manner.

If Mrs. Giffords recovers over time and seeks election again, so be it, and I hope she recovers enough to do so. However, nothing excuses taxation without representation and the situation as it is today must be resolved immediately. 

Media ignoring death threats is one thing, ignoring ongoing taxation without representation is another.

That an individual right exists requires that some policy positions be removed from the table of debate.

#34 Media also Ignore Muslims Stabing Jewish family of 5 to death


#35 Not so. Our news paper ran

Not so. Our news paper ran an article in today's paper. The News Tribune Tacoma, WA.

#36 I looked and did not see it.

I looked and did not see it.
Nuke em til they glow; then shoot em in the dark

#37 So where are all those "moderate" Muslims who should be...

...hitting the streets in protest of this vile act?

Oh, they are hitting the streets, all right.

In celebration.


Vote for the American in November

#38 I missed your post.

Posted it down below.The msm wont touch it or they will minimize it.

#39 warning?

Don't forget a warning on a site with graphic content like this...I took one glance and had to hit "back." (Although I had read about the murders else, I didn't know the old media had ignored them, so thanks for the info. Incredible.)

#40 When?????

When is anyone at ABC, NBC, CBS, or NPR called on the carpet and asked to explain these lapses? How are their reporters held in high esteem for asking politically correct questions of the elites in this country, yet, when it comes to their broadcast misgivings, not to mention outright failure to report the real news, no one is asked to explain. I'm truly perplexed by how this is allowed to happen time and time again; you would think these news programs are broadcast via robotics without the influence of the human hand.

#41 Most media employees,

Most media employees, including NPR, are union members. We are not going to get any reporting that's even remotely accurate regarding the antics of their union brothers and sisters in WI or anywhere else. It's no more complicated than that. Nothing about death threats, busing in paid union thugs, harrassing phone calls or the incredible corruption among union leaders will be reported by union media. Not if they want to keep their jobs. Here's an interesting little story about how NPR union members, as recently as 2009 agreed to "give backs" to NPR. But that was then, and this is now, I suppose.
"This is not your mother's Democratic Party"--Andrew Breitbart, CPAC, February 2012

#42 hypocrisy

As someone who grew up in the 60s and was for years a committed liberal, I can only say that the hypocrisy of the progressive left in these times is absolutely outrageous! Anyone that would ever again consider voting for a progressive has a seriously myopic and hyrpocritical point of view. And for all of the clamor about the Koch brothers, what about George Soros?! And the hypocrisy of that fat fuck Michale Moore going on about rich people.....isn't he a millionaire? And why doesn't do a seious look into all of Obama's bundlers?!!!!! What have they gotten out of this?...what ambassadorships? What have all of these "rich" people gained? Why is no one clamoring about that? Politicians are making me ill... especially the so called progressives....they are reactionary! They maike a big deal out of Palin's target metaphor and the MSM raises a huge people are actually being threatened with death and they are silent.... The only way to deal with these people is do not support not buy products their stations not watch them....

#43 I feel compelled to ask you

I feel compelled to ask you to not use outright profanity as it degrades the site. It is also in the user agreement and against site rules.
Nuke em til they glow; then shoot em in the dark

#44 hypocrisy anger got the better of.....


Doesn't the state run media realize the importance of TARGETING a news story? The story needs to be kept in the CROSSHAIRS of constant exposure in order to KILL OFF the competition. Once a story has EXPLODED across the country, it becomes a DO OR DIE situation for the networks. SHOOTING FROM THE HIP will not do. One must TAKE A SCALPEL to the story and expose the ROTTING INNARDS for all to see. Journalists should never use a SHOTGUN approach when a RIFLE is called for. A story the media does not like must be immediately SHOT DOWN with all FIREPOWER available, BLOWN UP and TOTALLY DESTROYED. Journalism has declared TOTAL WAR on those who disagree with their EXPLOSIVE comments.........excuse me, someone is knocking at my door............It's the folks from the reeducation camp wanting to take me away!

#46 Probably not a good idea for the commies to be making death...

...threats, given the fact that they are seriously outnumbered in this country.

If things were to get say, a little ugly, they would be at a severe disadvantage.


Vote for the American in November

#47 Move along folks

Nothing to see here

#48 Death Threats. Be Happy Don't Worry..

Bahh, THEIR story begins in their digging to the center of the earth, finding the Tea Party-Right Winger, that THEY know Loughner'ed any Republicans. Wisconsin, The Limburger State.

#49 You can't win with these

You can't win with these propagandists. Even if they did cover the story they would have spun it into something like "Many experts have dismissed the threat as a hoax" and you know the MSM would never actually show language of the threat on screen so that viewers could decide for themselves if they thought it was serious.

#50 Voluntary vs Compulsory

I read somewhere earlier today that the legislation that Walker will sign in Wisconsin makes the payment of union dues by the public employee school teachers voluntary, instead of compulsory and hidden from view as before.  Statistics show that once union dues are voluntary, contributions tend to drop to around 30%.

After reading this, I realized why the union thugs are so mad.  In the end, it's all about the money.


"You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas...on the taxpayer’s dime." Barack Obama

#51 Pravda in the United States

When I was a kid I used to wonder how the Soviet Government forced the news media print their propaganda and assumed it could never happen in the United States. Seeing how the media has openly acted as the propaganda wing of the left for the last decade has made me realize that they weren’t forced, they did it voluntarily and that yes, it can happen in the United States as well.

#52 The tie in why the Unions and the Mob

and the mob tactics have not changed they are just rearing their ugly heads again. It's time to take down the thugs, the mobsters and the unions that they are part of. We see the corruption more clearly every time one of these criminals makes threats and shows their true violent nature. Hopefully the lemmings that follow the unions will wise up and come back to the side of the people and condemn the union thuggery.

#53 NPR - No intelligent reporting on these death threats?

I'm surprised NPR is suppressing this story. Aren't they the only source of "intelligent reporting" on the planet? Even Republicans tune in to NPR because that's the only factual news source they can find? And we need to continue to funnel our money to them (by force) because they are so, so superior to mere mortals?

I am truly shocked. To the core. (or is it corpse?)

Didn't win the Medal of Honor? Didn't even serve? Then lie about it. We'll support you." — 9th Circuit Court

#54 Mainstream Media’s Top Rules

If you are ever puzzled how some things make it into the news and others don’t, or by the way some stories are covered but quite similar stories are covered very differently, keep in mind the following rules and… voila! you will suddenly understand:

  1. Never Show Communism or Communists in a Bad Light
  2. Help the Democrats, Hurt the Republicans
  3. Polish the Image of Government, Tarnish the Image of Business

(Patriots for Freedom)

#55 You are correct ELCore! This

You are correct ELCore! This needs to change! Shine the light on them! This is a crime against the Republic.

-- Maximusbraveheart -- Is TRUTH knowable? Moral Relativism is the abandonment of Truth. Truth is knowable. Truth conforms to Reality. Reality is observable by evidence & witness in this day & from history. Relativism is Sesame Street play land.

#56 There is a good explanation why CBS, NBC and the rest of the

Democrat Media are not publicizing the threats the Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are receiving, but have heavily publicized the alleged Tea Party potential violence. The Democrat Media know that the union thugs and their Democrat supporters in Wisconsin who are making these threats do not really mean them. The Democrat media is fully aware that those on the Left (union thugs, Democrats, Liberals, and RINOs) lie through their teeth consistently and regularly; hence, their words, even threatening words, are meaningless.

The Tea Party is another matter. The Democrat Media know any perceived threats coming from members of the Tea Party must be taken seriously as guessed it........Tea Party members are sincere, trustworthy, and will make every effort to keep their word.

Come on folks. Give the Democrat, Leftist, Dishonest, Deceitful Media credit where credit is due. Remember the adage: It takes one to know one.

#57 I wonder if this will reach the msn news

"Jewish couple and three children killed in West Bank." "In a televised speech, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed shock that the parents and three of their children -- including a baby -- were "brutally murdered on Sabbath eve while sleeping."

#58 It is time for the Gov of Wisconsin

to authorize "concealed carry" for all its citizens......!

#59 to the audience

Maybe 'winner' Sheen was doing something really, really important on that day.

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