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MRC's Tim Graham Diagnoses Yahoo Obama-Wins Survey as a 'Bad Virus' on Fox News

MRC Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham appeared late Friday afternoon on Your World with Neil Cavuto to discuss the Yahoo! guesstimate that President Obama would win re-election with 303 electoral votes, the one co-written by a professional Democrat.

Graham said the posting is something they "throw out there to try to say, 'Let's keep the Democrats happy. Let's have a little spring in their step, and let's make sure they keep donating to us.' It doesn't make any sense otherwise." [Video below. MP3 audio here.]

Here's part of the transcript:

STUART VARNEY: Why would you come out with a poll about likely electoral college votes in February, when the election doesn't take place until November and we don't even have the Republican candidate nailed down yet?

TIM GRAHAM: Exactly. I think if somebody’d come out in 2008 and said ‘We're going to now guess who’s going to win the election in November, based on where we were in mid-February, when we didn't know whether it was going to be Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, people would have said it’s just way too early. The same is true here. And these people are doing, basically they’re making a whole set of assumptions where they say, ‘Well,  what's going to happen is we're going to guess that the approval rating of the president is going to stay exactly the same until June, and that the economic conditions in all these states are going to stay the same for three months.’ I mean, there's so many assumptions in this thing, it's meaningless.

VARNEY: Now, Yahoo, I believe, is partnered with ABC News. Is ABC News -- are they aware of this? I mean, are they joined at the hip with this -- with Yahoo on this particular poll?

GRAHAM: I haven't found it on their website yet today, but Yahoo itself keeps posting it here and there. They just had a contributor within this hour, you know, underlining the case that Obama should win easily in November. So they're obviously running with this. You know, one of the headlines on says Obama has it “in the bag.” I mean, it really gets silly.

VARNEY: But it did get widespread distribution, then.

GRAHAM: It's going around – you know, like a bad virus.

The Yahoo item in the 4 o'clock hour was a commentary written by contributor Elizabeth Danu, and was headlined "Experts Agree: President Obama Will Be Re-Elected in 2012." It argued in part:

According to Forbes contributor Peter Cohan, Obama has done an excellent job in the face of extraordinary obstacles. The economy is recovering, which is undermining the Republican strategy of blaming Obama for the current mess. Cohan calls his handling of foreign policy "masterful." The end of Osama bin Laden and the war in Iraq are significant accomplishments...

The United States has been in an economic mess for some time, which President Obama had to step into and try to clean up, understanding that somebody was always going to be unhappy. He has persevered despite tremendous obstacles, including obvious racism that doesn't generally get discussed. We are making progress. Most presidents who seek re-election get a second term. I doubt American voters will interrupt now and risk everything.


#1 Democratic Pollster??

Is this the same guy who stated that Stalin was trustworthy and that Che Guevara was non-violent?

#2 SamartinO1

I have to agree with him. I trust Stalin because he s dead ... Im hoping Che is no longer violent thanks to the same reason


#3 Does Newsbusters have any plans to follow up on this

study to test teh assumptions. Even if Obama does win, I'd be interested in how close to the truth this gets.

So Yahoo is striving to become the National Enquirer of News.

I'd like to thank Hollywood for renewing my interest in reading.

#4 A bit late, wouldn't you say?

Isn't that a bit late, considering that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WP, LAT, Time, and Newsweek all have joined the National Enquirer at their level of news coverage?

"The news and truth are not the same thing." -Walter Lippmann (1889-1974) FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER

#5 Tabloid Journalism?

Given that the MSM had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Edwards "love child" story that the National Enquirer broke I would say the MSM types are actually a notch below the NE in some ways.

#6 Well, that's it.

Cancel the election. Not necessary.

#7 So this assault simply

is to demoralize anyone that plans on seeing Duh Bumbler going home soon. That and there are people that will vote because they want to vote for the winner... loser or not.



I have never been so infuriated upon reading an article. The audacity to predict an election nine months away, with only one known candidate, many economical, social and political factors to navigate and polling which varies widely on the job approval of the president, head to head polling which changes weekly and uncertainty over voter turnout is simply incomprehensible. The article has left no doubt about the effort we can expect from Yahoo in the coming months to drive the election toward their intended outcome.

Make a point of tracking the percentage of positive articles about each candidate, the length of time positive articles about President Obama remain on the home page as opposed to the Republican candidate, and of course how long negative articles about the Republican remain in the forefront as opposed to Obama, assuming such ever o cur.

Note how often Obama’s face will adorn the yahoo home page each time you turn on your computer and contrast that with the Republican. Note how many articles will not directly criticize the Republican, but will ask a question designed to implant questions. You won’t see very much of that regarding Obama.

Note how many puff pieces regarding Michelle Obama and the Obama family will appear and contrast that with the Republican’s spouse and children. Expect there to be probing questions and insinuations about the Republican spouse. Who can ever forget the New York Times piece in 2008 about the difficulties in balancing family and career by the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates? The poster child for that story should have been the woman with five children including a handicapped baby who was running for Vice President. Nope, over 80% of the article focused on Michelle Obama who was not even a candidate.

Finally, track the number of fact checking or “probing” articles about the Republican as opposed to Obama. Guess the 38 fact checkers have finally completed their witch hunt of Sarah Palin’s emails and will be free just in time to direct similar attention to the Republican candidate. We have seen glimpses of the Republicans calling out the media such as Gingrich on John King and Santorum on Charlie Rose today. There must be a full assault on the media each and every time to demand they tell the truth. Let them know we are infuriated and we will not allow them to steal this election.

Read more:

#9 Just last week I saw polling

Just last week I saw polling that said his numbers were historically at levels only seen by one term presidents. Clearly pure propaganda.

#10 way too soon to tell

However, Obamas poll numbers are now over 50 percent. More people are think economy is turning around

Its still very early, but this should be concern.

#11 Shawn,

There is no way in hell that the economy will turn around as long as the preznent raises the debt ceiling and continues with his deficit spending.

For the MSM: In your pomp and all your glory, you're a poorer man than me.  As you lick the boots of death born out of fear.

Ian Anderson "Wind up"

#12 Shalom Trix

That might be true, but my point is that more and more people THINK THE ECONOMY is getting better spells trouble for conservatives

The polls are never a hundred percent accurate but they are a good indicator of what the country is thinking.

#13 And the forward nwahs troll pulls crap from his butt again.

Wanna show us the source of your "more and more people thinking" crap or will you just turn around and point to your ass as usual.

In the meantime, almost half of adults* still think the President is doing a horrible job. Not much changed from a week ago or a month ago or a year ago....

* Poll results do not include forward or backward trolls that punch in the stupid like they are getting paid for it.

#14 I think when gas hits five bucks a gallon this summer,

the "Happy Days Are Here Again" sh!t is gonna come to a screeching halt.


#15 When Gas Hits 5 bucks..the Media goes into total spin mode.

Nah it will just engender another in a long series of finger wagging lectures on the part of President Obama about "sacrifice" and a never ending litany of BS from the MSM and their talking heads about how "regular folks" just don't understand the "nuances" of market fluctuations. That will then be followed by a series of speculative "news" pieces about how bad it could have been President Obama hadn't stepped in and "saved" us. Included amongst this tidal wave of propaganda will be the occasional piece wherein some supposed expert will opine that 5 dollar a gallon gas is actually ...........wait for it............"good" for the economy.

These media types are so in the bag for Obama and the Dems that they will lie, cheat, steal, obfuscate, bury negative stories, make unsubstantiated accusations, rummage through opponents trash and encourage perjury in order to defend this administration.

How did I come to these conclusions you might ask? Mainly they are based on personal observations of the MSM for the last 20 years.

#16 Interestingly, my conclusion was based on listening

to the personal observations of several commentators on CNBC in the past 20 hours.

My personal observations of the MSM for the past 50 years had nothing to do with it.


#17 What's your point?

You commented on how you saw things going in the event of $5/Gal gas.

I commented that I saw it differently.

Your conclusions are based on personal observations as are mine.

We arrived at different conclusions.

Whats your point?

#18 The point ThePickle...

is that what I had already observed regarding the comments by guests and hosts on CNBC earlier in the day on that very topic [$5/gal gas] tended to undermine your conclusion and validate mine. 

And in case you may have misunderstood my conclusion, I'll amplify:  Any Obama supporters who may be thinking and singing "Happy Days Are Here Again" because of the uptick in public opinion due to a few positive economic signs recently will most likely have to change their tune when the electorate is hit with five bucks a gallon gas this summer [as is currently predicted].


#19 Happy Shiny Obambi followers....

Now if you are speaking about the happy shiny Obama supporters, I agree that they might either become disgruntled or actually voice their displeasure, although I suspect given their propensity to do so in the past, they will find some way to blame it on anything but the Obama administration and their dismal energy policies. Look for a return of the Evil "Big Oil" and their "sky high earnings".

As for the Media, they are already soft peddling this news and attempting to turn it in to a political issue that would be detrimental to Obama, not the nation, not the average citizen, but Obama vis a vi the Republicans "taking advantage of higher gas prices to attack the President" and how the Republicans plan to "capitalize on anger at the pump" rather than an issue that will hurt everyday Americans.

And think they aren't attempting to either shift blame or abdicate responsibility? How but this little dozy.

"For Mr. Obama’s economic team, the increase in oil prices is an unwelcome reminder of how global events largely outside their control can hamper a recovery."

Just another "IT AIN'T MY FAULT" explanation from the Obama crowd.

And even if your most vociferous Lib were to get up and scream cry bitch and moan on YouTube, about how Obama has "let us down" that won't change the fact that that person, regardless of the manner in which this administrations bumbling incompetence has effected them, if they choose to go to the polls in November, will more than likely STILL pull the lever for Obama.

#20 Wow you are really angry today

His approval rating is now over 50 percent. For a man that criticizes other posters for profanity you sure are using ass a lot these days

But hey, you are the genius that predicted a Reagan landslide for McCain last time right? ;-)

#21 Yes troll. Your angry mind reading ESP powers shine again.

It is all about me. Not you and your idiocy. Carry on. Nice link there showing how right you are.

PS: my link showed his approval rate is not over 50%. But whatever. Idiot.

#22 Hey you have a link

So do I. It doesn't really matter most have him between 45-50 percent. Which is much better than it was in September. Yes it is a little bit about you because I was right and you were wrong.


can't you fit everything in one post? Seriously do you have to do post after post after post to make your point?. Its like somebody screaming out for attention. Lets use some more of NBs bandwidth so I can impress people that watch my great abiility.  Look at your posting pattern the past few years. Rarely will you just comment in a thread. You only are interested when you have opportunity to get into some type of argument with somebody.

#23 The forward shawn troll LIES right in your face.

reverse nwahs troll: His approval rating is now over 50 percent.

From his link supposedly showing how right he is --- CNN Poll: Obama approval rating back to 50% mark.

Still having problems with English, idiot? Gets confusing trying to tell the difference between "over" and "back to". I know little trolliz, it is hard. Dang monkeypeople and their insistence you actually try and make sense.

#24 My goodness

Okay you got me. 50 percent then. You are right Vet. Now Vet, who was right the last time you told me I was wrong about the polls and Obama was going to lose hmmm?

Seriously can't we have a conversation with you constantly calling people monkey people, idiot or trolliz? I realize many people find it cute and enduring. Maybe even the mods love it too since you go on so many of their threads with your silly personal vendettas.

Anyways, like I said in my previous post, The main point is his numbers are rising.

#25 Pegged.

shawnwahs: ...Obamas poll numbers are now over 50 percent. 

shawnwahs: His approval rating is now over 50 percent.

shawnwahs: ...because I was right and you were wrong.

shawnwahs: Okay you got me. 50 percent then.

So I was correct the whole time. But somehow I am still in the wrong. Pray troll. Pray hard.

10. Refuse to admit your errors. Never ever admit your errors no matter how blatant they are. If you find no way out and have to admit that you are wrong, phrase it so that you can accuse your opponent of being wrong.

Yes troll. I admit it. It was my fault you were wrong. Twice. Then claimed you were right and I was wrong. My fault. Monkeyman admits it.

#26 Nope like usual you are trying to twist my words again

This is what you do.

  • I admitted I was off by 1 percent
  • I asked you to admit you were wrong when you predicted Obama would lose in a landslide in the last election Its pretty simple,

but now you want to play your usual game of running up your post count, by twisting as many of my words as you can. Yes I am sure the authors of their threads just love you.

#27 Monkeymans fault again.

shawnwahs: twisting as many of my words as you can.

Yes. I am monkeyman. I twist words by providing DIRECT quotes. Bad monkeyman. You drive up fencepost count. Look at your twisting with DIRECT quotes ---

shawnwahs: ...Obamas poll numbers are now over 50 percent.

shawnwahs: His approval rating is now over 50 percent.

shawnwahs: ...because I was right and you were wrong.

shawnwahs: Okay you got me. 50 percent then.

Dang monkeyman twisteringz.

#28 again

I said I was right and you were wrong about the 2008 election.

No matter how many times you quote half of my sentence that is not going to change. I admitted twice that I gave him 1 percent more than I should have and the main point is his approval rate is rising

. "Now Vet, who was right the last time you told me I was wrong about the polls and Obama was going to lose hmmm?"

Can't bring yourself to answer this question can you. It bothers you that the Reagan landslide you predicted did not happen.

#29 Monkeymans fault again.

shawnwahs: No matter how many times you quote half of my sentence...

Yes. Monkeyman changed meaning of trolliz words when he quote half sentence. Bad monkeyman.

shawnwahs: ...Obamas poll numbers are now over 50 percent.

Is meaning change from this ---- However, Obamas poll numbers are now over 50 percent.

shawnwahs: His approval rating is now over 50 percent.

Whoops. Already full sentence. Lie.

shawnwahs: ...because I was right and you were wrong. 

Is meaning change from this --- Yes it is a little bit about you because I was right and you were wrong.

shawnwahs: Okay you got me. 50 percent then.

Whoops. Already full sentence.

Demand now. Iz demand you talk about what trolliz want you dang monkeyman. Now answer trolliz question so trolliz no talk about trolliz constant lies. RIGHT NOW MONKEYMAND. IZ DEMANDINZ.

#30 I already told you

"Yes it is a little bit about you because I was right and you were wrong."

That was carried over from the last thread because I wanted you to answer the question about you being wrong about the 2008 election which you still refuse to answer. Whatever dude. I have no interest in running up a thread count because you refuse to answer a question and want to stick to nitpicking one thing.

Wow you sure are an asset to this site.

#31 Monkeymans fault again.

shawnwahs: No matter how many times you quote half of my sentence...

Is monkeyman show iz lie again? Iz make it about what is in quotes not about is haffie haffie lie.

shawnwahs: That was carried over from the last thread...

Iz you fault monkeyman. You play iz games. NOW DEMAND YOU STOP TALKING ABOUT TROLL LIE RIGHTZ NOW. Lookie. Lookie over there in wayback time machine....

#32 ugh

Whatever Just Whine Forever.One more try, were you wrong about the 2008 election? Yes or no?

#33 Monkeymans fault again.

Iz monkeyman catch you lying? Monkeyman's fault. Say monkeyman twist words. Iz monkeyman show he is make direct quotes? Monkeyman's fault. Say monkeyman only quote half sentence. Iz monkeyman show context did not change one bit? Monkeyman's fault. Say monkeyman is play game. Demand monkeyman get in wayback machine. Say monkeyman is fill post holes. Say monkeyman is whininz. Say mods is love monkeyman. Say admins is love monkeyman. Say evaronez but one trolliz find monkeyman cute and indarlingz. But is always make sure your stupid is fault of monkeyman.

shawnwahs: No matter how many times you quote half of my sentence...

shawnwahs: twisting as many of my words as you can

shawnwahs: ...because I was right and you were wrong.

Yep. Iz monkeyman fault. Iz whininz.

Iz monkeyman fault again.

#34 The forward shawn troll has officially quit trying.

reverse forward nwahs: His approval rating is now over 50 percent.

From my link, the link I posted above, the easily clickable link, the link that shows the approval rating every week going back to the inauguration....

You can click and get the poll numbers and here for the week that includes February 14 to February 16 of 2012 ----

Date % Disapprove % Approve

02/14-16/2012 48 46

So, are you now lying or just punching in some more stupid?

#35 Personal Approval vs Job Performance

Nah Vet I think he just spewing out the Presidents "personal approval rating" rather than the Presidents "job performance rating" just like the MSM does whenever it creeps back up over 50%. I guess he, much like the the MSM, thinks we are to stupid to; A) know the difference and B) look it up for ourselves.

Birds gotta fly,

Fish gotta swim

And loyal Dem media,

They just spin, spin, spin.

#36 Yes the media spin

I agree with you. However Obama for the moment has a huge cash advantage and rising poll numbers make a very formidable opponent.

#37 Money and Momentum

I never said the President wasn't a formidable opponent.

When you have that much cash and a MSM that is obviously in the bag for Obama overcoming the lies BS obfuscation and hyperbole in stories regarding the Republican candidate whoever that may be, prying his a$$ out of the Oval Office is gonna be as difficult as prying Warren G. Hardings a$$ out of the White House tub.

That being said even the link that you posted earlier touting his 50% approval rating went on to say the 6 out of ten people view things as going poorly, while only 4 out of 10 thinks things are going well. I would hardly call that a ringing endorsement of the Presidents policies. At best one can only say that those polled think things don't suck quite as badly as they did only a few short months ago.

#38 Thank you

Somebody that wants to debate instead of trying to be some sort of has been comedy act.

Things do not look great for Obama at the present time. However if his poll numbers keep rising, that could spell trouble for the Republican party. Seems people are even turning on Ann Coulter for her support of Romney and there is much infighting.

Hopefully the GOP will be united in the time for the election, however Obama has a huge money war chest and if Februarys unemployment rate looks good, that will just make his poll numbers go up even more.

#39 "if his poll numbers keep rising"

And that's what this article and the ensuing debate are all about. The fact that Yahoo and the author of the article in question used the worst sort of prognostication to arrive at their conclusion.

They based their conclusion on the silliest type of "rose colored glasses" outlook on future trends and did so by pointing out that more people "think" things are getting better and assuming that the average man won't see through the constant cheer leading and rah rah sis boom ba by the MSM when it comes to "talking up" the economy.

With the focus on this election based on the extreme turmoil in the economy the assumption that the average voter will not take at least some time to educate himself on the issues and policy decisions made by this administration, and their effects on the average citizen, is wishful thinking at best.

#40 Well

  • The majority of blacks will vote for Obama no matter what
  • He will get much of the Latino vote
  • If they decide to come out this election, Obama will get the youth vote.
  • Obama will get the gay vote

Pretty much the math shows that Romney or Santorum will have to really show America why they should vote for them and it will be an uphill battle with the msm always pumping up Obama

#41 Its all about turn out

Dems always get the majority of Black, Latino and Youth vote.

But will they get the turnout that the "historical" run to be the "first Black President" got in 08? Somehow I doubt it.

The telling sentence in your post is "if they decide to turn out" and I will even agree that the Republicans didn't do so good at turn out in 08. This was due to a wishy washy candidate in John McCain and conservative voters staying home in droves.

As 08 was as much about voting for the first Black President it was also about trying to elect anyone without an (R) after their name because of the divisive nature of politics during the Bush Presidency.

This being said I believe that whoever the Republican candidate turns they can reliably count on a much better turn out this year, based on the divisive nature of politics after 4 years of Obama.

#42 The thing is pickle

I have voted conservative since 2008 and I am having a very hard time truly getting behind one of the republican candidates.

It is lukewarm at best. I am no Obama fan, but I am also independent and I did not decide to vote for McCain until about 3 weeks before the election.

I'm thinking lots of independents think the same way I do at the moment.

#43 Well Shawn

I here ya. The only candidate I can really get behind, rather than holding my nose and pulling the lever for, would have been Newt. But as it looks like Newt isn't going to be the nominee I WILL hold my nose and vote for ABO, much in the way that dems voted ABB in 04.

The alternative is 4 more years for Obama and I would vote for ANYTHING but that.

#44 Pickle

For me, its always important to look at both sides. My views are more conservative than liberal in the sense of wanting the government to stay out of my business. Commons sense says that the Republicans share my values.

The thing is I really do not trust Mitt Romney at all. I feel he is the type that will say what is needed to get votes. I really like Santorum personally. How can you not like the guy? I'm not sure I am ready for a President Santorum yet.

That is why I am still weighing my options and I probably will not decide until a few weeks to go.

Gotta go to bed. Have a great night.

#45 shawn...Its all about turn out

delete double post

#46 That is the Gallup poll

The CNN poll was different. The point is that his numbers are rising. I did not say he will be re elected. Only that it was a reason for concern.

#47 The straw man forward shawn LIES again.

Straw man shawnwahs: I did not say he will be re elected.

No one claimed you did. Straw man down.

Here is your lie ---

reverse forward nwahs: His approval rating is now over 50 percent.

#48 Oh that again.

I so apologize about giving him 1% more than I should have. It was a HUGE MISTAKE.

#49 Wasn't huge when you were doing victory laps....

...and dancing the "I win over monkeyman" dance.

shawnwahs: Yes it is ...about you because I was right and you were wrong.

#50 Whatever

not playing your game ;-)

#51 Yes. It is monkeymanz game.

The "Lie Lie Lie at the monkeyman until you can't lie no more then make it look like it is the monkeyman's fault" game.

Silly monkeyman games. Oh look, monkeyman catch me lying. I will put smileys like iz just joketime with monkeyman.

#52 But is it really?

More people think its turning around because the media is TELLING them its turning around.

#53 Exactly, and when the numbers

Exactly, and when the numbers are bad they will simply ignore them or mention them in passing. Then when they are even slightly better they will be front and center touting them for a week straight. The bottom line is gas is going to sky rocket and Obama is directly responsible. No recovery can occur when fuel is throough the roof.

#54 IMHO

This bs doesn't mean jack - it will come down to "Hmm, my applecart is doing OK, let's keep O" or "YIKES, the R's can't screw this up worse, right" so down ticket is what matters.

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
Ronald Reagan

#55 Whats behind it all ...

All these media instances who prop up polls favoring Obama and carry the water for the left get their marching orders from Media Matters . Media Matters is in reality a profitablle PAC and an information source company for the Democrats and the left who also help in return with over seeing their funding or repayment as Media Matters for America claims it is nothing more than a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center and further claims to be dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media. I would only think the IRS should have long ago investigated Media Matters for breaking Tax laws in going above their non profit guise because it is in fact a business and shows itself through our tabloids as a full blown media enterprise for profit .

#56 "obvious racism that doesn't

"obvious racism that doesn't generally get discussed"

Really? You mean the accusations of racism that get thrown at anyone who dares not kowtow to His Most High and Holy Hopeful Changer? Those never get discussed?

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