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Singer Tony Bennett on 9/11: ‘Are We the Terrorists?’

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Singer Tony Bennett has sold over 50 million album copies but that success doesn't seem to have required much common sense or decency. In a recent interview, the veteran crooner sounded appallingly similar to controversial left-wing minister Jeremiah Wright, stating, among other things that America "caused" 9/11 to happen.

In what was supposed to be an interview about his latest music collection, Bennett took a turn far afield when he began lashing out at U.S. foreign policy, creating a grotesque moral equivalence between Al Qaeda terrorists who deliberately inflict mass civilian casualties and America:  “Who are the terrorists? Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists? Two wrongs don’t make a right,” he said.

Bennett, who has a long history of  being an outspoken supporter of liberal Democrats, made these remarks in an interview with Howard Stern, still isolated on his own channel on Sirius Radio. He stated that his service during World War II turned him into a pacifist, apparently beyond the reach of rationality:

Bennett, 65 years after leaving his military life behind, has sold over 50 million albums and developed definite opinions about other wars involving the United States.

“To start a war in Iraq was a tremendous, tremendous mistake internationally,” he said.

Stern then asked Bennett about how America should deal with terrorists, specifically those responsible for the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.

“But who are the terrorists? Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists? Two wrongs don’t make a right,” Bennett said.

In a soft-spoken voice, the singer disagreed with Stern’s premise that 9/11 terrorists’ actions led to U.S. military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“They flew the plane in, but we caused it,” Bennett responded. “Because we were bombing them and they told us to stop.”

In the interview, Bennett also recounted what he said was a conversation he'd had with George W. Bush during which the former president supposedly said that he'd "made a mistake" by invading Iraq.

If Tony Bennett reports it, it's got to be true! When is he going to get his own MSNBC show?!


#1 Another example of why

Another example of why entertainers are paid to entertain: they CLEARLY cannot think.

Not only old but without the wisdom that makes old age such a magnificent thing. (When you can find them in combination, obviously)

Me - "The libs/dems of today are the Quislings of former years - the cowards who would vote a fraud into office in exchange for handouts from the devil."

#2 Oh, come on,HelenS, you don't really believe that

Entertainers are also actors.One of those Hollywood actors became US president Ronald Reagan. RR pulled US troops out of the middle east after a terror attack on a marine barracks killed hundreds of US troops stationed in Beirut,Lebanon.

Bennett told Elvis Costello that singing for him means singing love songs and that protest songs don't appeal to him. However, in a political setting or at home or on a plane or riding a trolly in San Fran, he is still entilted to his opinion.

Beirut and the reasons leading up to it

Middle east expert Robert Fisk,

A major motivation for the Beirut bombing was the ill will generated by the Multinational Force (MNF) among Lebanese Muslims, especially Shiʿa living in the slums of West Beirut and around the airport where the Marines were headquartered, as they saw the MNF siding with the Maronite Catholics in their domination of Lebanon.

"Muslim feelings against the American presence were "exacerbated when missiles lobbed by the U.S. Sixth Fleet hit innocent by-standers in the Druze-dominated Shuf mountains."

Col. Timothy J. Geraghty, the commander of the Marines in Beirut during the incident, has said: "..the United States provided direct naval gunfire support -- which I strongly opposed for a week -- to the Lebanese Army at a mountain village called Suq-al-Garb on September 19 and that the French conducted an air strike on September 23 in the Bekaa Valley. American support removed any lingering doubts of our neutrality, and I stated to my staff at the time that we were going to pay in blood for this decision.'"

According to this Wikipedia article : "Some analysts believe the Islamic Republic of Iran was heavily involved and that a major factor leading it to participate in the attacks on the barracks was America's support for Iraq in the Iran Iraq War and its extending of $2.5 billion in trade credit to Iraq while halting the shipments of arms to Iran."

Bennett's views on this issue is not that far removed from the premise offered by Colonel Timothy Geraghty.

That does not excuse nor justify the attacks on the Barracks, the USS Cole, WTC 1993 and 9-11. But Bennett posits that we've bee nover there bombing their people for years and eventually there are repercussions. Or as Col.Geraghty said: "we'll pay with blood."

#3 If a Ron Paul Loon farts in the water.....

...Will it move fast enough to catch the bubble?

Go away Paultard. No one cares.

#4 Those attacking WWII veteran Bennett

probably never wore an army uniform and never closer than 10,000 miles from a combat zone.

#5 Those posting under the name of irgon

probably never had an intelligent thought and never closer than 10,000 miles from a rational post.


Jesus Loves You so much He died for you

#6 right coco*

A rational post like this?

#7 Thanks cajun

Waste not want not.


Jesus Loves You so much He died for you

#8 Awsome

You ladies are great

Seek Truth, Defend Liberty

#9 I will have to seperate the

I will have to seperate the man from the entertainer. Love his music, always have and always will.
I'm saddened to hear this about him.

#10 Hollywood libs

Hollywood liberals live in fantasy land. That must be why they are so dillusional. I stopped listening to anything from them a long time ago and this is just one more thing that proves that I was right.

Hollywood and the democrat party are nothing but liars, cheats, thugs and hypocrites. They have no morals and no decency.

#11 and your point is that some Rebubs are not?

Well, I agree that sometimes the Republicans do sound logical and this statement by Senator Jasmes Inhofe gives me hope that Obama's wars will lose more kool-aid drinkers since a recent stament by the senator from Oklahoma called Obama's UN- backed campaign “a reign of terror.” Wow, a GOP senator saying the US is part of a "terror' reign!

But not ot worry Kool-aiders wars are a safe bet for years to come!

Take the Ivory Coast Coast.

Obama gave a speech at the UN "peace organization." Among the examples of military interventions listed in Obama's UN speech was the violent overthrow of Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo. “The world refused to look the other way,” Obama declared, mistakenly claiming that Gbagbo had lost the election. “The Security Council, led by the United States, Nigeria, and France, came together to support the will of the people.”

The war lover was wrong as usual. It was vote fraud and ballot-box stuffing that stung the elctorate so strongly that the nation’s Constitutional Council declared incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo the election winner.

Obama, just like another Bushie, decided to invade. Partnering with local Muslim militias, international forces dropped bombs and marched to the capital to arrest President Gbagbo, a Christian. In the wake of the UN invasion lay the slaughterd and raped. Thousands of Christians were sacrificed for UN peace and the war on terror! Yes it was brave of Senator Inhofe to call it a “a reign of terror." But why get on Tony's case for making a clear observation?

You koolaid war drinkers should be happy that the international coalition has installed a Muslim central banker named Alassane Ouattara as the Ivory Coast’s new ruler.

Soldiers in uniform sickof the Koolaid
A recent poll shows U.S. troops are quickly losing confidence in the President and his strategy. Less than a quarter of those surveyed supported his illegal intervention in Libya.

Will you still drive around in your cars with those "support our troops" stickers when a majority of troops support Ron Paul's non intervention platform?

Why shouldn't US troops tire of the scam when they learn how their fellow soldiers are being missused

Partnering with local Muslim militias, international forces dropped bombs and marched to the capital to arrest President Gbagbo, a Christian — slaughtering and raping tens of thousands of Christians along the way. U.S. Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma called the UN- and Obama-backed campaign “a reign of terror.”

#12 Go away Paul Bot

It's tiresome.

#13 remember my explanation of "ish"?

Exhibit A.

Give Peas a Chance. ☑ ABØ in 2012

#14 You know what Irgon

Your comparisons with Bushies and Obama are ludicrous. Considering Paul wants to defends our boarders and leave our allies at the mercy of these barbarians. Considering Paul wants to ignore the fact that America leads by example. Considering Paul BLAMES America first, believes quotes from barbarians, and throws our very finest under his rickety bus.

Bout time some-one should inform you Pauletts, we did not, nor were we in any Country Osama was the leader of. Osama lead a terrorist group that killed people of all nationalities (mostly muslims), not just American!

Be nice if you Pauletts would concentrate on the real enemies of this country, instead of making crap up!

Seek Truth, Defend Liberty

#15 He is trying to be relevant

by selling out his country. Does he think he's going to revive his career by badmouthing the U.S.?

It is disgusting to be compared to thugs who kill women and children, who behead people and film it to watch over and over again.

These idiots would be whining that Hitler and the Japanese in WWII were freedom fighters also.

Proud member of the 53%!

#16 If tony wants to be relevant he should

switch to wearing his favorite hammer and sickle depends pattern.


#17 Now it's.....

Levi's, with their "little red tags".

I switched to Wranglers yeeeaaars ago.

#18 Remember the line: they hate us for our beliefs?

Freedom of speech is part of the Constitution even in time of war or undeclared war.

Instead of lashing out against an 80 year old man, why don't you get mad at the interventionist polices of the Bush and Obama administrations that fund terror sponsoring nations with foreign aid that benefits al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the Palestinian Union.

Few Americans are aware that US foreign aid goes to the PA, the politcal heir of the PLO.

U.S.-trained terrorists of the PLO’s (Palestine Liberation Organization) notorious al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades killed American Daniel Wultz. The Brigades, which are formally listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department, have carried out numerous suicide bombings, car bombings, shootings, and rocket attacks. Nevertheless, they are a major military arm of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ PLO/Fatah organization. As such, they share in the hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars that annually are showered on the Abbas-led Palestinian regime.

#19 It appears you don't understand

that free speech includes criticizing other people for their speech.

I highly doubt that anyone here would object to pulling funding from wacko groups. However, that has nothing to do with the article.

#20 Sheesh!

It's a DKos talking point.

Let the troll exercise his right to free speech, would ya?

#21 black roots

black roots again? Reach for that bottle of peroxide and try another tact.

#22 That should be---

"tack", ellergonmoron.

Unless you were going for "tactic", but passed out from lack of O2 before you could squeeze out the last two letters.


"The credibility of the story is undermined by the selection of sources." - (h/t Jer)

#23 Just because you say it has nothing to do with it doesn't make

it not relevant. Of course it's relevant. We give them the money and even train the terrorists!

You act like this is a game your child plays on his nintendo.

You expect our soldiers to fight a war that US policy makers is making it difficult for them when US foreing policy sends money to terror sponsoring states!

What world do you live in?

#24 Nonesense

I doubt very much you will find much support for buying foreign oil here. Fact is, this is one of Paul's redeeming values, the part where he considers our allies likewise, is where he falls of the rails.

Seek Truth, Defend Liberty


lets not forget about this piece of crap back when his career was lifted in the, 60,s with the vietnam vets anthem, I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO!!. Not only did he turn down bob hopes xmas show for the troops but said he does,nt glorifie murderes. But yet he has no qualms doing benefits for misfits and junkies.


#26 Apparently...

it was actually his head he left in San Francisco.

#27 More specifically, his brain.

More specifically, his brain.

#28 Tony is an old fool, and no

Tony is an old fool, and no one should take him seriously. As Laura Ingraham says, "Shut up and Sing!!"

"Deep within my heart lies a memory.  A song of ol' San Antone..."

#29 Dottering old fool

with a nice voice.

"I left my brain,
outside the ballot box;

high on the Hill,
it said we're all socialists now..."

Shut up and sing, Tony.

#30 Tony's years of drug abuse

have obviously taken its toll.

#31 Wow...

The ingorance displayed by Bennett is truely astounding. He's kinda forgetting a few things lsuch as the first attack on the WTC in 1993, the Cole attack in 2000, and the embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998. Just stick to your music and do some reading instead of making stupid statements Mr. Bennett.

"For evil to triumph it is enough only that good men do nothing".

#32 Dear Tony, Please Take Your Prozac Every Day, OK??

It would seem that you want your legacy to be the Undisputed Village Idiot!!  Your statement...

“They flew the plane in, but we caused it,” Bennett responded. “Because we were bombing them and they told us to stop.”

Please explain, you simpleton? 

Where was the US "bombing them" prior to 9/11?

These clowns blew up Embassies and killed hundreds throughout the 90s and the best that we could muster was that flaccid response from Clinton when he lobbed a few cruise missiles into that "pharmacy".

Who was it that bombed the WTC in 1993?

Go crawl back into your cage, you dope.

The Obamination... A crisis leading to a catastrophe..(please donate to MRC)

#33 Just ask them... What would

Just ask them...

What would this world look like if the United States did not exist from 1941-1991?

Answer - EVERYTHING good and decent in this world after 1941 is the direct and sole result of the United States existence: its generosity, courage, Christ centered values, industrial & military power, sacrifice, philanthropy, culture and shining, and I mean shining and unequaled example of freedom. Without the United States, freedom would not exist, poverty would be universal & genocide/infanticide would be the norm. The worst of it would be the permenant political ruling class, which we need to reign in here at home.


#34 A Talented but Foolish Man

We pay him to sing. We don't pay him to be intelligent or well informed.

#35 maybe its time for Tony

To go and sleep with the fishes........

Liberals: No Morals, No Standards, NO Problem!

#36 Tony Bennett does make a valid point...

...That war is a terrible thing! Right. Of course it is. Who in their right mind would disagree with that, right?

But waitaminute now... Mr. Bennett... THINK for a minute what would have happened to YOUR America if you HADN'T fought that war against Germany during WWII.

My point, Mr. Bennett is this: As gruesome and terrible war is, sometimes wars MUST be fought -- for the PRESERVATION of LIFE and the innocent by fighting AGAINST TYRANNY, or do you believe that WWII was a completely unnecessary war to fight.

You see how the liberal strategy works. Wrap the cause (anti-war) with a universally accepted value (killing is bad) to push their agenda. Who is going to argue against the notion that 'killing is bad'? Makes anybody who does look like some kind of a psychopath. That's how liberals managed all these years to successfully push their agenda.

#37 Was Germany bombing us prior to our entry in WWII?

Japan, Germany's treaty partner, sneak attacked us and the congress officially declared war on not only Japan but their partners Germany and Italy.

The Japanese plot was well known by FDR. FDR allowed the Japanese Navy to steam to Pearl Harbor without giving warning to the fleet commanders at PH that the Japanese code had been broken by military intelligence and that the Japanese plans were nailed down even to the exact date of the attack. FDR needed the emotional support of Americans (American polls showed US citizens in the majority opposed to America entering another war) and this politician needed an excuse to enter a war with germany mainly to save Stalin's hide from Germany.

Most polls I've seen show Americans are war weary and want this war to end and the troops to come home. Are you suggesting that Americans that oppose this unconstitutional action in the middle east are unpatriotic? Those that wanted to nail Roosevelt's hide for his New Deal wrecking of the American economy were forced into silence by FDR's sneaky and evil ways of using a war to hide his damage at home andto feed his insatiable appetite to help communists. so you see politicans use war for their purposes not to save our way of life. But once war starts it's extremely difficult to get past the emotion of those who won't see or refuse to see that war is not necessarily the right course of action. But even FDR asked congress for a declaration of war. Show me the official declaration of war issued by congress stating the reasons for war with Iraq and Libya.

Get the terrorist by using your head. We lost our head in the "missions" in Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan by using an entire army to catch a few al-Qaeda terrorist reponsible for 9-11. Our "mission" there is tantamount to using a 150 millimeter howitzer to kill a fly in your living room.

The terrorist that hit the WTC in 93 were captured and are now serving time in jail. Mind you they should have been executed but the point being that they did not get away with the bombing and the killing and injuries to our citizens.

A simple Constitutionally legal action of Letters of Marque stating to the Muslim world that we will catch the 9-11 terrorist and plotters would have served justice. In 93 the Terorist Ramzi Yousef was handed over to us where he was hiding in Islamabad. We caught the "blind sheikh" and the others involved. But the funny thing is that we send foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority who in turn assist terrorists.

#38 Several days after the USA

Several days after the USA declared war on Japan, Germany and Italy declared war on the USA.

Apparently being ignorant is a requirement of following Ron Paul.

#39 No Reply Irgon?

I am not surprised.

Sometimes I think Irgon is a Plant whose sole purpose is to make Ron Paul supporters look like brain-dead ignorant dolts.

#40 Really Irgon,

FDR allowed the Japanese Navy to steam to Pearl Harbor without giving warning to the fleet commanders at PH that the Japanese code had been broken by military intelligence and that the Japanese plans were nailed down even to the exact date of the attack.

Still played the same game with Midway?

Get the terrorist by using your head.

I'm itching to read your  Ideas, of operating like a proper  fly swatter in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Some new and novel ideas regarding Deployment?

#41 The final secret of neocons is the lust in support of liberal

icons like FDR - icons that get the nation into needless wars.

This Accuracy In Media report in defense of Admiral Kimmel, commander of the fleet at Pearl Harbor in 1941 gives a good overview of the FDR treachery:

Navy man and war hero, Robert Stinnett poured over reams of Government unclalssified files and the facts he found point to FDR having prior knowledge. His book Day of Deceit; the Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor is not debunkable by historians.

All the FDR appologists can do is spit insults at anyone that dares question the motives of an FDR or a Bush or Obama.

Silly commentaries from the peanut gallery don't do much to challenge the truth however.

The Japanese military codes and the diplomatic codes had been broken by American code breakers. They knew an attack was imminent and the winds of war would strike on a Sunday, December 7th and even the hour was known! (refer to Accuracy In Media link above)

General George Marshall had the "intell" but he sent a vaguely written message via the civilan telegram stating "you will be attacked. " There were no details! Instead of sending an immediate warning to the commanders at Pearl via direct line to the Island's commanders he chose to send the warning via the civilian telegraph system. The note was being read by Admiral Kimmel as the island was being bombed!

Midway was a decisive victory for the USA . No doubt Japan's navy suffered such losses that they were sending out feelers to the allies to come to a peace settlement but FDR and his gang ignored Japan's hints at ending the war. They wanted to extend the war as much as possible.

Robert Stinnett's book: Day of Deceit

#42 Yawn


#43 Irgon...You are wrong

You claim the Japanese military code was broken prior to Pearl Harbor. You are wrong. The diplomatic "Purple" code had been broken, not the military code. There was no advance knowledge of a Japanese attack on Pearl, and, at the time, it was assumed the Japanese lacked the logistical capacity to launch a suprise carrier-based strike against our naval base at Oahu. US Intelligence services did know that an attack was likely but believed Manila was the more probable target.

You claim that AIM details FDR's "treachery". You are wrong. It defends Kimmel, but it primarily blames J. Edgar Hoover, Captain Kelly Turner, and to a lesser extent, Marshall and General Stark.

You claim that after the loss at Midway barely six months into the war, the Japanese were ready to throw in the towel and sought terms for peace with the US, which were rebuffed by FDR and his gang of war mongers. Proof, please.

You claim Stinnett's book is not debunkable. That is highly debatable. His accusations and theories have been vigorously challenged by credentialed historians intimately familiar with the events at issue.


#44 Very good Jer

I am starting to wonder who's side the Pauletts are on? Ours, or the Muslims.

Seek Truth, Defend Liberty

#45 Jer

To add to your post...The Japanese military which ran Japan at the time was a culture of war. Surrender was not part of their vocabulary, hence the Kamakaizi pilots.

But Irgon seems to be immune to facts.

Proud member of the 53%!

#46 Good point, Radical...

and one I started to mention to Irgon, but I decided to respond in the same context of his claim. Strictly reading his post, it seems he is asserting the Japanese navy issued the peace feelers. Yamamoto wasn't the fanatical militarist like many of the younger Army hotheads in Tokyo.


#47 Jer

Maybe, but it's a pretty thin assertion if that's what Irgon is saying. But Irgon's assertions are all pretty thin.

Proud member of the 53%!

#48 The word war wasn't used.

The congress did give the nod for the Iraq conflict and even though they didn't use the word war, the intent was the same and was clearly defined that war is what was going to happen.

1. a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.

2. a state or period of armed hostility or active military operations: The two nations were at war with each other.

3. active hostility or contention; conflict; contest: a war of words.

Iraq Resolution

10/11/2002--Passed Senate without amendment. Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 - Expresses support for the President's efforts to: (1) strictly enforce through the United Nations Security Council all relevant Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq; and (2) obtain prompt and decisive action by the Security Council to ensure that Iraq abandons its strategy of delay, evasion, and noncompliance and promptly and strictly complies with all relevant Security Council resolutions.

"Authorizes the President to use the U.S. armed forces to:"

(1) defend U.S. national security against the continuing threat posed by Iraq; and (2) enforce all relevant Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq. Directs the President, prior to or as soon as possible (but no later than 48 hours) after exercising such authority, to make available to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate his determination that: (1) reliance on further diplomatic or peaceful means alone will not achieve the above purposes; and (2) acting pursuant to this joint resolution is consistent with the United States and other countries continuing to take necessary actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

"Declares that this section is intended to constitute specific statutory authorization for use of the armed forces, consistent with requirements of the War Powers Resolution."

Requires the President to report to Congress at least every 60 days on matters relevant to this resolution.

"For evil to triumph it is enough only that good men do nothing".

#49 Seriously?

You do tend to twist facts to suit your purposes, but the statement, "Japan, Germany's treaty partner, sneak attacked us and the congress officially declared war on not only Japan but their partners Germany and Italy" just can't go without being refuted, quite easily too.  See here.  However, knowing you and your past history of not seeing anything you don't want to see, and your apparent inability to click on a link, here's the money quote, "That the state of war between the United States and the Imperial Government of Japan which has thus been thrust upon the United States is hereby formally declared;".  It's dated December 8, 1941, at 4:10pm. 

Troll, indeed.  And an uneducated troll to boot. 

To re-elect Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.

#50 Apparently, Mr. Bennet also

Apparently, Mr. Bennet also left his mind in San Franciso.....

#51 yup..

no fool like an old fool...

#52 anyone who has been to war-hates it

however-the USA never finishes what is started.
the bombs on Japan was close-however we never took care of Russia
We did not finish in Korea
We did not finish Cuba
We did not finish in Vietnam
We did not finish in Bosnia/Kosovo
and we have not finished in the Afghan/Iraq mess.
Bombs not bullets
no boots on the ground-until the white flag is raised.
Is this too severe-Perhaps, but once you do it there will not be a next time.

Fast & Furious along with Solyndra are example of who BHO is BHO Policies have caused Failed Economy- Liberals = Wealth Re-distribution




#53 Tony

Having never seen combat I will take Tony's word about how horrible it is. But my question is this. Would he rather be singing in German now or maybe Japanese? Maybe he would like to see all the Jews in this country marched to the gas chamber.
What is the alternative to war that we can get the whole world to agree to use it so one side doesn't have an advantage.


#54 Not One Iota Of Truth

It's just Tony's opinion, his personal beliefs. He offers no proof, except to make a silly suggestion that "they" asked us to stop bombing them. What world does he live in?

To more fully comprehend the Left, one must read “Leftism As Psychopathy” by John Ray, M.A., Ph.D. Caution, it might scare you a little bit.

#55 What world do neocon kool-aid drinkers live in?

The original introductory verse to I Left My Heart in San Francisco

The loveliness of Paris seems somehow sadly gay;
the glory that was Rome is of another day.
I’ve been terribly alone and forgotten in Manhattan;
I’m going home to my city by the bay.

Revised version of the verse:
The ugliness of the “neocons” seems somehow sad and gray;
aggressive war is good; to heck with Tony Bennett’s way.
We’ve been terribly misunderstood in the wake of 9 eleven,
“troops home by Christmas? Not a chance in hell or heaven!”

Revised refrain

I left my heart on “neocon’” patri-idiot shows
low on the cerebral meter listen to them squawk.
But to be where neo con verbalizations
fly halfway to the constellations!
Their hours and hours of foggy wit
fill the air
but I don’t care!

My heart pounds loud between commercials
to hear them shout I can almost see:
their veins bulging at their necks
the applause- o- -meter pegging great

Hey, give that singer a big bow
for telling it like it really is now
“they hate us for dropping big ol' bombs.”

#56 I see you've fully embraced your trollness


Give Peas a Chance. ☑ ABØ in 2012

#57 Well, Tony...

"Are we the terrorists?"

Well, Tony, I'm certainly not a terrorist. I'm not sure about you, though.

The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. The US Constitution

Unless you're a fetus. The US Supreme Court

Or Anwar al-Awlaki.

#58 Typical liberal idiot.

Isn't this moron about 103 years old. He is senile and should retire. No one wants to hear his 1940s songfest today. Hell, no one wanted to hear the mediocre "crooner" in the 1940s. What is the name of his tour bus? Could it be the Alzheimer's Express.? What other voices does this jerk hear. other than former President Bush. I believe he channels Enrico Caruso - but then again he probably spoke to him face to face. Another liberal traitor turning on the country that paid him too much money for his mediocre talent and made him a star when he should have been throwing pizza crust in Brooklyn.

#59 Is that all you got?

Seriously? You go on hate fest against Tony Bennet? Your profile sez you been around for over 5 years..same as me, but I've never heard of you. What else do you have to say?

#60 Bennett's legacy..

is endangered by his own stupidity, and has in fact already been damaged. The beliefs he holds are not supported by the facts, and it's as though he'd climb a tree to believe a lie before standing on the ground to see the truth.

Greggy (Diogenes)

#61 Tony Bennett: “The first time I saw a dead German, that’s when

I became a pacifist,”

Perhaps if Tony Bennett had also seen for the first time some of the concentration and extermination camps, such as Auschwitz, or witnessed the gruesome experiments performed by Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele and his team, Bennett's beliefs would not be so convoluted and misguided.

Then again, Bennett is a Liberal. So it really isn't his fault that he made those stupid and misguided comments. Scientist have discovered that some of the genetic markers in Liberals is associated with the misguided and foolish traits.

#62 I always liked Tony - before

As with all of those so-called "Stars" speaking their minds about politics, they should stick with what they know, or else they lose fans. Quickest way to lose a fan base is by haveing diareah of the mouth over politics. I used to love Barbara Streisand, but she has made herself horribly ugly with her political views, and especially speaking out at concerts. We pay for the music, not for your empty headed political rants!

Conservative Disabled Vet

#63 I was a biig fan of Barbara Streisand's until she came out of

the closet as a Lefty. Now I feel as you do, and can no longer stand to listen to her voice. I wish I had known she was a Lefty before I purchased all of her CDs. I could have saved some money.

#64 Gosh, Rush Fan...

I still like Chuck Norris even though he thinks I'm a commie. [However, I'll admit that I dislike Bill O'Reilly even more since I read that the arrogant blowhard considers himself the second most powerful man in America.]


#65 Well, Jer

If you REALLY feel that way about BOR, you ought to turn into Rush tomorrow.

Because today, I was listening, and almost overturned my desk when I heard him refer to BOR as "Ted Baxter". When I told my mom, she laughed so hard she cried.

#66 Blonde...If I turned into Rush tomorrow,

I'm afraid I would have to shoot myself, and I know that would break just too many NBer hearts.

[Kidding you, dear. I know what you meant, and I'll try to remember to tune in Wednesday's show.]


#67 Ted Baxter

What else is there to say?

Group Hug?

#68 I suppose we could say that in spite of everything,

Ted Baxter was still lovable, which is more than can be said about FOX's Noggin Colossus.


#69 Rush has disliked BOR

for some time now. He's also referred to him as Baxter for quite a while, too.

#70 I'd never heard it before, Matthew

Rather apt. Although BOR is not quite as vacuous as Ted Baxter.

#71 Rush Limbaugh actually praised Bill O'Reilly on Rush's

show this past Tuesday. The praise certainly caught me by surprise, for as Matthew has indicated, Rush has expressed his disdain for BOR (Ted Baxter) for some time. But not on Tuesday's show. Rush was discussing Obama's lies regarding the tax rate paid by the "rich". Here are portions of what Rush said about BOR:

The, quote, unquote, rich are starting to fight back and defend themselves. I have to be honest with you. Last night Ted Baxter was superb on this. Ted Baxter had one of the best shows that he's ever had. And then Hannity came on, and then Greta, and everybody I watched, other than, of course, MSNBC, even CNN was getting this right. It's like when I say, show prep for the rest of the media. [....]
And, folks, I think it's an important thing that Bill O'Reilly got it right, because as everybody knows, he has more power than anybody other than the president, and he was great on this last night. And, frankly, it's heartwarming to see. [...]
I don't feel like a lone wolf anymore. I don't feel like a lone voice because the whole point of all this is to defeat it, the whole point is to see to it that people are educated and informed and understand exactly what a total joke Obama has become, how meaningless his remarks yesterday were, how destructive, if implemented, they are. And more and more people are seeing it, and more and more people are willing to say so. I mean even O'Reilly last night was admitting that he was rich. When I said it's a shame the rich aren't fighting back, the rich were fighting back. O'Reilly was admitting being rich and he was putting in context of what all he pays and how much it's gonna cost him and what's fair and everything, and I was clapping.

Personally, I don't watch Bill O'Reilly much. He has a habit of interrupting his guests, so he (O'Reilly) can put forth his own opinion. Moreover he bloviates too much. To describe him as pompous doesn't do him justice.

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