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CBS Spins Obama's 'All-Time Low' Poll: 'Little He Can Do' With Gas Prices

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Charlie Rose and Bob Schieffer were President Obama's Amen corner on the issue of gas prices on Tuesday's CBS This Morning. Rose shamelessly claimed, "The President has a point...There's little that he can the short term to affect gas prices, and gas prices hurts his political chances." Schieffer replied, "That's right on all counts...the problem is...people think there are things he can do about it."

The morning newscast, as well as Monday's CBS Evening News, mentioned how "President Obama's approval rating is now at an all-time low," and as anchor Erica Hill explained, "one of the big reasons? Rising gas prices." Both programs, however, omitted mentioning the Democrat's rejection of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, their slowing of drilling permits, his energy secretary's endorsement of higher gas prices (which he walked back later on Tuesday), or his party's backing of cap and trade.

Rose brought on Schieffer during a segment 14 minutes into the 7 am Eastern hour, and after playing a soundbite of the President claiming that "we don't have a silver bullet when it comes to gas prices," gave his "the President has a point" statement. In addition to agreeing with his colleague, the CBS veteran continued by spouting the left's own talking points on the issue and ignoring the President's own role in the matter, all the while acknowledging the sticker shock from millions of Americans:

Charlie Rose, CBS News Anchor; Bob Schieffer, CBS News Anchor | NewsBusters.orgSCHIEFFER: I mean, the fact of the matter is, the reason gas prices are so high is because you have, you know, the turmoil that's going on in the Middle East; you have oil speculators; and you have China, which continues to buy more and more oil; and those are the things that are really keeping gas prices up. But people go to...that gas pump and they look at that gauge. I went myself the other day, Charlie, and bought my first $75 tank of gas, (Rose laughs) and I wasn't buying premium gas....

ROSE (laughs): Exactly- what kind of car are you driving?

SCHIEFFER: And there are a lot of folks around here that- I mean, I'm getting along fine; I'm not, you know, right now- but $75 for a tank of gas, and it stares you in the face, and it really makes you mad.

ROSE: And many Americans need their car to drive to work, and so, therefore, it hurts them in a very deep way.

Hill then asked Schieffer, "We know Newt Gingrich has been out there saying, look, I'm going to get gas down to the $2.50 mark....the White House...coming out and really hammering on that point. Are they getting nervous about where this narrative is going in the country?" He answered, in part, with the oft-used line that "people are frustrated with both sides. They don't see anybody riding to the rescue yet...even though the economy is looking better; even though the market is up; even though, you know, unemployment is coming down- going to that pump and looking at that $75 tank of gas...people are really nervous and they're really frustrated now."

The previous evening, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley and correspondent Anthony Mason also did a segment on the President's low approval numbers 45 minutes into the 6 pm Eastern hour, and acknowledged that the chief executive could do something about the high gas prices, but only gave one example, and still gave cover for him:

MASON: Scott, in our poll we asked, 'Are gas prices something a president can do a lot about?' More than half said yes. Historically, that's been the case during the George W. Bush presidency, too. A majority regularly told us a president can do a lot to affect gas prices. So rightly or wrongly, Scott, this is being laid at Mr. Obama's doorstep.

PELLEY: But is there much that a president can do about the price of gasoline?

MASON: One thing a president can do is tap into the strategic petroleum reserves, Scott, our emergency oil supply. It's only supposed to be used in the event of severe supply disruptions, but President Obama did tap into it last June, and gas prices fell about three cents a gallon over the next two weeks. But they'd already been on their way down for a month, so it's difficult to tell, Scott, what impact that move actually had.

Scott Pelley, CBS News Anchor; & Anthony Mason, CBS News Correspondent | NewsBusters.orgPELLEY: You were telling us last week about the role that Wall Street plays- people investing in oil futures.

MASON: It's a big one and it's growing, Scott. The amount of money being bet on oil prices going higher has hit record levels in recent weeks. By several estimates, it's added about $20 a barrel to the price of oil, or 50 cents to every gallon of gas at the pump. And there's not much, Scott, that the President can do about that.

The full transcript of the Bob Schieffer segment from Tuesday's CBS This Morning, which began 14 minutes into the 7 am Eastern hour, is available at


#1 And they may have a point.

Of course the media said the same thing when gas prices were rising during Bush's time in office. I'm sure the media recognized that Bush couldn't do anything about rising gas prices either. It would be logical to assume that the media would impose the same standard on Obama that they have on Bush.

I just checked my calendar, and April 1st came a little early this year.

#2 What good is a short term fix for long term increases?

CBS, this may come as a surprise to you, as much as it is to Obama, but we haven't been witnessing a short term increase in gas prices, but a long term one. So, please, explain to us how a short term fix is going to help? We need a LONG TERM fix to this problem, and that is WELL within the powers of the President, and Congress, to achieve. The problem is that he, like they, just don't want to do anything about it.

So, despite the fact that we're experiencing, and likely to continue to experience, a long term increase in gas prices, something that has a long term negative effect on our economy, what do YOU do to address the problem? You claim that Obama can't do any short term fixes, so we should all just bite the bullet, right? That is exactly what you're doing!

The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. The US Constitution

Unless you're a fetus. The US Supreme Court

Or Anwar al-Awlaki.

#3 Gas did go down when

Gas did go down when Bush or Congress acted. Went to $1.80 or so in 2008 right? NOW Obama ACTED and it went straight up & up! So if his REPLACEMENT does a 180 degree change, they will collapse back down! VERY hight degree of certainty.

-- Maximusbraveheart -- Is TRUTH knowable? Moral Relativism is the abandonment of Truth. Truth is knowable. Truth conforms to Reality. Reality is observable by evidence & witness in this day & from history. Relativism is Sesame Street play land.

#4 They hammered Bush on rising gas prices.

I remember it quite clearly.
On CBS Katie Couric sucked a lemon and scowled very very disapprovingly as she told us how gas has risen to a historic TWO DOLLARS a gallon.
And when it hit three bucks they were giving us sob stories about people who had to decide between buying gas or food.
They did it.
They did it.
They did it.

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#5 Confront reporters about their bias

They need to be held accountable and confronted.

-- Maximusbraveheart -- Is TRUTH knowable? Moral Relativism is the abandonment of Truth. Truth is knowable. Truth conforms to Reality. Reality is observable by evidence & witness in this day & from history. Relativism is Sesame Street play land.

#6 One very big missing item, Fed printing money.

One very big reason that gas prices have risen is the devaluation of the American Dollar. The Fed has been printing money like wild fire and this has devalued the American Dollar. This in turn makes everything cost more, from gasoline to food at the store.

To get the prices to come down we need to stop printing money ASAP, start drilling off the east and west coasts, drill in ANWR, drill everywhere we know there is oil, get rid of all of the special blends of gasoline all over the USA and have one blend, and remove all of the drilling bans and over regulations that the EPA has pushed on the American people.

If we did these things we could get the price of gasoline to drop like a rock. To say that the President has no power over the price of gas and oil is a lie. Heck, President Bush removed the off-shore drilling bans when gas was over $4/gallon in 2008 and the price dropped to $1.84/gallon. Then Hussein Obama was anointed and reinstituted the bans, started printing money left and right and we have seen the prices on gas and food skyrocket.

#7 Maybe our president should

Maybe our president should contact his predecessor. He and all his lib friends thought HE could do something about it. They disagreed with what he did, but they thought he certainly had the power to raise prices.

Give me a break.

#8 We know we have Pelousy on tape.............

Can we go back and see how "helpful" these a*********s were in explaining it wasn't Bush's fault as well?

Tape not available?????????/

Where are the hard hitting stories about people deciding between food, clothes and GAS part of the HORROR, the sheer HORROR.............................

My bad, I am in an alternate realm.

If you make poverty easy, you will have more of it. Benjamin Franklin

#9 Obama doing exactly what he wants with gas prices.

He and Chu want higher gas prices, and they are getting higher gas prices.

Every policy they have put in place was to cause the price of gas to rise, so don't tell me that the RBFSOB can't affect the price of gas.

When he was asked the ONE question on gas prices by Ed Henry at his ONE press conference, he said ,"No, I would be crazy to want the price of gas to rise during an election year."  Nobody bothered to ask the RBFSOB if once the election is over, does he want the price to continue to rise.

Comrade Bubba

#10 Charlie and Bob

If there were ever two morons who should be in a rest home for the terminally stupid it is these two. Do they even have a thought between them. Is nobama really at fault-in their "minds"-for anything.

#11 When Obama says there is

When Obama says there is little (or nothing) he can do to lower gas prices, we can use our magic decoder ring and see that he is actually saying,"There is nothing I will do to lower gas prices." He really is living the story in "Dreams From My Father". Obama, Sr., a drunk and a womanizer was a committed Communist determined to bring down "colonial" nations to punish them. We've got your number, You can fool some of the people some of the time..... well, Barry, you know the rest. Start packing those moving boxes. You're going back to Chicago real soon.

"This is not your mother's Democratic Party"--Andrew Breitbart, CPAC, February 2012

#12 Remember the media mocking Bush for expanding drilling?

...saying his announcement wouldn't have any effect on gas prices for 10 years.

Gas price started dropping the day of his announcement and continued to steadily decline for many months afterwards.

Liberals are simply clueless about how economics and the free market work.

Of course, now, with gas prices sky rocketing and Their Chosen One (TM) at the helm (have they mentioned lately he's black! In case you forgot about about his skin color for a second, like Chris Matthews almost did), the president has no control over such things.

#13 "There is very little. . .

. . . the president can do. . ." The problem is is that Barry has done nothing to help ease gas prices. . .

Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment.

#14 It's just more liberal crap.

For the last 30+ years we have been pushing for more oil drilling and exploration, but instead we outsourced. So now we're paying our enemies for their oil and becoming more and more dependent on them. But somehow, it's not about policy. If we drilled then, we could to the Middle East to "pound sand" cause other than their oil, that's about all they have.

Further this notion that if we started tomorrow we wouldn't see any of that oil for years and so the price wouldn't drop is nonsense. If you do that, your sources will shake in their boots about having ZERO income from their oil sales to the US and would drop their prices tomorrow.


#15 Can't wait to see...

How the media will act once Romney takes the White House, because all of a sudden, it will be up to him to act on this.

#16 You could power Texas for a year with the back-pedaling.

Suddenly Earbama forgets what he spent 2008 whining about gas prices. More media buttkissing from the media.

#17 ⇒ Right again

And if we'd all properly inflate our tires and tune up our cars, we'd have more oil than we need.

#18 I once owned a bike shop and I tell ya, that's a hi tech piece

of equipment..

maybe you can help me out I'm looking for the Beach Boys song... ♫ Pink Slime On Every Tray! ♫ ♫

I looked all over, inside and outside....

Race to the bottom...a nation of diggers like Indonesia....sustainability baby.

#19 Usually polls are accurate.

Seems pretty out of whack lately. 9 point difference with new CNN poll

#20 Or an old one from a month ago. Whatever.

Look. I can link to a poll from 10 months ago. --- CNN's new poll has Obama's approval rating at 54%! Seeing as how it is link to old polls day.

#21 You linked on this same article

Also 10 months is a very long time. The latest CNN poll and the CBS poll were very close in time.

Anything can happen from now till the election

#22 Whatever.

The troll claims a poll from a month ago is NEW. I make a joke that we get to post old polls since it is link to old polls day. The troll then claims the poll from Mr. Balen's blog is close to his.

This poll was conducted by telephone from March 7-11, 2012.

No. It wrapped up a scant 2 days prior to Mr. Balen's blog. It is brand spanky new not a MONTH OLD claiming to be new. But I already said that.

Thanks for the piffle. So much for joking with a piffle troll.

#23 you cant debate without getting personal

You don't agree with my thinking 9 points is a huge drop in that span of time fine

No need call me a troll and hijack yet another thread

#24 Whatever. Whatever. Whatever.

Yes troll. Calling a troll a troll is now personal. Do you ever ever ever listen to yourself?

For the 3rd time, oh my lord in heaven, for the 3rd time ---

The troll claims a poll from a month ago is NEW.

You the troll, claimed a poll from a month ago was NEW.

Seriously, the concept is that hard for you?

Whatever. Whatever. Whatever.

By the by troll. It is two different polls by two different companies. Can't call it a 9 point drop because different polling from different companies are never exactly the same. But you continue on happily as though your stupid ain't shining strongly today. 

#25 okay then

Hopefully you can attempt a rational discussion if the poll is more recent?

#26 No.

You have never been rational. I have no doubt today is not the day you will start.

#27 good

Then there is nothing for us to discuss.

#28 And there never will be.

Three times I have to point out that you came here and called a month old poll new.  Three times. And your response to my point? Whining that I don't agree with my thinking 9 points is a huge drop. Something I never even discussed LET ALONE AGREE/DISAGREED WITH.

I can't get a word edgewise over the voices in your head forcing you to argue with things people never said.

But whatever, it's me. Word bully. Guess I will just have to live with that.

#29 Well

I realized you did not agree with my old poll. So I came up with a new poll with exactly the same 50 percent rating i posted earlier. I then politely hoped we could have a rational discussion

You then said you were not interested, and I was happy I would no longer have to have any more dialogue with you tonight. Now instead of moving forward, your bringing up the poll you feel is irrelevant again. Please vet, just let it go.

#30 Whatever.

The Vet: Something I never even discussed LET ALONE AGREE/DISAGREED WITH.

shawnwahs: I realized you did not agree with my old poll.

Again, shawnwahs. I never discussed your old poll LET ALONE AGREE/DISAGREED WITH IT

Why is it half of my posts to you is me repeating crap you either don't understand or completely ignored? Oh wait, it is the word bully. He has to say everything 5 times before it actually registers in your tardbrain.

#31 I actually understood it the first time

You are the one that is trying to goad me Into to an argument by talking about my tard brain. Very sad that you could not just let it be when I said we have nothing left to talk about

#32 Ah. You understood it the first time. The whole time.

But you continue to act as though you did not. 

shawnwahs: You don't agree with my thinking... ... can attempt a rational discussion if the poll is more recent? ...  I realized you did not agree... ...  I actually understood it the first time.

Yeah, it is the word bully doing all the goading. Lying about what he understood, no, no, that was you. Bad word bully forcing the poor shawntard to lie to him. Bad word bully. Making trolls lie. Bad Bad Bad word bully.


At the core of the soul of every troll is shameless dishonesty. And once again you show us yours.

#33 Vet

You left out the stuff about monkeypeople and lying thru green teeth and how many accounts 'shawn' has had..etc.
If you want your act to make it to have to be consistent.

#34 (flush)


#35 Now that's the spirit

We'll have you back to your normal humours self in no time. Now, if you will just pee into the cup?

#36 the funny thing is

Reponses like "snore" is trollish according to him, however flush is an outstanding comeback. Lol he is sort of like George Costanza with the "Jerk Store" comeback ;-)



#37 LIE. Again.

shawnwahs: Reponses like "snore" is trollish according to him....

LIE. I said you trolls sound alike. Andi it is responses, idiot. Quote --- 

Wrong word
Submitted by The Vet on Sat, 03/10/2012 - 9:07am.

Submitted by Mashugana on Mon, 01/09/2012 - 4:57pm. Has it been 56 hours already, Tom?

#34 yawn...yawn 
Submitted by Mister Orange on Wed, 10/12/2011 - 11:50am. #54 

Submitted by E.S.Blofeld on Fri, 09/02/2011 - 12:49pm.

To quote the 33rd, 21st, and 24th accounts of Dead Zippers. Boy, trolls sure do sound alike. Or is it think alike?


Can't get what I said correct in the past or even here on this page, but boy you got the handle on my meatspace life, huh troll? 

#38 best comeback evah


#39 Whatever.

The troll has to mimic and repeat what I post because it once again has become trapped in it's own stupid and lies. Someone desperately secretly wants to be like The Vet in his heart of hearts.

Copy me all you want troll. You have never come up with anything original anyway. The best you can come up with are quotes from me.

#40 Whatever

The troll has to mimic and repeat what I post because it once again has become trapped in it's own stupid and lies. Someone desperately secretly wants to be like The Vet in his heart of hearts.

Copy me all you want troll. You have never come up with anything original anyway. The best you can come up with are quotes from me.

#41 Wow. That was not a trollish post at all.

A cut and paste of what I said. Troglodyt taught you well. I clearly was in the wrong in labeling you a troll. Word bully apologizes right now.

#42 Thank you

Now I can sleep well

#43 Another whiff from the troll.

So, is the troll lying again in acting as though it fails to understand sarcasm?

Or is the troll actually too stupid to understand sarcasm?

Or is the troll blindly making his own attempt at sarcasm, failiing to note his continual lies and stupid and not realize how badly his attempt at sarcasm will go?

Whatever. Whiff.

#44 A request shawn*

Is it true that you have had multiple accounts under different names? Are is it just a coincidence that some of your posts have a familiar style to previous posters?
Feel free to refuse to answer the question.

#45 Cajun

I have never had a account under any previous name. I have been here as long as most of the original posters, I think I joined before the site was a year old.

I don't duck questions Cajun and I have only been disrespectful to you one time and I have apologized for that. I realize you like the vet, and you think he defends his points, but if look at the this thread, you can see I tried my best to avoid an argument, but there is only so much I can take. I don't appreciate being called a troll and a tard.

#46 Thank you shawn*

I appreciate your reply. If you are not a troll, then continue your battle and defend yourself. As you can see, few posters have intervened, nor will I. That does not mean anyone is taking sides. I have noticed over a period of time that you have been more cautious and respectful in your postings on certain subjects.
Here, I only asked the one question, and you have respectfully answered. Thanks

#47 You are welcome Cajun

I will always attempt to be reasonable and avoid an argument. Have a great night.

#48 Are you a woman Vet?

Its painfully obvious that everything I do on this thread to avoid an argument with you here is futile. You will keep coming back again again like some sort of rectal candida.

Sigh If you don't want to have a rational discussion why do you keep replying over and over? This thread with the exception of light banter about good food is on topic but alas, here you are again ruining it with your petty vendettas calling me a troll and saying I am like a tard.

I have asked countless times for us to put this behind us, but you are acting like a woman and want me to act like Richard Gere from Pretty Woman and expect me to seduce you with champagne and strawberrys. Sorry but I can't see Julia Roberts asking "How does my tushie taste troll?" Seriously maybe all that estrogen is contributing to your obesity and man boobs.

#49 So sorry for forcing you to lie over and over.

shawnwahs: You don't agree with... I realized you did not agree... ... I actually understood it the first time.

So sorry for making you lie to me over and over when you fully understood what I said from the very first post. Bad word bully forcing trolls to lie over and over. Bad Bad Bad word bully.

Yes. And now we are back to demanding the rational discussion after admitting to lying from the very first post. Bad word bully for not discussing all the lies with the troll. Bad Bad Bad word bully.

And thank you so much for lying to me just to avoid an argument. Man, that really makes the word bullies feel proud.

And please, please don't insult me mister troll. Trolls never insult me. You are the first and I realize how much it hurts when trolls call me a woman and fat. Please mister troll. You have met me and seen my pictures so you know all about my weight, oh, wait, no you have not troll. You know nothing about me in meatspace so your repeated insults about my weight mean absolutely nothing does it? Please, I have promised you already mister troll, I won't call you out on your stupid and lies anymore if you just stop making up crap about The Vet in meatspace. Pliz. Trolls that insult hurt, and those insults wipe out all their lies. It is why they always win. Trolls always win.

Good job troll. Call me a woman as though being a woman is a bad thing. Yes little trollie, women are of a lower class so it is an insult to call others a woman. Not misogynistic at all. No.

And it is strawberries, troll. You can't even insult without showing your stupid.

#50 My goodness

I never said being a woman is bad, I said you are acting like a woman sort of like Perez Hilton, but even flamier

You're the one that was whining about your fatness lardass.

Lol, you have got the roll of troll slayer get to your head, along with the rolls on your gut. Now you are nothing but a troll yourself :-(

#51 LIE. Again.

shawnwahs the LIAR: Are you a woman Vet? ... are acting like a woman...

The Vet: Call me a woman as though being a woman is a bad thing. Yes little trollie, women are of a lower class so it is an insult to call others a woman. Not misogynistic at all. No.

shawnwahs: I never said being a woman is bad.

No one claimed you did. LIAR.

#52 Wow

You got I think woman are low class because I called you a woman? ;-)

That is actually one of the funniest most reaching things I have ever heard you say. I just think you are so special and sweat for trying to make me consider your feewings during dis hard timez .sniff sniff.

Hey like I said, you and Perez Hilton are two of a kind.

You might be a lower class than other people because you LIE LIE LIE so much, but if it makes you feel any better I feel all woman are a much higher class than you. Feel better Perez?

#53 Lie. Again.

shawnwahs: You got I think woman are low class because I called you a woman? 

shawnwahs the LIAR: Are you a woman Vet? ... are acting like a woman...

The Vet: Call me a woman as though being a woman is a bad thing. Yes little trollie, women are of a lower class so it is an insult to call others a woman. Not misogynistic at all. No..

Who said anything about what you think, LIAR?

#54 Flush

What ever Freakshow
Up yours troll
I'm leaving
What did you say monkeyman?
Hey anybody have any butt cream?
I don't respond to trolls "I actually do, but I just say that"
You hurtz the vets feewings

#55 Whatever.

The troll has to mimic and repeat what I post because it once again has become trapped in it's own stupid and lies. Someone desperately secretly wants to be like The Vet in his heart of hearts.

Copy me all you want troll. You have never come up with anything original anyway. The best you can come up with are quotes from me.

#56 Thanks for the permission?

I will just do that because I find your tactics so informative and amazing. Hey I think one of my favorites is when you do your impression of the girl from Full Metal Jacket.

Yuuu Amalican Gee Ahh? Mee so Trolliezs , Me flame you lang timez. Teh Monkey peoples is caming and Iz tinking of leaves agains cuz peoplez dont rezpecst teh monkey man, so teh monkey man peez on teh bedz cuz der iz no loves for Vetkey manz.


How can I forget? Stop the lies lies lies lies lies!!!!!!!

#57 Pegged.

Using one post after another as a character attack on another poster. Yep, I was clearly wrong in labeling you a troll. What was I thinking?

#58 Using one post after another as a character attack on another po

Yes I can't stand it when people do that.

#59 Pegged.

10. Refuse to admit your errors.
Never ever admit your errors no matter how blatant they are. If you find no way out and have to admit that you are wrong, phrase it so that you can accuse your opponent of being wrong.

Yes. Turn it back on the word bully. Dissemble and lie for 10 posts. Then admit you lied to the word bully from the beginning, thus showing your troll colors. But if you are called a troll, my my my, don't let that stand. Time for the full on insult posts. When pointed out how trollish that is, turn it back on the word bully and say it is him attacking you for being the admitted liar and troll you are.

#60 I actually hoped it would end

....when I politely said that we had nothing left to discuss, but you could not leave it that and had to hijack another post. Sigh. Bored with you now, it was kind of fun at the beginning, but I am turning in for the night.

#61 Ah yes. The "nothing left to discuss" infamous post.

The one where you repeat your lie to me ---  I realized you did not agree...

Right before the post where you admit your lie to me --- I actually understood it the first time

But it is the word bullies fault again. He is mean to the trolls and lying to the word bully is perfectly understandable because word bullies hijack "posts".  Not your fault at all for lying to the word bully and playing dumb with him so he will keep responding until you finally admit to lying to the word bully. Word bullies fault!

Oh, and you hijack threads not posts. Kinda hard to hijack someone's post when you don't have their password. Don't wanna call you a a 'tard or a troll when you say stupid things. My heavens, that upsets trolls and 'tards when you say that. No. So I won't..

#62 Some day...

One day you will allow to seep through those thick membranes of yours that polls, in the end, all suck.  

The ONLY poll that matters is the one that will be taken on the first Tuesday in November.

"CONSUMED DEMOCRACY RETURNS A SOCIALIST REGIME" - Slayer, "Fictional Reality", from Divine Intervention (1994)

#63 Well, the Dear Ruler could just resign and go back to Kenya...

...Indonesia, Uranus, or wherever the Hell he came from.

And the sooner the better.


Vote for the American in November

#64 Dave buddy!

Long time no see. Your birthday is coming up huh? :-)

#65 shawn,


LOL - I'm staring 48 right in the face.



Vote for the American in November

#66 Time to celebrate firing up the Weber huh? You ever made a Porterhouse steak? I never tried one, but I hear they are pricy.

#67 shawn,

LOL - About the only things landing on my Webers these days are burgers, dogs, chops, and maybe a whole chicken once in a while.

And yeah, I used to grill up a Porterhouse on a Saturday night (if I wasn't going out), eat the strip side for dinner, and save the fillet side for breakfast the next morning.

And I made sure to cook a couple of extra baked taters, and make hash browns with them the next morning.

LOL - Went great with scrambled eggs with cheese.


Vote for the American in November

#68 Steak and eggs

Wow, now I know what I am craving :-)

#69 Thanks Shawn

Sliced steak w/scrambled eggs and steak fries on the side, yum . . . it's 10pm here and YOU'RE MAKING ME HUNGRY! ;-)

#70 Free

Don't forget the tabasco. :-)

#71 S228, some guy grows jalapenos here, just bagged some from the

store... Some are HOT some are not... Surfs up here in here on NB in 2012.... the old posts fade into the past here as fast as this   Jer would like this videeo..That would be CHINESE SUB  TITLES, for the elementary school pupils ... Yea fluids check it out 1:08 if your are in a hurry.... One thing about oil it reduces friction. ok a little tid bit of airport data.....Here on  Asiamaui call letters are OGG

OHH CRAP SIDE TRACKED You were around at the end of those old days, Old NB erased land...10 posts per thread and 3 threads ah day....

Relax do your thing.....there's lots of things that just don't matter.., choose this day whom ya going to serve.  ....

#72 Thanks UCW

That was a great selection of bible verses. I also love tabasco. Breakfast is not the same without. Same with Chinese food. Its not the same without hot sauce.

#73 Sheesh shawn, Here i thought you comment on Jets and

other techy friction issues N' stuff....I was into science before, long before i was Saved.

#74 ⇒ Indonesia?

Indonesia: a traumatic brain injury in which the victim forgets he's a Kenyan?

See more at Am-not-nesia

#75 Cool, well, it could have been Indochina

I mean, 60,000 dead Americans later, and they are still pissing in their drinking water.

Once Barry finishes with us, we might just be, too.


Vote for the American in November

#76 ⇒ No, that's Indo-plumbing

I've got indo-plumbing at my house. But Barry's brother ain't got none in that packing crate I'll bet.

#77 Cool,

LOL - But that is Barry's prototypical future American abode - government owned, of course.

And once he's finished, we will be lucky to have even that.

But he won't care, as George Soros will have flown him off to whatever post-American island this fraud of a POTUS is destined for.

If Hank Johnson was right, maybe it will be Guam. :-)

LOL - We can only hope.


Vote for the American in November

#78 It's a Communist plot

So many sea containers come here filled to the brim with Chinese goods, and they never go back because we have nothing to trade.

Maybe the sea container is America's home of the future.

#79 Cool,



Vote for the American in November

#80 No way Cool

Guest bathroom? lolz no way

#81 Still waiting

Still waiting for the conservative showing what Obama said about Bush and gas prices in 2008.

#82 fProving our present is incompetent

When Bush was in office he totally controlled gas prices.


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