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Bill Maher: Obama is GOP's 'Best Friend,' Doesn't 'Blame Them For Anything'

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On Tuesday's In the Arena on CNN, Bill Maher channeled the far left's frustration with President Obama: "This is one of my big problems with our president. He never blames the Republicans for anything. He's their best friend....There's an oil rig that blows up in the Gulf of Mexico, and the party of drill, baby, drill does not get blamed." Host Eliot Spitzer also joined Maher in bashing the Tea Party.

The two liberals vented about domestic politics during the second half of the segment, which began 18 minutes into the 8 pm Eastern hour. Spitzer mouthed off his regular talking points about how "the middle class has been squeezed and has suffered....[and] the top 2 or 3 percent has profited amazingly well. And then...we had this financial meltdown, caused primarily by Wall Street." He then lamented how this situation hasn't benefitted his fellow liberals as much as he'd like, which led to Maher bashing the apparent stupidity of the Tea Party:

SPITZER: ...Out of that combination of things, when you might have thought we'd get a turn politically towards a new vision of what government should do, it hasn't happened. We've gotten the Tea Party and we've gotten anti-government rhetoric and a push once again for less government, less regulation. How did that happen?

MAHER: Well, if you read Newsweek this week...there's a big story called- I think it's called, 'Why are We So Dumb?' They did surveys- this happens all the time- and they ask Americans very basic questions. I think they gave them the citizenship test that people who are trying to immigrate to this country have to take, and, of course, people just don't know very much.

The Tea Party is a party named after a tax revolt that does not know very much about taxes. It's very hard to get effective policy in place if the people are voting against their own economic interests. The Tea Party- it's supposed to be a party of the common man, a populist movement, and yet, somehow everything they want is also what Steve Forbes wants. I mean, if your agenda is the same as a billionaire, you're not really a populist movement, and if they're supposed to be all about taxes and deficits and debt, most of the money, most of the deficit money, the debt money, was from under Bush. These are facts that they don't care about.

This rant delighted Spitzer, who has also bashed the Tea Party, and set up the question which led to the HBO host venting his frustration about President Obama:

Eliot Spitzer, CNN Host; & Bill Maher, HBO Host | NewsBusters.orgSPITZER: Let me ask this question. Where have been the elected officials educating the public, instead of creating the void into which you get the sort of empty rhetoric that fuels the Tea Party? In other words, where has the leadership been on the other side to explain as articulately as you just did what got us to this precipice?

MAHER: I couldn't agree more. This is one of my big problems with our president. He never blames the Republicans for anything. He's their best friend. He always helps them with their narrative. There's an oil rig that blows up in the Gulf of Mexico, and the party of drill, baby, drill does not get blamed. There's a financial meltdown, and the party of bank deregulation does not get blamed. There's an attack in Arizona with assault weapons, and the party that backs assault weapons doesn't get blamed.

Earth to Bill: it isn't very hard to find instances where either candidate Obama or President Obama blamed former President Bush or the GOP for something. Also, Jared Jee Loughner used a semi-automatic pistol with a 33-round magazine in Tucson, not an "assault weapon." Maher likely wants to ban those extended magazines as well, but it doesn't give him an excuse to spout off a false detail.

Earlier in the segment, Spitzer asked the HBO personality if the current revolts in the Muslim world was a defeat for al Qaeda. Though the atheist targeted Islam in his answer, one could easily see an implied attack on Christian conservatives as well:

MAHER: Yes, I do think it's a defeat for al Qaeda, but it's not a complete defeat. There was a million-woman march a couple of weeks ago in Cairo, and about 1,000 women showed up, greatly outnumbered by men jeering them to get back into the house, as women should be-

So, you know, I said this on our show a few weeks ago and people were very upset. I very often make my liberals in our audience mad at me when I talk about this subject, but I said, you know what? If there is not a sexual revolution that is going to accompany your revolution-revolution, just forget it because, you know, that's part of it, is becoming a somewhat secular society. I mean, al Qaeda draws its strength from religion, and we know this is a religious culture, much more than the West is a religious culture. At some point, they are going to have to make a break. You cannot have a sort of semi-theocracy, where you're getting laws from the Koran and so forth, and I worry about that. We saw the polls that were coming out of Egypt at the time of the revolution when Mubarak was still in power, and a majority of the people believe in things like Sharia law. It's very a religious conservative society, and I don't think it's- that is compatible with democracy. I know liberals don't like to hear that, that some people aren't ready for it, but you know what? If you're too religious, you can't also be a democracy.

SPITZER: Look, you are absolutely right. The tension between a secular democracy and the theocracies that still govern in many parts of that world is a tension that's going to have to see work itself through. We hope it works itself through in favor of secular democracy. We're going to have to wait and see.

At the end of the interview, Spitzer unsurprisingly heaped praise on his guest: "Thank you so much for joining us. Your show is brilliant. I love watching it." Maher is used to getting this kind of treatment from CNN hosts, such as during his regular appearances on Larry King's program. It might be interesting to see if King's successor in the 9 pm Eastern block, Piers Morgan, would follow this model, given his debate with atheist Ricky Gervais in January 2011.

— Matthew Balan is a news analyst at the Media Research Center. You can follow him on Twitter here.


#1 Now, we're talking about

Now, we're talking about Obama right? The same guy that kept harping on how he "...inherited this mess"...?
"It may be true that you can't fool all the people all the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country"......Will Durant

#2 Maher and Spitzer

It's the Misogynist Hour, with Bill "Dumbtwat" Maher and Client Number Nine!!

"Beauty is only skin deep, but liberal's to the bone." - me

#3 Agreed

That these two are in agreement with each other comes as no surprise. They hold similar misogynist views.

#4 You've heard of the blind

You've heard of the blind leading the blind...well Spitzer-Maher is the ignorant leading the ignorant.

#5 OK.

Maybe someone can point me to this statistic.

Total number of years Congress had a Democrat Majority alongside debt it created.

Put beside;

Total number of years Republicans held Majority in Congress alongside debt it created.

With something of a control where each party held control of one House and how much debt was created in that situation.

Even without seeing the actual numbers, I will say, without reservation, that Democrats are way "out front" in debt spending. I will bet the farm on it.

Now as for Maher talking about "voting economic interest", What happened to Constitutional interest, Maher?  Apparently, he does not understand that many things are outside the reach of any democratic process or majority. Maybe he could read the Declaration of Independence to see that, and see the Constitution itself for some specific examples.

Maher is a lightweight and I would like someone to ask him, on camera, when the last time was that he actually read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

That an individual right exists requires that some policy positions be removed from the table of debate.

#6 I don't see the Congressional

I don't see the Congressional stat (which would be more accurate, since they spend the money), but the president does sign off on it. Perhaps you can look up who controlled Congress and match it to these years. Plus, you have put everything in context. For example, Raegan increased the debt because he lowered taxes and defeated the Soviet Union, but the economy boomed.

But here you go:

Also, it is percentage of GDP, and all that. Here is the full article:

Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom.
Ron Paul 2012

#7 VBaxter

The last 6 years of Reagan's term, congress and the Senate were Democrat. The debt was a result of compromise to bring down the Soviet's. Star Wars was the weapon of choice. The tax reduction stimulated the economy, and tax revenue totals increased as a result.


Save a SeAL, club a liberal/troll!!

#8 The more toxic Maher becomes, the more guest spots he gets

Looks like he's on to something.

#9 They love Maher because he

They love Maher because he says the ignorant, disgusting, disrespectful and hypocritical things that all these talking heads in the MSM want to say, but can't. So they give him air time to spew his hate and lies whenver they can. The media in this country should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

#10 Vegetative state

It's pretty obvious this guy is in a vegetative state of mind from a certain vegetation he inhales to get into a particular state of mind.

Someone needs to pull the plug on this and see how long he lasts in his vegetative state.


#11 Actually, Maher is a better friend of the GOP than Obama

He's far more caustic, educating voters as to the real agenda of the Far Left every time he opens his mouth.

Yet, he can't do damage to the country like Obama has.

#12 Bush ate my homework

Bill needs to get out from under his rock more often.

The Obamessiah has been in perpetual "It's-Bush's-fault" mode ever since he started campaigning (which has also been his perpetual default mode).

Obambi's been blaming anyone and everyone else for everything that doesn't shine glory and accolades upon his own wonderfulness.  If it's all Bush's fault, isn't that the same as it being the GOP's fault, too?  Last time I checked Bush was a registered Republican, and oh how those mean ol' Republicans in Congress are just not rolling over and allowing the Obama Empire to ascend to infinite power and control.

I guess little Billie just hasn't caught on to all those subtle nuances.  I know... they do tend to fly by with such speed and ever-changing position that it's hard to keep up.

Perhaps Jean-Francois Heinz-57-varieties-of-positions Kerry can help him with that.


"Ye canne change the laws of physics....." but some politicians believe that with the right legislation you can pretend they don't really apply to your own pet projects... 

#13 Bush's Deficit

Once again Bill plants his foot firmly in his mouth.

The Bush deficits and debt were nothing compared to Obama's. Those that site the "fact" that Clinton left office with a surplus are clueless. That so-called surplus was a bookkeeping trick and would have only applied to future budgets. Clinton's last budget was a whopper with a deficit.

Besides, the Democrats caused the economy to fall. Between taking over the house and senate, they savaged the mortgage market with threats, intimidation, and patronage jobs.

Obama thinks Bush spent too much money? How many spending bills did he vote against while in the senate? When he showed up. How much more than Bush has he spent so far?

"I find that I am deeply offended by political correctness." IdahoAndy


#14 Maher and obama, two morons

Maher and obama, two morons who crave attention by uttering nonsense.

Non, je ne regrette rien. "You aren't angry because I might be a racist, you're angry because you know I'm right".

#15 Rocks

I do believe that I saw Maher and Bucky Beaver in a commerical. It was 2 guys that lived under rocks.

#16 Ding bats

Do you know if you keep posting crap like these two idiots, all you do is give them credence.I dont mean to stick our heads in the sand but if it was meaningful retoric i would say yes but these guys are redicolus if you are religous you cant belive in a democracy.give me a break.

#17 That big book that gathers dust on your shelf

where the first word is aardvark and the last word is zymurgy, is called a dictionary. It can help you spell such hard words as ridiculous and religious. As can the squiggly line under what you type in the box here.

“Liberals tend to put the onus of your success on society and conservatives on you and your family.”

Dennis Prager

#18 Get Off It

A bit anal on the spelling aren't you? What you potty trained with a shotgun? People like you really annoy me wasting space bitching about spelling. What is the point? You some kind of school teacher wannabee? LOL. Oh wait can't be they can't spell.

#19 No reason to complain, Harley---

TheHistorian gave wilson09 a break and didn't call him for misspelling "rhetoric", and "believe" as well.


"The credibility of the story is undermined by the selection of sources." - (h/t Jer)

#20 He never blames GOP?

He never said "After they drove the car into the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back, now they want the keys back.", never.

#21 Bill Maher is so dumb

he doesn't realize that the Newsweek article entitled "Why are we So Dumb?" was actually about those who both read and write for Newsweek.

That's just my opinion; I could be wrong. -- Dennis Miller

#22 Doesn't blame Republicans for anything?

Has Stupid ever heard the "Great One's" analogy on the car in the ditch? And how he "inherited" this economy, two wars, etc, from Bush?

Maybe Maher doesn't listen to the drivel out of Obama's mouth, either.

Liberals. What a pack of losers.

“Liberals tend to put the onus of your success on society and conservatives on you and your family.”

Dennis Prager

#23 What?

first i would like to ask why Maher keeps getting any coverage on this site or any other. It is obvious the little jerkoff says so many stupid things to get attention. I mean look at the guy he is the definition of a short ugly man. Please all you sites just ignore this little little man and he will go away.

#24 Republicans don't get blamed?

What? If I remember correctly That is all the politicians, media and left wing blogs did!!

Blame Sarah Palin because She used a Crosshairs graphic!

While reporting the shooting in Arizona the Media made sure everyone knew that Republicans support the second admendment and then wondered whether we should legislate a gun ban?!!

Media played video of Ashton Kutcher complaining about BP oil spill: "this is what republicans want"

Much of the blame game that Bill Maher says didn't happen was chronicled right here on Newsbusters.

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