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Colbert Makes Fun of CNN: Velshi a 'Bond Villain,' Parker a 'Left-Handed Liberal'

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On Wednesday's Colbert Report, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert made light of CNN's crowded Election Night "Best Political Team on Television," labeling anchor Ali Velshi a "Bond villain" and pseudo-conservative co-host of Parker-Spitzer, Kathleen Parker, a "left-handed liberal."

Colbert first made fun of the two tables' worth of pundits that were on CNN the night of the election, compared to only one table in 2008, and proceeded to give each of participants a label, some funnier than others. Easy target James Carville received the most attention:

STEPHEN COLBERT: Now, while Republicans made a lot of headway last night, the biggest gains of all were seen in the CNN newsroom, with 33 analysts on hand. (audience laughs) They picked up an unprecedented number of opinions. It looks like a bunch of people trying out laptops at Best Buy. (audience laughs) And it's hard to believe- it's hard to believe, back in 2008 they got by with a mere 7 analysts.

But this year, CNN had a surge of new blood, like Tea Party darling Erick Erickson and 'key party' darling Eliot Spitzer- (audience laughs and applause) and each- each of the 33 analysts brought a unique- a unique and indispensable perspective. Of course, you have your liberal [Donna Brazile], your far-left liberal [Paul Begala], your near-left liberal [Candy Crowley], your left-handed liberal [Parker], your moderate [David Gergen], your moderate conservative [Bill Bennett], your moderate-moderate [Gloria Borger], your fiscal family conservative [Erickson], your strategist [Alex Castellanos], your tactician [Mary Matalin], your liberal minority [Roland Martin], your minority-minority [Soledad O'Brien], your Bond villain [Velshi], and, of course, your eye candy [Carville]. (audience laughs and applause, while Colbert pretends to rub the bald head of the image of Carville) Yes, yes, yes- you know what? Carville reminds me, I can't wait for 'The Hobbit.' (audience laughs and applause)

COLBERT (in Gollum-like voice) My precious! Precious! (back to normal voice) So congratulations on your big night, CNN. I cannot wait for 2012, when to pack even more analysts around the table, you give everyone a 'Total Recall' kuato.

Ali Velshi, CNN Anchor | NewsBusters.orgVelshi himself played part of Colbert's segment at the end of the 2 pm Eastern hour of CNN Newsroom on Thursday. The CNN anchor demonstrated that he took it in good humor by putting on a mask of the main character from the upcoming animated movie "Megamind" while making an evil laugh.


#1 Well, for a joke to be funny,

Well, for a joke to be funny, there has to be some truth in it.  Since I don't watch the Communist News Network, I don't know the context.  Maybe Colbert should make fun of himself pretending to be Conservative.  People would understand that.

#2 It's "Mega-Mind."

Matthew, the movie is called "Mega-Mind."

But I loved your article. Colbert can be a bit of a pr*ck sometimes (most times?) but the transcript of this one was pretty funny.

I'd love to hear his take on MSDNC. Oh, wait, that's not going to happen, is it? No conservatives to pick on...

“I will not stand by and watch this great country destroy itself under mediocre leadership, that drifts from one crisis to the next, eroding our national will and purpose.” – Ronald Reagan, July 17, 1980.

#3 Thanks!

I corrected my error. Thanks!

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