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A Tale of Two Networks: CNN Questions Obama Attack Ad While MSNBC Cheers It

After the Obama campaign released an ad on Monday attacking Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital, CNN went so far as to question President Obama's hypocrisy in attacking Romney. In contrast, MSNBC hosts joined Team Obama on the offensive.

CNN first reported the ad during the 9 and 10 a.m. hours of Monday, and by that evening anchor John King hosted a former venture capitalist who defended the business practices of Bain. Meanwhile, MSNBC's Martin Bashir and the network's prime-time lineup were cheerleaders for the Obama campaign on Monday.

"It's the Bain of Mitt's existence," sneered Bashir at the beginning of Monday's 3 p.m. hour. He hailed the ad as "the beast of Bain," and hyped up its effectiveness. "Ouch. We haven't seen an ad that stinging since – well about four months ago when Newt Gingrich was crowning Mitt the King of Bain in a similar ad."

In contrast, during the 3 p.m. hour the next day, CNN's liberal anchor Ashleigh Banfield walloped the Obama campaign's press secretary for "mincing dates" and "cheating" in the ad.

Banfield even quoted a Washington Post fact-check on the ad and defended Bain Capital's business history. She told the press secretary "you and I also know that he [Romney] had plenty of success, as The Washington Post has outlined, many successes. The Wall Street Journal has outlined many successes that Bain Capital has had in creating jobs, in saving people's companies from going under, and also that there are other steel companies, like Steel Dynamics, that did incredibly well under their leadership."

Later on Tuesday evening, CNN host Anderson Cooper ran a critical "Keeping Them Honest" segment on the ad, where he hit President Obama for being a hypocrite.

"Attacking leaders of companies that make millions by taking over other companies and sometimes putting average Americans out of work, when at the same time President Obama racks up millions for his campaign courtesy of the very same type of corporate leaders," Cooper explained.

Cooper reported Obama having dinner on Monday night with the president of the private equity firm Blackstone, which had done business before with Bain Capital. "[I]isn't it disingenuous to try to drive a stake into the corporate heart of the one so-called 'vampire' in the morning and then sit down and eat a steak with another 'vampire' at night?" Cooper questioned. Former steelworkers featured in Obama's ad had labeled Bain a "vampire" for its business practices.

And that morning, CNN's Brooke Baldwin had echoed the same sentiment, that President Obama was being hypocritical in hitting Romney for his venture capital past while raising large amounts of money from the financial sector.


#1 The Paki Snapping Turtle really is approaching Olby territory.

He'll lie about ANYTHING.

*Of course, I use Olbermann only as historical reference, as he is now dirtnapping.

Sleep tight, Keith - and may your brother Bashir join you soon.

#2 There a little hope.... least CNN is maybe trying.

"Forward" Obama Campaign Slogan. "Lean Forward" MSNBC's Campaign Slogan.

MSNBC is trying too.

#3 Caustic sneer

Bashir's snide comment loses a bit of the caustic sting in the sonorous tones of his London accent.

BTW, what's with all the Brits or British accents on cabal news, anyway? Bashir, Piers Plowman, Kitty Kat [?]—is this some kind of globalization of labor? Really? Taking jobs Americans want?

#4 It makes their dumb

It makes their dumb statements sound 'educated' to the average dumb StateRun Media listener.................and don't forget about Fockhead ZoobaDooba, Skank Ugar, and a few other 'ringer' imports. I'm just wonderin' (Obamaspeak) how many conservative Americans are psuedo-news-reporters in other countries across the world, and especially in moooooooooooslem countries.

#5 Ted Turner Came Close To Endorsing Romney

Did Ted Turner endorse Romney?

Watch the vid here at

#6 Gotta give the CNN correspondents credit on this one...

...a rare display of honest reporting, painful questions and minimum amount of spin. Maybe if they had practiced the same thing in 2008, we wouldn't be in this current financial mess. While I don't profess to be a financial expert, I would think a company like Bain, which has a job to take over businesses and try to save them from going under, would be happy to have a 75% success rate, for example. There is no way they could save every company and every job. There are always going to be a few sacrificial lambs, that is the very nature of capitalism-some people will have to fail in order for a greater number to succeed.

#7 Where Is Room 101? Where Are the Rats?

Where Is Room 101? Where Are the Rats?

There are many obvious and unsettling parallels between life in America under Barack Hussein Obama in 2012 and life in Oceania under Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984.

The deification of Oceania’s omnipresent leader, the overbearing intrusion of a socialistic government into the private lives of its citizens, the thought control implemented by the Inner Party, the denial of individual freedom and liberties in favor of collectivism, the propagandizing, etc. all have parallels in America today.

The mindless worship of The Anointed One, his socialistic obsession, his belief in hate (thought) crimes, his collectivist outlook on life, his commitment to an all-powerful pervasive central government are scarily reminiscnt of 1984.

The only features missing from Obamaland are incessant wars, which may be in progress, and “the thing” in Room 101, “the worst thing in the world” for Winston Smith: rats.

Rats may be on the agenda in Obama’s second term along with implementation of other horrors he pledged to effect when he has more “flexibility,” as he promised Medvedev-Putin, after he is re-elected in November.

The president and his henchmen have been tirelessly working on the propaganda aspect of their version of Oceania. . .

(

#8 Enjoy yourself, berlet....

When your spamming can be flagged, you won't be long for this forum.

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