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Piers Morgan Encourages Arlen Specter to Take Out Some Tea Party 'Cannibals'

As former Senator Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) railed against political extremists whom he termed "cannibals," CNN's Piers Morgan actually encouraged him to "start taking a few of them out for us" and "Bury a few more bodies." Specter had specifically referenced the Tea Party and the Club for Growth as "cannibals" he wrote about in his new book "Life Among the Cannibals" and repeatedly took shots at the conservative wing of the Republican Party, on Tuesday's Piers Morgan Tonight.

Just last week CNN's Piers Morgan condemned bigoted jokes and slammed conservative actor Kirk Cameron for his "deliberately inflammatory" rhetoric against homosexuals. However, he not only allowed Specter to label his enemies "cannibals" but joined in on the act. [Video below the break. Audio here.]

After Specter had lamented the "buried" bodies of former Senator Bob Bennett (R-Utah) and Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.), who lost to more conservative candidates in their respective 2010 senate primaries, Morgan engaged him with more gruesome rhetoric. He asked Specter about presidential candidates who are still in the running – "the bodies who are still hanging on in there, you know, dangling maybe, from the meat hooks."

And he lauded Specter's new book "Life Among the Cannibals" at the end of the interview. "If the book lives up to the title, I reckon you've got a best-seller on your hands," he flattered the former senator.

On Friday morning, CNN hosted Specter and again let him excoriate Tea Party "extremists" and "cannibals."

A transcript of the segment, which aired on March 27 on Piers Morgan Tonight at 9:32 p.m. EDT, is as follows:


ARLEN SPECTER, former senator (D-Pa.): Piers, this book characterizes and describes what is wrong with extremism in Washington, what has caused the gridlock, and has a suggestion on how to deal with it. This book is about cannibals devouring senators. And I'm very specific. Bob Bennett was devoured in Utah, couldn't win a Republican primary notwithstanding the fact that he had a 93 percent conservative rating. On the Democratic side, excellent senator like Joe Lieberman couldn't win a Democratic primary. The experience of Senator Lisa Murkowski in Alaska shows the way out. Lisa Murkowski –

PIERS MORGAN: Who are the cannibals?

SPECTER: The cannibals are the Tea Party, are the Club for Growth. I'm very specific in this book, led by Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. They have – they beat Lisa Murkowski in the primary. She then ran a campaign on a write-in, unprecedented in American history, especially with a name like Murkowski. You misspell it with a Y instead of an I, the ballot is thrown out.

But she was able to demonstrate that if you acquaint the electorate with the problem and you motivate them to come out, they can take back the center. And you can get a Congress which will be functional. And –


SPECTER: The primary process on the Republican nomination, for example, has driven so far to the right, they're off the boards. And I know what goes on behind the scenes. I've been in both caucuses, Democrats and Republicans. I know where the bodies were buried. And there – and there is a way out. But people have to understand how Washington works. And this book is a description of the problem and a solution as to where we go from here.

MORGAN: Well, where are these bodies buried?

SPECTER: These bodies are buried in ended careers. Bob Bennett's body is (Unintelligible) at a Washington law firm. Mike Castle –

MORGAN: Let's talk –

SPECTER: Go ahead.

MORGAN: Let's talk about the bodies who are still hanging on in there, you know, dangling maybe, from the meat hooks. But what do you make of the Republican race in terms of, is it a done deal now for Mitt Romney, do you think? Is it time for Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul or Rick Santorum to throw the towel in?

SPECTER: I think it is plainly going to be Romney's as the nominee. What those other fellows want to do is up to them. It's a free country. What I'm concerned about is what we do beyond the presidency. That is one office. You can't run America if you have a Congress which is gridlocked, if you have a Tea Party where they run on a platform of no compromise, where you have people afraid to express themselves.

Listen, independence is a twin brother of integrity. And you don't have any independence in the Congress today. There's not a moderate in the Republican Senate caucus. We had a terrible decision by the Supreme Court on Citizens United, allows corporations and unions to have unlimited anonymous expenditures.

The Supreme Court left a narrow avenue for Congress to legislate on disclosure. If you're going to have these billionaires like Sheldon Adelson buy South Carolina for Newt Gingrich, at least let's know who's putting up the money. Fifty nine senators –


MORGAN: Arlen, I've got to – I could speak to you all night about this.

SPECTER: Let me finish just one thought, one sentence.


SPECTER: Fifty nine senators on one side of the aisle voted for cloture to move the bill ahead. Not one senator on the Republican side of the aisle, neither Snowe nor Collins, who had been moderates, would advance the bill. And that's what has led to the turmoil in the election process and to the gridlock.

MORGAN: Well, I think the secret, Arlen, is you're going to have to get into those cannibals and start taking a few of them out for us. Bury a few more bodies.


SPECTER: Well, if – if my ideas are followed, if enough people will read the book, if enough people will show indignation, as the Alaska electorate did – we'll move ahead.

MORGAN: If the book lives up to the title, I reckon you've got a best-seller on your hands.


#1 The crypt master himself

The crypt master himself slithers out to continuing damage to decent people and America's posterity and prosperity.

#2 What a "lawyer"

First, at the Clinton impeachment, he voted "not proven" with an explanation he gave the press about its use in some other country's law. Last time I checked, it's not part of this country's judicial laws.
Then, he voted for ObamaCare, and all of its issues, including unconstitutionality. Then he got beat in the D primary.

On top of that, whenever I heard him call into Sports Radio WIP's morning show to talk about the previous Eagles game, he always sounded like he enjoyed the excitement of the game but had no idea what was going on.

#3 JeffC

He just can not understand why he lost the election.

#4 Someone should tell this loser

Voters are free to choose whomever they want. Buried Bodies? Must be from the magic bullet.

Freedom is a vital component of human effectiveness and fulfillment.

#5 cornered rats

The era of actual Liberal policies is over. (see Europe) BUT now comes the dangerous part. You would think a dying ideology would mean the end of its proponents. Not so with Liberals. Their original and only goal was the acquisition and exercise of power. Now instead of gaining power through legislation that promotes their political power they are embedding themselves even deeper in the bureaucracy and government institutions such as schools and regulatory agencies. it will take a long time to root out the rot that has infested our system of government.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.

#6 "Cannibals"?I guess they


I guess they must be running out of euphamisms and other colorful adjectives.

"It may be true that you can't fool all the people all the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country"......Will Durant

#7 Excuse me Piers*

It's your side that already has cannibals

#8 C-2, Liberals got this: The Alferd E. Packer Memorial Grill !

The Story of Alferd E. Packer "The Colorado Cannibal"

Take care of me regardless of what it does to you.

#9 Upcountry*

Liberalism is a mental illness

#10 How

much lower are the tv networks going to bury themselves? That Piercre "guy" is right up there with all the useless ones on msdnc. Think these repulsive and pathetic so-called tv hosts will be gone sooner then we think. Americans are getting extremely sick of these loosers

#11 grammajane

Rumor has it that Larry King would only give up his spot if CNN replaced him with someone equally boring.


The "buried body" was sitting right in front of Morgan. We buried Spector, in Pennsylvania and he knew it so he switched to the Dems. Then Obama "buried him" and he lost the nomation in the Democratic primary.

The Republicans held onto the seat with Pat Tomney.


#13 Large Family

I hope Specter has a large enough family so that he will sell at least 100 books and maybe crack the Amazon 10,000 best seller list.

#14 It Is Becomming Increasingly Clear

The Left is homophilephile. So what is homophilephile, you might ask? Homophilephile is the advocacy of species extinction.

To more fully comprehend the Left, one must read “Leftism As Psychopathy” by John Ray, M.A., Ph.D. Caution, it might scare you a little bit.

#15 How about deporting a few Bridiot liberal talking heads?

If we could deport Hacker Morgan, Andrew "Dainty" Sullivan, Tina "Degenerate" Brown and Moron Bashir all at once, it would be a good start.

If that dimwit Katty Kay is still around, ship her back Fedex--collect.

#16 Hooray Henry

The Brits have exacted revenge on us by sending over that Hooray Henry, Piers Morgan because we had Dick Van Dyke doing his worst Cockney accent in "Mary Poppins"

For the MSM: In your pomp and all your glory, you're a poorer man than me.  As you lick the boots of death born out of fear.

Ian Anderson "Wind up"

#17 Arlen Specter, AKA Mr. Roper from Three's Company

Tell me again....WHY should I listen to a man that switched political parties and campaign for Obamacare when he said that "It needs to be passed very quickly"? Why?

Piers Morgan better get his ass in gear or else he will be swimming back to the UK with Martin Bash*t from M.S.S.R. (M-BS-NBC).

"Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets". - Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver (1976).

#18 I had

a couple of days off here, and I guess I'm having a reactionary giddyfest. I'm looking at this fossil, and actually having an attack of the "giggles", the kind I haven't experienced sinec junior high. Cannibal? Really? Cannibal? The video in my head has him taking out his teeth to gnaw on a bone. OMO. Why is anyone even giving this transpartied (think transgendered) old fool a forum? I guess he gives hope and inspiration to the senile everywhere. Thanks Arlen.

#19 Spector

Perfect example that the United States of America is a melting pot:

Everything on the bottom gets burned and the scum floats to the top.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” – Marcus Aurelius

#20 We're them and they're us.

"Well, I think the secret, Arlen, is you're going to have to get into those cannibals and start taking a few of them out for us."

That reminds me of the closing line is Night of the Living Dead remake, where the woman, after seeing people shooting the Zombies (who are all cannibals) while a good time, says: "We're the monsters now. They're us and we're them."

Well, Piers, you're the monster in this case. How much fun would you have shooting those "cannibal" conservatives in the head? Of course, you wouldn't be drinking beer, like they did in the movie. You'd be drinking wine coolers.

The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. The US Constitution

Unless you're a fetus. The US Supreme Court

Or Anwar al-Awlaki.

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