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Bill Maher Slams America, Where 'Guns Are a Religion'

In light of Monday's deadly school shooting in Ohio, both CNN host Piers Morgan and liberal comedian Bill Maher embarked on a lengthy liberal screed against the current gun laws in America. Maher went so far as to castigate gun owners for making their ownership a "theology," on Monday night's Piers Morgan Tonight.

"And Rick Santorum likes to talk about theology. This is a theology in this country. Guns are a religion. They're next to godliness for a lot of people," he ranted. Host Piers Morgan found America's gun laws "incomprehensible" and balked at the "ideological dream" of the right to bear arms. [Video below the break. Click here for audio.]

"What is it about this ideological dream of the right to bear arms that overrides any other rights, I mean the rights to not have your children killed at school?" he asked incredulously.

And of course, Maher mocked conservatives and their interpretation of the Second Amendment. "There's a lot of the right-wingers in this country who think the Constitution consists of the Second Amendment and then, blah blah, blah, yatta, yatta, whatever," he quipped.

Both liberals also expressed their disappointment that President Obama has not done "something more concrete about guns." While neither Morgan nor Maher wanted to ban all guns, they took aim at laws allowing widespread ownership even among the "mentally ill," and at the legality of gun shows.

"We need someone to stand up to the gun lobby," Maher declared.

For a full transcript, click here.


#1 Warning!

Bill Maher is your brain on drugs.

To more fully comprehend the Left, one must read “Leftism As Psychopathy” by John Ray, M.A., Ph.D. Caution, it might scare you a little bit.

#2 How on earth can he be your brain on drugs...

...when this b****** doesn't have a brain to begin with?

You can't take a guess for another 2 hours?

#3 Bill Maher - bitterly clinging to his delusions.

Funny how his bodyguards carry guns and his concept of religion is masturbating daily to DKos or HuffPo.

#4 Maher and Morgan's Frothy Reactions

Are more reliable than Pavlov's dogs.

#5 And the dogs have fewer fleas and ticks!

And the dogs are far more well-behaved inside.

#6 On Cam and Company the other

On Cam and Company the other night Cam mentioned something about Charles Blow saying if didn't have, I am not going to use the word Blow used, it had to do with a female's privates then you shooldn't be allowed to talk about abortion and contraseptives. Ok Cam went on to say if you didn't own a gun then you shouldn't be talking about the 2nd amendment or trashing it. These two fools know nothing about gun ownership so they should shut the hell up.

A well regulated militia being necessary to a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

#7 its not the gun lobby

its average citizens. LOTS OF THEM.

#8 Maher's obsession with religion is quite hypocritical,

especially in light of the obvious fact that he considers himself to be the High Priest of Liberal Entertainment.

#9 'Priestess' would be more

'Priestess' would be more appropriate.

'One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church'

#10 What I'd like to see

I keep thinking about the time Piers had Ted Nugent on about guns and whatever.

I would *LOVE* to see Nugent and Maher in the same room on this show or any show.


#11 that would not end well

That scenario would not end well for BM-- he would not leave the room under his own power.

#12 I stand up to the gun lobby regularly.

The union man who is the NRA lobbyist here where the right to carry is denied 100%? Check.

The ISRA that stands against FOID cards and the fee for them but then turns around and asks people to come support carry permission slips and the fees and training required for it? Check.

The State AG who refuses to concede that the Second Amendment does actually apply here in Illinois? Check.

The other Constitutional Officers and legislators who refuse to "allow" the population to exercise their rights and criminalize exercise as a matter of code? Check.

The Governor here who is "proud" that Illinois remains in violation of the Right to keep and bear arms? Check

A federal judge who "rules" that one must have a home in order to have and exercise this right - leaving the homeless "out in the cold"? Check.

Local media that for years has called carry advocates "extreme"? Check.

The Illinois State Police 'leadership" that directs people to puke on their attacker and pull out their keys and combs? Check.

The Brady Bunch? That goes without saying. Check.

John Boehner, the Silent Speaker, who pass out of the House an IDIOT reciprocity bill that affects 49 states not too long AFTER even scotus says that just such a law has to apply to all 50? The same Silent Speaker who has been so vewy vewy kwiet about The GunWalker Scandal? Check.

Just who else would you like me to stand up to, Mr. Maher? Oooooohhh,you wanted someone to stand up against the inalienable right to defend their own lives with arms? My bad, never mind.

That an individual right exists requires that some policy positions be removed from the table of debate.

#13 Once again...

...killing people is against the law. Planning to kill someone is against the law. Injuring people with a gun is against the law. Bringing guns to school is against the law. Permits and registrations of guns are required. Yet, the killings continue.

But somehow, I am supposed to believe that if the guns were illegal, murders would come to a screeching halt. Well, what are we waiting for? Utopia is just around the corner!

#14 Then we could.....

go on to outlaw golf clubs (right, Mrs. Woods?) and lamp cords, and screwdrivers, and baseball bats and 2X4's and the thousands of other mundane items used to kill people each day....Oh! And cars. :-)

#15 woefully unfamiliar

BM's woefully unfamiliar with the Constitution-- his latest comment only proves it further. Not that familiarity with the Constitution has ever been a concern of his. Guns are guaranteed by the SECOND Amendment-- religion is guaranteed (not to be FORCED upon) by the FIRST. Wanna know where my GUNS are? Just look behind my velvet picture of JESUS.

#16 Maher likes to insist he's a

Maher likes to insist he's a libertarian, which just goes to show how deep his political sophistication is. He's libertarian on drugs and sex, of course, but when it comes to economic liberty and the right to keep and bear arms, he's a dyed-in-the-wool leftist.

Hey, Bill, wanting to screw anything that moves while doing lines of coke is not necessarily libertarian. It's libertine, but libertarian? Hardly.


#17 Ever notice that it's America-hating commie puke scum like Maher

...who are always the first to bitch and moan about guns in America?

Ever wonder why that is?

And no, it ain't because of kooks who go over the edge once in a while.


Vote for the American in November

#18 no God given right is open to

no God given right is open to is my right between me and God, and I do not allow interference. Mr Maher you are not privy to my discussions, nor are you privy to my conclusions.

Those whom interfere and infringe on my god given right, just may force me to have them meet God.

This same philosophy applies to all 10 amendments.

#19 He knows

Try as they might, Obama, Maher and their fellow marxist buddies may think they can transform America into a socialist state, but they know deep down inside, in order fully impose this central government theology on the American people, they must find a way to seperate us from our weapons.

#20 Right on target (can we say that?)

Maher says we're afraid that without our guns that "there might be a tyranny."

Might?  Might?  Freaking might?!?  Wrong.

Without the Second Amendment in place there WILL be a tyranny, and Obama will be it's Dear Leader.

As a famous philosopher once said, "God made man.  Sam Colt made man equal."  I like our chances of keeping freedom much better if I have weapons to fight back against an oppressive RBFSOB when he tries to reign us in.

Comrade Bubba

#21 "blah, blah, blah, yada-yada, whatever"

That pretty much sums up Bill Maher's understanding of the Constitution.

That's just my opinion; I could be wrong. -- Dennis Miller

#22 I dunno 'bout that;

I think his understanding is more like "TL;DR."

You can't take a guess for another 2 hours?

#23 Bill Maher and guns

Newsbusters should not report on what Bill Maher says about anything.

He has nothing to say that is either unique or inspiring.

Ten minutes after he is dead no one will remember him not even his cat.

Steve Cakouros

#24 The killers are the minority

Plenty of us Americans, millions, get our first gun at 10 or 12 years old and go our whole lives without shooting anyone.

Americans keeping their own earnings is a Civil Right! Demand your Civil Rights!

#25 Exactly! And you and I are

Exactly! And you and I are in the majority. But liberals use the needle to portray the entire haystack. Thats why the one insane person who shoots someone is not only a conservative but is the reason guns must be banned!

All my friends are now getting guns and taking safety courses and I plan to get my concealed carry license this summer.

#26 And yet

he continues to live here like the unwanted parasite that he is.

Liberals are greedy. -- Me

#27 Liberals hate the second amendment

because you cannot enslave an armed population. Sorry, Bill.

#28 "Liberals hate the second amendment"

But they love Row vs. Wade.

"For evil to triumph it is enough only that good men do nothing".

#29 America's hunters

are the world's largest standing army.

#30 Hunters?

I haven't hunted for about 15 years. Guns and the 2nd Amendment have nothing to do with sport shooting or hunting.

"Be an information soldier in an army of one; where no one can follow, only lead." David Kramer

#31 Huh?

Huh? I knew what he meant. It wasn't that complex.

"Somehow, I told you so, just doesn't quite say it." Will Smith in 'I, Robot.'

#32 Ditto, not that hard to figure out.


To re-elect Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.

#33 over the years i have

learned that when liberals talk, they make absolutely no sense. bill is a perfect example.


#34 Wow do I hope Obama takes

Wow do I hope Obama takes Maher and Morgan's advice and campaigns on promises of more gun control. Even Al Gore said that having gun control in his campaign platform cost him millions of votes in the 2000 election. There would have been none of the Florida recount business if he had just stayed away from that. That's why the Dems mostly dropped gun control out of their campain platforms in the years since, they know it's a loser. Unfortunately, I don't think even Obama's administration is stupid enough to listen to the likes of Maher and Morgan but we can certainly hope.

#35 There is no violence that is

There is no violence that is committed that doesn't start in the heart first. Guns are not the problem, it's the culture that indoctrinates people into thinking their problems can only be solved by violence. It's an increasingly secular huminist intrusion into the manner in which we raise our young. They are taught that God is dead and He should no longer be feared, it's a permissive society and one which values "feelings" over logic and truth. It is an abortion mentality that teaches life is cheap and has no meaning. We live in a callouos, souless world where we hate instead of love our fellow man.

Maher and people like him are more at fault than any weapon because it is people like him that love to debase humanity and strip it of any dignity and value.

"It may be true that you can't fool all the people all the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country"......Will Durant

#36 Maher, Morgan

You are you are now in the GRIP OF HYSTERIA,


#37 The elite media pundits and the political power

always dream about taking the right to self defense away. That way you need them to protect you. That way when they want to implement draconian laws the serfs cannot rebel.

A list of tyrants that believe the same way would be apropos here.

"Be an information soldier in an army of one; where no one can follow, only lead." David Kramer

#38 If American with its guns

is so terrible. Why is Piers Morgan still here?

"Somehow, I told you so, just doesn't quite say it." Will Smith in 'I, Robot.'

#39 Who is Bill Mayer that he

Who is Bill Maher that he rates so highly for his opinion? Comedian? I had no idea he's a comedian, unless his opinions are comedy. I see him as an ignorant mouthpiece for the uninformed, left wing liberals who hate America and the Constitution. His day will come, though, when he ceases to be and nobody will remember who he was. He's so forgettable!

#40 Deal with it, Maher.

Deal with it, Maher.

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