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CNN's Randi Kaye on Ed Schultz's Rant: 'There Are Mixed Interpretations' of the Term 'Slut'

Attempting to offer a defense of Ed Schultz, CNN's Randi Kaye told guest Howard Kurtz Thursday that "there are mixed interpretations" of the term "slut," which Schultz called conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham Thursday. Kaye also referred to Laura Ingraham's response to Schultz as "biting," proving that she possibly was harder on Ingraham than on tyrant Sadaam Hussein back in 2006.

"Yeah, but you know when you hear the word 'slut' – I mean I hate to even say it on our air, to be honest with you – but there are mixed interpretations about the word," Kaye told Kurtz. The media critic didn't buy it for a second.

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Slightly taken aback by Kaye's bizarre statement, Kurtz called the word "clearly a sexually-derogatory term," when used in the context Schultz did, and added that "he realizes what he did."

"I think [Schultz] was lucky to get away with just being off the air for one week," Kurtz remarked. "A lot of broadcasters might have lost their jobs by saying something so stupid, offensive, and misogynistic."

Kurtz added that "this is not the first time that Ed Schultz has talked his way into trouble." Indeed, it is not. Kurtz referred to when Schultz called New Jersey governor Chris Christie a "fat slob" and when he repeatedly labeled Rush Limbaugh "the Drugster," an obvious reference to Limbaugh's drug abuse in the past.

NewsBusters has documented many instances of when Schultz crossed the line with his words, and this arguably is not his worst moment, though Kurtz thinks so. Just last February, Schultz joked that Dick Cheney's heart should be ripped out and kicked around like a "political football." He also ranted in the fall of 2009 that Republicans want to see sick patients dead and "make money off your dead corpse."

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A transcript of the segment, which aired on May 26 at 2:44 p.m. EDT, is as follows:

RANDI KAYE: Howard, Schultz has come out, he's apologized to Ingraham, calling what he said, quote "vile and inappropriate language." And to be fair, he offered to take himself off MSNBC for an indefinite period of time without any pay. What's your take on this?

HOWARD KURTZ: Well I think he was lucky to get away with just being off the air for one week. A lot of broadcasters might have lost their jobs by saying something so stupid, offensive, and misogynistic. And I agree with Ed Schultz, it was vile and offensive. I give him credit for apologizing, and I give MSNBC credit for moving quickly and not letting this thing fester.

KAYE: Yeah, I mean he says he's embarrassed himself, he's embarrassed his family. Meanwhile, Ingraham has some biting words of her own. Her relationship with Schultz – I mean, how would you describe it?

KURTZ: Probably non-existent after this point. But look, I mean, she's a conservative who works for Fox and has her own radio show. Ed Schultz is a passionate liberal who works for MSNBC. I don't expect them to like each other, and he's entitled to beat her up over her views every day of the week. But to go where he went, into the gutter with that kind of language, it's really hard to understand.

But I have to tell you, Randi, this is not the first time that Ed Schultz has talked his way into trouble. In fact, MSNBC management has talked to him before about toning things down, because he's been very personal in calling, for example, New Jersey governor Chris Christie a "fat slob," refers to Rush Limbaugh as "the Drugster." He used to have a segment on his show called "Psycho Talk." MSNBC got rid of that. So he knows the power of words to wound. He has gone over the line in the past, never like this. This is the worst thing he's ever said, by his own admission.

KAYE: Yeah, but you know when you hear the word "slut" – I mean I hate to even say it on our air, to be honest with you – but there are mixed interpretations about the word.

KURTZ: Well, I think that it is a word that stings, in a – it's a word certainly you would never apply to a man. Sometimes we kid around and say "Oh, you're a media-whore, you'll go on anything." But when you just say "she's a slut, she's a right-wing slut," I mean you know, it's a clearly a sexually-derogatory term. And you know, Ed Schultz is smart not to try to defend it by saying "Well, what I really meant to say, and this is the meaning," he realizes what he did. That was a very emotional and full-throated apology that he delivered, that indeed he had to deliver on the air. So I give him credit for that, but this is a guy who makes his living broadcasting every day on the radio, on television. He should know better. And as I say, other people – Don Imus comes to mind, making fun of the Rutgers women's basketball team – have lost their jobs over slurs like this.

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#1 Randi, you ignorant slut!

Randi, you ignorant slut!

#2 Comment of the Day!

Great one, Van Halen!

#3 Say hello to Jane

Say hello to Jane

#4 $$$$$ comment

Bless You Van Halen, nothing else to say.

#5 That was the argument with Shuster

and the "pimping out" comment, 'Pimp my Ride' for example. But slut or the c word are both pure sexual and misogynist terms

#6 Not really, slut.. slut..

Not really rape ..rape...

Sorry.. sorry... it's all OK, move on to the next slur..

#7 Does Randi Kaye work for NOW,

Does Randi Kaye work for NOW, now...

#8 Oh, there are mixed

Oh, there are mixed interpretations of the word. Nevermind, then.

But just out of curiosity, what are the various interpretations again, lady? Is it OK if I call your mom a slut? What if O'Reilly called Michelle Obama a slut? Something tells me the laughable and pathetic "mixed interpretations" line wouldn't be spilling out of your partisan mouth.

#9 Interpretations?

I am a gramma and all my life, have known what the word means. Hooray for Kurtz. The gutter is all Schultz sees, when he looks up. Get him the hel off the media completely. He will do it again and probably worse, during the up-coming election, if Bachman and Palin run. He belongs at his so-called resort, out on some lake no one would care to find or fish in.

#10 She was confused...

....since there are ''mixed interpretations'' for "randi(y)".

#11 Randi, Randi............................

Randi, Randi,
Congratulations! You have joined such outstanding "Journalists" as Brewer, Mrs. Greenspan, Tampon Hall, Maddow, etc. As you continue to sink into the slime - remember the punchline from the old joke, "Don't get your "Raffle ticket" wet!"

#12 Yeah, theyre mixed interpretations of the word slut...

So, which definitiion describes you, Randi? BTW, if thats what you wear on air, god knows what you wear out at the clubs, or at home!

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. BEN FRANKLIN

#13 Talk about actual slutty behavior.

I thought I'd seen it all.

#14 Kaye's korner

Anyone who could take what that mindless liberal fascist says seriosly after this -- well I have this wonderful piece of Kansas City ocean front property they'd love to see, and with that kind of delusion I've no doubt they'd actually see it, along with three-sided squares and 'homosexuals" (homo=same+sex=opposite!?! exposed as a fraud by "The gay invention" at TV is a drug-dream nightmare by the dysfunctional for the dysfunctional that has ruined the world at least as much as heroin and "sex" outside of marriage. Indeed when I was a kid decent people did't use the word, only the proper "marital relations;" It was like passing gas in public.

What does that say about the depths of our depravity today when its casually bandied about in public without a second thought as our historically and especially Biblically illiterate and thus stupid, ignorant, bigoted, brain-dead "civilization" swirls faster and faster on its way down the toilet as God prepares to flush us from His awesome creation we've despised almost as much as He Himself and become the very evils we once fought in Nazi Germany and the USSR. Only God can save us from our suicidal delusions.

#15 So if someone calls YOU a slut, Randi... will just laugh it off or parse their meaning? Right. You would be smacking them for using such language, Ms. Kaye.

#16 Mixed interpretations, Randi....Really?

Excuse me a moment while consider your list of alternatives.....

Oh, wait!  You didn't offer any!!

And if it's not necessarily foul, why do you even hate to say it on the air?

#17 Let there be no misunderstanding....

Randi - your are a DUMBASS. Now that may mean something different to you, but I think 99.9% of the population probably knows what I mean.

#18 Randi needs help

I am really surprised she found a "good side" of the word, but didn't have and example.
I hope, if she has children, they have and illgeal Nanny who is hard working and forth right to teach her kids right from wrong. Maybe it is from gulping kool aide, but it will always amazes me how Liberals justify there own's bad behavior.
Now that her defination is out there, Randi what are you doing Saturday night?


#19 Did you notice that this ignorant commentator

never came out in defense of Don Imus, that there are various meanings of "ho" also. It never ceases to amaze me how these liberals cover for each other, and even impugn their own credibility to save a fellow fool.

“Liberals tend to put the onus of your success on society and conservatives on you and your family.”

Dennis Prager

#20 This is the problem with

This is the problem with Liberals. They constantly are attempting to redefine words, actions, etc in order to justify their immoral behavior!!

Randi's comment that "slut" means a lot of things to different people is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with Liberals. WOW...just WOW!!!

#21 Randi, you're a slut. Of

Randi, you're a slut. Of course, I mean that in the best possible way.

#22 OK're a

OK're a worthless, no good, 2-bit whore! Make sense now?

#23 ~Guys, I know the low-hanging fruit is difficult to resist

But for the sake of your wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers, please refrain from further vulgarisms at the expense of this foolish woman.

Obama's WTF 2012 campaign slogan: "A dog in every pot"

#24 She's wrong. Ed was wrong.

She's wrong. Ed was wrong.

The only possible "different" "interpretation" is when slut is used with another word, like the term "attention whore." That doesn't necessarily mean that someone will sleep with people for attention, but that they'll do anything for attention.

Ed is unhinged.

#25 Tell Us Randi, What Other Interprettions Do You Have in Mind?

Trollop, prostitute, harlot, whore,...

#26 and what kind of slut are you

and what kind of slut are you randi?

#27 and the democrats want to

and the democrats want to shut down FOX!

#28 Slut

Randi is a slut and oh, I didnt mean that in a bad way know....there are many different meanings to that word........Jeez, why are media people so stupid. And I do mean that in the plain sense of the word.

#29 It depends o the context...... HOW EXACTLY?

This same "woman" would be up in arms if someone called a leftist woman a mere "bitch", but slut, nah there is nuance when applied to a Conservative women.

Congrats "sweetie", you are now above Meeeeeeka as dumber than a bag of doorknobs, and YES, I apologize to all doorknobs that may be offended.

If you make poverty easy, you will have more of it. Benjamin Franklin

#30 All leftist are sluts

And not the good kind either.

Well,,,,,, ok,,,,,, not all,,,,,,,, most of em are way to ugly!!

Seek Truth, Defend Liberty

#31 What happend to the post #?

Just when you get a system going?

Seek Truth, Defend Liberty

#32 It's another "innovation" from Dialog New Media.

It was too confining. This way, you don't know if there are 17 posts or 170 posts on a given thread.

#33 I never knew

Randi, you liberal slut, I never realized that "slut" could be a term of endearment, and I suppose "whore" is also a subjective term, often meant in good fun, Those rascally libs sure can be colorful scamps when it comes to expressing themselves.

#34 T*ts for brains

That's all ya gots, Randi.

Try using that same illogic with the "N" word, and see if you still have a job tomorrow.

#35 Do you have photos?

Wanna buy some?

#36 Exactly, loco

I think Kaye started to take the "several meanings" route and realized after Kurtz's response that it was a dead end.

There is no alternative meaning nor even humorous or affectionate connotation in the word slut as applied by the angry Schultz .

And why even attempt to defend Schultz when he admitted his wrong and asked for forgiveness?

Kaye came off badly in this dialogue.

#37 This word has been used to

This word has been used to demean and defame women, whilst the same behavior it calls to mind is exalted when a man engages in it.

I usually read the comments to see if what I think has already been said or not, but you guys are using this thread as an excuse to to engage in the same vile behavior, and that makes me question the validity of other posts in other threads you've made or will make.

In other words? Don't think you are any better than they are.

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
Ronald Reagan

#38 Amy, if Randi is defending

Amy, if Randi is defending Special Ed's use of the word with that lame argument, then neither she nor you should object to the word being applied to her. My mama always told me, "what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander." Or, "turn about is fair play." If media slut Randi uses her spot on CNN to apologize to all women for her statement and acknowledge that "slut" is never a term of endearment, nor does it have any "interpretations" that are not misogynistic, then we might, repeat, might apologize to her for our comments on here. In my opinion, even if she does acknowledge her stupidity, she deserves no apology. To paraphrase Forrest Gump: "slutty is as slutty does."

"A communist is someone who reads Marx.  An anti-communist is someone who understands Marx."  Ronald Reagan

#39 My objection is to the word,

My objection is to the word, period. There is no other meaning for it and it's offensive to me. You guys do what you want, I was just letting you know how I feel about it, and by extension, how I feel about any of you who use it.

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
Ronald Reagan

#40 Nope, The Word Slut Pretty Much Means What It Means...

I'm not sure what the political biases of the Merriam Webster Company are, but here's their definition:

Definition of SLUT: 1 chiefly British : a slovenly woman; 2a : a promiscuous woman; especially : prostitute; 2b : a saucy girl : minx; Middle English slutte, First Known Use: 15th century.

Since Big Eddie isn't exactly the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree, I take it he wasn't using the first definition in reference to slovenly. And you wonder why I keep saying "What happened to him"? I don't care if you're left-wing or right-wing, the word slut is not what I would call civil discourse.

#41 Pictionary

All I know is that when I looked up "slut" in the dictionary, there was a photo of Randi Kaye. I didn't bother to follow up on the related words under "c" or "w"...

#42 She was thinking of the word

She was thinking of the word 'smurf'. She's just a confused offense, honey.

#43 Randi you ignorant slut!

How can you defend misogyny against conservative women!

#44 Sure

Van Halen had the right idea but wrong place.
I posted that phrase here:

#45 Randi Kaye

I looked up the word 'slut', couldn't find any meaning that was not derogatory toward women. Just wondered if she could elaborate on her statement of "there are mixed interpretations"

#46 Interpret this...

Hey Candi!!! You're a slut!

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