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Joe Scarborough: Senate GOP's Top Goal to Unseat Obama in 2012 'Pathetic'

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell claimed the GOP's top goal was to ensure Barack Obama is a one term president – and Joe Scarborough thinks that is "pathetic." Apparently, Scarborough was hoping that the Republicans would work with President Obama on bipartisan legislation, and put the political battles on the backburner.

Ron Brownstein, columnist for the National Journal and President of Atlantic Media, reported that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has, as the GOP's top goal, to unseat President Obama in 2012.

"That is embarrassing!" Scarborough exclaimed. "I want to take control of the Senate so I can worry about an election two years away," he mockingly imitated the Republicans.

Brownstein cast it as a sign of the times. "In a Juan Williams-fired world, everybody is looking to sharpen the divisions, clarify the differences, and fire up the base, and that may be more of what we see over the next two years than in '95-'97," he remarked.

Scarborough, however, was still up in arms. "Can I just say it for the record?" he remarked of the GOP's goal. "That is pathetic."

A full transcript of the segment, which aired on October 25 at 8:17 a.m. EDT, is as follows:

RON BROWNSTEIN, President, Atlantic Media: Mitch McConnell said to Major "Our top goal, though, is to defeat President Obama in 2012," and that will be a counter-force against the natural impulse to find some things that they can work on, because they want contrast as well.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Mitch McConnell said that?

BROWNSTEIN: Yep. Yes he did. That's in the interview.

SCARBOROUGH: That's his goal?

MAJOR GARRETT, congressional correspondent, National Journal: The number one goal for Republicans is to make Barack Obama a one-term President, and to do everything in Congress that reinforces whatever the message is –

SCARBOROUGH: He admitted that on the record?

RON BROWNSTEIN: It's in the magazine.

SCARBOROUGH: That is embarrassing! "I want to take control of the Senate so I can worry about an election two years away."

BROWNSTEIN: In a Juan Williams-fired world, everybody is looking to sharpen the divisions, clarify the differences, and fire up the base, and that may be more of what we see over the next two years than in '95-'97.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Ron Brownstein –

SCARBOROUGH: Can I just say it for the record? That is pathetic.

BRZEZINSKI: It sounds like it –

SCARBOROUGH: You want to take over the Senate to worry about a race two years away.


#1 Joe would know pathetic...

Joe claiming he's anything close to a conservative OR a Republican is pathetic.

#2 I hope Scarborough's paid

I hope Scarborough's paid well. Thank god he's not holding office. If he was he'd still be stabbing the constituents in their backs.

Nothing more pathetic than a person who'll sell out to the highest bidder.

#3 Where exactly did they think we were heading?

Sheesh, what do the talking heads think we've been about the past year? Neutering Obama is all we can do this go around, but removing him from office is and has been the only solution since we realized how dangerous he was. Does anyone think anything of merit can be accomplished for the next 2 years? Me either. The next 2 years will be about doing the best we can until he is voted out and we are able to begin the healing. And that is the cold hard fact of the matter, Joe.

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.  ~ Mark Twain

#4 Morning Schmoe

I thought I heard somewhere that Mika only has an IQ of 60.


Of course, that would still make her three times smarter than Joe.

#5 Except when he's blasting

Except when he's blasting Dems--in other words, just about every day--and then I suppose his IQ suddenly skyrockets to three times that of Mika's, huh?


#6 Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No, even then Joe is still subpar.

If he says the truth, it's no doubt by accident.  Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

#7 Jer---

You go on and on, and on and on, about how Scarborough is always blasting Democrats, about how he is a conservative.

There is a reason you are the lone voice in the wilderness here at NBs on the Scarborough subject, and it is not just because you are a liberal; it is because you are most obviously wrong about Scarboroughs leanings, based entirely on what he says.

As an experienced lawyer, I'll bet there is no way you would attempt to defend Scarborough, based on the totality of video clips of his rantings, as a conservative, in a court of law.

Also, re: your post on another thread about Betty McCollum and the pledge of allegiance brouhaha; I just saw a video clip of her leading the pledge on the floor of Congress, wherein she would not say the words "under God".



"The credibility of the story is undermined by the selection of sources." - (h/t Jer)

#8 Never underestimate Jer and

Never underestimate Jer and his power to defend the indefensible.

Nuke em til they glow; then shoot em in the dark

#9 Thanks, Dan... High praise

Thanks, Dan...

High praise indeed.


#10 With respect to Scarborough...

It is a shame that I am apparently a lone voice here, but, as long as NewsBusters continues to exceed its mission in exposing and combating liberal media bias by engaging in biased conduct itself, I'll continue to voice my objection.

And that is precisely what it is doing--with rare exceptions--by selectively excerpting only those portions of Scarborough which contain his criticisms of Republicans while [mostly] ignoring the numerous occasions in which he strongly criticizes Democrats.  It paints a distorted portrait of Scarborough, his ideology, and the targets of his negative critiques.

That is why you see so many reactions clearly shaped, not from regularly viewing Morning Joe, but rather by what is read about him at NewsBusters.  And so it's no mystery that many of those reactions are couched in the form of accusations of Scarborough being nothing more than a liberal shill who takes his marching orders directly from the White House.

It's almost laughable...and about as authentic as splicing together film of every strikeout by Babe Ruth without including a single home run, and then pronouncing him the worst hitter in the history of baseball.


#11 If I had not traded jabs with you, Jer---

for over a year now, I would think your post, hysterically misnumbered as #1, was typed out by a troll, rather than a house lib.

The reason NewsBusters has done so well is because it is truthful in pointing out liberal BS, not lying about the amount of it that exists.

There is such rampant liberal media bias that there is absolutely no reason to fabricate additional amounts of it.

Only a liberal would state, in accusatory form, " --as long as NewsBusters continues to exceed its mission --- by engaging in biased conduct itself--"

To say that pointing out the many statements by Scarborough that definitely show him not to be a conservative, and then suggest that bias is being exhibited by not showing a competitive tit for tat  listing of every anti-liberal or Democrat defacing remark ever uttered by JS is way beyond disingenuous. 

That is exactly the argument you put forth when called out for dissing Republicans or conservatives.

I, Jer, am just as quick to call hell fire down on liberals and Democrats when they are out of line as I am Republicans and/or conservatives; therefore I am a balanced accuser and you must accord me respect for that.  

No, you aren't.

And no, we musn't.

Odd, too, that you claim NBs is so heavily biased against Scarborough , and yet you say:

" That is why you see so many reactions clearly shaped, not from regularly viewing Morning Joe, but rather by what is read about him at NewsBusters."

Sounds like you are implying not only that NewsBusters is read by far more people than view Morning Joe, but that people are too stupid to watch his show and form their own opinion. 

Sounds like a liberal assumption.

Nice, though, that you accidentally give such high draw credit to NBs even while insulting them.


"The credibility of the story is undermined by the selection of sources." - (h/t Jer)

#12 At least Obama's critics only

At least Obama's critics only want to end his reign through the electoral process.

As I recall, President Bush's critics laughed at him when reporters threw shoes at him, mocked him, said he'd lied and betrayed his country, wanted him impeached, suggested he be arrested and tried for treason and murder, and worse.

It's a no-win situation attacking Obama in any manner of course. I for one prefer to first emphasize that Obama's radical destructive agenda must be stopped and the direction of the country restored to one based on freedom of the individual, fiscal sanity, faith in innovation and the private sector, and limited government interference in our lives.

Of course in order to do that, to move away from the Democrats' deficit-ridden, centralized, authoritarian-style in-our-face government, Obama must therefore be a one-term president. 


#13 Which is it Joe?

Al Gore, John Kerry and the Dems put a great deal of effort to defeat George Bush. Was that also  pathetic? What dont you understand Joe about a two party system and the concept of "people's choice"?

#14 LOL!

Yeah, isn't it despicable that a political party (you know, those organizations whose only purpose is to win elections) would be so pathetic as to declare that winning the next election is a priority! 

Of all the nerve!

#15 It is absolutely spot on

It is absolutely spot on Joe.

I remember how once GW won in 2000 the Dems ALL did whatever possible to help him advance his agenda. 

#16 I don't understand what's pathetic about it.

I would expect a Democrat to say the same thing about a Republican President and I wouldn't get offended.

Anyway, on the Bush scale this is trivial. Democrats said far worse things about Bush. Many times.

I still remember Harry Reid calling the President a loser at a school. And then never apologizing for it.

Wow, just thinking about it got my blood boiling again.


#17 Too bad joe has been hitting the kool aide

instead of the coffee - we have a president who has NO intention of working with the opposition, but this dummy doesn't care that somebody is thinking of the future. The pres is only agenda driven, doesn't care what the "common folks" think, is racially devisive (sic) and would like to see the american dream become the nighmare he imagines it to be.

With the rest of the so-called media helping, joe and the rest of the 'smarter then the rest of us' media have NO clue what is going on in the country today, think that the Tea Party is a political party and not a movement, and would like us all to live as good worker bees, instead of individuals. Thanks joe, your elitism is showing.


"We the People . . " Hey, congress - I'm one of the people - start listening! 

There is no sense in being stupid, if you can't prove it! - my dad V

#18 Not so sure about the Kool-Aid, Eddie

Methinks he's been into Mika's Stoly.

#19 Pompous Joe with the folded arms

That's exactly how I see him.  With arms folded and leaning back and telling "the Republicans"  - "now this is what you need to do.  This is a man who is going to cross the finish line first because people support him and are tired of this partisanship!  This is really the future of the party."  


He was talking about Charlie Crist.

#20 The picture you paint,

"with arms folded and leaning back" is a perfect one..... of Benito Mussolini.  You can see the pic of him in every commercial for "World at War" on the Military Channel.  Joe  just has to work on the chin in the air thing, like the current LOTUS. 

To re-elect Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.

#21 Wow!  Joe keeps putting the

Wow!  Joe keeps putting the ous in pompous.

#22 Isn't this the guy who said

Isn't this the guy who said his show was like Switerzland or something?  How non biased is it to say the efforts of the GOP is pathetic?

Proud member of the 53%!

#23 Speaking of "pathetic"...

Actually, Joe, your entire career with MSNBC has been pathetic. Now that they're probably out of plays on your name as titles ("Scarborough Country" - oh, brother), this will be your last incarnation there. Which is...pathetic.

Let's make the 2012 campaign: "The War on Error"

#24 I can't be the only one.

I'm tired of the United States of America being in a constant "election" mode.

1)  A president and Congress are elected.  Then 1.5 years are available before mid-term primaries and general Congressional election preparation and fodder begins.

2)  The mid-terms happen.  A couple of months go by, and here come the names for the upcoming presidential election nearly 2 years away.  That continues nonstop for those 2 years, with the 2nd year of it being in our face 24/7.

3)  Then comes the presidential and Congressional elections again.....

.......and the rinse and repeat continues, over and over and over.  Gets old and tiresome as crap.  Of course that's the plans of politicians.  A never-ending election cycle.

#25 Sorry, Greg

but I think we're stuck with it now that we have 24 hr news networks.  There is such an overload of information at times, yet some stories don't get reported at all.  Luckily we have NB and other sites to let us know.

What I really wish is that the people that go into the voting booth would either start paying attention to what's going on, or stop voting.

President Obama is a Muslim (from his own lips), Kenyan (read it from his publicist) a homosexual (read it on a news magazine cover) and a Socialist (I'm alive and can see it for myself)

#26 GregE

I remember the 2008 election season kicked off in 2006. May have had something to do with the fact that the MSM was bound and determined to put a radical leftist in the White House so Pelosi would have an easier time pushing through the progressive agenda.

The only reason this election season didn't start months earlier was because the media was trying to limit the damage that porkulus and Obamacare were going to do to the Dem's majority.

I'm quite sure that the MSM are going to go full swing trying to keep Obama in the White House sometime early 2011, the idea being to steal GOP momentum. And you just know ANYTHING good that happens in the next 2 years, the media is going to give Obama credit for it.

The only way that the perpetual election cycle is going to end is with a solid conservative super majority. Things in this country will keep getting better, and the American public will learn to ignore all the MSM leftist gloomsayers who will be trying to put the progressives back in power.

Progressives seem to be completely averse to facts and logic. Apparently, reality has a conservative bias.

#27 Pathenic how ??

What Joe fails to realize is that the GOP, Conservatives aren't going to play go along to get along any more and Joe fails to understand what that did and has done to this Country over the course of the last 2+ decades and one of the major reason we are were we are today !!! You see Joe were going to be the party of NO not because we want to, but because who else is going to take the Job when you and I both know full well that BO is the BIGGEST Socialist in the entire world along with his cohwarts Pelosi & Reid so your dam straight were go ing to do everything within our power to unseat he happy ass in 2012 and any other Democrat/Socialist that may decide to run and if that mean to throw Hillary ass out of the race in 2012 that's alright by me and my Patriotic friends around the Country !!! 

#28 Joe! You gotta be sh-ting all of us!!!

Do you really expect  60-70% of America to listen to your Pathetic Arse!  You are a fool and a jackass!

Your sh-ting us right???????? Joe????? Ya there??????

Oh well, I never watch you anyway!!!!

#29 Scarredblowhard picks his rectum

And licks his finger.

That is all.

A wise & frugal government, which shall leave men free 2 regulate their own pursuits of industry & improvement, & shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government. T. Jefferson

#30 What Joe don't know

Or, rather, does know but won't admit is that playing bi-partisan politics and compromising with the left never gets conservatives anywhere. It helps RINOs keep their offices, but it hurts the GOP at large. Playing nice with the Dems is one of the biggest reasons the GOP was unable to get control of Congress until 1994, and is the biggest reason they weren't able to hang to their majority after that. GWB and the RINOs compromised on the conservative agenda, and now we have radical left-wing extremists like Pelosi and Obama running the country into the ground.

Once the GOP gets back into power, the first priority is to reverse course on the progressive agenda. And they absolutely can NOT afford to let the left write the narrative. Make sure the American people know the truth why we have to undo everything Obama and Pelosi have pushed for, and what we really have to do to set things right in this country and why it benefits everybody, including all the groups the Democrats allegedly represent.

The progressive agenda is incompatible with the conservative agenda. We know full well that the far left will not compromise, so the conservatives need to treat them like an obstacle, instead of something you should try to make a deal with.

Progressives seem to be completely averse to facts and logic. Apparently, reality has a conservative bias.

#31 "Conservative" Joe

Please remember where Joe is hanging out.  For those living and breathing the air of Manhatten, Joe is probably some "extreme" conservative.  And so through pure liberal "gravity" in New York, he is pulled way to the left.  So his rantings, compared to where he is, are conservative.  And to those at his network (can't bring myself to type the words), he is their "balance"

#32  I think it safe to say one

 I think it safe to say one shovel ready job has been located

#33 That is pathetic

That is his first goal?  What about saving the country's economy? Mitch Mc'connel is a scumbag.

Amanda Carrington

#34 When you have cancer the main

When you have cancer the main idea is to get rid of the cancer and then get your health back.  Obama and the Democrat controlled congress is the cancer and as soon as they and their polices are excised form the country we shall recover.

Government does little to improve the economy.  For proof look at the last 4 years of Democrat controlled congress and the last two years of geometric spending progression.  It has not done squat and in fact puts us behind the eight ball.

Nuke em til they glow; then shoot em in the dark

#35 What's Pathetic, Joe?

Hey Joe, what's so pathetic about working to defeat your opposition, especially when the Obamanation tells you "We won, you lost"? From the time GWB was sworn in, the Commiecrats, along with your fellow morons at MSNBC, CNBC, NBC, ABC, CNN, NPR, all the way to XYZ sought to destroy him at every level. Tough beans, baby! Pay back is painful but its coming down the track full speed ahead and you'd better get used to it! By this time next year, it will be Christians 10, Lions 0!

"Old Soldiers never die, they just fade away"!

#36 High Horse

Joe really needs to get off his high horse.  I've said it before and I'll say it again-either someone at the top of MSNBC has told him put a clamp on any negative talk about this WH or he's received a memo from this administration to keep quiet.  He's really not a Republican and in no way is he a conservative.  Look at the guests on his show-all liberals with the exception of Pat Buchanan who has his questionable moments.

#37 I dont get it??

Isnt that what the dems did in 2004?? dont we all do that in an election cycle?? Is joe insane?? oh ya hes on pmsnbc.....too bad Major went over there too...........but he used to work for teddy kennedy what a shock

#38 Scarborough must get a spot

Scarborough must get a spot bonus everytime he disses his party...that would mean he's nothing but a whore for people didn't know that already.  He's a disgrace and I wish he would just go the way of Charlie Crist....bye bye...

"Deep within my heart lies a memory.  A song of ol' San Antone..."

#39 That's only because Joe

That's only because Joe thinks Barack ought to be impeached and his ass thrown out much sooner.


#40 Like BO always says....

"When you're driving toward a cliff, you wrestle control of the car away from the lunatic who is driving the car, then stop the car and you take the car out of "D", then you put the car in "R" and carefully back away from the cliff..."

#41 Hey, Cut Joe Some Slack!

If anyone knows "pathetic" it's Joe, why,"pathetic," is Joe's middle name, he was pathetic before pathetic was cool.

#42 Who the...

hell is he with his 'pathetic', eh? Is this the long on tout and short on actually having 'journalistic objectivity' speaking?

I'm NOT a journalist. I am an American, a former soldier, with a job, rent and bills to pay. And I want to be able to do these things in more or less the country that I was born and raised in. 

This big mouth.. what is he? Getting lots of money and (in his little circle) prestige, working at the lowest common denominator of his alleged trade, ginning up BS and innuendo cause actually digging up objective facts might be something too close to (gasp) Work.

"Pathetic"? Try a mirror, scar... 

 We are willing to go through all the battling we have got to go through to get where we want to get, Who's got the right to belittle

Nobody! It's our right to listen to our guts and not anybody else's right to give us a load of garbage after we earned the right to be where we want to be and do what we want to do.

We have taken the hits, and going to take more, to get this country back the way it was once.

In the midst of this chilly Nevada night, my primary worries about the political landscape are two:

That having come so far in this semifinal ( but by Heaven so CRITICAL a semifinal ) fight, something comes in to demoralize, to cause a weakness of heart.

That BHO decides to be more SADDAM Hussein than King Hussien, and turns American against American with weapons of mass destruction. As detached as he is, and as deep doubledyed a dictator as he wants to be, such a fell chapter is not outside consideration.

joe, you have so little a sway in these events except as a puerile little individual in what would otherwise be the Ministry of Truth, but think so much of yourself to deliver all these opinions... You, buster, are the 'pathetic' one.

My two bits... 


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