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After Jarrett Rips Republicans From Pulpit, Scarborough Slams MSM Double Standard

On Sunday, top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett used the pulpit of Martin Luther King Jr.'s old church in Atlanta to launch a partisan political attack, calling out Republicans for refusing to support another Obama spending scheme.

Jarrett appeared on today's Morning Joe.  Mika Brzezinski broached the subject of Jarrett's in-church remarks.  But instead of questioning the propriety of using the pulpit for such partisan purposes, Brzezinski simply offered Jarrett an opportunity to repeat her attack on Republicans. But Joe Scarborough then pointed out the huge MSM double standard—observing how the New York Times and Washington Post would have been whining about the "sacred wall" between church and state had a Republican gone into an evangelical church to criticize Dems.  Video after the jump.

I'll be back with a transcript, but in the meantime, watch Scarborough make an undeniable point about the liberal media's double standard on the matter.


#1 Scarborough nailed it (this time)

While the Left criticizes conservative clergy for talking about politics, they've never condemned REVEREND Jesse Jackson or REVEREND Al Sharpton for doing the same.

Jarrett's diatribe from the pulpit of Ebeneezer Baptist Church is so blatant, yet I haven't heard the Left bring up the Church-vs.-State topic over it.

#2 It's funny how no one brings

It's funny how no one brings up the fact that MLK jr was a registered REPUBLICAN!

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend, unless my friend is more evil than my enemy."

#3 Just waiting for BO's IRS to take-away

Just waiting for BO's IRS to take-away Ebenezer's tax-exempt status for talking politics from the pulpit. If there truly was separation of church and state (two-way street), the IRS wouldn't be able to hold that knife to the throat of the church! Maybe last week's Supreme court findings will open the door for the government to find its way to the parking lot with the Marxist-media leading the way!


#4 Interesting

Too bad nobody watches

#5 Double standards

If the democrats didn't have double standards they would have no standards. They ALWAYS exempt themselves for the rules the republicans are expected to follow.

Democrats - the party of liars, cheats, crooks, and thugs. The whole barrel is rotten. Not a single good one among them. Throw them all out of office.

#6 Much like....

all of Congress, unfortunately. :-(

#7 Somebody call an exorcist.

Mika's head almost spun completely around.

Grow up and quit acting like a 12-year old,  you moron.

#8 Agree, SoL

Seriously, I don't know how Joe sits next to that silly twit of a human emoticon and doesn't slap her into next week when she starts her antics.

#9 If I have the volume down,

If I have the volume down, her reaction is how I tell if Joe said something good!!!

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
Ronald Reagan

#10 But the larger point...

was that MSNBC had her on and allowed her to spew her screed for their "audience".
Had a republican done the same, they would not have had them on, but instead would have had 3-4 "guests" who were all liberal democrats and who would have exciorated them for doing it, called them racist and demanded that the church lose it's tax status as a result.

Joe allows himself to be used as a sheild by MSNBC. They can point to him and say, "see...we are ballanced because we have a "conservative" as a host too". If he had any self esteem and convictions, he would quit.


Madison and Jefferson and Franklin built a Republic - Roberts killed it! 

#11 Lord, deliver us.

I could not believe the pompous ahh, soul liberals on the show, rocked back in their chairs looking at Joe Boy, and smiling in that pissmeoff, condescending manner that they all have.  Hey, dumb bass's, he is one of you, and even he gets it!

I loved the way that Mika asked Valerie Jer (cough) if she agreed with the statement that "the Republicans in Congress" are the problem.

Mika, you stupid soont, she JUST SAID IT! Were you listening? Oh, maybe you were asking if she REALLY agreed with what you think. If so, I apologize.

I really don't know how the NB staff watches this stuff, but I'm thankful they do because it is the only way I will ever see just how moronic these fools are.


Comrade Bubba

#12 I have to wonder...

...does Joe adopt his conservative personna when he forgets to dress properly in the morning? Or does it just hit him out of the blue regardless of whether he looks like a slob?

#13 Depends on the number of

Depends on the number of Makers shots the night before.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend, unless my friend is more evil than my enemy."

#14 Clueless Mika

Still pushing for that IQ to get up there with her breast size

#15 Not a chance of ...

two very little bitty snowballs in Hell, Korny.

Comrade Bubba

#16 Good Grief

Too bad phony konservative Scarborough didn't have the journalistic wherewithal to address his comments directly to Jarrett and have her respond. Then again, the show's only purpose is to be the morning cheerleader for Obama.

Mika is, as always, the most vapid and vacuous twit on television.

#17 I had the exact same thought, Bond

As I read the opening para.

Why didn't Joe address the double standard directly with Jarrett? Because we all know the dems do this kind of thing regularly. I can think of a certain funeral in Minnesota which became a huge democrat pep rally.

Disgusting. All the way around. The behaviour, and the media pandering/double standard.

#18 I'll take it one step further

Joey Scarborough had and continues to have a close relation with Robert Gibbs and Bill Burton who worked in the White Press office. I'm sure when Joey read Jodi Kantor's book when Gibbs reportedly told Jarrett to F-Off, he had the blessings to challenge her. But Joey lacks the bollocks to attack her directly.

#19 Mika ran interference

Yeah, wasn't it interesting how Mika quickly segued into the break to prevent Joe from doing that?

Not even trying to disguise her motives she even states they're going to a break before Joe has a chance to respond.

Good job, Mika! Pat her on the head like the obedient little lapdog she is. I guess her smart phone will continue receiving WH talking points for another week.

#20 Jarrett

What despicable hypocrites Jarrett and MSNBC are! And Jarrett is nothing more than certifiable Chicago thuggery! It's hard to phathom how anyone, left, right or in the middle, can have any faith, confidence or trust in these people who lie right to your face. What a sad state of affairs! Valerie Jarrett is contemptible...the thought of working for her makes my knees buckle. MSNBC is, apparently, the engine that will now drive the viral lying of the progresssive left.....put the lies out there and let 'em go!!! Hone those crap detectors, folks!!!

#21 I wish

I could ask Mika one question. The question is Which cost the taxpayer (the 99%)more: Bain & Romeny or 11 Green Energy Loans & Obama?


#22 Mika truly is...

...the least helpful to me of all the people I watch on television.

I was going to say something that rhymes with "dumbest" but that would be mean.

I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever learned ANYTHING from her in nearly 3 years of watching her on a damned near daily basis. Why do I watch, then? Because it's the only time slot on MSNBC I can stomach and I want to have some idea what the left is up to, AND, they sometimes have some half way interesting guests on... sometimes.

I switch between them, FBN, FNC, WMAL via iPhone, and Bill Bennet's show, via iPhone.

It's hard to find intelligent talk in the morning. Really, really hard.

Since Beck left Fox, they've lost their balls. The only guys left with any sack there are Bolling, the Judge, and Stossel, except he always looks high as a kite to me, which doesn't bother me really, but is distracting! ;)

#23 Ya Know there's a reason

Some call her "bubbles"

#24 It must be Tuesday.

Tuesday is Act-Like-a-Conservative-Day for Joe at MSNBC. Things return to normal the other 4 days of the broadcast week.

#25 Double standard? What double standard?

O'Reilly had on the head of the SC DNC last night whining about the GOP debate being held on, of all days, MLK recognition day (instead of them all making a pilgrimage to Selma, I guess). Funny, he didn't mention Mzzzzzz Jarrett's little motivational talk and the Democrat-voters' registration which followed.

#26 oh boy..Miss Jarret, do you

oh boy..Miss Jarret, do you really want to fire the warning shot from MLK pulpit and let God enter the picture. better be sure HE is on your side.

#27 The show is called "Morning Joe"...

The show is called "Morning Joe"...but Mika is in charge.

Mika is Joe's "minder". Her job is to keep Joe in line and make sure the Obama administration isn't harmed in anyway.

Watching that show gives me the creeps because Joe looks like a hostage who is being controlled by Mika, similar to the Russian and Eastern European propaganda we used to see years ago. Where is Mika from? (oh, that's right).

#28 Seems to me, the Ebenezer

Seems to me, the Ebenezer Baptist Church should lose it's tax exempt status over these and I am sure other political remarks from the pulpit.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

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