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LifeTime’s ‘The Client List’: Selling Sex, Exploiting Women

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is baring it all in her new show “The Client List.” Hewitt stars as Riley Parks, a down-on-her-luck Texan mother who turns to prostitution to deal with financial woes, and the female-oriented network LifeTime is shamelessly plugging sex like there’s no tomorrow.

In the pilot Hewitt pranced around in racy lingerie, and did an impeccable job of feigning innocence as she sunk into the darker world of “The Rub,” a massage parlor that distributes sexual favors to special “clients” on the side. Rules for the job include “flexibility” and an “iron grip to make the big bucks.” 

Despite “The Rub’s” highly inappropriate and illegal nature, the owner declares she runs a “nice successful business.”

Hewitt was featured in overtly sexual promos where the actress lounged provocatively in nothing but her underwear.  “The Client List’s” creators also produced a tawdry music video starring a scantily-clad Hewitt writhing suggestively among semi-naked men to earn cash. The video is appropriately titled “Spend a Little Time with Me.”

While “The Client List” is far from modest the show’s ad campaign took a surprising turn by altering Hewitt's appearance. Previous posters focus on Hewitt’s prominent bosom, but recent “Client List” ads depict a version of the actress with her cup size dramatically reduced.


#1 Now who is at war with women

To me this degrades women. So who is at war with women, I think it is the liberla left! The left is accusing the right of makeing war with women trying to get us to look the wrong way.

Right is never wrong, Left is never right.

#2 I must protest this new trend of reducing prominent bosoms.

I do not think I am a voice in the wilderness on this most important issue.

#3 I'm with you, SoL!!!

This cannot and will not stand!!!

I'm glad NB is keeping us abreast of the situation......or something like that.

#4 What boob

Made that decision? I may have to investigate closer.

"I don't like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders". - Ted Nugent

#5 You two are really milking this!


"Unfortunately, some people use belief-based facts rather than fact-based beliefs." -Par for the Course on Wed, 04/18/2012 - 5:38pm

#6 As much as I'm a fan of

As much as I'm a fan of JLH...this is the dumbest idea for a TV show ever, and the recaps I've read have been unintentionally hilarious.

Doesn't seem to fit with Lifetime's audience. After all, where's Meredith Baxter Birney overcoming an abusive husband?

#7 Nail on the head, Bal

I know I was confused as anything when Lifetime began running "How I Met Your Mother", where the most popular character is a heartless sex hound and exactly the kind of person the average Lifetime Movie of the Week would depict as an alcoholic wife-beater.

#8 It makes as much sense as the programming on A&E

the History Channel, etc. They are really just "The Rerun Channels of whatever we can get".

Proud member of the 53%!

#9 Only thing I watch on A&E is

Only thing I watch on A&E is Storage Wars. Addicting.

#10 Not really, Bal, the best one

is The First 48. I could suggest that our resident troll, VD, be made to watch every episode, but a waste is a terrible thing to mind.

To re-elect Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.

#11 Not big on the "true crime"

Not big on the "true crime" stuff, but I've watched it.

#12 The "History" Channel

Oh, please don't get me started on The "History" Channel...

"CONSUMED DEMOCRACY RETURNS A SOCIALIST REGIME" - Slayer, "Fictional Reality", from Divine Intervention (1994)

#13 Honestly, Radical

You could probably count the number of channels that HAVEN'T completely sold out their original premise in favor of reality show BS on one hand.

#14 So we can have the rerun channels

reality channels.

Movie channels could have one for remakes of other movies.

The imagination of Hollywood is utterly lacking.

Proud member of the 53%!

#15 Life

in Obamas America

A Recession is when your neighbor is out of a job. A Depression is when YOU are out of a job.. A recovery is when OBAMA is out of a job Hat tip to Ronald Reagan

#16 YEAH it just HAD to be in TEXAS!

Because Hollyweird and the liberal GOOMBA's just have to show that when women in Texas get down on their luck they don't pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and start all over again... NO they turn themselves in to WHORES.........willing vessels WILLING to be abused and degraded because TEXAS WOMEN are weak willed wanna be WHORES.... I DARE any of these LIBERAL DOUCHEBAGS (Sorry to insult douchebags) to come to Texas look my TEXAS BORN WIFE IN THE EYE AND TELL HER THAT ANY OF THAT IS TRUE!! What they will find is themselves on the floor bleeding hearing CLICK CLICK CLICK then my wife saying "Damn.. son hand me that reloader"..... amd my daughter saying "Hey Mom thats a nice tight group you have there!

Liberals: No Morals, No Standards, NO Problem!

#17 understand that this understand that this isn't meant to be a realistic representation of life in Texas, right?

#18 I understand its a SLAP at Texas.....

They could have picked 49 other states... BUT NO they PICKED TEXAS... seems they want to portray the women of the south as weak kneed sob sisters...... (Of course a paranoid person would say they picked Texas because Bush lives in our state!) and we all know how LIBS HATE BUSH! but I digress. While it might not be a "realistic representation" by placing it in Texas gives it a taint!

Liberals: No Morals, No Standards, NO Problem!

#19 It's also a slap at women

This is the ONLY way women can get out of financial difficulties?

Where's Ashley Judd on this? Isn't this patriarchial or whatever it was she was spouting?

Proud member of the 53%!

#20 Good evening Rad and Oldjar

Don't expect anything sensible from Obtuse Man. Anything immoral appeals to him.
The southern states have been singled out for these types of shows because we are such backwards people. We cling to God, the bible, our guns. and outdated morality so we deserve such treatment.


Jesus Loves You so much He died for you

#21 Coco

Pardon me, but I'm from Pennsylvania, the original site of those cling to their guns and their religion according to the dear leader.

I hope he doesn't forget the part about clinging to the guns.

Proud member of the 53%!

#22 Hello Rad

My apologies for not mentioning that. I'm just tired of our south being denigrated by your snooty neighbors just east of you. I see you're just as backward as we are down here.


Jesus Loves You so much He died for you

#23 Coco

I'm proud to be as backward as you are in the eyes of Obama.

Proud member of the 53%!

#24 Ms Rad*

Moi aussi cous'ine

#25 Caj

I don't know what it means but thanks. :)

Proud member of the 53%!

#26 translation ms rad*

I was agreeing on that backward thing with my "cousin"....LOL

#27 Good evening Rad

Bon soir, je t'aimer aussi.


Jesus Loves You so much He died for you

#28 Good evening Caj

Oui, ma cher petite fille. Vous etes un joli blond ou brun?


Jesus Loves You so much He died for you

#29 merci cocodrie*

Cocodrie toujours monsieur
brune la premier voila' blanc

#30 Yes, that's it.

Yes, that's it.

#31 I'm trying balboa*

A few more posts above and your comment will then make sense.

#32 Are you a failed liberal actress? Do porn!

She ought to be ashamed. Is this REALLY all liberal actresses can do to get attention once they stop getting mega-million dollar movie offers and when their sitcoms and talk shows bomb out?

If a Liberal/Democrat politician/media figure wants to put their arms around you, or pat you on the back, all they're doing is looking for a good place to stick a knife.

#33 hmmm.....

Jennifer Love Hewitt prancing around in just her underwear? Sleeping around? Running an illicit massage parlor, you say?

Why, I never! I must immediatly watch this show every week in it's entirety just so I can, umm, return to NB and complain about how tawdry it is.

#34 I know what you did

on Lifetime.

#35 Calm down people.

You guys have to stop being so sensitive about things on tv. Every time there is a show on tv where people are partying, showing some skin, or swearing, you guys go nuts. So what if there is a show where Jennifer Love Hewitt is wearing lingerie and giving people massages? Is that hurting the country or something? Come on. You guys need to calm down.

#36 Says the voice of reason with the username ---



"The credibility of the story is undermined by the selection of sources." - (h/t Jer)

#37 And besides

It's been doing great things for our civil society.

Seek Truth, Defend Liberty

#38 well

it certainly hasn't been doing bad things for our civil society.

#39 Nothing bad at all

Kids are having sex at younger ages, incidences of pedophilia are on the rise, the family unit is disintigrating, and violence is rising. Nope, nothing bad with the increasing immorality and sexualization of women and girls on TV.

Proud member of the 53%!

#40 Hurm

Too bad almost none of that is demonstrably true. Crime (violent, sexual, included) has been on the decline for the past 25 years.

Teen sex rates have been declining for the past 20 years-as has teen pregnancy. The only thing skyrocketing is condom use among sexually active teens (which is definitely a good thing)

Though incidences of pedophilia are "on the rise" most experts believe that's due to a higher percentage of cases being reported to the authorities-any actual figures are very hard to grasp as so many cases go un-reported. But a higher percentage are being taken to the authorities-also a good thing.

AND EVEN if none of that was true, and society was truly crumbling around us-as you claim... I don't think Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs would be the cause.

#41 sorry bos*

Lots of changes in "crime" as there are in society in general. I am personally aware of the many changes in a number of states that have redefined "child abuse" which has lowered the number of investigations, lowered the costs, lowered the number of employees. But, as a result, the number of child fatalities has risen.
Same as with other "crimes". Younger people are committing more crimes today because "older" criminals are behind bars.

Changing rules, ie, drug possession charges have changed, "medicinal marijuana" and "drug clinics" are in several states.

Society is decentigrating but due to many reasons, breakdown of family, more hedonistic sexual mores, and a myriad other changes that basically are due to lesser demand for people to take responsibility for their actions and accept consequences like abortion.

#42 Did you read the article you linked to?!?

It's just giving a bunch of reasons why the crime rate has continued to drop, even despite the recession (doesn't address the 25 year decline, either). And none of it seems to suggest that the decrease is artificial in any way.

The article doesn't support your idea of juked stats or reclassification of crime. I'm sure that has happened too, but this article is not evidence of that. May want to be sure you read the links you post if you're trying to make a point.

And just because the overall trend in crime and violence is down, doesn't mean that there aren't problem areas in which it continues to rise. Though I've heard many stories of reclassifying molestation and rape for the positive (broadening the definition for the positive)-the FBI just recently redefined it to include males (I had no idea that wasn't already a part of their definition!) Maybe some states have gone "soft" on child abuse-but certainly none of the states I've lived in.

Either way, it doesn't support your claim that society is crumbling around us. But don't stop me from shaking your stick at all the young people-it's your right as a crotchety old man.

#43 ~None of the states *you've* lived in?

What, did they do, horsewhip you?

Clue: Cajun is not a man.

Obama's WTF 2012 campaign slogan: "A dog in every pot"

#44 Ha!

Well, I live a nomadic life-I've lived in 4 states so far in my early age-and have had extended stays in 2 others for work. But when the locals get restless, they chase me out with torches and pitchforks... hopefully none of my insane experiments will cause the current natives any indignation-not for a few more months at least... not when I'm at such a crucial juncture...

And my apologies to the madam Cajun-but her gender does not preclude her from the right to crotchety-ly shake sticks at young-uns.

#45 poor bos*

Please take a look at my profile but if that is too hard for you let me help. Having worked in a profession of "enforcement", I can assure you that the dregs of society are not just in certain neighborhoods or particular troublesome cities. I could have linked you numerous sites from official government and professional sources that can give detailed assessments of the changes in stat keeping, changes in laws, rules, like sexual harrassment, civil laws, divorce, number of juvenille detention centers tripled because of juvenille violent crime, and dozens other issues. But I am basically bored with your kind filled with blind narcissistic ideology. Since the 60's, society has been crumbling around us but when you are in the midst of the "insane experiments", it is difficult to see the rubble.

When you are a vital part of the destruction of family, the demeaning of the value of human life, fighting for "special rights" for certain groups instead of equality for all, when your version of equality is big government taking care of all of us at the same level of poverty, you become a willing worker with a large hammer.

When sexual promiscuity is a "woman's right", when pedophilia is "intergenerational intimacy", when the murder of unborns is "choice", when marriage and fidelity become obsolete, dont be surprised when morals, values, and boundaries disappear. All of those things I mentioned are happening around us daily being spun by the media as "fair" and "just". Notice how truth is being redefined. It is being done by people like you who believe that your particular view of a "growing society" is to destroy the very things that made us the greatest country in the world.

I am a mother, a grandmother, though too old to shake a stick, I sure in hell can still point my finger and say ......bad bad boy.

#46 Bos is a ---

BS artist.

Typical lib - touts his links and pooh-poohs any he disagrees with.

How novel.


"The credibility of the story is undermined by the selection of sources." - (h/t Jer)

#47 haha!

SHE gave me one of those links! And I'm highlighting the link she JUST USED! Because it helps MY argument and not hers! So I'm not pooh-poohing any links! People need to read links before they post them-make sure they support their own arguments!

#48 AND you are denigrating her link, Bos ---

which is precisely what I said you do.

haha!, my ass.




"The credibility of the story is undermined by the selection of sources." - (h/t Jer)

#49 Matthew

I don't think you understand what "denigrating" means. I like her links! They support my argument so I'm actually using her links-were I denigrating them, I'd call them dubious or questionable. But I support the central point her links are making! Because they support my argument.

#50 I know what "denigrating" means, Bos; ---

it is conservative code for "removing all black people from the area".

Who you trying to kid with your lessons in lexicography?

I watch you dance your little jig (another conservative code word); sidestep; dodge; spin; evade; twist; turn; and pirouette; all the while performing your perpetual liberal vomitus ejectus.

You ain't the mental giant you perceive yourself to be; but rather a liberal canker on NBs conservative arse.

Nothing personal, you understand; I just don't care much for your brand of liberal bullshit.


"The credibility of the story is undermined by the selection of sources." - (h/t Jer)

#51 Ha!

I really appreciate your considering me a "vital part" of the destruction of family, etc. I had no idea the important role I played in the decay of society! Gonna go straight to my head!

Anyway, statistics just don't support your claims of crumbling society since the 60s. For the majority of humans on this planet, their situation is better than it was 50 years ago. And considerably better than it was 100 years ago.

"The world is crumbling around us" has been the refrain for centuries-it's never been true-it isn't true now. We always suffer peaks and valleys-times get worse and they get better-but progressively, when looking at the big picture-the trend is to the positive. No matter what the doomsayers say.

#52 read it again Bos*

This time, read it with your mind a little more open. High unemployment, rising poverty, fewer opportunities to steal from people as more people have NOTHING to steal.
You confuse improvements in technology as an improvement in the last 50 yrs. But that means you are only looking at the material things in the world. Those things that bring YOU comfort, hedonistic pleasures, and a life style garnered by what is GIVEN to you, not earned.

Look at more than just the physical aspects of our society, look at the morality, the value of hard work and accomplishment, the value of human life, all being demeaned by those who are spoiled by the richness of a capitalist society. So lets destroy the very things that got us here.

We grew our own food, fished, and hunted to feed our families years ago. When the complete fall of our country comes, those who rely on cell phones, and computers to make a living, will be the ones screaming the loudest about a "valley" of hard times.

You are so ideologically blinded by your own narcissts needs and wants, that you fail to see the overall decay in our society. The reason is as I pointed out to you before, not you ALONE, but millions of useful idiots like you, all are contributing to society's decay. And yes, let it go to your head because a few years from now I want you to come to the realization that you are among those to blame for what is to come.

#53 Very well said Cajun

There is so much more than our material things. Having been through both my parents through illness's and at their deathbeds, neither of them ended their life with a concern about the material things of life.

Family and the society of other is what counts and what will allow our society to carry on. Caring only for the pleasures of the moment condemns our country to failure.

Proud member of the 53%!

#54 Listen

the article was about why crime didn't increase specifically during the recession-despite predictions that it would.

The high unemployment and rising poverty are specific to this recession-not the sign of the "crumbling" you claim has been happening since the 60s.

I do take umbrage with your assertion that my life style was "GIVEN" to me. I worked (and continue to work) very hard, and I've earned everything I currently have in my life. And I'm not sure why you think I'm focussing solely on material goods in my assertions. I've been talking about statistics this whole time-statistics that you're desperately trying to discredit by ignoring. The world isn't just better because we have iPhones.

But it doesn't matter-you can continue to suffer from confirmation bias-and moan about our crumbling society. But rest assured that I'm confident in our future-and should you be proven right, and society does slide down a slippery slope, I have every confidence in the power of human spirit and intelligence. And we'll deal with whatever problem comes our way. We're a pretty impressive animal that way.

#55 No, Bos, you liberal twit, YOU listen, ---

and if you don't like what you hear here, fold your umbrage five ways,  stick it where the sun don't shine, and go take a hike up an armadillo's ass.



"The credibility of the story is undermined by the selection of sources." - (h/t Jer)

#56 try again Bos*

Perhaps I have not yet found the key words to reach your brain though Matthew seems to have a great command of the English language.

Since you like statistics, please look up a few things. First, I dont like surfing the internet, I keep getting virus attacks. The link I showed was to give you and others who claim the declining crime rates are a good thing. But read it again! You are missing the relevant portions of the article. When people on welfare live a life equal to same standard as a working family making $60,000 a year, basically what you have is subsidized criminals who no longer need to steal to survive. Just move into the projects and wait for your check. I suggest you look up the statistics on sex slaves and human trafficing in America today. Also, go to and get up to date statistics on crimes against women and domestic violence. Then look up at Dept of Ag statistics on food stamp receipients. Look up social security and see how many people have taken retirement in lieu of unemployment because they can no longer find a job. Go to DHH and look up the number of women who require serious intervention for mental health issues like depression and suicide due to abortion.

It depends on what aspects of society you study. If you look at housing, cars, communication, sure we have made progress. GPS and a/c in cars, central air and heat in even the poorest of homes and neighborhoods. But when you look at other than the physical and material aspects of society, we are not doing as well. Abortions, late term abortions, fraud and theft in the government and corporate america not just car jackings in the streets. Failing public schools with the lowest test scores and the worst graduation rates ever.

You think we are exceptional in that we can overcome anything bad that comes our way. You cant do that unless you are first aware, prepared, trained and educated to survive in any environment. Those are the things missing. Think Lord of the Flies, Clockwork Orange, 1984. These were written by thinking men aware of the worst possibilities in a society in disarray. So many people today live in such isolated environs they dont even know their neighbors, they know nothing of life in areas outside of where they live. Many people believe we all travel by subway to get to work. So many people were surprised to learn that the sinking of the Titanic was an event that actually occured and not just some "movie".

Not everything you are "given" requires your sweat equity. The liberties and freedoms you have today were because others before you gave the ultimate sacrifice. You cannot take for granted that they will always be there. Because of evil parts of human nature, there will always be those in existence whose prime purpose is to take those liberties away as 5000 yrs of history have taught us. The attacks against our constitution, our way of life, our morals and values, threats to our justice system when our own DOJ enforces rules against states trying to protect themselves while ignoring actual crimes that do not meet their agenda not to mention the DOJ's own involvement in criminal activity. Put the pieces together, look at all aspects of our society, educate yourself outside of your own interests, and then you may even be willing to join the fight to save our country. Look at societies that are thousands of years older than ours and see how they are falling backward into chaos and violence, slavery, and tryanny.

I am not a doomsdayer. But I do believe in looking at the truth and assessing the real threats to our society and not hiding my head in the sand because MY life is comfortable and safe. I will not live long enough to see the fall of our society but sadly, my grandchildren will.

#57 WOW

She is still pretty hot.

#58 ~I hope your keyboard is wearing protection

Drool kills, you know.

Obama's WTF 2012 campaign slogan: "A dog in every pot"

#59 its a smartphone

Thank you for you concern but I find you talking about yourself dancing much more provocative. ;-)

#60 ~In that case

here's a video just for your own viewing pleasure.

Obama's WTF 2012 campaign slogan: "A dog in every pot"

#61 Please tell me did not put on your makeup yet.

#62 She can go on MY list!

To spend some time with me, massages OR happy endings! Anytime, anyplace, anyway!

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. BEN FRANKLIN

#63 Happy endings

Yes I love those. Snow White got to be with Prince Charming, Ariel the Mermaid defeated Ursula and got to be with Prince Eric. Happy endings are pretty special. I heard sometimes they might get a little messy.

#64 I was about to send out a search party for you, Shawn

I would have expected your post somewhere near the top, Shawn. I was getting a little concerned when I didn't see you right away. This article looked like something that would have caught your interest, and I was worried that something may have happened to you.

I should have known better, though. There's you, and then there's old faithful.

#65 Hello Dexter hater

I just agreed that I like happy endings as well. Who doesn't? Go Canucks go!!

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