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Ladies of ‘The Talk’ Deem Sarah Palin ‘Ignorant’ but ‘Hot’

Is there anything that Sarah Palin says that doesn’t get twisted by the liberal media?

In response to a clip of an “Entertainment Tonight” interview with Sarah Palin, the ladies of ‘The Talk’ misconstrue Palin’s response in order to project her as ignorant.

The highlighted interview question was “How does it feel to be one of the most polarizing figures in America today?” Palin replied “I think that that is a bit perplexing, because I think what is polarizing about believing in the United States Constitution and our Declaration of Independence and all those things that it stands for and what our founding mothers and fathers in this country meant for America to keep building upon? Those are the things that I believe in. Wha’s extreme about that? How is that polarizing? So I'm still perplexed by that.”

(Video below the fold)

Co-host Sara Gilbert quickly responded, “I think if you're ever going to run for president of the United States or vice president of the United States, you should be in touch with why you are polarizing,” to which Julie Chen responded, “I believe her. I believe that she doesn't understand. I believe she doesn't understand why people find her polarizing.”

It’s obvious that Palin’s point is that for a politician to have a firm belief in the principals of the American founding should not be seen as polarizing. Since when should patriotism be polarizing? However, these ladies choose to ignore the obvious point, and instead take a jab at Palin’s intelligence. 

In a grand display of their own intelligence, the hosts quickly digress from talking about Palin’s politics to focusing on Palin’s appearance. Julie Chen tells a story about her husband meeting Palin and immediately afterward he “called me up to tell me how hot she is. ‘I swear to you, he said, guess who just left my office. You know what? She's hot!’”

The ever-charming Sharon Osbourne chimed in with “She is very attractive, but she's the type that you know the classic rock videos, the secretary, the teacher. She lets down her hair. She takes the glasses off. She unbuttons the shirt. Yeah, that's what she's like. Must be. I mean, I don't get it. But men obviously want it.”

In an attempt to write Palin off as a no-nothing air head, these ladies came off as rather ignorant themselves.


#1 Eat Your Hearts Out Ladies ...

Eat your hearts out ladies. Sarah does everything you wish you could do and makes it look easy. She has a real man for a husband.

And unlike your favorite man-child Obama, she does not say corps-man.  She doesn't lie about the cost of health care . She doesn't lie about "shovel ready" jobs.  

She does not talk like a Chicago thug and urge voters to punish their enemies. She talks about the principles this nation was founded upon.

#2 Allan

Very nicely put!

President Obama is a Muslim (from his own lips), Kenyan (read it from his publicist) a homosexual (read it on a news magazine cover) and a Socialist (I'm alive and can see it for myself)

#3 Sarah Palin

Hot she may be, but ignorant she is not.  If loving your state and country is a fault then she has a large one (fault).

#4 Someone ripped off "The

Someone ripped off "The View"? How much intelligence did that take? 

#5 If you look at the hosts on

If you look at the hosts on The Talk their collective IQ is a lot less than those on The View. The collective IQ on The View is somewhere around 160. Half of that, 80, belongs to Elizabeth.

A well regulated militia being necessary to a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

#6 Good call...

She's definitely the dumbest conservative they could find to put on the show. I think she has trouble ordering a burger at McDonalds, much less defending a political position. It's painful to watch highlights when she tries to.

#7 160 is about right

but I would probably give Elizabeth 100 or so. Granted she's not the brightest conservative but she tries hard against the 3 gargoyles who constantly shout her down. And don't forget she torched Rosie Odonnell so bad she quit!! 

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. - Winston Churchill

#8 Airheads of the left unite

Airheads discusing todays relevant topics. The leftist ladies on this show do not dissapoint...they're not afraid to say something stupid if they think it will further their socialist cause.

#9 Mrs. Osbourne "doesn't get it"

The vast majority of men go for ex-druggie, tattooed up, body-pierced old skanks with technicolor hair.

#10 It's soooo funny when these

It's soooo funny when these brain-dead morons call Palin ignorant when it's blatantly obvious that they completely missed her point.

There is an apropos line from Analyze This where DeNiro says to Jelly:  "Do I have to spell everything out for you?" and the slightly slow Jelly replies, "It saves time."

I think conservatives need to start realizing that to prevent misunderstandings like this, they need to talk slowly, use small words and constantly check to see if the liberals they're talking to are keeping up.

#11 Huh?

Who said what, on which show?

or should i say...

Who said what, on witch show?

Either way... catty little girls who will never achieve, on their own, even a tenth of what Sarah has already achieved.  Their only hope is to be like Hillary, marry someone and ride his coat tails.  Perhaps Behar would allow me to borrow her words... these airheaded b ...

no, i can't do that...

#12 She is pretty hot

Nothing wrong with being attractive

#13 As if "The View" wasn't bad enough...

Now we have another inane show hosted by blithering, liberal idiots...The combined IQ's of this latest group of twits wouldn't equal the wattage of a nightlight...Just what America needs.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction...It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them (our children) to do the same." ~President Ronald Reagan 

#14 Once again the msm is trying

Once again the msm is trying to portray women as liberals whose morals have no bounds.  These women are not representative of American women any more than my poodle is.  Get some real working women, not someone who has a show because her husband runs the network, or another woman who's married to a druggie who's brain is so fried he uses primarily one word, the f word. 

Proud member of the 53%!

#15 Unfortunately, the majority of the women in the US...

tend to vote Democrat...Why, I'll never know. Does this mean that most women are liberals? I don't think so...I do think that for some reason many women tend to feel that the Dem party has their best interests at heart, although that is a completely erroneous belief, which I hope is finally changing. 

As a woman, I am personally sick to death of the media and liberals, especially liberal women, trashing Repub/conservative women just because they are Repub/conservative women. Women in general are often treated unfairly in politics just because they are women, but Repub/conservative women are treated especially harshly and unfairly...Look at the way these idiots on "The Talk" spoke about Sarah Palin...Talking about her being "hot," they reduced her down to a sex object, instead of discussing her simply as a political figure, and these are other women doing the talking! Repub/conservative women are subjected to a level of contempt, sexism and disrespect that Dem/liberal women rarely if ever have to endure, and I have really had enough of it.  

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction...It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them (our children) to do the same." ~President Ronald Reagan 

#16 It's ok Prairie*

A wager says they "connect" with their audience.

#17 A little catnip to go with their cat food, maybe?

More meows than an alley at midnight.

#18 I am perplexed.

There's a copycat show of "The Skew"?

Oh, that's right.  Darlene, the woman from the "Big Brother" shows, Rodney Peete's wife, the woman from "The King Of Queens," and Ozzy Osbourne's foul-mouthed enabler thought they'd be far more interesting than Guinan, Joyless, some woman who doesn't know if the Earth is round, Tim Hasselbeck's wife, and Fidel Castro's old girlfriend.

Man.  Talk about your nil-nil tie.


#19 I wish these women would

I wish these women would adressed Palin's point, what is extremist about believing in the Constitution?  That's the point the cannot address.

Proud member of the 53%!

#20 Polarizing or threatening.

She's polarizing because she is threatening.  She represents something genuine, sincere and real.  Not orchestrated or fake.  The left does not understand the conservative woman.  She is grounded in principal and serves something greater than self.  It's a totally foreign if not incomprehensibe concept.

#21 Her husband called Palin hot?

Chen's husband met Palin, and called his wife to advise her that Palin is hot?!?  I guarantee Todd Palin never called Sarah Palin to tell her anyone else was hot.

Not only is Chen a dipstick, but she is married to a jerk!

#22 jealous liberal ladies

jealous liberal ladies discussing about that  "mean" republician girl, the bully,...  They sound jealous and left out...


#23 Sarah Palin

I believe that Liberals can smell a conservative winner.  It seems the ones they attack, and I don't mean any other word, the ones they attack are the ones they're the most afraid of. 

When they heard John McCain's choices for vice-president, the one they knew the least about was Sarah Palin.  They made a few comments the day the announcement was made and then kept quiet.  Then she made her speech, a speech during which the teleprompter malfunctioned and the speech wasn't in sync with her, and the broadcasters noticed it and said how amazing it was that she looked at it, saw it was off, and never missed a beat.  That my friends, is when the Democrats became afraid, very afraid.  That is when the attacks began.  That is when they sent people to Alaska to dig up dirt and the LSM took off the gloves and asked questions like "Do you support the Bush Doctrine." which, as Charles Krauthammer commented, there were at least 3.  Now, no one would count this as unfair until, after the election was over, they realized Obama had NEVER been asked anything remotely as challenging as that.

If she runs again I can't predict she'd win. What I am sure of is that, after this election, where the media has allowed all of these assaults on Republican women, people will demand she get more respect.  If they try to tell the world how unqualified she is. people will recognize they have already elected the MOST unqualified man ever and that Sarah has much more experience, still, than he has.

Be careful what you wish for.

Vote Republican - Then you'll only be called a racist one more time.

#24 Well, if Palin IS 'ignorant,

Well, if Palin IS 'ignorant, but hot'............that gives her double what these bimbos are!!!

#25 How Stupid Can You Get?

What the heck is "the Talk"?  We just moved and can't afford cable so we don't have any TV.  Ya know, it's pretty nice.

Seems like this is just anyother typical liberal hen party where these airhead women cluck about nothing.

It's so funny that that these liberal airheads hate Sarah Palin so much, yet she is the epitome of what the women's libbers of the 70's and 80's were yearning for.  Palin is a successful career woman, had a stable marriage, has raised kids and is content with who she is and where she is going.  Wasn't that what Gloria Steinhem and Molly Yard and Helen Gurley Brown burned their bras for?

It's ridiculous that these idiot liberals bash Palin so much when she embodies everything they supposedly stand for.  What a bunch of hypocritical losers.

And Palin gets the last laugh, which is the best part of all!

#26 With that crew, I was hoping

With that crew, I was hoping that they WOULDN'T burn their bras!!!!!

#27 I've never even heard of that

I've never even heard of that show. I should count myself lucky. If believing in the constitution means one is polarizing, consider me one of the most polarizing people you will ever meet.

#28 WarEagle66: Dubs women of The

WarEagle66: Dubs women of The Talk, stupid, but hottish



Mrs. Palin fits the bill.  GO RUN, SARAH, RUN!

You are the last hope to fully IMPLODE the left!

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