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War on Conservative Women: Twitchy Notes Angry Leftists Denouncing Ann Romney As C*nt, B*tch, and Whore

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While most everyone in political circles has condemned Hilary Rosen's slam of Ann Romney, rank-and-file liberals on Twitter apparently haven't read the memo.

Twitchy has an excellent post documenting all the bile, complete with requisite leftist slams of Mrs. Romney as a c*nt, b*tch, and whore. As Michelle Malkin, no stranger to left-wing hate, tweeted, "Some are baptized by fire. On Twitter, outspoken conservative women are baptized by vile."


#1 O.M.O.

This is what Obama has wrought. He is the one pushing the class war. It seems to be working, as those people on Twitter all seem to have their knickers in a twist that the Romney's have money, and Mrs. Romney wasn't out shamming a hospital for high salary, no responsibility job due to her husband's political position..

#2 It's pretty clear that Obama has

purposefully empowered the takers to rise up against the providers; he -like all progressives- realize there are many more people without the personal drive to succeed, than there are successful. He's a crack dealer for the takers. He's "Obamamoney". He's "Obamacare". He's refused to prosecute political allies and useful idiots because they can't vote as easily from prison. If the riots occur, they will fall squarely on his shoulders.

#3 hypocraps

No that is not an incorrectly spelled word.
The actions of these people, if I was a fence sitter, really makes me want to vote "D"

I know my momma would have called people who use language like that 'gutter trash'.

Because Ms. Romney does not choose a life style that suites them, then these “D” people are only showing themselves as the ones who are prejudiced and hateful of anyone not exactly like them – you know – kind of like a different flavor of KKK. They obviously do not support equal rights, freedom of choice, or speech.

The current President sure seems to bring out the worst in people.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” – Marcus Aurelius

#4 Liberals try to destroy women who don't 'conform' to their lies

Remember the 2004 campaign with John F'n Kerry and his snob wife, Teresa Heinz? Heinz did the same thing. 2 weeks before the election, Heinz came out with a statement mocking Laura Bush saying 'she never had a real job'.

This led Rush Limbaugh to launch a brilliant and devastating rebuttal of how the Left treats women. He said, 'You want to know what Democrats really think about stay at home moms? All you have to do is go back to the original Clinton campaign. When asked what she would do if she became first lady, Hillary Clinton said something like, 'Well I'll tell you what I'm NOT gonna do - I'm not gonna sit at home all day and bake cookies!' Make no mistake, these people are who they are, and one of the things they are is being governed by a militant feminism!'

How right he was. They're back on it again, sneering at women who make choices they don't agree with. If you choose to raise your family, you've 'betrayed' the feminists and must be punished. Your opinions are invalid because you're not as 'smart' as them, not as 'educated', not as 'sophisticated', what have you.

The simple truth is this: If you're a liberal democrat and you're a woman, you can do absolutely nothing wrong. If you're a conservative republican and you're a woman, then EVERYTHING you do is wrong.

When you're a liberal democrat woman, you can screw up your life in absolutely stupid, horrible, and perfectly preventable ways and you're lionized and lifted up as a 'victim' - not of the Democrats' horrible policies and lies that led you to your debased state, but of the Republicans who did nothing to force you there. You can be a hooker, you can get multiple pregnancies, be totally irresponsible, do drugs, smoke, and all kinds of other nonsense. But as long as you get abortions and say you'd rather work than raise your kids, you're golden as far as the Democrats are concerned.

But you can live a totally exemplary life on the other hand. You can stay free from drugs, booze, unwanted pregnancies - but if you're a Republican woman, then you are the enemy and must be mocked, sneered at, insulted and even destroyed by the media. Just ask Sarah Palin and any number of other Republican women. By all accounts, Sarah Palin is just the sort of accomplished woman the liberals say they want to support. But look what they did to her - because she was running alongside McCain against the liberals' 'sort of god', Barak Obama.

If a Liberal/Democrat politician/media figure wants to put their arms around you, or pat you on the back, all they're doing is looking for a good place to stick a knife.

#5 I'll bet that...

if anyone asked Ann Romney if she ever smoked marijuana or did any kind of drugs, I'll bet the answer would be NO!

She is an honest, loving, kind, decent, American woman! God Bless you and keep you Mrs. Romney! I am proud to say I will be voting for your husband in the upcoming election. What a breath of fresh air and honesty we will be a part of.

I have five children that I raised too! Wouldn't trade places with a lot of women and my children are awesome!

#6 Check it out!

Be sure to check out the last two paragraphs! How could they both take off from work! They must have been making SOME BIG BUCKS!!!!

#7 Twitchy

I read the Tweets, what moldy, stinky mattresses do these haters crawl out of in the dark of the night?


#8 It's the Bill Mahar, Jon Stewart, Colbert and Obama fan base

What more do you expect out of them?

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