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One-Year-Old Child Left Alone in Occupy D.C. Tent, Network Morning Shows Ignore Story

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A 13-month-old child was found yesterday morning, unsupervised and wearing only a onesie, in a tent in the Occupy D.C. squatters camp in McPherson Square. To their credit, some Occupiers notified authorities, who arrested a man who showed up later claiming to be the baby's father. That being said, it's just the latest criminal incident which highlights the ongoing problems of the 3-month long "occupation" of an urban square that was never intended for overnight camping.

But, of course, the media are doing their darndest to downplay or ignore the story: ABC's Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and NBC's Today failed to report the incident. The Washington Post placed their 7-paragraph story on page B6. A review of the websites for the ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliate stations in D.C. shows they are not trumpeting the story as significant. Ditto with, the website for the region's all-news radio station.

The Occupy D.C. camp seems to be the last major American "Occupy" camp still standing, situated as it is on federal park land, patrolled by U.S. Park Police, who answer to the Obama/Salazar Interior Department. 

While Occupy D.C. protesters insist the father of the child was not part of the Occupy camp, other Occupiers have used their children as human shields in protests before, as our friends at and MRCTV have noted.

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#1 As Obama minions and

As Obama minions and socialist Dem supporters, the Occupeers are doing their darndest to screw their children anyway, so what's the difference. Being alone in a tent is nothing compared to the Marxist hellhole they would form from the ashes of the US.

#2 Ain't dat da truf, ant?

Fascists and commies will definitely sacrifice their children for the "good of the state."

Seems they're always willing to sacrifice anything but themselves. You ever notice that?

That's why they need to form an alliance with the Islamo-whackys. They will even blow themselves up (the stupid ones, anyway) for the "cause."

A very dangerous alliance that we face, if and when we actually decide to face them.


Hey Homeland Security! If you're monitoring this blog, as reported on Drudge today, I'd just like to paraphrase one of my heroes, Jerry lee Lewis and say "Big Sis and the RBFSOB can kiss my ass."

Comrade Bubba

#3 Yep.

I do believe, and I've heard others express this, that we are being boxed in on three fronts, the government lovin' commie faction, the islamists, and the invading racist re-conquistas. The way I look at it, if you ain't paranoid, your not really paying attention. Meanwhile, the press attempts to distract us with gay-rights and contraception 'issues'.

#4 OWS is so bad.

OWS is so bad.

Nuke em til they glow; then shoot em in the dark

#5 Imagine . . .

. . . if this happened at a Tea Party rally . . .

. 24/7 "Full Team" coverage on every news outlet for months.

#6 No kidding. Media bias blatant and sucks.

Avoid giving them any income if possible. I time, people who love a Constitutional USA need to buy them out. I prefer a bias towards legal Constitutional government, freedom, liberty, responsibility for self, and good Christian moral ethics that our laws are based on. I am sure there are other values to add to that...

-- Maximusbraveheart -- Is TRUTH knowable? Moral Relativism is the abandonment of Truth. Truth is knowable. Truth conforms to Reality. Reality is observable by evidence & witness in this day & from history. Relativism is Sesame Street play land.

#7 so true !

I was thinking the same thing ! They would have brought up abortion and family values and then said the "conservatives love children and look what they did!"


#8 Don't forget about "evil" men!

Don't forget about the unending comments by the Feminazis about "evil men" and "abandonment" of children.

The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. The US Constitution

Unless you're a fetus. The US Supreme Court

Or Anwar al-Awlaki.

#9 Couldn't agree more.

If this happened at a Tea Party rally, I wouldn't be surprised to see "Special Reports" breaking into regular programming, that's how excited they would be to report such news. Truly disgraceful.

"They would have brought up abortion and family values"

Well there ya go! Even liberals don't expect liberals to have family values, apparently.

#10 The baby left in the park

As expected, the left-leaning Washington Post headlined the story of the baby left in the park--in a lower, inner page of section two or three (aka: Burying). No news here, move on.

Ben Blankenship

#11 Talk about an early retirement!

"The campers notified authorities and then cared for the girl until help arrived, according to Kelly Canavan, 36, a retired Prince George’s County school teacher who has been living at the camp. "

She's retired at the age 36? I wish I could have been as lucky! Most people have to work 30 years before earning a retirement. Did she start working at the age of 6? Now there's a story that needs a follow-up!

The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. The US Constitution

Unless you're a fetus. The US Supreme Court

Or Anwar al-Awlaki.

#12 Occupiers

Imagine if that man had been a Tea Partier !


#13 Where's the outcry!!! A different 1%...

...if this country needs to get angry at a 1%... it ought to be the 1% of the people in this country that call themselves journalists.

Most of them have become nothing more than shill propagandists.


The burden of life is from ourselves, its lightness from the grace of Christ and the love of God. - William Bernard Ullanthorne

#14 Perhaps walking away and

Perhaps walking away and leaving a 1 year old on their own is a defiant act of postpartum abortion to their ilk.

#15 a defiant act of postpartum abortion

It's only a difference of a few months, as in 12 or more months ago they could have sucked the kids brains out during birth and called it 'choice'... bad, they finally passed a law (2003) banning this. Now you have to make sure it's done sooner.


The burden of life is from ourselves, its lightness from the grace of Christ and the love of God. - William Bernard Ullanthorne

#16 A little while longer and the

A little while longer and the rodents that the Occupiers 'lifestyle' have attracted would've done the job.

#17 Taliban Corpses

The DC Occupiers "insist that the father of the child was not part of the Occupy camp." But the child was found abandoned "in a tent in the Occupy DC squatters camp." Hhmmmmm.

And I bet another thing which won't be "trumpeted" is the video of Marines allegedly urinating on Taliban corpses. If a Republican was Commander In Chief, there would be wall to wall coverage of it, just like with Abu Ghraib.

#18 miss911

I think it will be trumpeted all over, as an excuse for BO cutting troops and pulling out of Iraq and next Afghanistan. After all, we can't go around offending the Taliban, even though they want us all dead.

Proud member of the 53%!

#19 Joe BiteMe Says

The Taliban are not our enemy.

#20 FOOL!

So I'm sure Hillary will have no trouble negotiating some kind of.....WHAT, with the Taliban? If she thinks they'll be amenable to reason, and will change their behavior, she's a FOOL!

#21 Synonyms: Biden and Fool

The Beatles may have written a song about Biden - Fool on the Hill. Founding Father Samuel Adams and friends might have tarred and feathered Biden for his unrelenting stupidity and cowardice. Humiliation of some sort would definitely have occurred.

Since Urinegate trickled out, we've learned we've been in negotiations with the Taliban for a year and that the Taliban spokesgoat has said it will not affect talks. Riiiight.

Obama, Hillary and Leftists on the Hill will make a bad deal and the next president will have to clean up the mess.

#22 Goat People

Exactly! Our own Secretary of State and VP just...don't ...get it! I was appalled in the first place when I heard that they were "negotiating" with the 7th century goat people. Or should we say "people of goats?"

#23 Hey, Miss

I'm not surprised by the 'negotiating'. Have you seen this one?;

A muslim, a communist, and an illegal alien walk into a bar,

The bartender says, "What'll you have, Mr. President?"

Sitting here on a Friday night, watching the movie 'Triangle' for the second time trying to catch flaws in the continuum. I'm such a geek...course it helps that I'm broke, too.

#24 Triangle

I'll be sharing that joke bigtime!

I haven't seen Triangle but I've heard about those "continuity" issues with it. The next movie I want to see is War Horse.

#25 I know a lot of people that

I know a lot of people that want to see WarHorse. Triangle, I would recommend, kind of a psychological thriller that'll have you thinking about it afterwards, they did a pretty good job. Especially since so many movies really weren't worth it, after you've seen it. I hope everything is going well, see ya later.

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