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MSNBC Raises Fear of 'Electoral Genocide' of S.C. Blacks for Second Day in Row

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For the second day in a row, an MSNBC anchor raised a liberal Democrat's claim that South Carolina's new voter ID law would be "electoral genocide" that disenfranchises thousands of black voters in the Palmetto State.

Daytime anchor Thomas Roberts made note of the alarmist statement by South Carolina Democratic Party chairman Dick Harpootlian in an interview about the photo ID law in the 11 a.m. Eastern hour with Tulane professor and Nation magazine contributor Melissa Harris-Perry.

Neither Roberts nor Harris-Perry objected to the Harpootlian's rhetoric, although in a tweet a short time later Harris-Perry conceded that "genocide is too strong a term." [video follows page break]

Roberts's interview was a complete one-sided softball interview focused on how Democrats can combat the law, which was passed in May but awaits approval by the federal Department of Justice. What's more, Roberts let slide two significant factual errors posed by Harris-Perry: 1) that an ID card costs money and hence would be a form of poll tax and 2) that voters who lack a proper ID will be kept from voting.


In fact, South Carolina voter ID cards are free to citizens over the age of 17. What's more, South Carolina devoted significant resources this year to setting apart a State Identification Card Day during which DMV officials gave free rides to poor South Carolinians to the DMV to secure a photo ID card.

In other words, the state is using taxpayer resources to help citizens get photo IDs, contrary to Harris-Perry's gripe that "in a democracy, we want to help people who have the hardest time, not make it even harder [to vote]."

I pointed this out to Harris-Perry in a tweet following the segment, to which she tweeted back that she "should've been clearer. It costs in a # of ways: opportunity costs, transportation etc."

As to the second error, no one will be turned away from the polls next November on Election Day in South Carolina for lack of photo ID. They'll just be given a provisional ballot which will only be counted if they can later establish their identity to their county board of elections.

From the National Conference of State Legislatures:

If the elector cannot produce identification, he may cast a provisional ballot that is counted only if the elector brings a valid and current photograph identification to the county board of registration and elections before certification of the election by the county board of canvassers.

South Carolina plans to certify election results eight four days after the 2012 general election, leaving voters who cast provisional ballots a few days to get a photo ID after the fact, satisfy the identity requirement at the county level, and hence get their vote counted.


#1 Electoral genocide?

Electoral genocide? Isn't that the push, by liberals, to do away with the electoral system altogether?

The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. The US Constitution

Unless you're a fetus. The US Supreme Court

Or Anwar al-Awlaki.

#2 I like the argument I saw

I like the argument I saw elsewhere, that if you can buy beer you can vote. I'll bet a lot of people can buy beer.

#3 That Does Leave Out

the 18-21 year old vote, but I get the point.

President Obama is a Muslim (from his own lips), Kenyan (read it from his publicist) a homosexual (read it on a news magazine cover) and a Socialist (I'm alive and can see it for myself)

#4 I'm sure they'll replace the

I'm sure they'll replace the word "genocide" with "terrorism."

#5 words matter

That term might be offensive to some. Can we use 'lynching' instead?

#6 Everything's a crisis to these...

...lefty whack-jobs. Reporting news just ain't good enough anymore. Actually, reporting news would be something rather novel.

#7 This is an example of poor education*

Ms Harris-Perry is a professor at Tulane University in New Orleans but prior to her interview, she obviously did little or no research. The State of La has required a photo ID for voters for over 15 years. The state also has special ballots for the disabled. They have registrars go to nursing homes, to special institutions or care centers. They also have special "audio" keypads and assistance available for the blind or deaf. 

They have specially trained precinct workers to assist the elderly, or anyone who qualifies for assistance.  No one in La has filed a law suit, no one has complained, no protests by the black community. The only deterrent to voters in La is if  hunting season opens the day of an election.....

#8 Good evening cajun

I'm one of those comissioners and will be at my polling place from 5 am til 9 pm. Anyone can register at the poll for the next election. A free photo ID is available for all who can't afford to pay for one at the DMV. All they have to do is go get one.

Our machines believe it or not are amongst the finest an most reliable. The democrat controlled states that have troublesome machines have them because they are easy to tamper with and that is what they want.


Jesus Loves You so much He died for you

#9 Don't forget who services those machines, Coco.

In some states, the machines are serviced by those fine, upstanding citizens from the SEIU. What could possibly go wrong with the unions involved in setting up and servicing voting machines?

Not to mention, some localities, democrat, cough, cough, let people bunch up, then keep the polls open hours beyond the closing time, to let everyone vote.  Apparently, it has to be very dark so the dead can rise and make their way to the precincts. 

To re-elect Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.

#10 exactly guys*

Thank you cocodrie.  This argument about voter ID is just another attempt by the liberal media to distract from the real issues facing us today.  They are concentrating on South Carolina but 37 states already have voter ID requirements. Some states are more restrictive than others. Some like Calif, Oregon, Nevada, Michigan and Illinois have  lenient requirements and as UpNorth has stated, those are the states with the most voter fraud.

It is a useless argument in place in order to make EVERY issue one about race. Instead of talking about a Congress that VOTES in the middle of the night, or a President that takes military action WITHOUT a Congressional VOTE, is simply a way to distract from any actual reporting on substantive issues.

#11 Caj, I live in Michigan and I've had to produce ID every time.

Even though the deputy township clerk knows me, she still asks for my ID.  Now, Detroit and the eastern side of the state is a different thing.  Unfortunately, I don't think there are any Republican poll watchers anywhere east of Lansing.

To re-elect Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.

#12 Say what?

So liberals say that minorities (i.e. blacks) are too stupid or poor to get photo ID unless it's for welfare or for buying cigarettes or booze.
Okay, I see their point.

Americans keeping their own earnings is a Civil Right! Demand your Civil Rights!

#13 Let them vote by telephone.

God forbid we require anyone to be inconvenienced by forcing voters to prove who they are and where they reside.

#14 Puzzled

I've always been puzzled as to why a requirement to have voter photo ID is 'disenfranchisement', but the requirement to have voter registration is not 'disenfranchisement.'

Can someone explain that to me?

#15 "This is the worst thing I've ever witnessed."

It's practically standing still now. They've dropped ropes out of the nose of the ship, and they've been taken a hold of down on the field by a number of men. It's starting to rain again; it's—the rain had slacked up a little bit. The back motors of the ship are just holding it just, just enough to keep it from — It burst into flames! It burst into flames, and it's falling, it's crashing! Watch it! Watch it, folks! Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Get this, Charlie! Get this, Charlie! It's fire—and it's crashing! It's crashing terrible! Oh, my, get out of the way, please! It's burning and bursting into flames, and the—and it's falling on the mooring-mast and all the folks agree that this is terrible, this is the worst of the worst catastrophes in the world. Ohhhhh! It's–it's–it's the flames, [indecipherable, 'enty' syllable] oh, four- or five-hundred feet into the sky and it ... it's a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen. It's smoke, and it's flames now ... and the frame is crashing to the ground, not quite to the mooring-mast. Oh, the humanity and all the passengers screaming around here. I told you, I can't even talk to people whose friends are on there. Ah! It's–it's–it's–it's ... o–ohhh! I–I can't talk, ladies and gentlemen. Honest, it's just laying there, a mass of smoking wreckage. Ah! And everybody can hardly breathe and talk, and the screaming. Lady, I–I'm sorry. Honest: I–I can hardly breathe. I–I'm going to step inside, for I cannot see it. Charlie, that's terrible. Ah, ah—I can't. I, listen, folks, I–I'm gonna have to stop for a minute because I've lost my voice. This is the worst thing I've ever witnessed."

and now back to our regular programing...

#16 Seems fairly innocuous

Why is it that only liberals strongly oppose identification verification prior to registering a vote?

#17 Voter Genocide

Well hello MSNBC ( Comcast Inc.) maybe they should get an ID and show it when they vote. That way there is absolutely no doubt that they are who they say. I`m sure that there would be a neighborhood organization that would welcome the opportunity to help citizens get official ID`s maybe Obama could organize and direct it after all he was a "Community Organizer" so maybe he could handle that project and let the politicians do their job, he sure is not qualified for that role.


#18 Keeping Deceased Democrats From Voting...

...should be against the law...

Dems Motto: "Vote Early, Vote Often"

#19 tell them

There will be an extra $50.00 in their welfare checks and there will a line 99% blocks long.

#20 We all know this is BS . . .

Yet still we engage in the argument that claims "many" minority adults don't already have photo ID. Until somebody shows me a statistically significant difference between the number of adults (18+) in a state according to the census, and the number who already have driver's licenses/state IDs, I say the whole argument is BS.

Stop Funding Leftist Propaganda - Boycott GE & Disney

#21 An MSNBC anchor, a race-baiting hack, & a DNC spokesman...

...interviewing two of his fellow race-baiting hacks/DNC spokespeople.

Progressives seem to be completely averse to facts and logic. Apparently, reality has a conservative bias.

#22 A few years back, I moved

A few years back, I moved from California to South Carolina. I had to show a couple different forms of photo ID when I got my SC driver's license (CA driver's license and US passport). Amazingly, I am still alive.

#23 What degrading assumptions

What degrading assumptions liberals make about minorities. Things like affirmative action which in essence says minorities are too feeble-minded and incompetent to succeed or even compete without the government's help. Now the racist liberals are suggesting that black people haven't the wherewithal to obtain a photo ID. Much too complicated a process for minorities to negotiate.

Herman Cain has it right. Liberals have been successful in brainwashing people to think they are persecuted and helpless, and they might as well just surrender to their fate. Their only hope is to have the government take care of them. It makes no difference to liberals that they have condemned generation upon generation to failure and second-class citizenry. Its the power, the votes that count.

Wake up!! You are being used. Liberals are peeing on your leg and telling you that it is raining.

#24 for a drivers license:

You get fingerprinted for a driver's license in NY.
How hard can it be to have a free voter ID card?

#25 It's not.......

But this yearly argument about oppression and disenfranchisement and racism couldn't happen. Lliberals do not want this issue solved.

#26 MSNBC doesn't think that

MSNBC doesn't think that southern blacks can have their own opinion, vote for who they want.


#27 Got news for ya,

the ONLY votes it would 'disenfranchise' would be illegal Democrat votes. I'm sure the dems would find a way to sneak some in, but hopefully only a few.

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