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Obamas Take Two Planes to Martha's Vineyard, Needlessly Wasting Many Thousands in Tax Money

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Keith Koffler of White House Dossier this morning noted that the Obamas could have saved taxpayers some money by taking one jet instead of two to fly up to Martha's Vineyard for vacation:

Mrs. Obama and her daughters arrived just before 2 pm Thursday on a U.S. government jet, according to the Martha’s Vineyard Times, which got its information from the local airport. The first lady’s office has been silent on her travel. President Obama arrived in the evening along with the family dog Bo.

The extra costs related to Mrs. Obama’s solo trip mainly include the flight on a specially designed military aircraft she took instead of Air Force One, as well as any extra staff and Secret Service that had to be enlisted to go with her. She would also have had her own motorcade from the airport to her vacation residence.


This is not the first time Michelle has gone on vacation ahead of the president on the taxpayers’ tab. Last December, she racked up what was likely more than $100,000 in expenses leaving early for their Hawaii vacation.

Thus far it appears the mainstream media have not criticized the extra costs of flying two jets, running two motorcades, etc.


#1 The Wons are not like us

And certainly, Michelle deserves and extra two hours on the Vineyard. She works so hard you know. That pre-vacay vacay thing out to see her brother last week was exhausting. What is a girl to do?

And well....why the media black-out (oops, is that racist?) on any pics of her arrival? Inquiring minds want to know. Because rumor has it that there was junk removal involved.

#2 Obama also coptered over to MV.

PLUS a C-17 Globemaster(!!!) to bring in "the equipment required for President Obama's vacation"???

I will never bitch at my wife again for not packing light.

#3 "the equipment required for

  • "the equipment required for President Obama's vacation"

Golf clubs

Bo's dog dish

Barry's sippy cup

Moochelle's hoveround


#4 Another instance of....

"It's their world, and we're just passing through it".

#5 Hey, Michelle is Queen. She deserves her own plane.

So relieved to hear Bo still exists.

Let them eat cake.

#6 Let THEM eat Bo....

Sorry, couldn't resist...."Dog does make a fine meal"....Mel Gibson....

#7 Leave Bo Alone!

He's just an innocent in this whole thing....I'm sure he'll be just like the Clinton's cat....left behind with the secretary to deal with, once The Won's leave office.

#8 The NOVI rich hard at work-

These two thieves before the White House, did they travel like this?
If i recall BHO did not have a credit card to rent a car before the Illinois election.
where did these two steal the money?
couple of books they did not write, put them "over the Top"
Private Planes-Travel-meals-entertainment-Royalty???
Once they leave the White House we insist an audit be preformed and the DNC pay back what they have stolen.

Fast & Furious along with Solyndra are example of who BHO is BHO Policies have caused Failed Economy- Liberals = Wealth Re-distribution




#9 Bus Tour

Why didn't he just take the bus? I mean, really, he (well, we, actually) spent well over a million dollars for the darn thing. Might as well get good use out of it.

The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. The US Constitution

Unless you're a fetus. The US Supreme Court

Or Anwar al-Awlaki.

#10 If I were in the Secret Service,

and on the White House detail, I would definitely ask to be transferred to Fargo, ND, to chase counterfeiters.

As for the two jets, easy to figure out, AF1 would have been over max gross take off weight if the FLOTUS were on board. 

"the equipment required for President Obama's vacation"???  Yeah, gotta have that C-17 to fly in the mommy bicycle for BHO.  Not to mention the case of Thighmasters for FLOTUS.

To re-elect Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.

#11 Your Wrong

Ms. O saw his last poll ratings and wanted to create some distance.

Are your ears still ringing? I won't sign anything that doesn't include taxes?

Call my bluff!


#12 Didn't think of that, Desert,

you're probably right. She doesn't want to be seen with a loser.

To re-elect Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.

#13 Why stop at just two planes?

I'm surprised that they didn't send a third plane just to carry Bo. After all, he deserves it - being the First Dog and all...

Let's make the 2012 campaign: "The War on Error"

#14 The two ghetto welfare

The two ghetto welfare scammers belive that this is an entitlement. It also should just how concerned he is about saving monney.


Non, je ne regrette rien. "You aren't angry because I might be a racist, you're angry because you know I'm right".

#15 Here's a theory

Maybe FLOTUS didn't take the same transportation to Martha's Vineyard as the president for the same reason that not all of the cabinet members sit in on a State of the Union address. If something were to happen, FLOTUS would take over as Empress under the Marxist line of succession rules and serve out the rest of his term, as well as all of the subsequent terms.

#16 Cut out all the

Cut out all the negativity...King Obama can do whatever he wants !


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