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ABC's Barbara Walters to Michelle Obama: 'Will Racism be a Part of This Campaign?'

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Appearing on Tuesday’s edition of The View, First Lady Michelle Obama was greeted with a liberal talking point from program host Barbara Walters.  The first lady, who was on the program promoting her new book on healthy eating, was immediately asked by Walters about the impact of being the first black first family in the White House will have on the upcoming election.

Walters decided that injecting race into the conversation up front is best, as this has become a typical liberal talking point of late.  She asked Mrs. Obama, “Do you think, in this campaign, which is getting fairly ugly, that racism is still going to be a part of it?”  [Video follows page break;  MP3 audio here.]

For her part, the first lady gave a diplomatic answer and didn’t fall into the liberal game Walters was trying to play.  Walters then went on to ask Mrs. Obama the question again after she failed to give an appropriate answer.

Walters, like others in the liberal media have consistently tried to weave a narrative of electoral racism as a convenient excuse for opposition to President Obama's reelection, using this tactic to minimize the serious criticisms millions of Americans have with President Obama on his political ideology, his policies, and his performance as president.

The View
May 29, 2012
11:20 a.m. EDT

BARBARA WALTERS: You are also in a special position, and we've talked about this before because your husband is our first black president. You are our first black first lady. Do you think, in this campaign, which is getting fairly ugly, that racism is still going to be a part of it?

MICHELLE OBAMA:  Yeah. I think people -- you know, want to know that we live in a country where there's fairness and equity, where people have a fair shot. You know, where kids like myself who grew up with parents that didn't go to college. Didn't have all the opportunities. Went to public schools that we all have an opportunity to succeed. And I think people are focused on that. For me, I know that I'm focused on the world that I want to leave for my kids.

WALTERS: But do you think that racism is going to play a part in this campaign?

OBAMA: You know, racism is still an issue in this country. But I'll tell you right now, Barack Obama is President of the United States. And he's done a phenomenal job.  And this country -- this country put him in office.

JOY BEHAR: And they will again.

OBAMA: Exactly. Absolutely.


#1 African-Americans for … ?

HINT: it ain't Romney.

#2 You just defined...

"HINT: it ain't Romney" You just defined true racism!

"Old Soldiers never die, they just fade away"!

#3 BaaBaa WaaWaa Kisses Mooosechelle's Huge Ass

Dear Moosey,

I do loathe you.

But not because you're black.

Because you are an arrogant sow who thinks everybody cares what you think.  Comical.

You're worried about fat kids, while your dimwitted hubby hands out 40% more food stamps than anyone in history.

If you're so worried, why don't you and Barry Blunder make it illegal to buy junk food on your precious Ghetto Crack Stamps?

The Obamination... A crisis leading to a catastrophe..(please donate to MRC)

#4 About color...

I do not stand opposed to the Obamas because of the color of their skin.

I stand opposed to the Obamas because of the color of their politics. RED.

#5 Ba Ba Wa Wa...

....whips out that wascally wace card.....weally!!!

#6 Obvious

The obvious answer to 'Will Racism be a Part of This Campaign?' is, "Only if race baiting bigots like yourself, Barbara, keep flogging that mindless narrative."

#7 locomotivebreath1901

But if BIGOTED jerks, like barbara, aren't allowed to lie, they won't have anything to say.

#8 Moochelle reply was "why of

Moochelle reply was "why of course Barbara, we will be playing the race card as oftem as possible" and no doubt you will provide the cover and distraction like the rest of the propaganda media because like them you have no credibility either.
Yous need to eat more veggies, or the food police will stop by and have a talk with you.

#9 Mrs Obama, if Romney wins the

Mrs Obama, if Romney wins the election will you still be proud of your country?

#10 if Romney wins

Who cares? The rest of us can regain our pride!

#11 Let me get this straight....

Racism is still an issue in this country.

But the people elected a black president.

But racism is still an issue.


#12 I know. You'd think this be

I know. You'd think this be simple logic, right? But, no,...liberals....either twisting themselves into pretzels or prancing off into fairytale land....I'm SOOOO done with 'em.

#13 Also mother....

...95% of black voters approve of Baracko's skin color...

...those who voted for Baracko last time around but realize that they made a mistake have become racist, haters in the last 3.5 years...

#14 No....not at all.....

No, not at all, not when I see headlines like this:

Holder to brief black pastors on campaign 2012

Of course, I'm being sar-caasssss-TICK.

Hell, yes, racism will be part of it, hell, it's been about racism since Jan 20, 2009.


#15 Dang!

Dang! Michelle O is a big Ole woman. I never understood why some call her Moochelle until I seen this pic of her setting next to the other two women. I could saddle her up and ride her around my yard a couple of times. I bet she is a husband beater.

#16 Yeah, but don't stand too close in case she rears her...

...razor-like jaw-bone face and slices you in two.

#17 The better

question is, remember when rascism WASN'T part of the election cycle? That's all they've got at this point. And those of us race weary find it laughable that they keep breathlessly bringing it up like it's a new topic worthy of discussion.

#18 With

all the failures, what else is there to run on.

#19 Will racism be a part of the campaign?

Only if the media keep it alive. Who thinks that will happen? Raise your hands.

Okay, I see Chris the Mambo Mouth, Larry Odd'onnel, Ed Washerman Schultz, Ron-Rachel Madcow, Jeananne GAROFALO*, Randi "Face-walk" Rhodes, Solenoid O'Brien, all the other pretty faces at the cabal news networks, and Lauer, Diane "Romper Room " Sawyer, Harry the Oleagenous Smith, and Algorithm the Media Massager.

I guess that's a majority. I got the answer I want. I"m not going to count any more.

*GAROFALO = Go ahead, roll on floor and lick Olbermann.

#20 ...this campaign, which is

...this campaign, which is getting fairly ugly...

Typical libtard cognitive dissonance. It's only ugly because they've been bashing Romney relentlessly.

I left my filter in Afghanistan.

#21 In short, Ms. Wawa, yes.

In short, Ms. Wawa, yes. Racism WILL be part of the campaign. Because the Obamas and the Democrats will MAKE it part of the campaign. Because they can't help themselves. If Democrats are opposed in any way - it's racism. If the wind changes direction - it's racism. That time Obama used up a whole roll of toilet paper in one day - that was racism too.

The sad truth is, liberals, leftists and Democrats from top to bottom live on racism. They see the racism boogerman everywhere. In politics, in media, in movies, in tortilla chips and clouds - because they WANT to. Racism is the liberal left's all-purpose Rorsharch blot. No matter what they look at, they see racism in it.

And frankly - it's worked for them in the past. So they're surely thinking, 'Why not use it now?' Whenever they start losing an argument, they start screaming 'racism!', then they run and hide in a closet until the fireworks die down. Bingo - argument won.

So racism will most definitely be part of the campaign, Ms. Wawa. Because you liberals just can't stop yourselves from using it.

If a Liberal/Democrat politician/media figure wants to put their arms around you, or pat you on the back, all they're doing is looking for a good place to stick a knife.

#22 Barbara Walters: 'Will Racism

Barbara Walters: 'Will Racism be a Part of This Campaign?

First Lady Michelle Obama: "It definitely will if Barack and I have anything to do with it."

#23 ➚ Michelle's reply

Barbara, I know you wrote a tell-all book in which you bragged about having an affair with a black congressman. Don't be sidling up to me like I don't know you've got a fever.

#24 Cool Arrow.....♥♥ COOL! ♥♥


#25 Too bad Walters ignored

Too bad Walters ignored obama's playing the race card by saying the election will be close because he has a "funny sounding" name.

#26 The answer is

The answer is yes. Obama will bring up race at every opportunity when speaking to the black community and liberal New Yorkers.

#27 OK, forget about

OK, forget about Moooooooooochelle's stupid book - I've forgotten more about diet and health than she's ever learned - she's just a poser who doesn't practice what she preaches. And forget about the 'racism' for just a minute, if possible, because we ALL know - and that includes Mooooooooooochie too, who's quite an uppity racist herself. But what about her statement that she's 'focused on the world that she wants to leave for her kids'................

I think her kids are doing pretty well, and they probably won't have to do a damn thing in their lives, as far as having to get a real job and be a part of the real world. And Moooooooooochelle is making sure that they get as much as they can while she's being the modern version of Marie Antionette/Imelda Marcos.. And I'll bet Minnie the Moooooche's 'focus' on herself and her kids is a helluva lot more important to her than Boy Baraka's 'focus' has been on jobs and the economy............

#28 THIS is why Obama will lose!

Of course racism (of all kinds) exists in this country - and in every country. However, I believe that MOST Americans are not racist, in that they judge people as individuals on the basis of their merits. Period. Because of this, they are weary of the constant chatter about racism and Obama at every turn - and if that's going to continue as long as "The First Black President" is in office, then they're going to vote him out.

#29 grr

all i hear when i hear racism is noise. bs i call. this assclown in chief has ruined america, i dont care if he was white, which he half is, gtfo. as for moochelle, just go away, you are less qualified than my morning poop to form complete coherent arguments, and your ugly.


"Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought?" Orwell, 1984  

Ceteris paribus

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