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Eric Bolling to Ed Schultz: Let Me Refresh Your Memory, We Chatted for 15 Minutes

Perhaps this will make things a bit clearer for Ed Schultz.

On his radio show Wednesday, Schultz lashed out at Fox commentator Eric Bolling for saying on "The Five" earlier this week that he had bumped into Schultz at a Manhattan steakhouse, bought him a drink and a chintzy Schultz did not reciprocate (audio) --

SCHULTZ: I want to say, can we play cut 13 to start this thing out? Let's just play cut 13. This is off Fox News yesterday, here it is.

BOLLING: I went over to Del Frisco's over there and I met Ed Schultz by accident, bumped into him, and I bought him a scotch. You know, you'd think, being a successful TV guy, you'd think he'd buy a drink back. Greg (Gutfeld), never once offered to buy a drink back.

SCHULTZ (emphatic): That -- never -- happened.  I don't know Eric Bolling. I have never bumped into him before, to my knowledge. No one has ever bought me scotch and anybody that knows me knows I don't drink that garbage. Look, Eric, if you ever do run into me and if you do get my attention, uh, because I don't drink with conservatives, nor would I buy a conservative a drink! I don't, I have no reason to, my God, you people have had all the tax breaks, now you want me to buy you booze?! It ain't gonna happen!

A few minutes later, after talking about exchanging pleasantries at the White House Christmas party with Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, Schultz maligned Bolling as a liar --

Now this is not very pleasant, Eric Bolling, for you to tell an absolute lie on the air. I, I, I don't remember ever meeting you. I don't remember anyone ever ordering me a scotch at Del Frisco's. And I want to hear this audio again (whereupon Schultz replayed Bollings comments)

Later that night on "The Ed Show," Schultz revisited Bolling's criticism of him. By then, Schultz had toned down his response considerably, as described by Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer. On his radio show, Schultz was "adamant the encounter never took place," Maloney writes, "but then seemed to leave plenty of wiggle room on MSNBC. Schultz had this to say on "The Ed Show" --

Sorry, dude, I didn't realize you were looking for a handout. But for the record, now for the record, first of all, I don't drink with Republicans. But I do not remember meeting Eric Bolling ever!  Yes, I do go to Del Frisco's, it's a nice restaurant, I love going over there. And I do enjoy Crown Royal and a diet Coke. And, the people who know me, c'mon, they know that I'm pretty good at picking up the tab. Heck, it's the holiday season, so let's not call it "Psycho Talk" tonight (referring to that specific "Ed Show" segment). But, just do me a favor, Eric. If you do see me out any time, just identify yourself and if it really bothers you, I'll give you a handout and I'll buy you a cool one.

Operative phrase from Schultz -- "I don't remember."  Unfortunately for Schultz, Bolling does.

Contacted today by NewsBusters, Bolling said the encounter at Del Frisco's took place last summer, early in the evening, and that after he saw Schultz and recognized him, he asked the bartender to send Schultz a drink.

"He came over to thank me and we talked for about 15 minutes," Bolling said, about, among other things, Dylan Ratigan, Bolling's former CNBC colleague who now works at MSNBC with Schultz.

"There's no way he cannot remember this," Bolling said. "Unless he was drunk. Maybe he got a few more drinks from other conservatives at the bar."

For the record, Bolling said he did not order scotch for Schultz, but asked the bartender to send over what Schultz was drinking. Bolling's reference to scotch on "The Five" was to a generic cocktail, not a specific drink.

Maloney has his own theory about Schultz's memory lapse. "If there had been a fistfight," Maloney writes, alluding to Schultz's involvement in a barroom altercation in 2007, "it might be easier to recall."

Consider me among those relieved that Schultz works in media and not heavy machinery.


#1 Special Ed does tend forget a lot

Like when he told Democrats not to vote for Dems in the 2010 election in order to send the DP a message. He denied ever doing it, and when the tape and transcript were produced, he insisted that his words didn't mean what the average listening would assume they meant.

He also forgot that the Wisconsin trade union occupation of the state capitol in Madison didn't inspire Arab Spring, coming after the revolt in Tunisia -- which was the actual triggering event.  Arabs couldn't give a damn about Wisconsin.

So, maybe he did forget.  Like he forgot that he drinks scotch.

I can only imagine that Schultz's fans are downright scary people.

#2 Well, Gal as I said at that

Well, Gal as I said at that time, in Clintonian fashion Ed denied ever saying "Don't vote" and he didn't. He said they should send a message by saying we're not gonna vote!


and in this instance, it's probably true that Bolling din't buy him a Scotch..(getting the drink wrong is a hanging offense, I guess!). As for Ed's claim that "I don't drink with Republicans" he probably left his drink on the bar when he went to talk to Bolling.


Ed's such a jerk he brags that he won't drink with Republicans or conservatives.  Now there's an open mind for you!

Why should he?  It's not like he would ever want one to go on his show!

#3 "Ed's such a jerk he brags

"Ed's such a jerk he brags that he won't drink with Republicans or conservatives."

Another shining example of the "tolerant liberal mindset"

#4 such a coward he..

Can't bring opposing views on his show, calls conservative Laura Ingram a "slut"... his bar brawl?...

"Nagle said he talked to Hotel Shoreham owner Rick Lynch as he and his fiancee were on their way out, but then decided to stay. Shultz said he and his wife chose to leave the bar following the incident."

Ed left, after, the manager probably offered Nagle and Fiancee drinks and apologized for that drunken
fat slob Schultz.. because the one who starts the crap, never hangs around to catch grief from the patrons when they see what a dirtbag he is. The innocent party always stays, the drunken slob gets shown the door.

That Schultz openly screams the names he does, hurls the vilest insults not over process, or facts, but personal, nasty things like we're evil, crazy,... etc. etc. etc.....

That MSNBC still employs this pimp, says volumes about the way liberals wallow in the hatred they spew on their opponents. I can bet you, that after listening to his show, the upper level MSNBC managers had a hearty laugh, added a few smears of their own,... and just forgot it.

Not like they were talking about humans or something...

That's how low some of the left has sunk.

"Evil is powerless, if, the good are unafraid" ~ President Ronald Reagan

#5 "jerk" - noun---

a stupid, foolish, or unconventional person.

Synonym - see "Wookie"


"The credibility of the story is undermined by the selection of sources." - (h/t Jer)

#6 Or to paraphrase Groucho Marx…

What are you going to believe? Me or your lying ears?

- Looking forward to the self-annihilation of the Manipulated Stories Machine.

#7 Scotch is a horrible drink

Scotch is a horrible drink and an acquired taste much like smoking.

Nuke em til they glow; then shoot em in the dark

#8 . . . And much like Ed Schultz, too

I wonder what Matthews, Maddow, and L. O'Donnell privately say about this bluster ball. His fans must be really unusual.

#9 It's never IF Special Ed is gonna step in it

It's when and how badly. What an unmitigated tool.

#10 I didn't think the "L" on Sloppy Fat Ed's forehead...

...could get any larger but, "Crown Royal and diet Coke"? I have the same visceral reaction to hearing somebody order a drink like that as I have when I see an "Obama/Biden" bumper sticker.

#11 My thought exactly, PJ!

What a drinker.  Must have picked up his "taste" in high school.

It's time to reopen the bar brawl offer for Special Ed and his MSNBC buddies, now that I read he actually got into a bar brawl once.

Deal is still the same.  Ed gets his buddies, and I get get my bunch of old, retired, tired, over-the-hill gang of vets and other assorted "senior" cotizens who love Happy Hour, and we have a very friendly bar fight to see who buys.  This is NOT a threat.  That wouldn't be nice.  We will have a friendly brawl, and the losers pay.

Ed can bring anybody on the MSNBC on-air crowd, EXCEPT Maddow.  She still scares the hell out of us and we do not want to have to deal with that LuGButT.

I'll bet we can get Greg Gutfeld to referee it, if that's allowed in bar brawls.  I guess if you're an MSNBC pansy, it would be.

I'll bet Eric would want to join in, too.

Comrade Bubba

#12 Oh yeah... I'm there.

Oh yeah, I'm there...

The only problem is those libtards would stiff hell out of us, and you know it. So, the only way this will work is if one of 'em is man enough to pay up.

That being said, I'm afraid you're going to have to include Maddow.

#13 Here's the biggest laugh . . . .

I happen to know for a certainty that Crown Royal is preferred overwhelmingly by people who tend to be conservative - live down south and in the midwest. As a result it has never been a popular drink in liberal states like California or New York.

Someone should tell Fat Ed and then see if he chooses to chug another Crown and Coke.

#14 No offense Gat but...

Crown Royal is Canadian. Why do you hate America? = )

#15 Folks at NASCAR and rodeos

Folks at NASCAR and rodeos don't seem to care much about that. All they care about is their "Crown" and that it ain't that whoosie vodka stuff.

#16 The difference is Gat

Is libtards like to ruin it with Coke.

Seek Truth, Defend Liberty

#17 worse yet . . . Diet Coke

worse yet . . . Diet Coke

#18 I was going to mention that:

It would take a lib to ruin good whiskey with (ugh) coke. Diet or otherwise.

#19 Good morning fish

Libs don't care about committing a mortal sin.

Have a ablessed Christmas and year.


Jesus Loves You so much He died for you

#20 Damn

Looks like Ed shit his pants again

#21 Ed

is not used to Scotch or any "quality" booze. He prefers Thunderbird Wine which costs about 2 bucks a bottle. He is brain dead and loosing his memory by his non-stop boozing and bar room fights. Why would anybody waste money buying this a$$ a drink?? Buy him a muzzle for that fat ugly mug instead

#22 "There's no way he cannot remember this," Bolling said.

"Unless he was drunk." That, of course, says it all.

Just another example of the fact that Ed never took Dean Wormer's advice.

#23 "Fat, drunk and stupid is no

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son"

And a more accurate description of Special Ed I have yet to find.... :)

#24 Ed is a Liar and a drunk who does not-

Great. here is a guy who can not remember and is passing off his words as Gospel.
So much for Ed's integrity.
Bye Ed-back to rehab for you(there goes the cost of my Health Care plan)

Fast & Furious along with Solyndra are example of who BHO is BHO Policies have caused Failed Economy- Liberals = Wealth Re-distribution




#25 It doesn't look like he's

It doesn't look like he's been drinking diet anything.

"I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered."  -George Best

#26 Not a big fan of Shultz

..........however if you buy somebody a drink, a drink in return would be nice but you should not expect one

#27 Ed "Wrong Way" Schultz at it again

To quote Jack Nicholson from The Shining, "I'm the kind of man who likes to know who's buying their Drinks, Lloyd."

"Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets". - Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver (1976).

#28 Little Man Eddie

Lying, humorless, hate-mongering, classless, soulless, vile, unstable, unlikable, easily angered, dim-witted, hypocritical, uninformed, and without a smidgen of integrity......Those are Little Eddie's good points....

Its not paranoia if they're really out to get you...

#29 Typical of Marxism

Schultz spews more typical Marxist Ideology BS. When the Marxist Ideology fails, as it always does; come on people, Marxism has never ever worked...never ever. So what do the Marxists have left to defend their idiotic Ideology but to blame others for Marxism's failures.

aposematic in VA

#30 Inside Ed Schultz

Let's cut Big Ed a break. Inside his loud drunken exterior is a loud drunken interior.

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