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Hard-News NYTimes Again Hails Michelle Obama, "Stylish, Risk-Taking" Fashion "Trendsetter"

The front of the New York Times Sunday Styles section was dominated by a towering photo of First Lady Michelle Obama regally presiding adjacent a hagiography by Bee-Shyuan Chang, “Wooing the First Dresser – American fashion’s most influential customer may the one far from any show this week.”

The supposedly hard-news Times has long fawned over Michelle Obama the fashion plate, who “has become a powerful trendsetter in fashion,” and her high-end, high-cost dresses, while forgoing the usual liberal sniffing about such conspicuous consumption during a recession. Fashion writer Eric Wilson on April 15, 2010 called her “the First Lady of Fashion,” and Guy Trebay called her “U.S. Fashion's One-Woman Bailout" in a January 8, 2009 story.

Bee-Shuyan Chang talked to a cavalcade of designers equally eager to suck up to the "stylish, risk-taking first lady."

The designers Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs, known professionally as Cushnie et Ochs, have been critical darlings ever since starting their business in 2009, just a few years out of college. They have been prominently featured in WWD and Vogue, have won prestigious honors, like the Ecco Domani Foundation Award, and were one of 10 finalists for last year’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award.

But even with that acclaim, they were still having trouble getting some prominent retailers to buy their clothes or even grant them a showing.

Then Michelle Obama was photographed in one of their designs: a forest-green crepe dress for the “Christmas in Washington” television special in December.

Suddenly, their phone calls were being returned. “Stores that thought we were too risqué before have booked market appointments after seeing Michelle Obama in our dress,” Ms. Cushnie, 28, said in a recent phone interview. After a quick tally, she later e-mailed, “We booked approximately 25 additional appointments for the upcoming fall collection, including Harvey Nichols Hong Kong.”

For many promising young designers showing at New York Fashion Week, their most important potential client won’t be in the front rows at Lincoln Center, but perhaps at home in the White House. There is arguably no more powerful influence in American fashion today than the country’s stylish, risk-taking first lady.


[Designer Alexis] Bittar said he was struck quite recently by how the first lady has become a powerful trendsetter in fashion. “I was looking at the M.L.K. picture of her the other night with my boyfriend,” he said, referring to Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe over the Martin Luther King Birthday weekend, which included a body-skimming black dress with portrait neckline one night and a scarlet J. Mendel organza gown the next. “I said to him: ‘Can you believe this is the first lady? She looks incredible.’”


#1 So, this is an example of media bias?

What's the story here? That the First Lady wears fashionable clothes and the fashion reporters oogle over it like they do most celebrities?

#2 Did you ever see a positive story

About Laura Bush prior to Bush's re-election? McCain's wife dresses beautifully, but before the 2008 election all I heard about her was "heiress" and "second wife". Now we see the Obama name with a positive (gushing) message.

This will have a positive influence on his campaign and it's not accidental.

Proud member of the 53%!

#3 Maybe then

You have some side by side photos comparing the fashions of Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. I'd call it a secret stash because all I can find are photos of Mrs. Bush wearing pantsuits.

#4 Here you go, Frank Wah

Scoot on over to MOTUS if you want to see Moochelle in pants. Lots, and lots of TIGHT pants, with a Boob Belt, sporting the dreaded camel toe.  With her arms up in the air, pits showing, doing all sorts of undignified things.

As for your Laura comment, you're not looking very hard, Deddy.

#5 Perspective

Perhaps I don't understand but I thought people set fashion when they were imitated. People like Audrey Hepburn, Jacky-O, Julia Roberts, Sarah Palin, etc...

I haven't heard of the rush to imitate her royal vacationer quite yet but I'm way out of the loop on these things.

. . Socialist = Modern Liberal = Parasitoid

#6 Exactly, Agnostic

Page down to the very bottom of this article about the Duchess of Cambridge.  Everything she wears sells out within minutes of the first published photos.  Kate likes off-the-rack, for most of her outfits, so they fly out of stores.

#7 Blonde,

Perhaps it has to do with a word I saw a few of the comments - 'genuine'. I don't think you will ever hear that word used for Madame Obama other than by the media.

. . Socialist = Modern Liberal = Parasitoid

#8 Agnostic...."Genuine"

She's as genuine as her husband, who is as faux as they come.

#9 You're confused

Pantsuits are the purview of HRC, and you missed my point.

Proud member of the 53%!

#10 One thing I've learned in my life as a guy . . .

. . . is that there appears to be no correlation between dressing beautifully and fashion. I'm not much of an expert on the former, and judging by what I've witnessed of the latter, I haven't a clue what makes something fashionable.

I imagine that the fashion focus on the First Lady has more to do with what fashion editors want to see women wear than anything else. She wears designer clothes and brand names that they like.

#11 ⇒ It's not just that

Her designers need to ask themselves a different question, "Does her butt make my clothes look big"?

#12 She only wears one designer

Omar the Tentmaker. (yes, I know it was racist and sexist, but at least I didn't throw in a homophobic comment)

President Obama is a Muslim (from his own lips), Kenyan (read it from his publicist) a homosexual (read it on a news magazine cover) and a Socialist (I'm alive and can see it for myself)

#13 Galvanic, if you want to see fashionable images of France's first lady, Carla Bruni. Or the Duchess of Cambridge.

Michelle Obama and fashionable is an oxymoron.

#14 I'm no judge on fashion, Blonde

I don't know what's in or what's out. For instance, I saw the strange "forehead" hats sported by the Prince Andrew's daughters at the wedding of their cousin, and couldn't imagine why anyone would find them fashionable.

And the stuff that walks down fashion show runways -- fahgettaboudit. :-)

#15 What's fashionable

Funny, I was just reading an article at the UK Daily Mail about Jackie Kennedy redecorating the White House. They had a picture of her, in a red Dior suit, on the day she did the televised tour. It was classic. I'd wear it today. That's fashion. Chasing fashion "trends" is for the insecure. Great shoes, classic lines, well made and tailored, for day wear, is never out. Some of my suits are 20 years old, and I still get compliments on them. (see well made, tailored, LOL).

Evening wear is the place to go's fun to see, but seriously, I haven't been to a formal event in twenty five years.

#16 The fashion industry is first and foremost about $$$

I suppose that with all the attention the wife of Barack Obama gets, fashion designers pray that they can get her to wear their line in order to boost sales. In a sense, she becomes their highly visible fashion model without the big salary, like getting an athlete to wear your shoe.

Like most guys, I've always found the whole business extremely self-absorbed and limited to a small number of women who can afford the stuff.

#17 About the only line Moochelle has shown

is the 8 inch wide, as Blonde calls them, boob belt, and the odd $500 pair of sneakers she wears to soup kitchens.

To re-elect Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.

#18 Sunday Styles is not hard news

The Style section of the NYT is hard news? LOL. The first lady looks great . Just admit that you are jealous, and give up your vendetta.

#19 Just admit that you're a

Just admit that you're a troll and bring absolutely no intelligent conversation, whatsoever, to the table. Deal?

#20 Who would be jealous of Bertha Butt?

Moochelle is the trend setter for the Plus Size. The Left should give up on its campaign to make Moochelle the reincarnation of Jackie Kennedy. Sorry but Moochelle is no Jackie Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy had grace, Moochelle has a waist. Who knew that caviar had so many calories?

#21 Yes melveen or melvinger.

Mr. Waters was claiming the NYT prints its hardest of hard news on the Style section. How did you know?. Lolly, get your adverbs here. Admit you are just punching in the stupid to fill your timecard.

#22 Whoa

I guess this crowd prefers the sweater vest over fashion trends.

#23 ⇒ Frank Whaah

Over the "Moms Mably" look. Yeah!

Maybe you think totesack chic is avante garde and haute coutoure, and a bunch of other French words, but I challenge you to identify anyone here at NB who has creamed their jeans over a sweater vest.

Don't worry, we know you're making stuff up just to see if anybody reads your nonsense.

#24 Fashion trends??

"the emperor wears no clothes"crowd goes gaga over anything Mooch wears, after all, she's soooooo coooooool.

#25 Or the clothes have no

Or the clothes have no emperor?

"This is not your mother's Democratic Party"--Andrew Breitbart, CPAC, February 2012

#26 Sure

That too

#27 Yes we do.

Kind of like Moochelle prefers clown costumes over fashion trends.

President Obama is a Muslim (from his own lips), Kenyan (read it from his publicist) a homosexual (read it on a news magazine cover) and a Socialist (I'm alive and can see it for myself)

#28 Come on, people.

We need to cut Junior some slack here. After all, he is a liberal, and we have all seen the Women of the Left.

Compare them to just the Fox News babes, and it is abundantly clear that only uglo-Americans are lefties.  The hot ones are all conservative.

... and, no,trools.  Looks cannot be "redistributed." You are stuck with the pigs, and there is little help for them short of Obamacare furnishing totally free plastic makeovers for the herd, and judging from Nancy Pelosi, I ain't sure that will help..

Comrade Bubba

#29 Moochie, "who 'has become a powerful trendsetter in fashion'"

Yeah. Here are some of the people who follow Moochie's Clydesdale Chic fashion trends.  In fact, I think that is actually a picture of old Mooch in the red fur boots a few down from the top.

If Moochie keeps showing up at Wal Mart, she is going to lose her discount from Target.

Come on, Blonde. Time for your expert fashion commentary to set the record straight.

Comrade Bubba

#30 Let's just hope there is

Let's just hope there is never a sale on Army pup tents. Might just show up in the White House wardrobe list.

"This is not your mother's Democratic Party"--Andrew Breitbart, CPAC, February 2012

#31 Sorry, Bubba....late this morning

Plus there's this troll mess all over this thread I'm attempting to clean up.

#32 Mouchelle = Chicago Bears Linebacker

Mouchelle has a career waiting in the Chicago Bears defensive backfield.

#33 The Fridge, redux?


To re-elect Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.

#34 "Daring" and "trend setting"?

So was Cindy Lauper. Think about that for a while. :-&

#35 As well as(been saving this one)

Bella Abzug

#36 DOH!




#38 mooshel

What all you people who have commented don't realize is that we had a major crisis - one of mooshel's running lights went out. Sure, it may sound small to you, but when you are as wide as this woman is, it is a major crisis. Just think of all the tunnels she may not be able to go into, maybe she couldn't get thru the door of Air Force One and have to be taken on all of her well earned vacations in cargo.

#39 very funny and i agree with you

But I can't decide which is uglier, her or her clothes.


And Barry O's fashion sense isn't worth writing home about, either.

Have you seen the vacation photos?

#41 I don't know if this is true

But I heard she "beeps" when she backs up.

#42 Obama Chastises First Lady Over Her Unsightly Panty Lines!

When I saw the photo I understood the President's wrath. Yowsa!

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