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Bozell Column: Good Christian Women Should Boo

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Today's installment of the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization comes from Hollywood – as if that’s a surprise. Tinseltown is demeaning Christianity again – as if that’s a surprise, too. But this time, it’s not some gutter-mouthed punk. This time it’s a network doing it, formally. ABC has approved a pilot with the title “Good Christian Bitches.”

Is this what Christian women – especially the good ones -- deserve? The first credit for this decision to offer offensive titles actually goes to CBS, which began this stupid trend with its awful sitcom “$#8! My Dad Says.” Now one of Discovery's cable channels has a show titled “Who the [Bleep] Did I Marry?” It chronicles women who have married vicious criminals.

But Disney-owned ABC (oh, the irony) has not one, but two B-word pilots in its outhouse of a production department. They're also considering a show titled “Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23.”

Mickey Mouse should have his hands over his ears.

This titling trend matches Tinseltown's concerted effort to add profanity “seasoning” to spice nearly every script on network TV shows. On prime time broadcast TV, use of the B-word alone increased from 431 instances in 1998 to 1,277 in 2007.

If this show wasn’t marketed directly at a female audience, the same ones who watch those witch-versus-witch reality shows like the “Real Housewives” shows on Bravo, the B-word would sound more sexist and demeaning. So it’s okay to say it because it’s become a word women can call each other. Now, if it’s used by an angry male, it’s a hanging crime. We’re talking about something verging on domestic violence.

Might ABC bow to any sense of decency and change the titles before it picks these shows up for the fall? Fagetaboutit. “GCB” is based on a novel by Kim Gatlin, who unsurprisingly stole her own concept from ABC. A divorced mother of two returns to her hometown in the Dallas suburbs, and as Gatlin describes it, “In an 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents,' 'Desperate Housewives'-on-steroids style, her old friends are already out to destroy her reputation.”

So that makes them good Christian bitches.

If this were a CBS pilot, they could just call it “Desperate Housewives: Dallas.” (That seems to work for “CSI” and “NCIS.”) Gatlin claims the title isn't mocking God, that it just refers to people who fall more than a little short of good Christian behavior. But she is so fond of the scandalous sound of her sleazy title that her website (using those same words) sells a pile of merchandise with the initials “GCB” and a cross on it, from shirts, caps, and tote bags all the way down to overpriced “party packs” of peppermint gum and styrofoam cups.

Playing on religion – and these churchgoing female hypocrites – is all part of the sale. Gatlin also promotes the book this way: “In the whirling midst of salacious gossip, Botox, and fraud, Amanda turns to those who love her and the faith she’s always known. Will the [GCBs] get the best of her, or will everyone see that these GCBs are as counterfeit as their travel jewelry?” Then, in big bold letters, Gatlin's slogan says it all: “For Heaven’s sake, don’t let God get in the way of a good story!”

No one should doubt that it's this author and the “Desperate” TV network which win the gold medal for abusing a religion.

ABC feels free to pick on Christianity – after all, what faith would your fictional churchgoing hypocrites stereotypically follow in Dallas, Texas? No one in Hollywood would consider swapping the “Christian” in the title for “Muslim” – that would be oafishly cruel and discriminatory and hate-filled, not to mention potentially life-threatening.

How about moving the setting to Beverly Hills and calling it “Good Jewish Bitches”?

Regardless of trashy titles, real faith-filled people don't relish and wallow in the sins and hypocrisies of others. Gatlin's premise cashes in on the gossipy failures of the people in the pews, but for her and her TV partners, this is all a gold mine to exploit. They don't despair about it. They revel in it, like kids in a candy store.

If ABC picks up this pilot, it’s very likely that the sour message that will be resonate is that everyone who goes to church, including priests and ministers, can be exposed as a fraud and a counterfeit. That is consistent with Hollywood's long-standing hostility to the faith of its own audience.  


#1 Coming to a channel near you,

Coming to a channel near you, courtesy of Barack Obama.

With hope and change like Barack brings, who needs turmoil & despair?

Liberals ... we can't live with them, they couldn't survive without us ...

#2 I am with Mr Bozell on this one

Somebody pointed out to me that ABC was not the one that came up with the title. Regardless, I believe it is not right to allow such a title that would offend many Christians. It is also total hypocrisy for the msm and Hollywood to only go after Christians.

#3 Shawn, Imagine the outrage

Shawn, Imagine the outrage from the Left, the Muslim world, the media, ABC included, if there was an upcoming show called, "Good Muslim Bi....ches". LIke always, the Left in America is so "brave" that they pick on those who they know won't retaliate with physical violence.

#4 "Good Muslim Bi....ches" wouldn't really make any sense

Unless the show was about suicide bombers, in which case it might be an interesting concept. I think it's pretty safe to say ABC won't be using the title should the show make it into a TV series. Then again, ABC and Disney have been pushing the limits for some time now, from Hannah Montana to some sex scandals, if I remember correctly. However, it still seems quite a few groups are open to humor on TV and movies. Gays, blacks, Jews, overweight people, mentally handicapped people... I'm not sure what the fixation on mocking Muslims is about these days, but I don't watch a whole lot of shows mocking Catholicism either, as a Polish-Catholic.

#5 Totally LL

You will see more and more of it in the upcoming days. Easter is just around the corner and nothing will give libs more of a thrill up their leg than to mock the resurrection of the Son of Man.

#6 This is freedom of speech

but I wonder if the courageous at ABC will do a follow-up with "Good Muslim Bitches"? Why not, we have no idea of what's behind the burka? New show! "What's Behind the Burka?" SI Swimsuit Issue - what men want to see!


"We the People . . " Hey, congress - I'm one of the people - start listening! 

There is no sense in being stupid, if you can't prove it! - my dad V

#7 Or a show about black people

Or a show about life in the ghetto : " N _ _ _ _ _  B _ _ _ _'s". im jus sayin....

Liberals ... we can't live with them, they couldn't survive without us ...

#8 So your imaginary show

......would only feature females?

#9 .......the title simply

.......the title simply circumvents that whole sticky paternity test / welfare check / restraining order snafu, that's all. Plus the story line could reflect the plight of these women.

Liberals ... we can't live with them, they couldn't survive without us ...

#10 OIC

Even the male N words are considered bitches as well. Thx for the clarification

#11 FastEd, Oh, you stole my

FastEd, Oh, you stole my thunder! I typed the Muslim b...ches show before I read your post.... LOL

#12 That's why

He has the name he does, lol!
_____________________________________________________________ I'm not too drunk to dance! It's just that people keep stepping on my hands!

#13 Yet another reason

Why I watch less and less TV and have resorted to the NEW medium as well as the original - BOOKS & GOD. Hollywood - STRIVING to lower the bar.

#14 No one in Hollywood would

No one in Hollywood would consider swapping the “Christian” in the title for “Muslim” – that would be oafishly cruel and discriminatory and hate-filled, not to mention potentially life-threatening.


These people know that it is most unlikely that a group of Christians is going to pack a rental truck full of explosives, crash the studio gate, drive it into the building, and blow the occupants into little bitty pieces.

Outside of sporting events, mainly football, golf, and racing, I don't watch network TV anymore.

It appears I am not missing very much.


Vote for the American in November

#15 Every time I think they can't

Every time I think they can't sink any lower, they exceed my expectations.

The Food Network and Speed Channel look better all the time.

#16 One generation makes it. The next generation spends it.

Hollywood is completely devoid of talent. The people in charge now are the equivalent of offspring of financially successful parents who leave their children a fortune who then squander that fortune on a reckless self-indulgent lifestyle. 

  Hollywood is no longer a source pride that tells the American story but has become an embarrassment as an example of what is wrong in America.

#17 Don't Watch

I had my fill of Hollyweird and the vermin that ply their scurrilous trade there years ago. The last time I went and saw a movie in a theater was in 1987. I saw "La Bamba" because I love Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly and the 50s in general. I watch The Westerns Channel and FOX News when not watching DVDs of early TV series programs. I try not to enrich these people, although I know that some of them profit by my viewing habits anyway. My point is this. I refuse to watch and support the trash that is produced these days. Just as I have not been to a Major League Baseball Game since the strike in the 1980s, I will not participate in the process of rewarding these people for their vulgarity, mockery, and contempt that they have for me and other God loving, conservative Americans.

#18 HOLLYWOOD is ...

Corrupt and disgusting and has been for many years. I stopped supporting them about 1970 or so at least shortly after the movie Star Wars came out in fact that was the last time I went to the movies. The only way to shut them up is to not buy anything made in Hollywierd for the big screen or TV let them rot in their own mucky stew. Take away their money and they are nothing.. The solution rests in your minds or hearts.

#19 How about "Good Feminist Bitches"?

Maybe then we'll hear a lot of wailing from NOW, the Viewgina Monologes, Joey Rebar, Jeannne GAROFALO ["Go ahead, roll on floor and lick Olbermann"], Sarah Silverfish, and the babe who mocks Bristol Palin.

#20 Just cut to the chase

Why should ABC be pussies and settle for the mildly titter-provoking word "bitch"? Cut to the chase! Grab the brass ring with your brass balls, ABC: name your new show "Good Christian C*nts"! You'll make history and will have set the standard for years to come ... and on broadcast TV, not in a brown paper wrapper in the back room of cabal TV

#21 Anything for money with "these people"?????

Rather coarse but SPOT ON.

Don't give the little "jew balls " any ideas.

Oops, WE can't talk like that can WE?

If you make poverty easy, you will have more of it. Benjamin Franklin

#22 Shut up with the Jewish slur

Unless, maybe, you're an employee of NPR and really, reallly believe that the Jooooos control the media. You just pissed away any credibility you have.

#23 Upon further review genius

CO2, look at the context, just like you're OBVIOUS usage of C^NT, just to prove the point about how bleeped up it is to use stereotypes OR SLURS to degrade one group or another.

I agreed with you and unlike you I understood the usage of a word or saying to buttress the point, I would gather you don't use C^nt to often, I NEVER use my slang at all, just here to SHOW the absurdity of the shows name and premise???

Just because people (Christians) go to church does not mean that as soon as they screw up some get's to say GOTCHA "you Christian bitches".

That was my main point.

Sorry you didn't understand my meaning, you're fault, not mine.

If you make poverty easy, you will have more of it. Benjamin Franklin

#24 Way too nuanced

Sorry, your irony was way too subtle and nuanced for me to get.

#25 We cool, sarcasm noted

I am no anti-semite or an anti-dentite.
If you make poverty easy, you will have more of it. Benjamin Franklin

#26 Not sarcasm

I meant I didn't realize you were being ironic.

#27 Let's watch some female muslim shows, instead

Like, "What's under that Burka?", or "Thinly veiled and Underserved Harems". Maybe a Survivor series, "Stoned -- Last one Standing" or "Beheading Becomes You -- how to [literally] keep a happy face through submittal and strict obedience".

Here's another disturbing trend in the network Sitcoms -- spitting in people's food. I don't watch the nets -- but sometimes I flip through the channels and pause a moment or two. In the past week, I have witnessed numerous sitcoms trying to get a laugh from the audience by playing out the "well, I just spit in your sandwich" lines. How many people will pick up on this and begin trying it out. And, isn't there a commercial that also plays out this line, with a waitress commenting that she's going to spit in someone's food?

Didn't win the Medal of Honor? Didn't even serve? Then lie about it. We'll support you." — 9th Circuit Court

#28 It happened this week!

OR at least a customer at Burger King claimed someone spit in her food, came inside, and went berserk.

#29 Where are lengthy

Where are lengthy commentaries in the NYT? Where is the insightfull and somber questioning by the morning tv outlets? The ACLU inquiries? The tearfull speaches by congressmen at the impingment of an entire religion by a "small and insignificant" portion of women. The outrage by the white house...................hold up,I just re-read the article, I thought this was about muslims, sorry, christains? Full steam ahead.

#30 I know, I know...

I know the standard reply on here will be "if you dont like it dont watch it." That's just an arrogant and condescending way of not taking a stand and saying "just let it go." I say, I am saddened and ashamed that in the good Christian (sarc) country of America there is even a market for this kind of trash. Well, If others want to watch it, fine, but my family and I choose not to watch it. And we will take a stand by NOT buying the products that sponsor this garbage. I dont use that language in my house and nobody I invite in will use it either. There are better choices to be made.
If you're not getting flak, you're not over the target.

#31 Here Come The Conservative PC Thugs Again...

You know, I always thought Political Correctness was always attributed to the liberal side, the way they are a bunch of uptight sphincters over cigarette smoking in animated movies like Rango and getting Aldous Huxley's Brave New World pulled from a school library shelve because a Native Indian girl's feelings were hurt because of the term "savages". Well, it seems the P.C. police can also come from the conservative side as well. I find the hurt feelings here laughable knowing that one of the principles of conservatism is not to act like a sniveling victim who's feelings were hurt. I bet none of you can even sit through Monty Python's The Life of Brian without crying "victim hood". The more you keep this up, the more you resemble the boy who cried wolf. After all, liberals cry wolf all the time and yet nobody believes it. Well, maybe a few exceptions (the Southern Poverty Law Center, for one), but other than that, who believes global warming alarmists? Who believes trial lawyers? Who believes Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? Because, if you ask me, you're beginning to sound like Al Sharpton right about now.


To quote The Simpsons' grandpa, Abraham J. Simpson: "Oh, bitch, bitch, bitch."

#32 7Stupids

You actually have far more than 7 stupids don't you? We are not talking about a piece of literature in which the language was appropriate for the time, but not for now. We are talking about insulting one group of people in a way other groups would NEVER be insulted because of PC correctness. Do you ever in a thousand years think you would see a t.v. show called Islamist Terrorist Bastards? Nope.
Proud member of the 53%!

#33 I wish someone would let us

I wish someone would let us know who the advertisers are for this piece of garbage........We will get this thing off TV one way or another.........

#34 Disney - Always Less Christian than the Television Networks

When Disney was face to face with Looney Toons critics used to remark that there were fewer families in Disney cartoons. I expected ABC to become less family friendly after it sold to Disney.

#35 Look at the new AXE commercial..

The new AXE commercial has Angels falling from Heaven, throwing off their halos to be with some dude that uses their product. How is this not insulting or denigrating to Women and Christians everywhere. Or are we so overwhelmed with the "bad press" we don't see it anymore? And before any lefties say I am over reacting lets see what would happen if they used Muhammed dropping out of the sky to sell some crappy product used to attract the opposite sex!

#36 What would the relevance be?

It wouldn't be any different trying to sell Americans a product using the images of Brahman, Yahwey, and Jah.

#37 dropping out of the dropping out of the sky would be gross, but 6 or 7 20 something mussy girls in full burkas that throw them off, to show us their g-sting bottoms with a wet t-shirt on top. 

Now that would be a real kick - axe commercial in my opinion. 

I'm sure Akmed ( bag o rocks ) & Al ( akbar ) over in the Jersey City, camel jocky gang wouldn't like it, but hey it's about time they wake up and face the fact they're not in Kandahar anymore.

Liberals ... we can't live with them, they couldn't survive without us ...

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