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NBC Debate Moderators Pepper Republicans with Questions from the Left

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NBC’s Brian Williams and Politico’s John Harris peppered the NBC News/Politico debate inside the Air Force One pavilion at the Reagan Library with questions from the left, repeatedly pressing the Republican presidential candidates with liberal talking points and Democratic agenda items.

That’s time which could have been better spent advancing issues and concerns of Republican primary voters interested in differences amongst the candidates, not in forcing the candidates to defend conservative positions despised by MSNBC viewers and hosts. (Compilation video after jump)

Williams hit Texas Governor Rick Perry from the left on his state’s poor economic indicators (“no other state has more working at or below the minimum wage”) , chastised him for cutting education funding and, citing how “your state has executed 234 death row inmates,” demanded to know whether he’s “struggled to sleep at night with the idea that any one of those might have been innocent?”

Audio: MP3 clip which matches the 2:30 video above.

Williams was taken aback when the audience applauded Perry’s death penalty record, prompting a befuddled Williams to follow up: “What do you make of that dynamic that just happened here, the mention of the execution of 234 people drew applause?”

Williams was also confounded by Ron Paul’s libertarian views, quizzing him about how the nation would survive without FEMA and confusingly ruminated about no federal air traffic control: “All the pilots in the sky, to add to their responsibilities, their own air traffic control, in an organic way.” He also hailed former Democratic President Lyndon Johnson for addressing the need for government to provide meals to school kids, wondering: “Do you think that is any more -- providing nutrition in schools for children -- a role of the federal government?”

Challenging Senator Rick Santorum, Williams lectured him about how Santorum’s “Catholic faith, has as a part of it, caring for the poor.” Williams insisted Santorum explain: “Where do the poor come in, where do they place in this party, on this stage, in a Santorum administration?”

Williams’ liberal advocacy and hostility to conservatives shouldn’t have come as any surprise given his history as documented in the MRC’s Media Reality Check, by Geoffrey Dickens, released on Tuesday, “Brian Williams Vs. Tea Party Conservatives: GOP Debate Moderator Has Long History of Admiring Obama and Badgering Republicans from the Left.

Harris, Editor-in-Chief of Politico, contrasted the success in liberal Massachusetts with failure in conservative Texas: “Massachusetts has nearly universal health insurance – it’s first in the country. In Texas, about a quarter of the people don't have health insurance. That's 50 out of 50, dead last. Sir, it's pretty hard to defend dead last.”

With Ron Paul, Harris noted General Electric’s huge profits, but “paid no taxes. Perfectly legal, but does it strike you as fair?”

MSNBC’s post-debate, as promised, was dominated 12-to-2 by left-wingers, with Rachel Maddow anchoring and the network’s usual prime time gang (Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Lawrence O’Donnell and Ed Schultz) all taking turns denouncing the conservative positions taken by the GOP candidates.

Many, but certainly not all, of the questions posed from the left during the September 7 NBC News/Politico Republican presidential debate from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation’s museum and library in Simi Valley, California, as carried live on MSNBC from 5 to about 6:50 PM PDT:

Brian Williams to Texas Governor Rick Perry:

Governor Perry, we're going to begin with you. You're the newcomer here on stage, you probably saw this coming a mile away. You have touted your state's low taxes, the lack of regulation, tough tort reform, as the recipe for job growth in the Lone Star state, but Texas ranks last among those who have completed high school, there are only eight other states with more living in poverty, no other state has more working at or below the minimum wage, so is that the kind of answer all Americans are looking for?

Williams to Congressman Ron Paul:

You're known as the absolutist in the bunch, someone who has consistently opposed federal government from having any role, and I think by your definition, that isn't explicitly laid out in the Constitution, so this makes people curious. Is there a line with you, where do you draw it? Does this include things like making cars safe, making medicine safe, air traffic control, controlling the jets above our heads?

Williams, follow-up:

Thirty seconds more for devil's advocate here because would you then put it on the drug companies to say no, we're bringing this to market, trust us, it's a fantastic drug. All the pilots in the sky, to add to their responsibilities, their own air traffic control, in an organic way.

Politico’s John Harris:

Governor Perry, you clearly don't like the Massachusetts plan as an example for other states, but Massachusetts has nearly universal health insurance – it’s first in the country. In Texas, about a quarter of the people don't have health insurance. That's 50 out of 50, dead last. Sir, it's pretty hard to defend dead last.


Senator Santorum, on another front, you're a devout Catholic, you've always said that you cannot, will not, place it aside in your role in elected public life. In fact, you thought President Kennedy, the first to be elected President, did so a little bit too much with his own religion. Having said that, the Catholic faith, has as a part of it, caring for the poor. One in seven people in this country, now, qualifies as poor. Where do the poor come in, where do they place in this party, on this stage, in a Santorum administration?


Governor Perry, a somewhat related question. I’ll quote the Pew Research Center. They recently found white households have 20 times the median wealth of black households in the United States. How would you address that question, that problem, as President?


Governor Perry, you said you wrote the book Fed Up to start a conversation, congratulations, it has certainly done that in recent weeks. In the book, you call Social Security the best example of a program that quote “violently tossed aside any respect for state's rights.” We understand your position that it's got funding problems now, I'd like you to explain your view that Social Security was wrong right from the beginning.

Williams, to Paul:

Let me ask you something else, it’s related in a way, it has to do with Mother Nature. Before the broadcast, Senator Santorum's got flooding today in Pennsylvania, Governor Perry is back from the wildfires out east, category one storm laid waste to entire areas, there’s standing water tonight in Paterson, New Jersey, many of the towns around where I live, eight days without power. We had people eating in outdoor and public parks because the supermarkets were closed down. Question is, federal aid, something like FEMA, if you object to what it’s become, how it’s run. Your position is to remove it, take it away, abolish it, what happens in its absence?


Governor Perry, you can't have much of a workforce without a basis of education. As you know, your state ranks among the worst in the country in high school graduation rates, as we established. Yet, you recently signed a budget cut for billions in education funding, you pushed for greater cuts than were in the budget that the legislature passed. You’ve said that education is a top priority, but explain cutting it the way you did, please?


Governor Romney -- you often hear this figure, 47 percent of Americans pay no federal income tax, and the promised effort underway soon, at least, in Washington to correct that. Isn't some of this argument semantics and won't the effort to correct that be a defacto tax increase?

Williams, to Perry:

Question about Texas. Your state has executed 234 death row inmates, more than any other governor in modern times – [ audience cheers and applause ] -- have you struggled to sleep at night with the idea that any one of those might have been innocent?

What do you make of that dynamic that just happened here, the mention of the execution of 234 people drew applause?

Harris, to Cain:

General Electric corporation made $2 billion in profits worldwide but paid no taxes. Perfectly legal, but does it strike you as fair?


Congressman Paul, a long time ago, a fellow Texan of yours, a young student teacher in Cotulla, Texas, was horrified to see young kids coming into the classroom hungry, some of them with distended bellies because of hunger. He made a vow that if he had anything to do about it the government would provide meals, hot meals at best, in schools. The young student teacher, of course, later went on to be President Lyndon Johnson. Do you think that is any more -- providing nutrition in schools for children -- a role of the federal government?


#1 It's only fair to let the other side

referee and direct a debate such as this. Ridiculous.

#2 True...

... the questions are definitely coming from the left. No surprise there, but I would have been curious to hear some of the candidates answers. Ok... right. I get the point of the article, but I am still curious as to how the candidates handled these questions.

I guess this was one time I should have disabled the MSNBC block on my satellite receiver. Well, there's always google, I suppose...

#3 You should have watched it.

For all the reasons you state, I actually sat down and watched the whole debate. I wanted to see how the candidates would handle the biased, loaded, and misleading questions. I thought they all did a very good job. I wish more of the candidates had been as combative as Newt G.  I hope in a general election debate, the Republican candidate goes after the premise of a far left question, when the opportunity arises.

The question from Brian Williams regarding the 234 executions in Texas was a set-up question should Perry become the nominee.  NBC will go out of their way to find some sort of doubt regarding the guilt of one of those 234 murderers who was executed, and then they will try to throw that up in Perry's face.


"You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas...on the taxpayer’s dime." Barack Obama

#4 Yes they will.

Cameron Todd Willingham was found innocent after he was executed. I wound expect this brought up if he is the GOP candidate eventhough this is a judicial problem not a
gubernatorial issue.

"For evil to triumph it is enough only that good men do nothing".

#5 The fire marshal

The Fire Marshal was the one that convinced the jury that the guy was guilty.

Why pin this on Perry?


#6 I'm not pinning it on Perry.

I am saying that the left and the media will use this against Perry. Personally, I blame the judicial system and it's flaws, such as flawed fire "science" testimony.

"For evil to triumph it is enough only that good men do nothing".

#7 Totally agree on Gingrich

I don't normally watch these things, but my wife had it on, so I listened in and we talked about it as it aired.

It was evident from the very first questions from Brian Williams that this was not a debate, but an MSM inquisition; it was more like two reporters conducting 8 simultaneous interviews, with the reporters injecting their own personal opinions . Instead of offering topics and letting the debaters duel as a good moderator does, Williams and Harris were engaging in direct, argumentative dialog with the candidates.

  • Not all the candidates were offered the same question.  For example, only Perry was questioned about the death penalty in Texas.  A true moderator would have offered a question like this to each and all of the candidates: "If the Congress passed a bill outlawing the death penalty, would you sign it, or veto it, and why?"
  • Moderators would direct a question at a candidate, and after that candidate responded, the moderator would come back with a "follow up" question.  That's not moderating; it's interviewing.  Let the debaters challenge each other.
  • My wife, who was paying closer attention than me, noticed that more questions were directed to Romney and Perry -- the two front runners in the polls -- than the rest of the group.  Fair debate?

Although I am not a Gingrich fan, I do acknowledge that he is an intellectual who brings fresh ideas to discussions, and I applauded his comeback at Harris regarding the nature of the debate.  He was spot on. 

The GOP campaigns ought to learn a valuable lesson from this travesty, and that is that political debates ought to be moderated by genuine, experienced moderators, and not MSM hacks.

#8 No problem with the questions at all.

Just wish they asked them of the dims when they have a debate in the same way..........they don't !

#9 Whoever planned this event on the GOP side should be fired.

This never should have happened. It was a waste of time primarily because it was on a channel 99%+ of Americans don't watch, and a network that is openly hostile to Conservatism and the American way of life.

All this was was a trolling expedition to get one of the major candidates to make a mistake/goof/something embarrassing that they could then use on NBC to ruin that candidate.

They think they may have caught a whopper with Perry's declaration that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. They may be surprised that many Americans do think that.

What a waste of time and green house gases.

#10 Yea Red, Same folk got us Mc Cain, Dole.

So did the backwater pmsnbc bid the highest to host the debates?

#11 NB Posting of Debate

Sir this is a really lame report. We have heard the questions but, no answers given. Conservatives already knew that the NBC side would be loaded and the questions would be to embarrass the GOP Debaters. You have picked out these particular questions but print no response, why? I for one did not watch the debate because I do not watch anything concerning NBC or MSNBC. I hope that fox will show some of the debate.


#12 You should have watched.

I don't watch NBC, and I barely watch anything on MSNBC, but occasionally do just to get a quick laugh.  It was a worthwhile effort to watch the debate.  It was a learning experience to see which candidates best handled the loaded, slanted, leftist questioning.


"You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas...on the taxpayer’s dime." Barack Obama

#13 The thing about pmsnbc

To quote a friend of mine "they managed to piss me off doing the weather"

#14 Were we supposed to expect a

Were we supposed to expect a decent moderation? What I'm more interested in is MSNBC's ratings for the evening. I'll bet they got a spike like they have never seen in years. Yet strangely enough, they will not be able to realize it was because they weren't running the imbeciles that usually occupy that time slot.

#15 They just don't get it

I would be interested in seeing the ratings also. I don't understand how a business enterprise can choose to limit their audience. They have chosen to 'Lean Forward'. OK have at it. I won't watch.

#16 It's really simple to understand.

When you're freaking nuts, logic and reason are unnecessary and only slow down the progressive.


#17 What else did you expect

The event was sponsored by MSNBC (The Obama channel) and Politico (Obama cheer squad) the chances of anything not Obama propaganda was minimal at best. These two organizations have no idea what fair or just means and the idea that anything without a very liberal slant would be impossible.

#18 Beyond the obvious bias of NBC, Williams and Politico

Before this debate I was leaning towards Perry but have now swung to Romney.
Romney: Very presidential.....aggressive and effective at going after the real target....Obama. Clearly the best in the debate. Always kept his cool.

Perry: Answers imprecise. Social Security as a Ponzi scheme Whether it is or not...bad answer)? Did not do poorly but did not impress either.

Newt: No chance for nomination but thoughtful, bright answers and great job of exposing the bias at NBC...KUDOS!

Huntsman: Loves man made global warming and evolution. A liberal in sheeps clothing.

Bachmann: Poor overall performance. $2.00 per gallon gas fiasco stupid.

Cain: Good job overall but a bit imprecise.

Santorum: Whiny and un presidential.

Paul: Again exposed as a nutjob as are his followers. 6% in national polls but a loud dedicated support base of libertarians and isolationists.

Read more:

Chris H. Beyer Right of Way Pundit

#19 Who has a clue?

Which of the GOP presidential contenders has a grasp of the bigger picture and how to get America back on its feet?

Romneycare is not the way to fix things.

Rick Perry praising Hillarycare is no answer either.

Here is a full grown man praising a socialist "ponze scheme" called socialized medicine pushed by a gal who at the time hadn't even been elected to any office. Who would have thought the wife of Bill Clinton would be pushing socialism in her "health care plan? Golly only Perry the man who supported Ozone man Algore for president was fooled by her. Maybe it was her charm that took Perry in like a Gardacil salesman? But he is not a "nut job" even when he was praising socialists pitching snake oil back inn the 90's!

Newt Gingrich stole Ron Paul's "audit the Fed" message and said he would give Ben Bernanke the boot. Does that make the former SOTH a "nut job" for calling for an audit of the central bank and firing its Chairman since it was congressman Paul who wrote the bill in congress to open up the Fed's secret records? The Texas congressman should at least get honorable mention or some credit,albeit begrudgenly, for getting the issue of the Fed before the eyes of the people. Or at least given credit for siding with US troops and not bankers for exposing Bernanke handing a central bank in Libya, half owned by Gadhaffi, millions of dollars!

Let's not give Paul any credit for showing the world that central banks are in it for themselves not the people. Let's just refer to him in the most unchristian-like way. Let's mischaracterize Paul since that is the duty of "patriots" who don't like his foreign policy - a policy that seeks to bring our troops home from countries whose dictators we make deals with and send money to prop up their banks.

Let's not forget the ties the Libyan phony "freedom fighters" have with al-Qaeda terrorists. Our troops fight al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, but, US foreign policy makers misuse our troops by ordering them to help al-Qaeda in Libya! Yea that kind of screwy policy makes sense to some "patriots." But to Paul and his fans sending money to dictators doesn't make any sense at all. Certainly not from a moral and constitutional perspective.

You need to put your hatred aside for all things Paulian. Wash away the neocon soap suds from your eyes by going to the fresh and pure fountain of constitutionalism that our Founders gave us.

#20 I disagree

Talk about a contrast. At least the Republicans have the intelligence and the ideas to stand up to liberals peppering them with questions, unlike the Democrats who had so much fear of conservative questions they avoided any debates on Fox News. Perhaps \, if they'd actually gone on Fox News, we wouldn't have as many Democrats in office right now.

Vote Republican - Then you'll only be called a racist one more time.

#21 Agree

I watched the whole debate, from start to finish, and even watched a SEIU commercial that basically repeated that all Republicans are AHoles, over and over, for sixty seconds!

I thought all the Republican candidates handled the loaded questions very well, though.  You'll never see the Dems let two solid conservatives blast them with biased, loaded questions for almost two hours in one of these so called "debates".


"You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas...on the taxpayer’s dime." Barack Obama

#22 I liked the RAZA surprise

Did the candidates know they would be questioned by a so called journalist from a Spanish speaking TV station? I thought the candidates handled themselves well with this surprise to embarrass them on illegal immigration.
"Don't let the bastards grind you down."


#23 It's not FoxNews.

In order to win the overall election to be President of the United States, one must be able to answer questions from both sides, right & left. Each "News" organization has an agenda. Since Journalism is no longer an ethical job, it's better to formulate an opinion based on listening to multiple sources. I don't have a problem listening to both sides. The Candidate who can clearly navigate through the questions from both sides will be able to win the overall. I thought the overall bias was focused on Perry and Romney. The MadCow group focus of attacking the Social Security issue between the two candidates was ridiculous. It's about the economy and how to get money to the real risk takers- business owners!


"Isn't it pretty to think that way?"-EH

#24 syrius the 50 time retread troll lies again.

50 times retread lying syrius troll: In order to win the overall election to be President....

This is not the general election for the Presidency yet. These are candidates for the REPUBLICAN primaries that REPUBLICANS will choose from to be the ONE REPUBLICAN candidate in the general election, As such REPUBLICANS want to know how they stand on REPUBLICAN issues.

Everyone enjoying this lying troll that brings liberal bias to a site the EXPOSES liberal bias?

#25 Yawn.

Once again, the ignorance spews forth from your mouth.

This is a Republican Debate watched by all those interested, Republicans, Independents and...DEMOCRATS.

If you look at the polls, you would see Independents and DEMOCRATS are not too happy with Obama. If a GOP candidate can be appealling to the general population during these Republican debates and not make gaffes and mistakes, he will win the overall.

They have to grind it out through the primaries and attract everyone not just a select few. It would be political suicide for them to just appeal to the far right of the Republican party. They're politicians not zealots.


"Isn't it pretty to think that way?"-EH

#26 syrius the 50 time retread troll lies again.

NBC Debate Moderators Pepper Republicans with Questions from the Left

^^^^The Subject of this blog ^^^^^^

syrius the 50 time retread troll: They have to grind it out through the primaries and attract everyone not just a select few....

And they will do that by presenting only questions from the left, huh? Troll.

syrius: ...watched by all those interested, Republicans, Independents and...DEMOCRATS...

Democrats don't vote in Republican closed primaries. Liar. LIAR. LIAR. LIAR.

Closed Primary States

The 16 states operating closed primaries, as reported by FairVote, are Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota. The District of Columbia also operates a closed primary, in which only voters registered with the Democratic, Republican, D.C. Statehood Green, or Umoja parties can vote in their respective party's primary election.

Closed With Special Provisions

According to FairVote, three states --- North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Utah --- operate closed primaries, but with special provisions. In North Carolina, registered party members may vote only in the primary of the party with which they are affiliated. Unaffiliated voters may choose a party on the day of a primary. Rhode Island also allows unaffiliated voters to participate in primaries. However, once they vote, they are considered members of the party in whose primary they vote. In Utah, the Republican primary is closed, while the Democratic primary is open to independent voters.

Closed Caucus States reported in 2008 that six states --- Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Nevada and Wyoming --- operate closed caucuses instead of primary elections. A caucus is a meeting in which party members select nominees for elected office. Caucuses often meet in public facilities, such as schools, town halls, or public auditoriums, that can accommodate a large number of people.

Source -

Now tell me again LIAR how all the ignorance spews from my food hole.

Or remove your ass and wear it for a hat again.

Or both. Like I care.

#27 Yawn...again.

The whistling you hear is the air traveling through your head from one ear to the other. As I have to explain to you (and you alone it seems.), what might be said by a candidate during the run up to the primaries, closed or not, will be used to evaluate the candidate's overall appeal to the general population. It would be political suicide to brand themselves with an extreme view. They would be unelectable. Romney is the bigger threat to Obama than Perry. The liberal media will support Perry over Romney. Watch what happens, I know I will.
Stop being so pissed off. Jeezie Peezie!


"Isn't it pretty to think that way?"-EH

#28 syrius the 50 time retread troll lies again.

Lies like he just invented it.

syrius: ...said by a candidate during the run up to the primaries...

Not talking about what candidates say are we? Huh? Liar. We are talking about a  Republican PRIMARY debate so Republicans can have a choice in the primaries. But yeah, you keep acting like it is all about how mad I am. Not your constant Stupid and Lies, mmmmmkay?

So yeah, how stupid am I to think the Republican Presidential Primary Debate at the Reagan Library was not really about REPUBLICANS or Republican PRIMARIES but really it was for the general population.

Republican Presidential Primary Debate at the Reagan Library -

Stupid Stupidees that is angriz. That should read General Presidential General Population including Independents and DEMOCRATS Debate at the Reagan Library. Silly Newspapers. Stupid with the breezy ear passages and the ignorance spewming.

Trolls don't think things through. They are quite stupid.

#29 Guess you wont be here as long as you like

You only have one option at this point, tell truth

Seek Truth, Defend Liberty

#30 candidate`s overall appeal?????????????????

political suicide??????????????????? Any Republican that may get the nomination WILL win against Obama. So your rants about who is and who is not a winner in the GOP is just that, RANTS.

Motor City Madman said it best -

#31 Really??????????

They would be unelectable. Romney is the bigger threat to Obama than Perry. The liberal media will support Perry over Romney. Watch what happens, I know I will.
Stop being so pissed off. Jeezie Peezie!

Read more:

Motor City Madman said it best -

#32 So your crystal ball and your desire

to have a less a less than accomplished candidate to be the nominee, whoever he/she may be, decides the election of 2012? You say the Liberal media WILL support Perry over Romney???????????????????????????? We as Americans do not care and simply do not give a crap what LIBS and YOU and the MEDIA think.

Motor City Madman said it best -

#33 You don't care?

An extreme view unpalatable to the general population will create an unelectable candidate. 68 million people voted for Obama vs 62 million for McCain. It doesn't matter how YOU personally feel towards those with opposing or undecided views. The key is to WIN the election by attracting people to YOUR side. A flippant, arrogant response will get YOU nowhere. Read what I have written. The LEFT fear Romney more than they fear Perry.


"Isn't it pretty to think that way?"-EH

#34 So says the 50 time retread syrius.

    The troll that has been banned again and again for some of the most threatening, offensive, insulting comments posted on this website. The troll that thinks he can use PM's to hide his offensive insults. The troll that tries to falsely befriend users to gain personal information he then trucks on over to Daily Kos. The most partisan troll ever. A troll that can't even stop his constant lying when he tries to act all the middle of the road moniker. And all of this on top of non-stop unending Stupid that few trolls have been able to match. Look at the idiot troll that had to walk back one of his stupid lies on the subject of former VP Dick Cheney here ---

syrius AKA E.S. Blofeld: Cheney can travel? He's not going anywhere in his condition.

syrius AKA E.S. Blofeld: I'm sure Cheney is able to travel anywhere in a limited capacity.

#35 You still prattling on & on?

I told you more than a few times- your projected fantasies of me being someone I am not are proof to your mental instability.

Go away unless you have something meaniful to add to the discussion.


"Isn't it pretty to think that way?"-EH

#36 ~Mental instability

Says the guy whose DU diary has an entry postulating that if people really were created in the image of God....they'd be invisible. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Obama's WTF 2012 campaign slogan: "A dog in every pot"

#37 What's "DU"?


I will claim ignorance on this comment.


"Isn't it pretty to think that way?"-EH

#38 ~Oh, nice dodge

"Who, me?" *blink, blink, blink*

Don't know 'bout y'all, but I'm convinced.

Obama's WTF 2012 campaign slogan: "A dog in every pot"

#39 That is funny though...

Created in his "invisible" image...LOL

Can you see me?



"Isn't it pretty to think that way?"-EH

#40 I've always thought a "troll"

I've always thought a "troll" follows people on comment boards and personally attacks them. I guess it's okay for the two of you to do so.

Can you see me?


"Isn't it pretty to think that way?"-EH

#41 ~Three replies to one comment

Nah, I didn't strike a nerve.

Obama's WTF 2012 campaign slogan: "A dog in every pot"

#42 Oh dear. Am I wrong?

Syrius' 49th account AKA E.S. Blofeld: I'm still not whoever you fantasize me to be and the "similarities" you mentioned don't really cut it

Syrius 50th account AKA E.S Blofeld here: ...your projected fantasies of me being...

Whoops. Guess I'm not. Looks like I don't have to go away. So sorry little troll. You are so convincing too. Next up --- 90% of prisoners just released from U.S prisons as they were "wrongly convicted".

#43 set up

the questions were a set up to make Conservatives look bad by williams and harris. 234 people exucated, education worse in country, children and extended bellies,sr.'s relying on s.s. bla bla bla. the who debate was to degrade perry because of his popularity and to take him out on tv. same with paul as he is from tx also and has many folks cheering him on. the whole debate was trying to make obama look good at a Republican debate. on the whole, the candidates did a great job.

#44 There was a change in the commentary...

The MadCow Group after the debate discussed something interesting-"Obama's campaign would want Perry as the GOP nominee not Romney."

After a few minutes- to see Fat Ed Schultz talk defensively about Perry's "ponzi" comment was alarming. He said Perry was reaching out to the 20 and 30 year olds which could help him in the long run.

Will the Liberal media prop up Perry and attack Romney now?

This should be interesting...


"Isn't it pretty to think that way?"-EH

#45 Unsurprising, I just wish I

Unsurprising, I just wish I could recall the time and place when America accepted the idea that a minority of adherents to the leftard religion should frame every issue and debate.

#46 Walter Cronkite

February 27th, 1968. Walter Cronkite throwing in the towel regarding the TET Offensive and the Vietnam War. Good thing Cronkite wasn't the "voice of America" in December 1945 when the Germans launched their last offensive, that reulted in the Battle of the Bulge.


"You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas...on the taxpayer’s dime." Barack Obama

#47 Thanks, Kingfish

It's a good point, and I was going to say in my earlier post that this whole decimation of American values, such as political correctness, treating children like adults, fear of the 2nd amendment, etc., began with the babyboomer/hippie phenomenon (as much as they didn't realize back then, they were useful idiots for America's enemies). And their media is still with us today, but losing it's grip on information. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you didn't know.
If you ever need to see a very balanced, fair and honest view of the Vietnam era, you couldn't do better than the mini-series documentary from The History Channel of a few years back. If you're interested I could look up the exact title later, but I must leave for now.

#48 and

who are the idiots that allowed it to be in this forum with these dweebs as moderators?

This was the stupidest move in GOP history, AFAIC

USWA 25 years. Never voted for a Democrat yet.

#49 Transcript from last night's debate

For those who are interested.

'The following is a transcript of the 2012 Republican presidential debate on Sept. 7, 2011, in Simi Valley, Calif., as transcribed by Roll Call,' as posted at the NYTimes.



(;~/ gary

#50 I learned nothing last night

The candidates avoided every question they were asked. There was little debate as the moderators simply asked everyone (for the most part) the same questions. Who won? Since they made the debate about the president (who, duh, wasn't in the debate) it was a complete waste of time. I learned nothing.

Questions from the left on a left sponsored, liberal network. I don't think those questions were for the benefit of conservatives who know their candidates - the questions were for the LEFTISTS who actually watch MSNBC, who NEED to learn about the candidates. Given that Obama's days are numbered, we need answers to last night's questions for our own sake of survival. The overwhelming number of hopefuls who've declared war on science, evolution, the weather; these are important issues in our country. The questions were appropriate, the answers were not.

♡ Einstein

#51 Did you actually watch the "debate"?

Q. Governor Perry, your state sucks. Please explain why it does.

Q.  Please explain why Governor Perry or Romney are an idiot and hate the proven science of man-made global warming and evolution.

Q.  Please explain why you hate immigration.

Q.  Please tell us which of your opponents is the biggest idiot.

Q.  Why would you let the airplanes fall out of the sky?

Those questions are incapable of answers.

You can't have it both ways.  If the questions are designed by leftists, for leftists, then they can't be answered in a reasonable way by a conservative.  A conservative giving an answer to that type of question needs to answer it just like the candidates did last night.


"You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas...on the taxpayer’s dime." Barack Obama

#52 Realistically now

Which specific questions did you have a problem with?

♡ Einstein

#53 Specific Questions

I didn't have a problem with any question, specifically. They were pretty much exactly what I expected.

I didn't like how the "guest questioner", when asking about how the candidates would handle existing illegal immigrants, had to throw in his snarky comment about how gasoline would be $2.00, when he posed that question to Bachman.

What I didn't understand, was how you expected the candidates to just stick to the topics raised by these silly questions.  Maybe that's not what you meant, but that's what I took away from your original comments.


"You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas...on the taxpayer’s dime." Barack Obama

#54 My perspective

The guest questioner was bizarre, and bringing up her $2/gal gasoline pledge was irrelevant, and frankly, uninteresting. There was very little substance to last night's debate. Yes, we ALL know that ALL of the candidates are unified against the president. No F***ing S**t!!! If you weren't against the president, you wouldn't be up on state, now would you?

Since that's settled, I'd like to know how each candidate differs from one another. And Newt's little tantrum about the moderator trying to get republicans to fight... Hey Newt, what do you think a debate is? It's not for a bunch of friends to have a tea party (no relation to the TEA party), it's for a bunch of candidates to explain why we should vote for this guy over that guy.

Some of the questions lacked substance, but it became obvious as the debate wore on that the panel had no interest in answering direct question, preferring instead to go back to default answers and TEA party talking points. We know what the TEA party stands for, and it doesn't need repeating from every candidate. With the upcoming TEA party sponsored debate on the horizon we'll have the chance to see the opposite of the MSNBC debate, questions posed by and for conservatives. They probably won't bring up evolution, but I'm glad it was brought up last night. I think Perry will be a hell of a candidate to beat, and I like quite a few things about him. But his positions on the scientific issues are pretty damn scary. Still, I give him props (props, not propes, Rick) for sticking to his guns. The dude's unapologetic, but you know he won't flip flop.

If I took anything away from the debate, it's this: The candidates are running against Obama, Bachmann is no longer the center of attention, Romney pretends to be the grown-up in the room, and Perry is a likable guy. Was anyone else there?

♡ Einstein

#55 Bachman's $2.00 Pledge

There is a difference between a moderator asking her about her saying gasoline will fall to $2.00 should she become President, and the guest questioner just tossing his comment about $2.00 gasoline, in a snarky way, into his question regarding how she would approach the way she would handle existing illegal immigrants already in the United States.

Watching the whole debate, I took away a lot regarding how each candidate differs from the next.  The differences aren't as stark as Obama vs any Republican candidate, but there are differences none-the-less.


"You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas...on the taxpayer’s dime." Barack Obama

#56 And that's why you will never get it.

Evolution is an unproven theory, (I know Hydro, I know), and as such is not above questioning. Global warming, well, we've all been down that road before. There's a consensus among the media, no so much among the scientists, and serious questions remain, not to mention the fraud inherent among the alarmists.

Until you check you premises, you will never get it.

"I don't like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders". - Ted Nugent

#57 Where does your perspective begin?

Have you researched this subject or do you cling to your faith so blindly that you accept the biblical explanation of our origins? And when the discovery of yet another human ancestor suspected of bridging the gap between human and ape, do you consider this a scam? You've laid out some common myths here, and if it wouldn't be too much trouble I'd like to see where you get your information. The overall scientific consensus IS that the burning of fossil fuels by human beings is heating up the earth.

♡ Einstein

#58 I know you've been banished to trool hell, but

Yes, I have researched the subject, just not at Hansen's site exclusively. Serious questions arise about the realiability of not only the models themselves, but also the data used in the models.

If one also takes into account the fact that real time observations and modeling don't match up well at all, then one should at least question the authenticity of the GW alramists' claims.

As for the Biblical claims of our origins, I might suggest Dembski (sp?). Science and religion can coexist. It seems only a neanderthal would claim otherwise.

"I don't like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders". - Ted Nugent

#59 FYI, "Mr. Orange" is taking messages for Einstein.

They're what you would describe as "very close."

#60 Yeah, Einstein. With people

Yeah, Einstein. With people struggling to make ends meet, looking for jobs, being insulted by the media and their 'representatives' and President, the escalating violence in America, illegal immigration (they seem to have no problem getting work,HMMMM? I wonder why???), Operation gunrunner, a historic Federal deficit, taxes and regulations hanging over everyones heads (except for the entitlement class, of course, they're just boiling with anger all their FREE shit isn't enough.), etc., I'm SOOOOO sure everybody is fretting over coelacanthes and fossil records.

#61 ☭ Einstein.... Learned nothing today too.

The overwhelming number of hopefuls who've declared war on science, evolution, the weather; these are important issues in our country.

Screw the left and their questions.


#62 That sums it all up

"Screw the left and their questions."

Exactly right. And until the establishment starts doing it, we're going to see nothing but more of this. Remember, the Democrats boycotted a debate on Fox.

Why won't we return the favor?

The establishment is a bunch of pantywaist losers...that's why.

"Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions." G.K. Chesterton

#63 So why do the candidates

So why do the candidates bother to do these debates if they're going to be "peppered"?

#64 Good pracitce

The debate was good practice for the slanted general election debate.

 I would have liked to have seen just one of the candidates throw one of Brian William's questions back in his face:  "Why don't you ever pose these type of loaded questions to Obama?"


"You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas...on the taxpayer’s dime." Barack Obama

#65 Loaded questions??

They won't even tender "unloaded" questions

meet me at the mission at midnight

#66 Don't like the moderators

My favorite quote about this:
I never thought I'd say this, but I wish this debate was on Fox. The questions tonight are for the most part drop-dead boring. I figure if we're going to watch a bunch of clowns, we might as well do it at the circus.

#67 I don't have a problem with these questions

Whichever person actually becomes the pick to run is going to have to run a gauntlet of cow pies like these on a daily basis. Best get used to it. The liberal press isn't going away.

And I would certainly like to see Obama have to field these same loaded questions from the right.

Give Peas a Chance. ☑ ABØ in 2012

#68 And let me know when Elvis gets here

I would love to see Obama have to field questions like these too.

All you have to do is arrange for someone on the right to EVER get to ask them. Oops.

"Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions." G.K. Chesterton

#69 You are serious about that?

Liberal talking points consist of asking candidates for President of The United States of America if they care about or would take action on issues affecting Americans? It is unfair and wrong to pepper republicans with questions about real issues affecting their constituents? Issues like hunger, poverty, lack of health care jobs that provide a living wage, death penalty etc? Seems more like the moderators were doing their job which is to help voters understand the positions of the candidates on real issues that they currently face in their respective bailiwicks.

What would you consider fair questions for these people? Do you think taxes and regulation are strangling business? Or how about something like where they stand on the free market and rolling back socialism? Maybe one on the constitution and one on standing up to our enemies. Safe, general feel good questions which generate empty answers and allow them to avoid real problems.

#70 Oh look boys and girls. Another midnight loon.

Another midnight loon that fails to understand the meaning of the word closed and the word primary. As in Closed Republican Primary as in NO democrats as in NO independents.

You go little troll. Wear your King Beclowner hat proudly.

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